Shirt bought from eBay

Today I want to style one of my favorite Jerseys in 1994 Liverpool shirt I got Off eBay I love the color and the side Adidas stripes on this one I'm going to Pair them with some shorts from Lee Denim that I got off Amazon Jorts are One of those items that you don't need To spend a lot of money on like I Literally made this pair last year with An old pair of jeans and for sneakers I'm going with the Oakley chop saw which Is a recent pickup of mine I know some Of you are probably like Oakley but Trust me they're super dope and not a Lot of people have them the hottest for More apparel my clothing brand dropping Very soon for watches I'm going with the Casio world time and here's the fit let Me know what you guys think and if you Want to see more football shirt outfits