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I'm going to every sneaker store in Philadelphia to see what the best Sneaker is we can find for retail let's Do it We've got the fly ease Jordan Ones we've Got some Air Max Correlates I've never seen this before In my life oh hold up we got the Romero Fives and blue size 12 large size but Very cool to see these on the wall Because this is a dope shoe and I think On the wall it's 30 off so that's pretty Solid retail plus 30 off so they've got Some of the other colors of the stussies For 149 on the wall plus 30 off Not bad they've got these really clean Air max ones it's like corduroy colorway This like light blue and tan colorway Which I actually think dropped not too Long ago but they've got a full size run Of it for 129 off of 165 that's dope That's really solid is the stucy Air Force Ones which we've seen a ton in the Outlet logs looks like just one color Though for 149. Not that interested unless we have some Roshes for 59.99 Three different colors not bad And then we got the acronym Blazer lows For 109 off of 140. not terrible nothing I want to grab though nothing too Different either oh we also got the Sakai Blazers for 89.99 that's really Not bad oh 69.99 for this colorway

That's crazy they keep dropping in price Wow it's nuts and same thing for the British khakis too and like a full-size Run so unfortunately nothing really at The Nike outlet so on to the next spot Thank you So first thing I'm finding is the Toro Sixes right here That's pretty solid For how much 200 not bad We got the infrared sevens for 200 as Well for retail and we got the skylines Which is kind of crazy to see they Didn't drop a lot of different places But they dropped here which is cool 180. And then we've also got ooh two of the Airships I was gonna wear airships today But I changed my mind we've got the Airships in yellow and white For 140 large size though and then also The every game airships in a small size Which I might actually grab for my wife Because this is pretty close to her size I think for 140. oh and then we've also Got the green and white this is my Favorite colorway but I ended up getting Rid of it even though it was a dope shoe I actually got it here too we've got the Ko's which are uh not bad not bad not my Favorite hold up and we've also got the Black Toe ones this looks like a Slightly smaller size 140 size eight Okay So it is it's still men's size but it's

Probably the only size they have if it's Out on the floor but kind of crazy to See these sitting like two weeks after Release but you guys know me you know I Love New Balance I've got an amazing New Balance sectional apps on a hammer so I'm gonna check it out let's see what We've got here we've got some 90s 60s in This fire green and cream colorway Really dig these Got some 650rs And white and yellow which is clean as Well And a lot of good stuff ooh what are These 990v4s Super clean with the suede Like that we've also got these 860s Which are really clean I actually got The uh the ald colorway of these but I Ended up getting rid of it because I Just preferred the 2002 RS wasn't it no 1906 RS we got the whole Salomon section A lot of good stuff these are popping Right now it's crazy and then of course We got the sambas which actually just Surpassed The panda dunks as the most popular she Won stockx which is crazy dope shoe I Mean I get it Back in college you know 10 years ago Everyone was wearing zombies and they're Back again you know what I might Actually grab a pair of these in my size If they have them because I don't have

Any of these speaking of pandas we also Have the women's panted on Kai Which is kind of cool to see they also Have the Air Maxes that are based off of The the toy robots which is super cool I Talked about these in a sit or cell Video and I love them absolutely love Them they're so sick but unfortunately Not my size oh nice they've also got the Salehi Crocs in kids sizes and like a Bunch of different colors these are so Clean I would definitely go I'll wait Them out of my size actually legitimate On my size Oh it is an eight No these are not made but these are Larger sizes Let me ask if they have any so I'm Grabbing these in a size eight because I Wear a size nine in my regular shoes but These fit big so I'm grabbing a size Eight but I'm grabbing these guys I'm Stoked on these last summer hammers come Through today they've got so much good Stuff so they also have the Burgundy Fives do these just drop this morning Yesterday they also have the burgundy Flies that just dropped yesterday For 225 it looks like a full family Sizing and they got the KDs which I'm Gonna grab because I really wanted to Grab these and I missed out I love how They're gaming themed on the back I Think that's so dope

For 1 30. uh no I'm all good size nine Right perfect thank you so much so Lapson was awesome I grabbed way too Much but a lot of good pickup stuff that I'm stoked on that I'm actually Gonna Keep which is sick okay so the first Pickup that we had at lap Center Hammer Was this pair of sambas which I'm Actually really stoked on I haven't had A pair of sambas in forever and this is A classic colorway the white and black With the uh the dark gum outsole very Very clean and like I said in store Sambas have actually eclipsed the panda Dunks is the most popular shoe reselling Right now which is absolutely wild so I Wanted a pair them just to get some B-roll of uh maybe make some Adidas top 10 lists so that's why I grabbed this Pair maybe I'll keep it maybe I'll give It away and whatnot or something like That but pretty nice looking pair of Shoes simple clean definitely a classic I think I grabbed these four I grabbed These guys for 100 even so actually a Great price and honestly everywhere that I've looked over the last couple weeks These guys have been sold out so it's Kind of cool to see these at lapstone so I had to grab them it was a pair that I've been kind of low-key looking for I'm soaked together for 100 bucks not a Bad price so next up also from Atmos we Got this pair of Soleil Crocs now I had

To go with a size seven because Unfortunately they only had size sevens In this colorway and actually was the Only it was the only colorway that was Even close to my size we got this really Nice blue salehi Croc I absolutely love This shoe a size 7 actually still fits The uh the guy that I was talking to at Lapson Hammer says that he goes down two Sizes and Soleil he cracks I usually Just go down a size so I'm a size nine But I usually grab a size eight but this Size seven still fit me my toes are Right at the front but I think it looks Great I tried these guys on and um I Think these are absolutely fire so for This Leahy's in a size seven I paid 85 Which is full retail and I think they Resell for maybe a hundred maybe less And I'm kind of happy that salehi Crocs Are not sitting but they're definitely a Lot more easily readily available Because um they're a fire shoe it's a Great summer sneaker not not really a Sneaker you guys always give me crap for Saying sneaker it's a great summer shoe And uh I love it I think it's awesome And I'm gonna rock it in the winter too Just inside so super Stokes on the Pickup love that colorway and if you Guys have not yet tried the Soleil he Cracks you got to because this shoe is Absolutely really amazing and then Finally the last two grab from Laps on

The hammer was this pair of KDs that Just literally dropped that I thought Sold out but apparently they didn't at Least not in store and that of course is The easy money KD 3 Retro and this Really nice green and uh I guess just Money colorway looks like someone did Try these on because the laces are Undone and the outsole is super super Sticky probably great for ball I don't Know if I'll play in these I probably Won't because I haven't played Basketball in most likely over a year And uh these are really clean you've got The um the KD logo on the tongue with Like the gold hit you've got the uh the PlayStation buttons in the back also if You guys didn't know I'm at the Apothecary office right now not at my Studios that's why the background's Different that's why Austin's here and That's why uh that's the reason for that But yeah really awesome pair of shoes You got 100s on the Nike Swoosh very Clean you've got Katie's face on the Insole he's uh his face is on the money Which I thought was pretty cool awesome Shoe stoked to have these and for these KD 3 easy monies I ended up paying 130 Even so not bad and in Philadelphia you Actually don't pay sales tax on sneakers Because they are considered Essentials Product or essential products so you Don't pay sales tax it's awesome and 130

Is a great price for this shoe because I Don't think they're reselling for a lot But they're definitely selling for more Than 130. really happy with all the Pickups from lapstone it's a great store If you guys are in Philadelphia make Sure to check it out but three excellent Retail pickups So it looks like Footlocker has a lot of Dunks they got the panda dunk highs we Have these guys which I picked up and I Think um Atmos a couple months ago I've Never seen this before You dunk Lowe's and like the seafoam Color which is really clean and it's Like snakeskin one a lot of good stuff That's actually kind of crazy to see These would not have been sitting a Couple months ago got some of the new Giannises which I I just hate I really Hate the way that these look but still Dicky honest it's a great player just I Don't like that shoe of course being in Philly we got a lot of Iversons on sale For good prices too I actually really Dig these it's the Eagles Iverson I Think kind of cool I'm not an Eagles fan But cool to see that got some Shacks We've got these guys look at these Are nice what the forest I don't remember don't blame me in the Comments got the Lakers question mids Got the ooh these OG's these are clean And then of course we've got step overs

Super clean 99 it's actually not bad at All these aren't actually the step overs I think this is the ultimate colorway I Don't remember this is a pair that I Think he wore in the finals it may or May not be the step overs we got the Palomino threes Looking really good We got the purple and black 12s We've got these navies right here which Are very clean some 13s we've also got The uh the Burgundy Fives which just Dropped I think two days ago that seemed To be sitting everywhere I'm not Surprised but it is gonna be sitting Everywhere clean shoe though I'm Actually pretty surprised to see these Sitting what size is this this is a size Nine I'll grab it if not nine and a half That's actually tempting oh should I Grab these Let me think about it I'm not sure so These Go For Less on stockx than retail So I don't want to grab these here Because that would just be wasting money Realistically so I'm just gonna leave Them but they are very clean cool to see Them got some 2002rs very clean and a Bunch of 550s the shoe is super clean And then over here I saw that they Actually have the the main shoe the Adidas Homer Simpsons which are super Clean which I think I might actually Grab it if they have it in my size

Because I love that that is so dope you Know what I'm grabbing these let's grab These so I'm definitely way more excited Than I should be about this pickup this Is like a pretty gr release I'd say but It's a pair that I missed out on or I Don't remember what happened I either Didn't check out and sold out my size or Whatever find them at Foot Locker stoked On it full retail too so not the best Deal I probably could have gotten them For cheaper if I'd waited but I still Wanted this shoe all right so the next Door that we went to was of course Foot Locker and this is a pair of shoes that I tried to grab on the Adidas app and I Missed out and as you guys can tell it Is the Homer Simpson meme shoe I love The sneaker this is the Homer Simpson Sambas very very clean sneaker of course With the meme on the heel which I think Is the best part of the entire shoe I Was trying to to grab these I'm so happy To have these I might even throw these On feet right now because if I don't I'm Probably going to end up regretting them And selling them which is stupid I do That with a lot of sneakers because I Buy way too many sneakers and this is a Shoe that I really don't want to sell my Wife's gonna love this so I'm super Stoked that's awesome you have any Thoughts on these guys cool he's nodding He says they're dope he says he wishes

He had them he said he wishes he was a Swag as me and could pull these off but He can unfortunately so really awesome Pair of sneakers I love that Meme it's So sick so I bought these guys at Foot Locker for 130 Unfortunately they are Going for Less on stockx but hey you Know what if you buy them from like a Resale website you are going to pay fees And shipping so I think I probably got Them for around the same price again I Didn't have to pay tax on these and uh One that you know what let's just throw It on foot right now let's throw it on Foot with the brand new ooh should I Throw it on foot with the spot together Bandana socks Okay let me go grab those let me show You guys those really quick all right so I just ran to the back really quick Because I figured if I'm gonna be Wearing green shoes I should be rocking The brand new green both scary bandana Collection we got the socks dropping on September 8th in four different Colorways not just green we got cream we Got blue we got another color I'll put Up the picture on screen a rust color Yeah we got a rust color I'll have I'll Have Andrew put them up on screen shout Out to Andrew for editing this video We've also got the Apothecary bandana Shirt and also to let you guys know we Are giving away a green pair of sneakers

A brand new pair of Air Jordan 4 SB so If you guys want to enter that giveaway Make sure to check out the links in the Description below all you need to do is Follow us on Instagram Apothecary Subscribe to my channel Seth Fowler Subscribe to apothecary's YouTube Channel and you also get extra entries For everything you buy on apothecary's Website of course it is free to enter if You just subscribe to our channels and Things like that and the way to do all The entries is by clicking the link in The top of the description below Hopefully you guys are lucky and want a Pair of sb4s which is probably my Favorite sneaker of the year but yeah Getting back to the I almost called them The foamer Simpsons but the Homer Simpson Stan Smith super dope shoe one That I'm very excited about we got it For full retail so good pickup thank you Over in the kids section they got The reimagined threes and a three wire Which is pretty cool you got the Washington threes At the lucky greens it's so much good Stuff in Gs sizes it's crazy the Playoff 13s that's nuts oh wait hold up we've Even got the 11s the Cherry 11s that's Crazy there's so much good stuff here Also got the palomino3s which is at Foot Locker we got these ones that just Dropped the atmosphere Grays I think

These are actually really dope size Eight and a half 140. we've got these 12s which look a lot like the Royal d12s From like 2013 2014. We got this uh black and purple 12. we Got some other 13s like the flints all Different versions of the flints you can Get the Elephant Print ones which is Kind of cool to see haven't seen these Sitting for a minute size 10 180 and of Course the skylines both lapstone and Atmos had these that's cool to see and You also got these guys I forgot these Are called Something of Niger I don't remember but Very clean shoe nonetheless and then These twos are clean and we got a bunch We've got dunks today too we got the Blues we got these guys I think I Grabbed these a Sneaker Con in a video a Couple months back I forget all the names of these dunks Are but it's really cool to see these we Just saw these at um I forget what we Saw them but a lot of dunks sitting nice To see of course you got a bunch of Air Maxes and then some Air Force Ones oh Wait hold up hold up we got the Nike Airships in this really nice white and Gray color I dig that this might be a Pickup Think that my size I don't know size Eight probably not usually they put out The um size closest to nine on the floor

So if there's no nine that's probably All they got so we've got some noctas Over here and this really cool snakes And colorway and I actually end up Grabbing the airships in my size which I'm stoked on so definitely rock those We got some Romeros it's really cool Like brown colorway love that hold up I'm just seeing these over here too These are clean The Adidas I forget what these are Called I might actually grab these if They have a size nine size nine and a Half I might need to do it I might need to do It how much 160. man Atmos came through too we're Gonna have to stop by the office and Show you guys what we got I'm really Stuck in all these pickups this is a Great sneaker day so the final spot that We hit up today was Atmos also in Center City Philadelphia we've grabbed two Pairs of sneakers which I'm really Excited about both to be honest with you So the first pair that we grabbed it is The Nike airship in the gray and white Colorway with this beautiful gray suede Which I love now I didn't think that They were gonna have pairs of these Because they only had a size 8 on Display so I assumed that that was the Biggest size that they had but they Actually did have a size nine and uh

Right now I only have one pair of Airships so kind of soaked on these I Might keep these this is a pair that I Really like a lot you've got the dark Gray outsole it's really nice leather And if you guys don't know the story Behind the Nike Airship the Nike Airship Is the shoe that Michael Jordan wore Before the Air Jordan one came out he Didn't wear it for very long but it's Also the shoe that uh featured the band Colorway that uh was banned that's why It's called the band colorway so there You go Alice what do you think of this shoe you Like it yeah like would you would you Cop if you saw for retail no no okay Fair enough If you had it for free well you're not Getting it for free I'm sorry and I Grabbed these guys for that's my parking Ticket we grabbed these for a hundred And forty dollars so not a bad price but You probably could find these for Cheaper online somewhere if you really Looked hard enough so and then the final Pair that we got from that most is a Pair that I did try and grab on the Adidas app which I'm super excited about It's called the crazy Infiniti 2.5 this Shoe is absolutely insane I love this Sneaker Look at this I wanted this shoe so bad What do you think us yeah it's sick

Right so this is a modern take on the Original Kobe's this shoe is absolutely Wild it's kind of got fear of God Vibes To it I'm really excited to see Jerry Lorenzo's collaborations with Adidas Drop and I think this colorway is just Super clean Super wearable I did have to Grab a size nine and a half because they Only had a size nine and a half because When I tried these on the nine and a Half fit perfectly I think a size nine Would have fit way too tight but a Really really dope modern looking pair Of shoes kind of reminds me of a pair of Yeezys a little bit I feel like if Kanye Was put in charge of um I don't know the Kobe Line This is what he would have Done and I dig it man I think it's super Super clean very bulky very chunky but Not as bulky or chunky as the original Kobe so I definitely dig these I ended Up grabbing these guys for 160 dollars So full retail I don't think they have Any resale value but super awesome shoe That I do plan on keeping so out of all The sneakers that I grabbed the shoes That I think I'm Gonna Keep for sure are These the Homer Simpsons honestly Probably the Crocs I might keep Everything I might realistically keep Everything it was a great day of pickups Super soaked and everything we grabbed If you guys want to check check out the Apothecary Air Jordan 4 SP giveaway make

Sure to click the link in the top of the Description below also make sure to Check out the upcoming bandana Collection it's fire as you guys can see It looks great on me it looks great on Everybody to be honest everything looks Bad on me so the fact that looks good on Me is awesome so if you guys want to Check that out links in the description Below as always thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in the Next one