Sneakers aren’t made like they used to be… In today’s Customs and Restorations with Vick Almighty he restores an OG Olympic Jordan 7! These Olympic Jordan 7s dropped in 1992 and are hands down one of the greatest and most iconic Jordan 7 to ever release (I mean MJ rocked them)! Pro tip… if you can pick up an OG pair of kicks for $150 just do it!

Now these were in decent condition for being older than Vick Almighty himself, but there was definitely some work to be done. The air units were crumbling, the soles needed a reglue, they needed a clean and unyellowing plus a quick repaint!

Deconstruction came first then the prep-work. Prep-work can either make or break a restoration, so this is hands down one of the most crucial part. First we had to prep the midsoles, soles and uppers using acetone and cotton balls. After the main prep was done it was time to clean the sneakers using the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit, since these are 30 years old it is important to be super careful. Also, NEVER put OG sneakers in the washing machine.

Since it is an older sneaker, oxidation is 100% normal and it can’t be prevented, but it can be removed. We used the Vick2000 which features 4500W of UV rays to remove the oxidation; we did not apply any chemicals to this shoe due to the age! While the parts were in the ice box it was time to work on the reglue and replace those crumbled air units with EVA foam.

The steps on this restoration were very minimal, but completely needed. Although these shoes were in fairly good condition they needed a little help. The midsole repaint was added to make the colors on the midsole really pop. Overall this sneaker was well worth the $150 and the restoration turned out amazing.

Do you agree with Vick; are the Olympic Jordan 7s the best 7 to ever release?


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00:00 Sweepstakes Announcement
00:32 Introduction
01:27 How to Deconstruct Jordan 7s
02:35 How to Prep Soles for Reglues
03:42 How to Clean OG Sneakers
06:00 How to Reglue Sneakers
06:48 How to Replace Crumbled Air Units
08:03 How to Repaint Midsoles
08:56 How to Attach the Uppers to the Sole
10:17 Description of Restoration

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In just a bit this is going to be a fun Project so let's get started First things first we're going to take Out the laces as is they're not really That dirty but there is a lot of Yellowing I'm confident with the indoor Setup we're going to get them back to Brand new white [Music] Laces are out we'll clean these up in a Bit we're not going to take out the Insoles because they're glued in plus They're in really clean shape now we're On to the deconstruction of these shoes Right now we got to remove the sole Midsole from the upper originally we Have polyurethane on the inside for Comfort all of that was completely Crumbled and turned into cake we still Got to remove that from this shoe on This one all we got to do is remove the Midsole as you can see it's just one big Strip let's remove that now [Music] All right Now onto the right shoe you can kind of Hear that crumpled mix on the inside Not as much right now when I open it up You're going to see what I'm talking About [Music] All right separation is complete that Was the easy part honestly this stuff is Unhealthy I should have been wearing a

Mask as I was taking it apart we're Gonna throw all this stuff off and grab A stay bristle brush so we can brush off The soles mantles and uppers to remove Any remaining residue after that we'll Get on to the cleaning this time gotta Wear a mask Got all that cakey stuff removed Originally we're gonna get on with the Cleaning but it makes more sense to do Some prep work first right now on the Soles the uppers and the midsoles There's a lot of residue on there still It doesn't make sense to do the cleaning So we're going to be using some acetone Cotton balls the heat gun to remove all This stuff first we're going to heat it Up and then when the scraper we're gonna Scrape off as much as possible and then We'll wipe off the rest of the acetone [Music] Missiles are all prepped now we're on to The uppers off camera I already took Care of one easy stuff now we're gonna Do the second one all we got to do is Heat it up and then with some acetone And cotton balls wipe it all off this is Probably the easiest part of this whole Prep process [Music] All right I'm glad we got that out of the way now We're on to the cleaning for this we're Going to be using our essential shoe

Cleaning kit we're going to break this Up into three different parts we got our Uppers our Mentos and the soles we're Gonna put the soles and Mentos to the Side and focus only on the uppers Next we're going to grab our shoe trees And put them inside we don't want to put Too much pressure the backstabs on the Back are in great condition there's no Cracking going on I don't want to mess With that because these are really old Before we get started with the solution We got to use the compressor to blow off Any surface dust I already did that Earlier but we're gonna go back and do It one more time just so we don't brush In any of the grime and dirt further Deeper into the materials with the brush Now we're going to grab our solution and Square two squirts inside our bowl of Water after that we're only going to be Using our stop bristle brush to focus on The uppers again we don't want to scrub Too hard the shoe really isn't that Dirty we just want to recondition it and Remove any surface grime Thing is all done with the uppers these Look great we're gonna get these air dry For a few hours after that we're gonna Put them in the mixer thousand for a day Or two to remove some of the yellowing That's going on on the white leather Again you can't really tell I can't even Tell but I know after a couple of

Sessions they're going to look a lot Better than this let's put this to the Side and focus on the midsoles now for The midsoles we're only going to be Using our medium bristle brush to give It a good clean after getting a closer Look I realize these lines are really Not that sharp it kind of bothers me I Was going to leave it as is but after Doing this whole project I figured let's Just give it a repaint as well the white Does not get repainted that stays as is But we got to give them a good scrub We're going to be using our medium Bristle brush [Music] Onto the outsoles The Outsiders aren't Super dirty but there is some marks We're going to be using our stay bristle Brush and a towel to get these all Cleaned up for the towel we're going to Dip into some solution and buff out all The marks apples are good to go they Look great whereas all these are there Is no oxidation there is no heel drags These shoes like they only been worn Once or twice let's put this to the side And I focus on laces laces there is some Grime to them but there's a lot of Oxidation on them we got to get that out And it starts with the cleaning we're Going to be using the leftover water and Solution to give them a good scrub after That with a separate load we'll put

These in the washing machine to give Them a thorough clean and then we'll put Them in the indoor setup to remove all The yellowing Cleaning is all done now we're going to Focus on the Soles and the midsoles we Got to attach them so we're going to be Applying some glue since the prop work Is already done we'll be applying glue To the entire bottom part of the outsole For the midsole we're gonna be applying It on the bottom part right here on the Sides and same thing with this part on The inside after that we're going to Care for about 45 minutes then we'll Stick it all together [Music] Glue's out here we're going to stick Everything together now we're going to Work section by section we're only going To be using a little bit of heat the Glue gets tacky really quickly plus if I Apply too much heat to these Fallout Midsoles they can warp and the Restoration will be over so let's be Careful Good to go gluing the midsole onto the Sole everything looks great let's keep It moving the next step you got to do is Fill in the empty space on the inside Originally on the inside we have Polyarte material and an air unit over Time the polyertane material Deteriorates that's because the shoe

Doesn't get worn or the material gets Moisture that's going to happen to any Shoe that contains polyurethane it's Inevitable that process is normally Known as hydrolysis that was the tip Tossed to me by my boy lip and kicks Thanks dude what we gotta do next is use Some EVA foam to fill in the empty space This stuff is really comfortable and It's not going to deteriorate and it's Easy to work with first we're going to Be using some tape to create our pattern We're going to fill in the empty space Pull it out and tape it on the EVA foam [Music] Next with the Sharpie we're going to Trace it out then with an X-Acto Knife We're going to cut it out then we'll Repeat the process but on the opposite Side [Music] EVA foam step is complete in my opinion This is the best route to go it's nice And comfortable it's ready for the Uppers but before we do that let's take Care of the midsole it's not horrible I Want to sharpen up these lines and give The color a bit more of a pop so first We gotta do some taping I got some vinyl Right here that I use for the Jordan 4 Phoenix Suns custom a few months back We're going to use this stuff to create The sharpest lines possible we're going To tape off the sole with regular tape

But for the red and gold we're going to Be using vinyl [Music] All right [Music] All taped and paper toweled up I still Have to go in and lay down the vinyl to Get the sharp lines but before I do that I'm going to grab some alcohol prep pads And go over the painted areas just to Give it a quick prep job [Music] Foreign The lines look so much better the gold Specifically pop so much more ready to Keep it moving next we gotta attach the Uppers onto the soles for the midsoles We're going to be applying a nice then Even coat of glue for the uppers before We do that we got to grab a heat Removable pen we're going to outline Exactly where to place our glue where The old missile was I can see the old Imprint All I'm gonna do is follow that Line [Music] Good to go it's been about two hours It's time to stick everything together We're gonna take our time we're gonna Start at the very back line it up make Sure everything's perfect then after a Couple of minutes we'll jump to the very Front make sure that's lined up and then We'll take care of the rest of the sides

[Music] All right guys that's gonna be it on This restoration of these 1992 Olympic Jordan Sevens I gotta say these turn out Beautiful originally I didn't really Notice it but once I did the cleaning Put them in the indoor setup the uppers The toe cap the midsole and even the Laces got them back to its original White color these look amazing outside Of that we gave this shoe a proper deep Clean using our rejuvenated essential Shoe cleaning kit that combined with the Indoor setup is why it turned out so Clean we also did a full sole re-glue That took a lot of time it's all about The prep work when it comes to the Gluing it's really easy we replaced the Entire broken down polyurethane material On the inside with some nice EVA foam if I was to wear the sneaker it'd be fully Wearable and comfortable again the Reason why I'm so excited about how this Restoration turned out because you don't See them in this condition usually the Leather is all cracking peeling and this Back tab it's always falling apart this One looks like a brand new one it Doesn't look like it's going to fall Apart anytime soon and lastly after Putting the shoe all together the Midsole has a really nice pop I'm really Glad I did a full missile repaint other Than that this shoe looks like a new

Retro they're going to go nicely with my 1993 Silverman Sam Olympic colorway hope You guys enjoyed this video this is big Almighty I'll catch you guys next time See you guys