They don’t make them like they did in 1985! The 1985 Jordan 1 is not only quality, but it is some people’s holy grail especially in that OG Bred Colorway. In Today’s episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick we give you 3 tips to preserve your 1985 Jordan 1s.

Although this isn’t a full restoration there was a lot of quick tips and tricks from the man himself Vick Almighty. When it comes to owning a pair of 85’s you really have 2 options; restore them and affect the quality and potentially the authenticity or preserve them and make them last for another 10 or so years. For this Vick chose to keep those 30 year old grails in one piece and do his due diligence to preserve the leather.

The best way to preserve your sneakers is to not only keep them clean, but there are a few other methods. When it comes to cleaning the 85 release, you have to be careful not to scrub too hard and risk affecting the paint job, so Vick used the Soft Brush and the all natural solution. The Solution not only breaks down the unwanted oils, bacterias and dirt from the sneakers, but it takes it one step further to condition the leather.

Next it was time to rely on UV rays. UV rays are honestly underrated; the power to unyellow midsoles, canvas, knit and other materials is top tier. The Vick2000 features 4500W of UV rays coming from 3 1500W lights that you can pick up on Amazon.

After that unyellowing was taken care of it was time to rely on Mink Oil. Mink Oil is newer to our product line up, but honestly has a lot of benefits. Mink Oil not only helps recondition the leather, but it helps prolong the life of your beloved sneakers. Plus if you have suede shoes, this is an all time need for bringing back the color, preserving the material and making your suede pop.

We gave you 3 steps to preserve your 1985 sneakers, but you can follow these steps to preserve a lot of the kicks in your collection down the road.

Let us know in the comments if you found this video helpful and also what 1985 release is a must have in your collection for a chance to win a free Signature Kit.

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luck everybody and hopefully I'll see you soon. What's up YouTube? Today we're going to be working 
on these original 1985 Bred Jordan Ones when it   Comes to 85s they could be worth thousands of 
dollars depending on the condition and colorway   Of course today I'm going to show you guys what 
to do to increase the value of your 85s and what   Not to do to destroy the value. We have a lot 
of information to go over, so let's get started. The first step is you got to understand what 
you're working with with these 85s a lot of things   Factor in when it comes to the value, such as the 
colorway, the condition, the size, the factory they   Were made in, do they come with laces because they 
come with a hang tag and box all of that stuff   Matters. 85s can value anywhere between $800 and $50 
000 or more again it just all depends if it comes   With all the accessories and the condition some of 
the more common colorways that Nike drop back in   85 and 86 for the Chicago's, Royals and Breds.
Some of the more rare and start out colorways   Are the metallic pack, the black toes, the unc's. 
Kentucky's and a few other colorways. When it   Comes to those shoes the restoration that's done 
on those really does matter this specific shoe   In my opinion before the Last Dance documentary 
job was worth about two to five hundred dollars   Tops nowadays this is easily a 2500 shoe after 
the restoration they might be worth a little bit   More. If you ask me these 85s are a good investment 
it doesn't matter the condition the way I see it   These shoes are gonna go for a lot more money down 
the road it's a shoe that started it all and they're  Build like tanks, but that's not to say that the 
restoration doesn't matter on Chicago's, Breds or   Royals you can do a full paint job on the leather 
full midsole swap to replace the soles and the   People won't really freak out but when it comes to 
the more rare stuff collectors typically want to   Pay top dollar for original untouched things keep 
that in mind with those really rare 85 colorways. I   Would hate for anybody to take the wrong approach 
and diminish the value of those sneakers. The next   Topic we got to talk about is the factories that 
these 85s are made in a lot of these 85s are made   In different factories this specific shoe was made 
in ty1 the reason I know that is on the inside it   Says it it says the size the production date and 
the factory the ty1 factories added this material   Where it just flakes off over time there's other 
factories where the page just kind of Fades off or   Gets sticky it all depends on the factory that the 
shoes are made in. It's just one of those things   Where factories use different materials and it's 
not only that sometimes they use different leather  

The Air Jordan logo could be different sometimes 
it's a boss sometimes it's not some of them are   Higher than others again it all depends on 
the factory. The next big thing that adds to   The value of these shoes is accessories let's 
start with laces I've been around these shoes   For so many years so off the rip I can definitely 
tell this is an authentic 85 shoelace I can tell   By the thickness the knit pattern and the way the 
shoelace has aged beautifully nowadays it's pretty   Easy to find replacements thanks to companies 
such as Foxtrot Uniform they make one-to-one   Matching laces that look perfect on any 85 shoe 
the thing that really increases the value though   Is the Hang tag or box that is super rare even 
more rare than the shoes themselves you don't   See that every day I'm on eBay all the time and 
the boxes nowadays by themselves go for over a   Thousand to two thousand dollars depending on 
the size and depending on the colorway trust   Me guys it is crazy nowadays the Box being worth 
more than the shoes themselves so if you find a   Pair of 85 Jordan Ones and they can be completely 
destroyed but with the Hang tag and box you're in   For some money. The last thing to talk about is 
the condition when it comes to 85s the condition   Can be all over the place the shoes can be fully 
destroyed soles, barely hanging on or they can be   In brand new condition but with aging issues 
at the end of the day you got to ask yourself   What's the purpose of this restoration? Is it to 
make them fully wearable again is it to display   Them or as to sell them for more money? All of 
those things you gotta ask yourself before you   Do any restoration on 85 Jordan one because at the 
end of the day you don't want to spend hours upon   Hours doing a full restoration just to bring 
down the value of the sneaker over the years. I've done all types of restorations on OG ones 
from tiny small touch-ups to full deconstruction   Reconstruction on really beat up Pairs and from my 
personal experience the pairs that are original or   Have minimal work go for a lot more than the pairs 
that are fully restored that aren't original or   Have a bunch of paint slapped on them once you 
understand exactly what you're working with and   Determine exactly what restoration you want to 
move forward with then you can start with the   Process. One thing that will never bring out of 
value on any 1985 Jordan one is to give the shoe   A good proper deep clean using our RESHOEVN8R
products as long as you do it properly it's only   Going to help out the shoes one of the biggest 
positives to our solution is that it contains   Natural oils that's going to help recondition the 
leather on these sneakers and keep it healthy for   Years to come. Also by placing shoe trees inside 
the shoes during the cleaning process while it's   All wet it's going to help reshape the sneaker 
for example the toe boxes right now are pretty   Crushed and slanted once we get them all cleaned 
up they're going to look a lot better when they're   Fully dried so let's get started with this 
cleaning process. First things first we're   Going to take out the laces we got to be very 
careful with this step these laces are old you   Don't want to yank on them if you pull too hard we 
can possibly tear them we don't want that.

Shoe laces are out we will give those a good deep clean in just a bit. Our focus right now is 
the shoes. These didn't age that well  The collars are really stiff and crunchy same 
thing with the insoles and the tongues. Now   For the insoles they're pretty beat up they 
aren't very flexible right in the middle you   Can see what I'm talking about that's the foam 
that's completely falling apart it's supposed   To be flexible right now it's very sandy so the 
idea here is to give these a good dry brush and   The compressor to blow off any surface thus 
trust me it's going to make a big difference. Insoles look a lot better on camera they may look 
the same but in person they had a thick layer of   Dust and a bunch of debris that we brushed off 
and used a compressor again to reiterate you   Don't want to mix water in solution with this 
Dusty old foam it's going to create a big mess   This is the best way to go about it and I 
haven't even put these inside the vick2000   Under 4 500 watts of UV rays I'm sure it's 
going to pull out some of this oxidation and   Make them look a lot cleaner let's put this to 
the side with our laces, so we can focus on the   Shoes before we put our shoe trees in and start 
cleaning out these sneakers we got to use the   Compressor one more time these shoes are super 
dusty just like the insoles they've sat around   For years. The uppers and the insides have a bunch 
of debris so once you blow it all off we can get   Started with the cleaning process. One thing to 
note is these collars like I mentioned on the   Inside the foam is completely deteriorating it 
does the only way to fix that is by opening up   The sock liners and fixing that completely with 
that being said I don't want to blow too much   Air specifically into the collar areas because 
it's going to blow a bunch of dust continuously. Good to go using the air compressor trust me in 
person that machine makes a world of a difference   These shoes are really old they've been worn 
they've collected dust and debris for so many   Years so naturally that stuff builds up, but the 
air compressor wipes it all away. The next thing we   Got to do is insert our shoe trees into the shoes 
as is these sneakers aren't very presentable the   Toe boxes the side of the shoe seems kind of 
crushed after the cleaning after we enter the   Shoe trees they're gonna look a lot better and 
presentation is key when it comes to these 85s. One thing to keep in mind is you want to put it at 
the perfect size you don't want to apply too much   Pressure on these older shoes the midsoles on the
85s can be really old and brittle this specific   Pair still has a lot of flexibility and it's 
pretty soft that means they're in great condition,   But there's some other soles where they're just 
completely Rock Solid and stiff if I apply too   Much pressure on those shoes using the shoe trees 
they can start to crack and crumble over time.  Shoe trees are in place they're looking a lot 
better already to start this cleaning process   We're going to score two squirts of RESHOEVN8R Solution
inside our bowl of water and start scrubbing   With our Stiff bristle brush typically on 
all my cleanings I like to start with the   Upper and then work my way to the soles ,but 
for this specific pair we're going to start  

With the soles and then work our way up to the 
uppers simply because the soles is going to be   The hardest part to clean up. A lot of this grime
that's on there has been on there for years it's   Going to be really hard to scrub off but it's 
going to be possible using our Stiff Brislte brush   And solution once that's all done we'll get some 
fresh water in a solution and work on the uppers. Good to go using a stiff bristle brush I gotta say 
the soles and the midsole was by far the dirtiest   Part about this whole shoe but it looks so much 
better now I had to go back and give it two good   Passovers to get it to this condition originally 
I thought there was a lot of oxidation on these   Soles that made them look really yellow but in 
reality it was all that grime that was on there   For so many years luckily all that cleaned off 
nicely it's time to move on to the uppers. The   Uppers on this Bred one is going to be really 
easy all we're going to be using is our soft Bristle brush I went ahead and got a fresh new mat 
fresh new water that way we're not applying dirty   Soapy water onto the uppers in a slow circular 
motion we're gonna go over the entire shoe to   Get it nicely cleaned up. We're also going to clean 
up the tongues we're going to avoid the insides just   Because it doesn't need it another part we got 
to avoid is the collars we don't want to cause   More damage so let's stay away from that area 
for the rest of the leather uppers we're going   To brush in a nice slow circular motion make sure 
we get every single millimeter of the sneaker. One   Thing we want to do is not oversaturate the 
shoe as you can see on this shoe it does have some   Water damage I'm not sure if somebody tried to 
clean it before or it got super wet and it didn't   Dry properly but all around the edges same thing 
over here by the wings logo you can see some dark   Marks those are watermarks hopefully we can get 
that out if not it is what it is but definitely   Keep in mind don't over saturate the sneakers 
just be very careful and pat down dry as you go. Right now as it's drying it's naturally molding 
to the shoe tree inside once it's fully dried   The toe box is going to look a lot better than 
this still cleaning is complete this shoe looks   Really good. The last tip I want to share with 
you guys when it comes to the cleaning is the   Nike Air tongue tag don't scrub on that area 
give it a quick pass over but never scrub the   Embroidery on this piece is very delicate I've 
done it before years back where I've scrubbed   Too hard where the Nike came off completely don't 
do that mistake be very careful. All that's left   Is to let the shoe properly air dry I live in 
Arizona where it's 110 degrees right now in the   Summertime so I'm gonna let these sit outside for 
a good five to ten seconds to let them fully dry. Cleaning is good to go the shoes are all dried 
ready to go these turned out amazing all that   Grime and dirt that was stuck on the leather 
and the soles washed off nicely the solution   Did a great job rejuvenating the leather has a nice 
Sheen to it it just looks healthy again. The best   Part about this cleaning is the overall shape the 
sneaker has originally the shoe was crushed the   Toe boxes had so much creasing but after wetting 
the shoe and putting our shoe trees in the shoe  

Has a nice shape to it it's now in a presentable 
state it still has some very light creasing but   I'm not complaining. I'm not trying to get them 
perfect the shoe is aged It is worn so the   Little creasing goes perfect with the rest of the 
sneaker the next part we're going to focus on is   The oxidation of these outsoles this is purely 
personal preference some people like it really   Age and yellow other people like it creamy for me 
I like either or but today I'm going to show you   Guys the proper way on removing the oxidation 
of these outsoles without using any chemical. Including RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive in my opinion 
applying chemicals onto these rubber outsoles   It's going to speed up the aging on them meaning 
the rubber is going to lose its flexibility and   Turn Rock Solid making it easier to get cracks all 
around the sole and from there it gets a lot worse   So I'm gonna wipe off the yellowing with one 
easy step and that's by putting them inside   The vick2000 that box contains 4 500 watts of 
UV rays that's a lot of power and simply by   Putting the shoe inside there for a couple hours 
again the shoe isn't that bad so a couple hours   Should do the trick while you put the shoes 
inside the indoor setup we're also going to   Put the insoles inside again I know these are 
super dirty and beat but it should remove some   Of the oxidation I'm gonna put these overnight 
hopefully we can get these back to somewhat White. Got the shoes out of the indoor setup after 
about five hours these Midsoles look great we   Wiped off all the yellowing to have a nice age 
creamy tone that go perfectly with the rest of   The shoes again I didn't use any chemicals 
on these soles simply because I don't want   To speed up the aging process of the rubber I 
did go ahead and take out the insoles as well   As you can see they're still pretty dirty and 
aged again I'm not going to wash them as much   As I want to just because they are going to 
fall apart we don't want that we're going to   Go ahead and put them back inside the shoes 
so we can talk about the paint on the leather. However there is some scuffs and scratches all 
around the red leather and black again it's not   In terrible shape as you can see in the toe box 
there is a couple of Marks here and there on the   Side right here a couple of marks again I'm not 
complaining too much I could go in do the correct   Prep work and give it a full paint job however 
that's going to bring down the value collectors   Like to shoe as original as possible they don't 
like it when the patina has been covered up so   In this case it's better to do less, but there 
are a couple of Exceptions there are some 85s   That are in terrible condition where the paint is 
completely scuffed up and scratched away in those   Cases it does make sense to go give it a paint 
job. Those 85 Chicago's over there those are in   Really bad condition if I was to fix them right 
now I would definitely fix the red paint but you   Got to be very thoughtful and careful with those 
paint jobs you got to be very mindful on where to   Leave the patina it's got to make sense the color 
match got to be on point and you don't want to put   A bunch of paint on the stitching because that's 
a clear indication that the shoe's been restored  

Especially if you're working on white leather. 
Again if I was working those 85 Chicago's right   Now and I was working on this white panel it would 
get really clogged up and it's super noticeable   Collectors will not be top dollar for that shoe 
I would say the only color that's really easy   To touch up is the black for this I always use 
Angeles flat black paint I could go in and touch   It up but I like how it looks as is with the rest 
of the age red leather now for the wings logo on   This shoe it's in really good shape there's barely 
any fitting or scuffing a lot of the times though   That's not the case if you have a really Steady 
Hand a tiny detail brush and regular Angeles black   Paint you could go in and touch it up but if you 
don't have a steady hand it's better leave it as   Is and the last thing we got to talk about as 
far as paint goes the collars this is a very common   Issue on most 85s it's either cracking fading 
or peeling off it depends on the factory it's   Better leave it as is do not paint it no matter 
what you do it's never gonna look original and   It's very frowned upon among collectors we're 
done with two of the three big steps to up the   Value over 85s now when it comes to these shoes 
presentation is key. We're almost there however   We do got to do some small touch-ups there are a 
lot of loose threads all around the sneaker not   Super noticeable unless you're up close so you 
can see right here there's some loose threads   Up here again presentation is key so real quick 
with some scissors we're going to chop all that   Stuff off with the lighter will seal some of 
those areas and with the RESHOEVN8R Wipes I   Plan on going back on the red leather to give it 
a good buff on some areas hopefully I can get some   Of the marks off I don't want to scrub too hard 
because they will wipe off some of the red paint. Just a second I want to show you guys something 
real quick the shoelaces once I was done with   The cleaning I grabbed the laces grabbed 
a fresh bowl of water and a little bit of   Solution I put them in there for a solid 
24 hours and let me show you guys these   Disgusting results on the inside you guys that 
is 100% Grime from 30 plus years in the making   At first I thought it was bleeding from the 
laces themselves but these laces don't bleed   That is 100 Grime you guys I still gotta 
finish up cleaning up these laces I'm not   Going to reuse this dirty water we're gonna go to 
the sink give you a good scrub and rinse them out The best way to keep this leather rejuvenated healthy for years to come and prevent it from   Cracking is to spray with some mink oil you don't 
got to do this very often maybe every six months   To a year it just depends on how you store your 
shoes the more you do it it's not going to harm   It you just don't want to go too long without 
spraying the stuff the best way to recondition   This old leather using our mingoyo is to spray 
a nice thin even coat all around the shoe then   After that we let it set for several hours 
that the leather absorb as much of the mink   Oil as possible after that we'll come back with 
the RESHOEVN8R towel and wipe off any excess. Alright it's been about four hours and the leather looks really good 
you guys it has a nice Sheen to it it's absorbed  

Most of the mink oil originally I thought I was 
gonna have to go in with the towel and wipe off   A lot of the excess but really there isn't much 
access to remove whatever excess is still on the   Leather I'm gonna let it sit on the leather to 
continue to absorb. Alright guys that is going   To bring us to an end on three easy things to do 
to increase the value on any 1985 Jordan one for   This specific pair the owner got them for a great 
price and he had a few things in mind he wanted   To clean them up and preserve them for years to 
come these shoes are going to go on display In a shop, so presentation is key with everything 
that we did and didn't do to these shoes I think   We checked off all the boxes again the original 
ones go for so much money nowadays and they're   Only going to increase in value and it makes 
sense you guys these shoes are built like tanks   They don't make them like this anymore and it's 
a shoe that started it all so it's important that   We know how to work with these shoes the goal for 
any restoration is to make it look like they were   Never worked on before now there is a completely 
different direction you could take a restoration   On these 85 Jordan ones that take a lot more 
work and that's making them fully wearable by   Adding brand new soles, brand new air units all 
that stuff can be fixed while maintaining the   Value of your shoes or possibly increasing it but 
it's got to be done correctly in my opinion in   The entire world there's only a handful of people 
that can do it correctly and those are the people   That have years of experience such as myself A1 
Restorations, Flipping Kicks, Hoop Fresh and a couple   Other dudes on Instagram if you guys are looking 
to making your shoes fully wearable I would highly   Recommend to do your research don't just send them 
out to anybody because some of these shoes are   Irreplaceable before I leave you guys I want to 
give a big shout out to my new friend and his dad They went ahead and gifted me these 1985 
size 14 Chicago ones these belong to his   Dad he hooped in them back in the 80s for 
about 10 years ever since then they've   Been sitting in his closet so we thought 
it'd be really cool to let me have them   And display them on the set for years 
to come thank you so much Ethan this is   Such a cool gift I appreciate you and your 
dad I hope you guys enjoyed this video and   Learned something this is Vick Almighty 
I'll catch you guys next time see y'all