In this restoration, Vick shows you how to remove the nasty yellowing caused by oxidation on these Off-White Air Max 90’s. #shorts

For this project we are taking on a Challenge of removing the yellowing from These beat off-white Air Max 90s that I Picked up on eBay as you can see the Oxidation took over the upper midsole And sole to kick off this restoration we Need to give the sneaker a proper defend Using the recruiter laundry system to Fully flush out the Grind from the rear Stock material once the sneaker is all Cleaned we can take on the yellowing Using solar Vibe and 4 500 watts of UV Lights this project is going to take About 6 days to complete but I would say It's well worth it you can achieve these Results too by following a few simple Steps and picking up your favorite Singer cleaning product at receiving Air.com let's get started