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These are the easy pods really just a Pair of socks with the rubber outsole Glued on and they cost 20 bucks so they Got me thinking can I create a better Pair of sock shoes for a cheaper price So I drew up my own outsole design Because I feel like the two-part outsole Of the easy pods is not stable enough For me plus it doesn't have any arch Support I sent my design off to my cad Modeler and then I 3D printed it Naturally owning a sock company called Apothecary I had to use my own socks for The upper of the shoe I glued the Apothecary sock to the 3D printed Midsole and tried it on here we Go I mean all right so I'm not going to Lie durability not the best if it was Like better glued yeah looks better Really what you think I look stupid no You look great unfortunately it didn't Fit the best but I had an idea the Original Yeezy pod has an insole inside The sock so I decided to grab my Favorite set of carbon fiber performance Insoles Victory insoles and make my Yeezy pods even better than the Originals now that we've got the insola Let's try it on and see if it fits any Better that's 10 times better I mean Other than the glue stains I feel like It looks better too I think you can do It I think you can create your own Yeezy Pod maybe not for cheaper but you can

Create a better one for more money