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This genuinely is the first Big Break of The series and I'm so excited yo so it Finally happened I finally found a pair Of shoes that was way underpriced and I Can sell for way more I've been waiting For this to happen the last three Episodes of the series and it literally Hasn't happened yet and we finally got It so this week we start things off with A sneaker bank or I guess a bank fund of $58.64 which is pretty solid it's Actually one of the best banks that We've had so far this entire journey and Uh the first stop I'm going to hit is Plato's Closet it's a different Plato's Closet than usually hit because the Plato's Closet that I usually hit has Kind of like stopped stocking um Sneakers that are worth reselling so Hitting up a new one trying it out Hopefully works out we're starting these Off at Plato's Closet let's see what we Can find got some Champions these Converses is kind of cool you got this Cool like ombre effect it's kind of sick Actually over here we got some Stan Smiths in pretty decent condition for 35 Bucks that's about right I'm going to Leave those got some Ultra boost right Here 4 40 large size 13 probably move For about that actually got some second Place sucks metcons I think good on Those we got some some Filas some Nike what are

These I'm not sure actually but I'm Assuming Basketball got some more Nikes these are The zoom shoot I'm not sure what these Are these are the zoom gravities for 20 It looks like which is actually not bad Maybe I'll check these guys out really Quick looks like they're not really Worth it so let's leave these guys o we Got some 4ds over here a little dirty But that's kind of crazy a couple years Ago these would have been going for so Much they go for $18 that's insane let Me check these guys out cuz that's Actually kind of a crazy find so it Looks like they might be a slower seller But for that price for 18 bucks it might Be worth it the last one sold like Probably two weeks ago but there isn't a Lot listed so it's kind of a risk but I'm going to grab it just in case and Then I'll decide before I leave still Got these KDs here got some Air Maxes What else some Rebox cool colors got These these guys I forgot what they're Called but uh oh the the pods that's What they are y I thought these were Standard 11s at first but these look Like the 11 Comforts they're pretty heavily worn for 25 bucks that might actually not be a Terrible price let me check this guys Out sales and prices on these seem Really inconsistent so I'm not going to

Take the risk cuz they are a little bit More expensive I mean they're not Expensive but compared to some of the Other sneakers I'm picking up today so I'm going to leave them for now oh shoot Over here we got the new KDs why are These brand new for 45 that actually Might be a deal let me check these guys Out really quick they are a size 14 Though so larger size probably a slower Mover but worth checking out another Tough one a lot of pairs sold but They're all new versus this one which is Used so I guess I'll leave it shoot over Here we got a bin with some new stuff Let's See we got some 13s some women's 13s for How much 30 got some nmds some black Air Forces some Vapor Maxes how much are These Vapor Maxes going for Vapor Maxes Tend to do pretty well 45 yeah I'm good On those all right I think I'm going to Grab these all right so we did pick up a Pair of sneakers today we got the uh the 4ds these are the 4D um I saw the name When I looked them up I completely Forgot but we got these for $18 I think I can resell these for like 30 to 40 so Hopefully a double up that's that's the Hope uh we'll see if it actually happens I know the sun's on my face now uh Whatever regardless we got these good Price just have to clean them up a Little bit outo looks clean but the

Upper is a little dingy so I'm going to Scrub it and uh we should be good to go So on to the next spot [Music] Got some campus 80s got some new balance 574s got some Nikes harachi style things You got the A6 A6 are popping right now But I don't think this particular shoe Actually maybe shoot no I'm not going to Check that one out I really don't think It's going to be worth anything some Reebok some Air Forces still got a bunch Of these Pegasus some Rois got the all red Rosies this is Definitely an ID CU it says Nicole Marie On the back It's kind of funny I like how they color Coordinated everything you got red to Pink to Blue to White it's clean I dig It these are the nzas from Adidas kind Of cool to see these but unfortunately Nothing on this side of the store today So I'm going leave Everything some Jordan one Lowe's in Here probably not worth 50 I got some Enjoys with a cool like print on the Tongue nothing I want also some Air Max 4S and a kids size okay so nothing in The first half of the store let's check The back half because they always seem To have crazy stuff in the back got some SF highs in white and Red 450 got some of these Air Max pluses Pretty cool got some uptempos in a kid

Size and then some uh some new balances But nothing nothing worth grabbing Nothing like those LeBron from a couple Years ago or last year got this tiny Nike box right here for four bucks it's Pretty cool it's nothing in there though Yeah I know but it's a sick box I really Like it yeah That's crazy I wonder what this Is for four bucks I kind of want to grab This just cuz it's cool and it's old I Don't know I'll probably leave It so unfortunately nothing add Circle Thrift which you know 50/50 when you go There but I do have on these Rayban um What they call the meta W fars I think Is what they're called and they actually Record video and I did a full video Review on them on my second Channel my Tech Channel if you guys want to check That out there will be Link in the Description below but uh actually pretty Cool way better than last year's version Last year's generation so yeah I don't Know click that link support the channel Yo really quick I want to give a huge Thank you to Soul premise for sponsoring Today's video now I'm sure at this point You've probably heard me talk about Soul Premise before and that's because it Makes some of the best sneaker bags out There in fact all of their bags whether It's a backpack like this or a duffel Bag or even some of their roller bags

They're all designed specifically for Your sneakers in fact this particular Backpack which I travel with all the Time can hold up to five pairs of Sneakers depending on size and of course You have laptop sleeve you can throw Your clothing in there and all sorts of Good Stuff Plus soulle premise bags are TSA approved which means you can bring Them onto the airplane with you rather Than checking them underneath the Airplane so you can keep your valuables Safe with you and as you guys will see In a couple seconds I actually take a Trip to Atlanta to do some thrifting and Also do some sock stuff cuz you guys Know me I own a sock brand I love socks I'm always talking about socks uh so I So dumb and obviously I brought my soul Premise bag because I needed to bring my Sneakers with me because those are the Most important things clothing whatever I can rewear shirts doesn't matter I Need my sneakers so if you want to check Out Soul premise for yourself make sure To click the link in the top of the Description below and use my code set For 40% off your entire order and with That being said let's head to [Music] Atlanta I think the best of Atlanta Is oh [Music] Okay it's

Crazy That's Dope oh yeah yeah that's sick though it Looks dope I've never seen it [Music] Before have Your Sick it's dope it's really [Music] Dope they got the Comm slides Nice very Nice that's crazy never thought I'd see These sit In yeah Yeah Fire Starter 500s [Music] 380s that's Wild okay so we got some new balances Here for 58 some fals for how much 65 Some Jordan 1's 75 Jordan 3s cracked mid Solo 85 that's not a good deal but cool These Jordan 3s these True Blues got Some Versace here for 60 are these Actually Versace I don't know if they're actually Versace but they are chain reactions we Got some what the fives here for 75 but A shoe that not that clean so probably Not worth pick up I don't think it would Move either hold up are these some Off-white dunks now I'm going to be Honest these are a little sus they're Not

Looking too Legit they're definitely not look at That look at that crease that squeeze Right there no not legit but if these Were these are 50 of 50 these would have Been crazy but look at that I've never Seen the soul squish like that before That's nuts you cing anything nothing You getting anything be sure woo that's Clean that is clean here this for you That's dope that's really how much is it Going for this one's $8 850 you mean $850 on foot today we've got the Nike Dunks with the Apothecary Halloween Socks very clean and of course the Apothecary shirt and Hoodie these are Crazy I've never seen these before Mids pretty clean pretty clean these new Balances are clean you got the Yeezy Air Forces right [Music] Here so first thing I'm seeing is this Bin right here here what we have we've Got some Pumas got some Pocas bunch of women shoes in there got Some pennies right here while the Selection here is way better than my Usual Playdoh that's crazy got some Batman rebok it looks like super large Size some New Balance 327s some more Rebok right here whole bunch of Vans I Don't think Vans really go for anything

At least not like the non-limited Edition ones got some really interesting Ultra boost right here with hearts all Of them Valentine's Day Ultra boost They look like they're barely worn for 40 40 is a lot for Ultra boost I'm not Going to even check them out cuz I don't Think they're worth anything but cool to See probably worth 40 excuse me would I Be able to see those those green and Black Jordan Ones right there awesome Thank You yo so it finally happened I finally Found a pair of shoes that was way Underpriced and I can sell for way more I've been waiting for this to happen the Last three episodes of the series and it Literally hasn't happened yet and we Finally got it it's this pair of Air Jordan 1 lucky Greens in a women's size 8 and2 we grabbed the shoe for $35 and The condition on this shoe is ridiculous There's like barely any heel drag the Shoe itself has a little bit of creasing But that's it it's legit um at least From what I can tell there's like a tiny Bit of um honestly there's like not even Any scuffing I was going to say there's A tiny bit of scuffing but I don't even See that I think that was just Shadows This is insane like this is a shoe that After checking it out on eBay I think I Could get like at least 80 to 100 for Maybe even 100 20 so great news we

Actually ended up selling the Air Jordan 1 lucky greens that we just picked up Almost instantly it was crazy so Obviously we grabbed this pair of shoes From Plato's Closet for 35 bucks and I Ended up being able to sell it on eBay For $107 so after fees we were able to add $91 31 back into the bank which is Incredible especially because we've been Working on such low margins for so long But that pretty much wraps up the video For today once again huge thank you to Soul premise for supporting the channel Also don't forget to check out the Rolex Giveaway that we're doing at Apothecary It's crazy if you don't know about it Make sure to click the link underneath The soul premise Link in the description Below thank you all so much for watching Subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll See you all in the next one