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In this video, we’ll show you how to style the Nike Vomero 5. This stylish sneaker is perfect for everyday wear, and we have some great outfit ideas to pairing it with!

From jeans to sweatpants, we’ve got you covered! This Nike Vomero 5 outfit guide will show you how to wear this popular sneaker in a variety of different styles. So whether you’re looking for an everyday sneaker or an outfit to take to the office, we’ve got you covered!

Okay so one of the best ways to style The Nike vomo 5 is with a matching set Meaning you are wearing the same color Sweatshirt as you are pants so whether You're wearing a full Olive matching set Or all black maybe you want to go all Brown you can even go full Nike Tech Flee the point is is that I think they Look excellent with athleisure outfits But let's start off with the olive set First and for the record I'm going to be Styling the Nike verom Maro 5 in a ton Of different ways including some ways That you can actually dress them up but Either way this full set is from abber Cromi it's a dark allive green color and What I love most about it is the comfort You guys don't know if I'm chilling on The couch or if I'm about to go to the Gym or something like that and that's I Think the benefit of the Nike of a Maro 5 is they're super versatile they're Very very comfortable but they do lend Themselves to that athleisure look given The fact that they used to be or they Technically are still a running shoe Okay now with the fit of these uh Garments right here we got the pants Which are size extra small okay I like Them to be a little bit on the smaller Side and the top is a hoodie okay Abra Comi has a bunch of different other Colors as well so like I said I'm a big Matching set guy you guys know I've been

Talking about it a number of times on The channel and honestly this one is Just one of my favorites okay and a Similar athleisure outfit idea is this One with this Nike nocta track jacket Here it's nylon and it's purple so it Does have that sportier Vibe and just in General I think the Nike noct line is Actually very underrated right now I'm Always excited for the new designs that They have coming out but the pants here Is the sort of neutral color that brings It all together these are the Nike ACG Fly ease pants I have searched the Internet for a link so I can share with You guys but I cannot find one for the Life of me so unfortunately um I think I Might be one of the only ones that have One but I love the cargo Pockets along The front and just the overall fit I Like how it's actually a Slimmer fit and Not too too baggy but the matching gray Beanie with the gray shoes and the Neutral tone pants I think it's a great Outfit this beanie is one of my Favorites to wear it's from a local Store called Simon so I'll be sure to Link some similar ones below I'm going To be wearing this throughout the video Many many times so just keep that in Mind but uh this next look is easily one Of my favorites I wore this outfit combo Recently while sneaker shopping at uh my Local kith Toronto store that just

Opened up great store if you're in the Area you definitely got to check it out Um but this combo is just easily one of My favorites it is a stucy zipup vest They actually don't have this color Available but they do have other styles Available just like this one so be sure To link them in the description um but I Think the key here is actually how it's Layered which is over top of a plain White thermal right a waffle print long Sleeve shirt now this is one of my most Worn clothing items this season because It literally extends the life of all of Your summer clothes like I could pick Out any one of these uh Summer shirts Right here I could throw it over top of The thermal and it'll look good okay so Definitely pick it up it's from uniel of Course the pants here are from abomi They are a pair of carpenter pants all Of carpenter pants um that have some Nice natural look distressing uh um Which I'm a big fan of and I have Actually got a lot of compliments on These recently so you definitely got to Check them out um they may not have this Style available but they do have other Olive carpenter pants um and once again The b& makes a return but like I said This outfit is just easily one of my Favorite comos to wear right now because It has it's a great transitional outfit Right from Summer to fall to even winter

Because this is a nice fleece uh Material as well plus it's reversible so Easily one of my favorites so in the Previous outfit I was wearing Nike ACG Pants but this time I'm wearing Nike ACG Shell jacket this is called the sunfare Now it is a size medium it is a bit big On me but I cut the sleeves a bit which Kind of uh you can't really tell um I Should have went with a small but they Didn't have a small in store okay so I Just kind of didn't want to let it go so I just went with this uh size um but Either way I love the tote brown color You guys know I love to wear brown it Just goes with a lot of my wardrobe so Definitely gets a ton of wear it's nice And lightweight as well pants here a Pair of cargo pants from Zara it's been A minute since I shot at Zara but I Really like these the only weird thing With these super weird is that there's No belt loops uh so make sure you get Your correct size I went with the Smallest size which I believe is like a 30 uh but just keep that in mind so if They do look a little bit baggy or Stacked at the bottom just know that's CU there's no belt loops um but Regardless uh I absolutely love these as I mentioned and on top we got an arct Terx beanie these things sell pretty Quick especially if you live in Canada Just because people got to wear beanies

For 6 months out of the year so either Way uh this look is just easy one of my Favorites and I just love wearing Nike ACG so yeah so this is another sporty Leisure type of outfit but just in a Little bit of a different style up top We have this Cole boxton fight Camp tea Which is like a classic graphic tea at This point I absolutely love it does Have a little bit of a baggier fit but Like I said I could grab that thermal From earlier throw it underneath and Help fill it out a little bit more but I Want to show you guys kind of maybe You're watching this in the summertime This is a typical outfit that you could Probably wear on the pants we have some Represent um uh pants sweatpants right Here these are a nice Plum color a Little bit darker almost like a burgundy And they fit just like some of the other Ones that I mentioned they are a little Bit on the pricier side so maybe they You know there are some better Affordable Alternatives but if you want That look in style I don't have any Plum Color sweatpants so I definitely wanted To pick these up for accessories I have This uni drawstring bag in this light Beige color um if I were to go to the Grocery store or head out and uh you Know uh pack some things with me I would Take this otherwise I wouldn't typically Wear it but I like how it looks with the

Outfit uh the watch is a G-Shock GA 2100 And then on top we have this stucy Beanie as you guys can tell none of the Colors of this outfit really match well Together but it all looks good as a Cohesive outfit with a Light Beige with The light pink with the dark uh pink or The dark burgundy so uh this is just Another cool comfy outfit and uh you Know one that can be worn on a daily Basis so this next outfit features one Of my favorite hoodies at the moment it Is from amulet wear you if you watch my Hoodies video you would have heard me Chat about this it is the carpenter Hoodie so many cool deta details on this One like front pockets there's snaps There's zippers there's Pockets along The sides so you skip the uh the tote Bag because or the shoulder bag you Don't you're not going to need it with This thing okay uh there's so many Different storage options which is super Cool it's very heavy weight and it's Garin died as well so it does have a Nice fading to it um I went with some Vintage Levis uh which are a daily wear For me trust me people here throw on the Term uniform and fashion meaning Something or an outfit style that they Wear all the time and this would be a Great examp example we have a Heavyweight black hoodie with some Vintage Levis and a midwash something

That is super super wearable and on top I have this Al mesh low profile hat Another Super wearable option just Because of the color and uh I don't know I've been loving low profile hats Recently so um definitely one of my Favorite outfits of the whole video for Sure and one that easily gets worn the Most now as a lot of you guys know Varsity jackets are an absolute staple In my wardrobe and this one from Roots Is easily one of my favorites all of my Canadians will know I love Roots they Make high quality leather goods the Craftsmanship on this thing is excellent I love the brown leather mixed with the Navy blue and the hits of red it's just Uh super wearable in my opinion and I Paired them with some richy Le Collection slimfit denim um for those of You who are wondering if Rich Le Collection denim is any good the answer In my opinion is yes these are from the First drop and I feature them in almost All of my videos um and I just like that They're a little bit more on the Slimmer Side not all pairs of pants these days Have to be like super super baggy um but Yeah they just the whole outfit goes Really well especially with the gray T-shirt underneath and the hat is from Moreel which is my clothing brand if you Want to support me I'll leave a link in The description and you'll get um one of

The best fitting hats that you'll ever Wear so um this fit classic another one Of the best jackets in my entire Wardrobe is this one that I'm currently Wearing it's called the Leon from Libro Lio is the brand name and uh I know the Owner of the brand personally his name Is Adam and he's honestly the nicest guy So it always feels really really good to Be shopping from a brand that makes good Clothes but then you know the owner and He's an awesome dude so shout out to ad I wanted to layer it with a wool gray Cardigan and the idea here was that the Gray would sort of pop with the gray of The shoes I've been doing that kind of Throughout the video if you've noticed Um where I slide in like Gray colored Items um but regardless it only felt Right to pair them with some high Quality Sage denim which would be the Naked and Famous true guy fit denim I'm Going to be making a denim video Probably in the new year and these will Definitely be featured on there Salvage Denim are an absolute must essential for The uh fall time and these ones are just I absolutely love love um and yeah more Peril hat on top and this is just Another really cozy but sort of a little Bit more on the dressier side I think It's the darker jeans uh in the cardigan That sort of make it give off that Vibe So uh let's see some other dress here

Fits as well so here's another outfit Idea for something that's sort of semi Casual yet semi-dressed up and I think What gives off that Vibe are a number of Items first up being the long brown Pattern coat this one is from Abra Cromie I think it's sold out but Uno Sells almost an identical one which I'll Link in the description just be sure to Size it down on on that one okay um but Yeah love this coat throw it over top of A hoodie and it just gives off a nice Casual comfortable Vibe um and I think Another item from this outfit that gives Off um that look as well are the pants These are a pair of Dickies 874 pants And they're always an item that I'm like Damn I need to wear a lot more I bought These back in 2020 when workw was like At a peak but these are definitely one Of those items that have stuck with the Wardrobe and some probably something I'll never get rid of I did have them Altered a bit and shortened uh just to Fit my proportions a little bit better And honestly I absolutely love the fit Um and yeah this is just a super Comfortable outfit an outfit that you Can go grab coffee with or something but Uh yeah definitely very easy to wear Don't forget the Nike Vero 5 is easily An outfit that you can dress up and I Think the reason is because it has a Sort of smart New Balance kind of look

And feel almost like a dad shoe um but Like I said if you throw on some pleated Trousers or you throw on just a simple Knit sweater it's easily something that You could wear to work or something that You can wear to a more formal occasion And not seem like you're too out of Place right whereas if you were to wear Jordans for example wouldn't really have That same Vibe this knit sweater is from Cost which is easily my favorite place To buy knitwear I feel like it's very Reasonably priced when you can factor in The fit and the quality okay the quality Is on point the texture on this thing is Just incredible so it may seem a little Bit pricey at first but when you get it In hand and you touch it you feel it Trust me you're going to absolutely love It these pants pleated pants are Trousers are from the unique U Collection okay these are from a few Years back so unfortunately I can't link Them but uh I absolutely love these and They get worn a absolute ton so if you Want to check out some more styling Videos just like this one maybe for the Air Jordan one low you can check this Video right over here or if you want to Learn about some of the best uh fall Trends uh to wear at this time of year You can check out this video over here So why don't we click on one of those And I'll meet you guys there