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I just bought all the best sneakers Releasing for All-Star Weekend [Music] 2024 and in today's video I'm going to Unbox all of them and find out which One's the best but first I want to give A huge thank you to the sponsor of Today's video whatnot I'm also teaming Up with whatnot to give away one of the Most hotly anticipated sneakers of the Year the Air Jordan 4 bread reimagines In my upcoming live stream if you've Somehow not yet heard of whatnot whatnot Is a live shopping auction platform with Sneaker auctions 24 hours a day some Starting at just $1 in fact in my Upcoming live stream which is happening This thur Thursday at 1:00 p.m. eastern Time on whatnot click the link in the Top of the description below all of my Auctions are starting at just $1 whatnot Is a great place for buyers and sellers And people just looking to hang out it's A great place to connect with the Community that you're interested in Whether it's sneakers or basketball Cards or Legos or vintage collectibles It does not matter what not has you Covered I'm also giving away a bunch of Apothecary socks and of course the Air Jordan for bread reimagine so if you Guys want to check out that live stream Which I definitely recommend make sure To click the link in the top of the

Description below come hang out with me This Thursday at 1:00 p.m. eastern time And if you show up for the whatnot live Stream you could win this pair of Air Jordan 4 bread re imagins and also make Sure to stay tuned to the end of my live Stream because then I'll be raing into Whatnot warehouses live stream where They're giving away 10 pairs of Grail Sneakers like signed Kobes and Galaxy Foone posits and actually not only that They're also giving away LeBron 9 Big Bangs Jordan 3 black cements Jordan 3 Free throw lines Kobe 7 galaxies Jordan 5 off-whites and many more so make sure To come check out my live stream on what Not this Thursday at 1: p.m. eastern Time bookmarket by clicking the link in The top of the description below and you Could win a pair of Air Jordan 4 bread Re imagins and once again huge thank you To whatnot for being a longtime Supporter of the channel so I have about Like four pairs of sneakers here and I'm Just going to start with the biggest box First because that's probably the most Exciting so let's just dive into it I Guess starting with the most exciting First it's probably not the best Strategy for a video but we're doing it So this package is actually from takeout Andy a store in New York City that uh Actually has multiple locations we have Our Apothecary socks here if you guys

Want to grab any Apothecary socks in New York plus the get all of like the crazy Jordan releases they also got the the Tiffany Nike Air Force Ones they're one Of the only places in New York City Where you can grab all those crazy Sneaker releases pretty much every Nike And Jordan release you can get there so Huge thank you to them for supplying Some of the sneakers for today's video If you guys want to check them out Link In the description below but the first Pair for All-Star Weekend or dropping This all-star weekend is a pair of Nike KDs now I don't know how many of you Guys were sneakerheads back in 2012 I Was actually like halfway through College in 2012 but this is a pair of Shoes that dropped for All-Star Weekend 2012 or at least was on Katie's feet in Allstar Weekend 2012 I'm sure you guys Will know what it is when I pop the top Of the Box the KD for galaxies when these shoes First released man the hype was real for These talk about crazy resale prices Back then these shoes were going for Hundreds if not thousands depending on The size So Not only was 2012 like one Of the best years for performance Basketball sneakers at least Stylistically because I mean we got Shoes like this there was also like this Huge push for Galaxy themed stuff like

The Galaxy foam posits the Galaxy kd4s a Lot of really crazy Galaxy themed shoes And it was such a dope theme one that I Was really into and one that I could Never get pairs of Galaxy print was just Hot back then and so we're glow-in-the Darkk outs and so this shoe features That glow-in-the-dark outsole that we All know and love from the 2010s era and Actually just even from childhood but It's just one of those features that People love like it makes shoes better In my opinion sometimes it could be Corny but in most cases when it comes to Nike basketball sneakers it adds to the Look so obviously you've got the glowin Dark outo with this really interesting Sort of zigzag traction pattern it's not Herring bone it's actually it looks like Lightning bolts and then you can see Through this little window and also on The sides of the outsole you've got this Really cool Galaxy print and then I Guess moving up from there you've got More Galaxy print on the midsole of the Shoe which is super glossy like I said I Always wanted a pair but I never was Able to get one so it is really crazy to Be holding these now I do like that Nike Is bringing back some of those Grail Sneakers that we all wanted back in 2010 Unfortunately the style has changed Since 2012 so rocking these casually is A bit more difficult than it was back

Then because people are just rocking Performance basketball shoes around all The time nowadays it's changed up a Little bit that being said the history Behind this shoe the fact that actually Kind of works with KD's Phoenix colors a Little bit and it's also just one of Those Grail sneakers I think you can get Away with it I think it's a really clean Look some of my favorite things about The shoe besides the Galaxy print on the Midsole and on the outs soole you've got This silver metallic upper you've got These orange hits which I love of course You've got pull for lock down kind of Like you have on a on a spaceship or a Jet or something like that this is Obviously inspired by space and NASA and That sort of theming if the Galaxy Didn't tip you off the sock liner of the Shoe also features this really nice Galaxy print I wonder if I can pull out The insole let me see it's crazy that We're on like the KD6 now look at that Insole that is so sick fire straight Fire now it's kind of bummer that the Best Galaxy hit on the shoe is on the Insult but uh I do like the sort of NASA Spaceship space suit theming that They've got going on okay give me a Second guys come on I got it no I didn't Get it talk about basketball sneakers You should probably size up in of course You got a strap on the shoe I wasn't

Actually going to show you guys that but I have to kind of loosen the laces to Get the insole back Ino one cool detail That I never noticed is the orange Underneath the strap the patch on the Tongue is also cool with the uh it looks Like a um oh it's a horse it's Pegasus I Thought it was a rooster at first oh Shoot hold up the strap is also Reflective I didn't even notice that Until I got it in the right light the Strap is reflective it looks like the Rest of the upper is not but the strap Is sort of a 3M like material I mean It's a really wild looking sneaker I'm Sure it performs great on court I've Never played basketball in a pair of KD Fors but you also got KD's logo right There in the back which I forgot to Mention but very very clean very cool Definitely eye-catching and man I love That Nike is bringing back these All-Star sneakers from 2012 it's so sick Some of the best performance basketball Sneakers and of course also our weekend Being sort of a basketball I going to Call it a holiday but a basketball event Most of the sneakers that are released Ing are going to be basketball sneakers What's interesting is that over the last Probably decade or so probably even more Than that Allstar Weekend has not only Been like a weeklong basketball event But it's also been this weekl long

Sneaker release event so we've gotten Crazy Nike sneakers like the kd4 Galaxies some of the other shoes that We're going to look at later on in the Video we got the Yeezy quantums from Back in 2020 we have the new beginnings Pack which is fire I still wasn't able To get a pair of those but they are Releasing in the whatnot stream so maybe I'll get them on Thursday we'll see I Mean there's countless other sneakers The Galaxy foam posits I think even the Cream colored off white 5 dropped on All-star weekend there's a lot of crazy Crazy stuff dropping it's always a good Time of the year I love it so the kd4 Galaxy's officially release on the 15th For a retail price of 130 bucks which is Not bad for a pair of sneakers that used To have insane hype on it and this year It looks like we're getting a lot of Throwbacks which I'm actually really Excited for the next sneaker that we're Getting from takeout o they sent Stickers got some takeout stickers the Next sneaker that we got from takeout is A pair of shoes that I'm actually Incredibly excited for you guys might Recognize the box it is the eggplant Foam posits so I think the eggplant Foams actually released back in 2009 so Two years or actually three years before The the kd4s but Nikes bringing them Back this year which I'm sure a lot of

People are excited about again foam Posits aren't as hot as they used to be But uh I got my metallic red foam posits Actually from takeout and I love those Shoes they're so fire these are another Super clean Super wearable shoe actually Probably more wearable than the metallic Reds because they're a little bit more I Guess subtle but you still get that Really cool iridescent look on the upper Of these Foams these are foam pait ones Not foam posit Pros the difference I Think is the Nike Swoosh on the side or That's one of the differences but that's The most obvious difference the upper of The shoe comes with that really cool Sort of purple to copper colored Iridescent fade you've got black laces You've got a purple Nike Swoosh there Towards the toe you've got the purple Penny logo on the heel I love the Translucent outsoles these are a little Bit different than the original but they Still add to the look and it still works With the sneaker and hopefully they Don't yellow as quickly as other Translucent outsoles we've seen over the Past couple years but who knows we'll Have to wait and see I don't know if It's cuz I grew up in Maryland around Baltimore or uh if I just really like Sort of retro futuristic looking Basketball sneakers but there's Something about the foam posits that

While it's not a shoe that I throw on Every single day I just have a soft spot For them I just really like them a lot Now I do hope that they bring back the Galaxy foam posits this year I've heard That there was a rumor that they were Going to bring them back and then people Were saying that wasn't true and now People are saying it's true again so I Don't think anyone really knows what's Happening I personally don't think that They're coming back I think that that Rumor was probably false but I could be Wrong I hope I'm wrong cuz I'd love to Have that Sho that's literally a Grail Of mine but hey if it's not true we Still have These Guys these are a Similar Vibe um they're actually Probably more wearable nowadays than the Galaxies because they're not as crazy But yeah still a clean sneaker still one Of of those iconic foam posit colors let Me know in the comments section down Below if you had a pair of these back in 2009 I just picked up the Supreme foam Posits uh last year in Japan crazy shoe Check out the Vlog if you haven't yet But like I said got a soft spot for foam Posits retail price of these guys is Going to be 240 bucks and it looks like They've actually push back the release Date of these guys or maybe it just Never was all-star weekend but it's now February 29th I'm pretty sure that these

Were supposed to release during all-star Weekend but for whatever reason pushed Them back so I guess it doesn't really Fit with the theme of the video but uh Originally I thought these were allar Week releases so at least you get to see Them early regardless so again if you Want to grab any of these shoes you can Grab them from takeout in New York City And online so next up is a pair of shoes That uh I don't know if a lot of people Are excited about I'm seeing a lot of Hype for them online but I personally am Really really excited about these guys But it's a pair of Air Maxes and not one That you might expect also the box is Heavier than I expected like way heavier Than a standard pair of Air Max I'm Really interested to see these okay Let's pop the top so these are the Air Max Plus drifts a brand new take on the Air Max Plus with apparently tuned air Units I don't know exactly what that Means but um they're tuned so first off This shoe is way heavier than a standa Pair of Air Max pluses and I think That's because they've really chunked up They chunked up the out soole and the Midsole a little bit uh it's got a lot More rubber on this shoe it feels like Also on the upper of the shoe too I Actually really really love the way this Sneaker looks I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm not a huge Air Max

Plus or even Vapor Max Plus fan this one Though the way that they mold it and Sculpted the uh the pattern on the upper And the fade from Blue to red or I guess Blue to Brown towards the toe of the Sneaker I'm about it I think it's really Really clean I love the fact that you've Got this gum out soole big fan of gum Out SS You've Got Cream you've got blue You've got white it's a really cool Looking sneaker ooh it's got tuned air On the heel so they're really making That a big selling point of the shoe This is kind of wild it's definitely Different than I expected like it's Definitely more of a uh it's got some Heft it's got some heft I feel like this Is a modernization of the Air Max pluses Which was already a pretty modern shoe But they've really tried to make it look A bit more uh retro modern kind of like The foam posits actually you know what It's definitely got a similar Vibe it's Got that same sort of linear pattern on The upper I think I do Prefer that's tough cuz this has got the History this one's super clean but this Is a pair that I throw on on a much more Regular basis so I don't know I'd Probably wear this more right now at Least uh but in 2010 this would be the Move I don't know this shoe is really Clean I'm excited to throw this pair on I'm actually going to do a full review

On the sneaker so if you guys want to Check that out make sure to subscribe to The channel like I said I really don't Know what the hype levels are going to Be like on this I know that people are Excited about it I know that people are Interested in it but I really don't know Whether people are going to be losing Their minds and these shoes are going to Sell out or if these shoes are just Going to sit on sh I really don't know I Wouldn't be surprised if this colorway This launch colorway is more difficult To find in stores but then the Subsequent colorways are easy to find That's usually what happens with like Newer Nike Silhouettes um especially When they're not limited I don't think This is going to be limited I think this Is going to be a gr but still I think It's going to be relatively popular so Uh we'll have to wait and see but again Stay tuned for the review it's coming on The channel very very soon so make sure To subscribe if you haven't yet and uh I'm excited to rock these man I might Actually Rock these to Sneaker Con this Weekend which by the way if you guys are In Philadelphia make sure to stop by Sneaker Con Philadelphia I will be there With my my sock brand Apothecary for our Home Sneaker Con event it's going to be Crazy we actually are also dropping the Official Sneaker Con sock so if you want

To grab this stop by Sneaker Con Philly Stop by say what's up this Saturday the 17th between 12:00 p.m. and 700 p.m. at The Philadelphia Convention Center so I'll see you guys there let me know what You guys think of my kicks when you get There I might wear these I might wear Another pair you guys will just have to Wait and see what I rock actually what's The retail price in these guys I think It's 1885 which is a lot for a pair of Air Maxes but these do feel more premium Than regular Air Maxes I'm not sure Where the drift name came from they Probably just needed a name to tack on There at the end to make it known that It's a new pair of sneakers let me throw These on for you really quick I'm kind Of interested in trying these on so I'll Be honest I'm standing in a bedroom in The bottom of my house with carpeted Floors the onut feel it doesn't I can't Really give you guys a an accurate Description of that I will say that it Does fit true to size which is good Nike Sneakers tend to do that so if you're Grabbing these grab true to size feels Like a standard pair of airx pluses man I'm not going to lie it doesn't feel any Different I don't know what this tuned Air is but maybe I'll notice that the More that I wear it who knows and I Believe that these shoes drop on the 15th although it is technically a gr

Which means that the release date could Just move depending on the store but I'm Pretty sure these guys are dropping on The 15th and then finally we've got one Of the most anticipated sneaker releases Of the entire year this is a pair that I Got on the sneakers app unfortunately Not my size this is my wife's size I Actually do already have a pair of these In my size but here's a women's size for You I don't want to like rip this box Open but the tab sucks all right well Hopefully I don't have to return this Because the box is destroyed just from The box you guys probably already know What it Is so this is the Air Jordan 4 bread Reimagined officially releasing this Saturday the 17th for a retail price $215 at least for the men's pair uh the Women's pair is definitely cheaper I Think it's closer to like 180 or2 200 I Don't remember exactly what I paid for This but regardless incredible pair of Shoes probably the most hotly Anticipated sneaker of the year so far Possibly the most anticipated sneaker of The year in total now like I mentioned This is my wife's pair this is a a grade School size cuz she's got small feet This is what a size nine looks like next To her size there are some differences Obviously the outsole of the shoe comes With a Jumpman instead of the Nike Air

Like on the standard pair you do have The Nike Air on the heel though you also Have less lace eyelets but those are Kind of like like the main differences I'm sure that there are more but those Are the ones that I'm aware of let me Put my wife's pair down and talk about The men's pair I love this shoe so much Like the the leather used on the shoe While not being the most amazing leather In the world because none of Jordan br's Leather is the most amazing leather in The world it still feels really nice to The touch it's very soft it's very Nicely tumbled the colorway is Incredible this is obviously an OG Air Jordan 4 colorway the bread colorway the Difference and the reason it's called The reimagine 4S is because the upper of The shoe originally came in Nuuk and all The Retros up until 2019 came in Nuuk And this 2024 retro of shoe is coming in Leather instead which I think there are Some OG heads out there who are not Happy about this but for majority of People at least from what I can tell Majority of sneaker heads this shoe is An instacopy not the OG because it Doesn't feature the same materials but Fours are incredibly hot right now Especially when it comes to Jordan Sneakers it's just a great all-around Silhouette and man you can't beat black Red and white color blocking or black

And red color blocking it just doesn't Get any better than this now there are Apparently a lot of pairs of these Available um there should be hundreds of Thousands of pairs but even with that These shoes are still going to be pretty Difficult difficult to get because of How hyped up they are I think even with Early Access there were tens of Thousands of pairs available and they Sold out instantly and of course when They do this much wider release on the 17th it's still going to sell out very Quickly I think in store you probably Got to enter a bunch of Raffles I don't Know what take out is doing for their Release procedure but I wouldn't be Surpris if it's a raffle of some kind so Uh make sure to stay on top of your game Cuz these shoes are not going to be easy To get but again if you guys want to Hear my full thoughts on this sneaker to Prepare you for the release when it Happens this Saturday make sure to check Out my review Link at the top of the Screen personally it's one of my Favorite sneaker releases of the year I Know it's only February but this is Going to be in my top 10 list maybe not At the top maybe not at the bottom I Don't know where it's going to be but It's going to be on the list somewhere Hey let me know which one of these All-Star Weekend releases you're looking

Forward to most I would love to know Your thoughts I'm sure most people will Be looking forward to the breads but There's a lot of other great shoes that You can pick up probably for retail at Least the a Max drifts maybe maybe the KDs I'm dropping everything maybe the KDs maybe the Pham posits I don't know I Don't think these guys will sell as Quickly as the bread Forest cuz this is Like the pair that everyone's been Waiting for but they're all fire Releases you can't go wrong with any of Them so let me know your thoughts in the Comment section down below once again Thank you so much for watching make sure To stay tuned for my review of the shoe Coming up in the very near future and I Will see you all in the next one