There’s nothing quite as satisfying as unboxing a brand new pair of sneakers! In today’s video with Vick we will give you a full tutorial on how to protect your latest pick up with 2 simple products from the RESHOEVN8R line up. These Air Jordan 11s happen to be a sample version and incredibly rare, but the steps remain the same whether you are rocking the most expensive sneakers on the block or a simple pair of sneakers.

To start off it is important to protect the sole of your kicks using Sole Shields. Sole Shields are easy to apply and although they get some heat when we talk about them they have great benefits. Sole Shields help protect the bottom of your sneakers and keep them looking deadstock for longer. They also help slow down the oxidation process on clear icy soles.

Our Sole Shields feature integrated traction all the way from the toe to the heel. This means that your grip on your kicks will not be affected. To apply these you will need some scissors, a pen and a heat gun. PSA: A blow dryer will not apply these the way they need to be applied and will lead to them falling off quicker than the 30K steps! You will trace the Shield to the sole of your shoe and cut it out with scissors before placing it on the sneaker. Once it is places push the material to the sole from one direction to the next to remove air bubbles. Then apply some heat and continue to massage the materials into the sneaker until the Sole Shield is secure.

After the soles are protected, it is just as important to protect your uppers! For this we relied on the Water + Stain Repellent; all you need is 2-3 coats and you’re ready to go take on the day!

What is your routine after unboxing a pair of kicks?
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What's up YouTube for today's project we Got these premium gray suede Jordan 11s That's a promo pair it's a beautiful Shoe with cool details and premium Materials a good friend of mine paid a Lot of money for these typically Collectors buy these and stash them away And never wear them but not this guy he Wants to wear them but he wants to Protect his investment so we're going to Be putting some resuming Associates on The Soles to protect them from wear and Tear and for the uppers we're going to Protect this buttery gray suede with Some water and stain repellent we got Some work ahead of us so let's get Started If you guys haven't already subscribe to Our Channel we drop weekly content Before we get into the socials let's Talk about these sneakers these are from 2016 and it's a promo pair with Beautiful materials this is some of the Softest suede I've ever seen on a Jordan 11. a couple more details I want to Point out is the lack of branding right On the tongue in the middle there's a Strip usually it has a Jumpman that says Jordan Jumpman however this one's Completely blank on the back panel There's no 23 and for the side the Germans embossed the only other Jumpman On the shoe is on the sole another thing To touch on is that these shoes come

With two sets of laces your standard row Places that every Jordan 11 comes with And they come with these really cool Leather laces that I'm a big fan of a Couple final details I want to show you Guys are these insoles I'm a big fan of Nike and Jordan whenever they do this Quilted pattern stitching on the insoles It just screams premium and they're Really comfortable and last but not Least we got these off-white shoe horns And this beautiful white suede dust bag The owner bought these with the intent To wear them Jordan 11 soles are some of The most delicate as soon as you wear Them and they touch dirt or water the Soles start to oxidize and it's really Hard to get them back to its original State So to avoid all that it's a good Idea to apply some assuming socials Before you start wearing them when it Comes to applying socials it can be Really easy all you need is a pen or a Marker scissors and a heat gun and Everything inside this box two saw Shields and some alcohol wipes [Music] Thank you Soldier I'll prep but before we apply The snow Shields I was thinking about it These shoes are from 2016 so naturally There is some oxidation not because of Wear but because of time and it's going To happen to all shoes so what we're

Going to do is put these shoes inside The indoor setup aka the vix 2000 right Now it's about 2PM tomorrow morning I'll Pull them out around 9 A.M hopefully We'll get some results before we apply The soul Shields [Music] Alright it's 9 A.M the next morning we Got the shoes at the base 2000 and I Gotta say putting them in the indoor Setup was a smart move just simply by Putting the shoes in the big 2000 for 19 Hours straight no chemicals Just 4 500 Watts of UV rays beaming on the shoes Did all the work now to start the Process of the associates Don't worry about the chase job we'll Make it work it's ready to be cut out Usually what I do is cut right outside The line to have extra social to wrap Around the sole when I apply it [Music] Thank you Got both of the socials fully cut out Again it's better to cut outside the Line and have extra Soul Shield once you Apply it and there's too much you could Go with an X-Acto Knife and chop it off However if you cut it too small it's not Going to work because once the shoe Touches the ground the soil is going to Be exposed let's go ahead and peel it And apply it onto the shoes [Music]

Thank you foreign Now we need some heat to activate the Adhesion you want to use a heat gun and Not a blow dryer because the blow dryer Does not give enough heat now let's bust Out the uzi to warm these up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign Socials are applied fitments on point One thing to keep in mind when using the Heat gun you want to apply enough heat To get the social to stick to the Chute Properly however you got to keep the Heat gun moving if you focus on one spot Too much and apply too much heat you can Cause separation or cause a mental to Warp and that'll ruin the shoe another Thing I was doing using my fingers and This metal object as the social was hot I was going in between the grooves to Make sure the social was in there that's Going to give the socios a longer Lifespan The Last Detail we got to take Care of for these socials if you have Any excess social where we don't want it Such as the midsole or the carbon fiber You can go with the sharp exacto knife To chop it off let's do that now [Music] Part one of protecting these sneakers is Complete the soles are covered now we

Got to take care of the uppers the Uppers have a nice buttery premium suede The best way to protect it is by using Our rejuvenated water and stain Repellent to maximize the results we're Going to spray three even coats after The first one we'll let it dry for about 30 minutes to an hour we'll spray a Second let it dry for another hour or so Then we'll spray a third and after that They should be ready to go for this We're gonna go outside and spray it this Stuff is harmful we don't want to kill You Thank you [Music] Foreign Promo Jordan suede 11s this is a Beautiful shoe with great materials that Deserve to be protected we used our Water and stain repellent to protect the Upper now if anything spills on it such As liquid it'll bounce right off or if They get dirty it'll be really easy to Clean up and for the outsoles we use the Vape2000 to remove all the yellowing Only took about 19 hours then we Protected them using our rejuvenator Soul Shields you can find other products At rejuvenator.com make sure you stay Subscribed to our Channel we have this Sick project coming up for Kobe day hope You guys enjoyed this video this is big Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday

See y'all [Music] [Music] Thank you