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Hey what's up guys I'm Seth and it looks Like we finally have some really good Images of the upcoming Air Jordan 3j Balvin so J Balvin has collaborated with Jordan brand on two other Silhouettes The Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 2 And it now looks like at the end of this Year we're finally getting the Air Jordan 3 which in my opinion is the best Looking of the bunch it's actually gonna Be interesting to see if he ever comes Out with an Air Jordan 4 because Obviously that one's gonna be the most Hype unless it looks awful we don't know Yet J Balvin was seen wearing this Upcoming pair at the NBA Playoffs which Did make this pair look a lot better Than some of the rumored images of the Shoe and now we have in hand looks at This sneaker and I've got to say this is A shoe that I'm very excited about there Haven't been too many J album sneakers That I've been excited about it's really Been 50 50 for me the ones wasn't a fan Of the twos I really liked but it was Mainly because the light up tongue it Wasn't really because of the design the Design was you know for me but this shoe I actually like all the way around the Sneaker comes with a tan tumbled leather Upper with yellow accents on the edges Which I really like it's also similar to The union LA Air Jordan ones that are Releasing I believe in two months it

Also features a gradient hit on the Midsole and the heel of the sneaker that Fades from black to a red to a yellow And on the heel of the sneaker we've got A semi-translucent heel tab that on the Right shoe features the J Balvin logo And on the left shoe features the Nike Air logo honestly this is just a really Clean look I've said it before and I'll Say it again this is the best J Balvin Air Jordan collaboration and it looks Like it should be dropping around September 2nd of this year next up we've Got a first look at a pair of Air Jordans inspired by ice cream but first I want to give a huge thank you to Ritual for supporting the channel do you Have the perfect diet day in and day out Yeah I don't either ritual helps you Fill in those gaps in your diet with no Shady additives or fillers or colorants Each one of these capsules provide 10 Nutrients to create a strong foundation For your health so I personally really Struggle to find a multivitamin that not Only keeps me healthy but also allows me To know all the ingredients that go into It a lot of these multivitamins on the Market have all these crazy names that I Just don't even know if it's like a Thing or not but with ritual you can Actually see the ingredients that are Inside the capsules both physically by Looking at them and also by reading the

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Link at the top of the description below Ritual.com20 and using Code Seth Valor 20. so make sure to check out ritual for Yourself and once again huge thank you To Ritual for supporting the channel so The ice cream inspired Chew in question Is the women's Air Jordan 11 Neapolitan As you could guess from the name the Shoe comes in white brown and pink and I Really hate that all these Neapolitan Jordans are only releasing in women's Sizes they did that with the threes that Was a really clean colorway of the Threes and now they're doing it on the 11th and I've got to say these 11s are Really really clean as well the upper of The shoe comes in this sort of white or Cream-colored suede the bottom half of The upper is wrapped in this very dark Brown patent leather and in the midsole Of the shoe comes in white with the Outsole rounding off the look in the Semi-translucent pink it's definitely Got some Concord Vibes to it I'm not Gonna lie and that's kind of weird that They're releasing the shoe the same year That they're releasing the dmp11s which Is already a similar look but either way I'm here for it I think it's a really Nice looking sneaker and I love when They try good new colorways on the Air Jordan 11s for whatever reason some of The new colorways of the Air Jordan 11s Either look like fakes or they just look

Awful which has happened a good amount Of times too so it's nice to see them Actually put a really decent colorway on This shoe that's brand new as of right Now it looks like the shoe is dropping For 225 on November 11th which is very Fitting because is November 11th is 11 11. it's a pair of Air Jordan 11s and Hey you know what if I can stack a pair For retail or maybe my wife a pair for Retail I'll be happy I'm gonna go for it So earlier this year rumors came out That the Galaxy Foamposites were Returning in 2024. now unfortunately Those rumors were debunked but it looks Like we still are getting a purple pair Of Foamposites however it's not the Galaxies instead it's the eggplants or At least it looks like it could be the Eggplants so according to Z sneaker Heads this shoe is officially named the Nike Air Foamposite One Varsity purple However when you compare the images of These two shoes the 2024 version and the Original version of the shoe they don't They don't look similar in fact I think A lot of people probably thought that This SKU code or this style number was a Number of the Galaxy Foams and that's Why there was this rumor that the Galaxy Phones are coming out that's just my own Thoughts I'm not sure if that's what Happened but I wouldn't be surprised if This was the shoe that everyone was

Confusing for the Galaxy Foams but Either way we're not really getting any Of the Foamposites we wanted we're not Really getting the original eggplants And we're not getting the Galaxy Foams So what the hell I did however in Japan Just recently pick up a foam Grail of my Own the Supreme Foamposites in black I Love this shoe it's my size I'm gonna Rock it super soaked on this gotta for a Crazy deal if you guys have not checked Out the video I definitely recommend it Look at the top of the screen but Needless to say I was kind of hoping to Check all the foam Grails off my list Except for the paranormans because let's Be real they're never re-releasing but It would have been great to have a pair Of the Supreme Foams and the Galaxy Foams the two films that I always wanted And up until recently never got Regardless it looks like this Varsity Purple colorway of the Foamposites is Releasing in January of next year and While I'm not that excited about it Because it's not the eggplant Foamposites and it's definitely not the Galaxy Foamposites it's not a bad Looking pair of shoes but I still don't Understand why Nike is pushing the Foamposites in 2023 it's just not a shoe That anyone really wants to rock anymore Unless you're buying the Grail version Of it moving right along it looks like

Nike is giving us another Panda dunk Later this year however it's not the Colorway that you might think that it is Other than the fact that this shoe is a Nike Dunk and it resembles a bear in the Panda family this shoe looks nothing Like the original Nike Panda dunks the Upper of the shoe comes in a hairy brown Suede accented by a light cream colored Mud guard and a red nubuck or suede Blade heel area the look is then rounded Off by a black midsole and a brown Outsole and overall it actually reminds Me a lot of dunks it released back in Like the mid 2000s it's got that whole Sort of retro dunk vibe to it which I Really like also the tongue of the shoe Has this sort of black and white static Look to it which I actually don't mind And it does add some interest to the Upper of the shoe is this the shoe that I'm gonna go out of my way to grab Probably not but I will say that it's Nice to see some new colorways of the Nike Dunk clothes dropping that I think People will be excited about a lot of The colorways that I've been dropping Recently are like monochromatic ones That are like all brown or all gray or All whatever and uh it's nice to see Some really solid non-collaboration Colorways of the shoe dropping this year Actually let me know your thoughts on This shoe in the comment section down

Below because I genuinely don't know how People are going to respond to this are They gonna love it are they gonna hate It I don't know let me know in the Comment section down below as far as the Release date for this shoe that's not Known yet but this shoe is expected to Drop around the holidays so EA Sports And Nike have teamed up to create a Madden themed Nike Air Max 90 which I've Got to say I'm a little excited for it All right I don't love the design of This shoe it's it's like a brown Football colorway shoe which is fine it Features like the football texture on it Which I think is pretty cool but it does Look a little childish with some of the Bright red hits and the bright blue Heads the reason I'm excited for this Shoe is because I love Madden I love it I'm obsessed With it I have it on like every console And I play it all the time I suck at it But I'm obsessed with it I really Shouldn't say this on camera in case I Run into any of you guys online but uh I Really only throw Slants I'm good at it Though but with all that being said this Shoe is officially called The Air Max 90 Play like mad obviously because of its Madden affiliations and most likely Because Madden 24 releases on August 18th and this is a Madden themed shoe it Should release either on the same day or

A day close to the release date of The Game alright the football texture on the Shoe is cool it's just not a shoe that I'd wear all the time so it looks like There's gonna be another Amma mon year Air Jordan 5 colorway releasing in Addition to the ones that we've already Seen and this colorway is apparently a Women's exclusive release as I'm sure You all know I'm a mon year and Jordan Brand have been collaborating for the Last couple years on a few different Jordan brand Silhouettes in particular The Air Jordan 3 the four the two and The one and this year it looks like They're continuing their collaborations With a couple different colorways of Air Jordan Fives now talking specifically About this new women's colorway it's Apparently called the diffused blue I'm One year Air Jordan Fives according to Z Sneaker heads it's got a photon dust Upper but no one really knows that That's going to be leather or nubuck Apparently it's sort of a whitish or Light gray color you've got some blue Hits on the shark teeth and a black Midsole in addition to that you've got Some semi-translucent and possibly aged Hits on the outsole and also on the mesh On the side of the sneaker and overall It's not too out of the ordinary from What we've seen from Alma mandir Collaborations but I do think it's going

To be a subtle and clean look now to be Fair I haven't seen the shoe yet so they Could totally screw it up but knowing I'm a Monier and seeing what they've Done in the past they've always done a Really good job with their collaboration So I'm excited to see what they have Coming I mean even though the Air Jordan 12 was not really hyped up whatsoever And you can grab pairs right now Probably still at retailers it's still a Really great pair of Air Jordan 12s the Suede used on that shoe was awesome the White colorway was very very clean They're great at collaborating with Jordan brand and no matter what Silhouette they do a collaboration on It's usually going to turn out really Great now as far as when this women's Exclusive diffused blue colorway is set To release No One Knows for sure yet but It does look like the shoe is dropping Around the holidays so even though know Kanye West and Adidas stopped working Together last year new colorways of Yeezys are continuing to surface that We've never seen before and the latest One to surface is a new pair of foam Runners in the gray colorway I love the Foam Runners I hate that we're not Getting any more foam Runners they're Such an awesome shoe I grabbed the the Black brown and blue colorway that just Dropped in the last easy day I don't

Remember what the name of the shoe was But either way love that colorway I've Worn it a lot since I've gotten it and This Greg colorway is also incredibly Clean it actually seems like it's sort Of a marbled gray like there's some Light Grays in there and some darker Grays in there it's a subtle mix but They are mixed together sort of marbled Together and I think it's a very clean Look and it kind of bums me out to think About all the colorways we could have Had if things had gone differently Because I think Adidas actually owns the Foam Runner design and so Kanye West Can't use it he's going to release a Sock shoe instead so there's that I'm Not really too excited about it because I mean it looks like a sock and I make Socks I have a sock brand called Apothecary I'm wearing all the pothcare Right now if you guys want to check out Apothecary we're now in Zoomies and of Course you can also grab some pairs of Apothecary socks and anything you see on My body right now through the link in The top of the description below but uh With all that being said new competition Of Apothecary aside Um I'm bummed that we're not getting any More foam Runners because it's a really Great silhouette it's super comfortable It looks wild which I love and uh this Gray colorway I don't know if we're

Getting it with the next Yeezy release Because apparently they still have a Bunch of Yeezys in stock that they Haven't dropped yet but uh I would have Liked to have had a pair of these and if I can grab a pair of these if they do Release with Adidas's next like Yeezy Drop then I will grab a pair but if not It is what it is I don't know why I'm Talking about this shoe because we don't Even know if Adidas made pairs of these Shoes outside of samples so will we ever Get this shoe I don't know next up we've got a much Closer look at what could be one of the Most hyped up sneakers of the year the DMP Air Jordan 11s so for the last few Decades Jordan brand has been releasing Air Jordan 11s around the holidays as They're like hyped up Christmas release And it really seems like over the last Five or so years the hype for Jordan 11s Just hasn't been what it once was so I'm Sure as a way for Jordan brand to Increase the hype of the Air Jordan 11 Once again they decided to pull out one Of their most coveted Air Jordan 11s From the Vault and re-release it in 2023 And that shoe of course was the DMP Air Jordan 11 which originally released as Part of a pack in 2006 they just Released the other shoe from the pack I Believe two years ago as a standalone Release and now we're getting the 11s

However unlike the dmp6s that we just Got this pair of 11s is pretty different Than the original and as you can see in These images something is different you Guys look real close to the upper you'll Notice that the upper is no longer made Of mesh instead it's made of tumbled Leather which in my opinion is an odd Choice I guess they just released the Concords like not too long ago so it's Not that big of a surprise that they're Changing something up but to me it was Kind of a weird choice to change the Upper of the shoe from mesh to leather Because I don't know if people really Prefer the leather 11s over the original Mesh 11s I mean don't get me wrong the Tumbled leather above the patent leather Does make the shoe feel more premium of Course it is more premium pair of 11s it Features a gold Jumpman and I'm sure It's got a higher price point than Standard 11s but it's weird to change One of those popular releases to Something a little bit different I mean I guess Jordan Brand's doing that to a Lot of shoes We're talking about one of Them right after this shoe and then Actually the other one after that shoe So we'll get to that in a minute but it Kind of bums me out like keep them the Same if you're gonna retro something Keep it the same of course the rest of The shoe is the white midsole the sort

Of Milky outsole on the black patent Leather and all around it is a very Clean pair of 11s and I think whether You like them because they're dmps or Whether you like them because they look Like Concords either way it's a clean Look that I think a lot of people will Be going for so it'll really be Interesting to see the reception for This pair of 11s which years ago would Have sold out like that and now might End up sitting around for a couple days But either way the shoe is set to Release on December 9th a month after The very similar looking Neapolitan Air Jordan 11s and just like that shoe this Shoe comes the retail price of 225 Dollars next up we've got a better look At the upcoming unfortunately suede Reimagined Air Jordan 1 Royals so Recently DJ Khaled was spotted wearing The upcoming suede reimagined Air Jordan 1 Royals getting onto a plane as you do When you DJ Khaled and I've got to say That on foot they do look better than I Thought they were going to look Obviously I would prefer them just to Retro the Royals because we haven't had Them since like 2018 2017 actually but I Guess either way I'm just happy that They're coming back even though it's Suede don't get me wrong suede is Awesome but uh it's just not what I Think everyone wants from a reimagined

Pair of Air Jordan Ones I'm sure the Story behind the shoe will tie in nicely I'm sure it's a great shoe overall but It's not a true Royal this is actually Another shoe that I'd love to know your Thoughts on is this a shoe that you're Gonna pick up or one that you're going To let pass because you don't like the Suede let me know all of your thoughts In that comment section down below Breaking news it looks like there's a New version of the Mischief big red boot Releasing in the very near future and It's collaboration Weird collaborations I was taking a Break for a second while I was filming This video and I happened to check my Phone and all of a sudden this image Popped up of a mime wearing a pair of Crocs big red boots in yellow and I Thought it was a joke at first I thought It was a render or photoshop or Something like that but it came from the Official Mischief account and I think It's real so I'm sure you guys are Familiar with the big red boot the shoe That Mischief dropped earlier this year I actually did a full review on this Boot a full comprehensive review on this Boot which I dropped last week I know it Was late but I wanted to find out Whether this was actually a good boot so I bit the bullet and I bought one so if You guys want to check out that review

Make sure to click the link at the top Of the screen I actually put a lot of Time and effort into it it's actually Probably one of my best reviews but Again if you guys want to check it out Link at the top of the screen but it Seems like Mischief because of the Popularity of the original big red boot Has decided to not only release another One but also collaborate with Crocs on a Yellow pair now unfortunately as of Right now all we really have are images That they've posted on their social Media account there are four images of a Mime just frolicking around Paris in These like yellow Croc boots with holes In them and I'm not gonna lie they look Ridiculous but so did the original so What can you do as of right now at the Time of filming this video there is no Information as to when these boots will Release I'm assuming because they're Dropping these images they will probably Release soon I'm also actually not that Surprised that Crocs is the one Collaborating with them on this pair of Boots Crocs has done some weird Collaborations in the past like the ones With Balenciaga uh so this isn't totally Surprising but uh it'll be interesting To see whether the popularity of the big Red boots will carry over to these new Yellow Croc boots because these are not As functional one because they have

Holes in them these are probably Dropping soon and I'd love to know what You guys think of these boots whether You plan on grabbing a pair for yourself And I'm also interested to see whether The hype on these boots will be as crazy As it was on the original big red boots If you guys want I'll buy a pair of These I'll drop the money and do a full Review for you guys if you want I don't Really want to do it but if you guys Want me to I'll spend the money I know It's gonna be stupid money for a boot I'm never gonna wear again but hey you Know what I'll do it for you guys and Then finally Z sneaker heads is posted On his Instagram account images of the Upcoming 2024 Jordan brand spring Releases now I'm not gonna lie to you Guys there's a lot of sneakers dropping But there's not that much heat it's a 4 Fortunate maybe that's why Jordan brand Is like fired to people and is hiring Some new people because this is just not It's not that great but within this Group of a lot of sneakers that may or May not be that great we do have some Winners which I'm excited about so I'm Just gonna go through a few of these Sneakers and let you guys know what I Think the first shoe releases on January 13th and is the Air Jordan 3 white navy So this shoe is kind of like a true blue White cement style sneaker but instead

Of having you know red hits or black Hits or whatever you've got like a dark Navy hit it reminds me a lot of the Wizards threes it's not that different I Don't know why they're dropping such a Similar shoe so recently after the Wizard threes but it is what it is on January 27th we've got the Air Jordan 1 Yellow ochres it may or may not look Like that Z sneaker heads renders Usually look better than the actual shoe That releases so unfortunately it could Look a lot worse than this we'll have to Wait and see some other notable releases Are on February 3rd we've got the Jordan 6 yellow ocher it's pretty much an Air Jordan 6 Carmine with yellow instead of Red on the 10th we've got the Air Jordan 13 blue gray again not that exciting we Do have the lightning is dropping on the Same day on the Air Jordan 17s which Maybe some people will be excited about But it's not that crazy following that Up on the 14th and the 16th we've got Two different metallic Air Jordan Ones Dropping on the 14th we've got the white Gold Air Jordan 1 women's metallic and Then on the 16th we've got the Air Jordan 1 metallic burgundy dropping it's Apparently an 85 release which I am Excited about I love the 85 cut Jordan Ones it's a decent colorway I'm excited About it it looks a lot like the Original Red Metallic Air Jordan Ones

But it's not exactly the same at least Not based on these renders on the 15th We've got the new Trophy Room Air Jordan 1 low which we don't actually know what That shoe is going to look like yet but Uh it's exciting to know that there is Something coming out of trophy room it's Probably not going to be a Chicago Colorway though so keep that in mind and Then on February 17th we've got the Release that everyone's excited about Probably the best release out of this Entire set of like three or four months And that's the Air Jordan 4 bred Reimagines now like I said about the Royal reimagines that we just talked About this shoe switched out the Original material for a new material so In this case it switched from suede to Leather which is the opposite of what The Royals did not sure why they're Doing that I'm not sure why they decided To I ruin a really great silhouette that Being said I do think that the leather Looks better on the Air Jordan 4 breads Than the suede looks on the Air Jordan 1 Royals neither of them look bad but They're just not exactly what I think People wanted but either way dropping in The 17th it's still gonna be a hot shoe The Air Jordan 4 is still like the most Popular silhouette out right now so Absolutely gonna be a popular sneaker Nonetheless on the 23rd we've got a pair

Of Air Jordan Ones I believe it's the Air Jordan one I can't find it in this List oh the Air Jordan one black and White and then on the next page we've Got uh some more like not that exciting Stuff I guess the most exciting stuff Out of this are the Air Jordan 1 lows Got the neutral Grays and the blue Metallics both really great original Colorways but uh other than that I mean There's fours dropping on the 16th on March 16th they're fine they're women's Only released so the sale in Gold Colorway so there's that but Unfortunately other than the fours it Looks like Jordan brand is really kind Of leaving us out to dry they're not Giving us anything good like this year The beginning of the year was amazing in 2024 as of right now it's not shaving Enough to be that great but you never Know there could be some collaborations That we don't know about yet that are Absolutely fire there could be more Releases that they haven't even Announced yet or I guess haven't leaked Yet which could be amazing but we'll Just have to wait and see but hey that Pretty much wraps things up for today Thank you all so much for watching make Sure to subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll see you all in the next one