Are all the same size because you bought A collection right correct let's do it So this first one that'd be a solid Seven for me the international Jordan 12s I like these yeah they're not bad Pretty graphic heavy upper Yeah so this next pair is definitely a Pair of 11's this is the all red color Weight at first was a PE this next one Is oh this was a very limited sneaker But it just it kind of flopped this is The Air Jordan DMP pack that's huge Inside 13 and white and gold we also Have the Air Jordan 14 in black and gold The Air Jordan 11 initially released is Only a high top this is a new colorway Of the 11 although it looks a lot like The Concord 11. so this pair is I Believe based off of Michael Jordan's UNC College time white and navy blue Upper this is another wrapper Collaboration this is the Travis Scott Air Jordan 4's his first collaboration I Love this these are six solid nine at Least yeah