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(Similar) Green knit polo (Size small):
Chino Shorts (Size 30):
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Olive Open collar shirt (small):
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Onitsuka tiger GSM:
Reebok Club C (fits true to size):

Navy knit polo (small):
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Olive Shorts:
Reebok Club C (fits true to size):

Streetwear Outfits:
(similar) Olive Nike ACG Shorts (size XS – fits big):
Black tee is vintage from etsy
Brown Hat:

(Similar) Brown Nike ACG Shorts (Size XS – fits big):
tee is vintage bought at a thrift store
FOG Essentials fitted:

Mesh Shorts
Brown Tone Paisley Fundamental Short (small):
More Apparel Hat (drops Aug 25):
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Green Paisley Fundamental Short (small):
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football shirts were bought on ebay
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The key to styling shorts this summer Are to wear the correct style of shorts With the right outfit aesthetic meaning If you want to put together an outfit With more of that old money business Casual aesthetic it's important to go With a Chino short that's tailored and Fitted than to go with baggy cargo Shorts that are intended for a more Street Wear outfit which we'll get to in A bit in fact in this video we are going To be going over a ton of different Style of shorts that'll have you looking Proper for every occasion so for those Menswear style looks with knit polos and Open collar shirts I recommend getting Chino shorts in a neutral color with Something like a five to six inch inseam This type of look is all about Proportions and tailoring and will look More presentable for when you're going Out for dinner going to work golfing or Any occasion that you want your outfit To be a little bit more elevated some of My favorite brands are from Abercrombie Franken oak or if you prefer to try Something in the mall shops like Banana Republic the gap or Zara will have some Affordable options as well if you're Ready to invest I highly recommend Checking out Todd Snyder or amelondor as They have a ton of quality pieces that Will last you a long time and will have A timeless style shirts that I recommend

Pairing with your shorts are striped Oxfords short sleeve button-ups as well As nipolos as you can see all of these Options pair well with shorts because The fit is proportionate to my body type Nothing is too baggy or too tight all of The colors are easy to style as well With various shades of blue and green For accessories get yourself a stainless Steel watch maybe a simple rope chain And ring nothing too bold or flashy as It will take away from the easy to wear Aesthetic for shoes pass on the high top Color for Jordans and save them for the Streetwear looks which we'll talk about In just a second instead go with the 90 Reebok Club c as it will go with every Outfit is Affordable and very Comfortable on this channel you know we Love to wear streetwear inspired outfits And one of my favorite short styles that Pair well with that look are cargo Shorts they are typically a little bit On the baggier side length is usually at The knee and because of the added length It's important to wear the correct socks You don't want to wear super long crew Socks as they will show less of your leg And actually make you appear shorter Actually recommend wearing something That's a quarter length or a half length Which you can buy from Stand socks or Uniqlo or for the menswear style where No show socks doing so will explores

More of your leg and actually make you Appear taller my favorite cargo shorts Recommendations are from Nike ACG as are Always great quality and have these Super interesting pocket designs this One has pockets on top of pockets and This one is inspired by rock climbing Pants Nike ACG sizing is always super Big by the way both of these are an Extra small and I'm five seven for Reference now for shirts recommendations With cargo shorts I recommend going with Graphic tees now I have an entire Dedicated video for graphic tee Recommendations so if you want to check That video out I'll leave a link in the Description these can be a little bit More on the bag your side as well since They will match the proportions of your Cargo pants another one of my favorite Streetwear inspired shorts Recommendations are printed mesh shorts Not only do these allow you to add some Color and texture to your outfit but They're also super lightweight and Comfortable too because of the added Detail I like wearing more basic T-shirts up top this way I'm not Clashing with any prints or patterns Mesh shorts are super useful as well Since you can wear them to the gym given The athletic nature of the shoes you can Easily lift weights in these or even Play basketball on them both of these

Shorts are from the brand kinetic Kings They are a california-based streetwear Brand that manufactures all of their Products in-house which I love because It ensures fair treatment for their Workers and high quality production Standards now I've been wearing these a Ton since I first received them and I'm Super impressed with the quality and Design each and every summer I try to Incorporate more color into my wardrobe And these shorts help me to do so Effortlessly if you're into streetwear Fitness Sports fashion then I definitely Recommend checking out kinetic Kings as A special bonus for you guys they've Given me a coupon code for you guys to Use and save some money so be sure to Use the code that's appearing on screen At checkout to save on some dope shorts I'll be sure to leave a link in the Description now this next segment is all About dressing in that middle ground and Between business casual and streetwear Which leads us to denim shorts when Talking about shorts this year I have to Mention denim shorts as they are super Trendy at the moment and the good thing Is that they can be styled in a number Of different ways believe it or not one Of my personal favorites is with Football shirts and soccer jerseys There's something about the combination Of the two that's a nod to my childhood

As I wore this exact combo as a kid Growing up I still play soccer to this Day and I'm a huge fan of the sport you Can clearly tell I support Liverpool so It's a match made in heaven but as Mentioned they can easily be styled in a Super casual way with a cardigan or a Zip up Hoodie sky is honestly the limit These ones are from lead denim which I Got on Amazon of all places which means That they're super affordable denim Shorts might be the most affordable pair Of shorts on this list as well because You can literally make your own at home With some scissors sweat shorts are Another one of those style of shorts in That middle ground that look great with Athleisure looks the best part is that They're by far the most cozy on this List by grabbing a few in some Earth Tones and neutral colors you're able to Wear colorful tops like a pro these ones Are from Abercrombie they're made from Cotton with a fleece inner lining I'm Wearing a size small here athleisure Looks can include jerseys and also track Jackets as well side note this one is From the Nike nocta line and I love it So much that I'd actually be willing to Grab the matching purple pants as well Anyways if you guys love these style of Videos be sure to check this one out for Some great slides recommendations or if You need some hot weather styling tips

For those super hot climates be sure to Check out this video right here why Don't we click on one of those and I'll Meet you guys there