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Today I’m unboxing a bunch of new sneaker releases from the August YEEZY drop! These releases include Yeezy Boost 350 V2 MX Dark Salt, Yeezy 350 V2 Bone, Yeezy Boost 350 Granite and there’s even Yeezy slides! Check out the full Adidas YEEZY sneaker unboxing to learn more!

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I just got a huge box filled with some Of the best easy releases of August 2023 And possibly some of the last Yeezys to Ever release max box is heavy I need Like nine takes that intro and I can't Take it anymore so there are seven pairs Of Yeezys in this box it's not all the Pairs that are dropping this month but It's a good amount of them and honestly In my opinion some of the best now I Have already reviewed some of the Easiest that are dropping this month or Have already dropped like the easy 450 Slide and if you guys want to check that Out there will be a link at the top of The screen but in today's video I'm Gonna unbox a bunch of 350 V2s a bunch Of slides colorways that have never Released and a bunch of stuff that I'm Really excited about seeing so I guess With all that being said let's just dive Right into it why don't we start things Off with a pair of slides I'm just gonna Grab it random I'm gonna be honest I Don't know most of the pairs that are in This box so I'm just gonna grab one pair Of slides and see what it is so here's The first pair it's obviously a pair of Yeezy slides it's a slide on the top It's your standard Yeezy slide box it's That rock cardboard finish with the Yeezy slide made by Adidas on one end of The box and then of course the size tag And the official colorway of this

Particular slide is slate Not sure what that means slate Marine Now I'm not gonna lie I haven't done a Lot of research on the Yeezys that are Dropping this month I've Just Seen Those Images with like 17 pairs of Yeezys on Them I don't know exactly which pairs I'm getting I also don't know what all The individual slides look like so this Is a first for me Okay so here it is the Slate Marine Yeezy slide this is sort of a grayish Blue Yeezy slide and honestly it's super Clean so I'm personally a huge fan of The easy slide it's probably my most Worn pair of shoes that I have I have Two pairs currently and I wear them all The time I have one upstairs one Downstairs I wear them in the house Outside of the house probably should Have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair But I don't and I feel like even though There was a ton of restocks the Yeezy Slides over the last couple years there Was never enough pairs to go around That's why pairs resold for so much Money over retail I think these guys Retail for seventy dollars now I think Back when they first drop they retailed For 60. and they always resell for like 100 and in some cases like 300 depending On the size and the colorway but it Seems like these newer releases of the Easy slides because this is the final

Release of these shoes they're just Releasing the entire stock so there's Hundreds of thousands of pairs available So in theory it shouldn't be impossible To grab these shoes but uh we'll just Have to wait and see how that happens Because I think a lot of different Stores are releasing these easy slides We don't really know how much quantity Is at each store we don't know which Store is releasing what and when they're Releasing them I believe there is some Sort of release schedule that they have To follow that was sent to them by Adidas but I'm not 100 sure I will say The place that I'm going to be grabbing My Yeezy stuff from is take out NY if You guys haven't checked it out it's This awesome Boutique in New York City We actually also have Apothecary socks There in store so if you guys want to Grab Apothecary socks and any of these New Yeezy releases make sure to check Out take out and why both online and in Store I've made sure to leave a link to Their website in the top of the Description below this pair of Yeezys is Very very clean I really love this sort Of like slate blue it's not really a Slate blue I think there was already a Pair of slate Blues it's sort of like a Um a dark grayish blue that's basically What it is it's not anything too Dissimilar from other Yeezy slides that

Have released but uh it is a very clean Colorway with the Slate Marines out of The way let's move on to the next pair And I guess because we just did a pair Of Yeezy slides let's do a pair of 350s I'm not even gonna read the tag for you Guys it's the same box as every other Pair of 350s you got 350 on the top Boost on the side I don't know if this Is a 350 Comfort or if it's a V2 Standard I'm assuming it's just a V2 Standard because it says V2 standard on The side let's pop it open and see what The colorway is all right so this is the Shoot it's a triple white but it's got Stripe on the side bone this is a super Clean colorway the 350 V2 is the All-white colorway always pops however It gets dirty incredibly easy I was About to say incredibly easy but I felt Like that would be uh dumb but hey I'm Not above making punts so from what I Can tell this is just a true one-to-one Restock or re-release of the bone 350 V2s it doesn't seem like there's Anything different you've got Yeezy and The Adidas sportswear logo on the insole You've got your standard Semi-translucent white midsole you've Got this white primate upper with the Stripe on the side it's a very clean Release now personally I prefer the pair That's just primed it I don't always Love this stripe on the side even though

It allows you to show off your Apothecary socks which again you can Grab a takeout and why Link in the Description below it's it's just not as Clean in my opinion because I think the Other pair just looks more like a um Just a more cohesive shoe this one's Fine nothing we haven't seen before Though so not that exciting actually Come to think of it I might have already Done a full review on the easy boost 350 V2 bone so if you guys want to check That out there will be a link at the top Of the screen so I think I'm going to Alternate between slides and 350s to Kind of keep it interesting so let's Just grab another random pair of slides Here we go again not going to read the Tag let's just pop it open see what it Is Is this the same one that we just got No it's What wow so there are two pairs of Slides releasing either on the same day Or close to the same day that are almost The exact same shade you've got this Sort of what's the official colorway of This shoe ran it and they look very very Similar I mean I thought that they were Exactly the same but now I see them Close together and they're not exactly The same but they are very similar we've Got the granite colorway and the Slate Marine colorway the granite colorway

Looks a lot like a lot of other Giza Slides that have already released like The uh the black colorway very similar To stuff we've already had this one also Very similar just the slave Marine Colorway also similar to pairs we've Already had but I guess less similar Because it is more like a bluish color This is weird either way it doesn't mean It's not a clean pair of shoes I love The easy slides they're super Comfortable I wear them all the time I Might actually try and buy as many pairs As I possibly can before they stop Making them all together so that I can Have pairs just to last me a couple Years nothing too crazy about it sort of A darkish gray color almost black and It's just a Santa pair of Yeezy slides It feels just as soft as standard pairs Let me see if it fits the same really Quick yeah they both fit the same in Standard easy slides for me it's true to Size for you it might be something Different at least on the newer pairs I'd say the new repairs fit much more Close to true to size some of the older Pairs you kind of have to size up or Size down depending on whichever release That you're grabbing they were very Inconsistent with their sizing back when They first started releasing easy slides But now it seems like they've got it Figured out I actually don't know what

The third colorway could be of the Slides that are dropping I have no idea I hope it's something different I hope It's like a tan or something but I'm not Sure all right on to the next one we're Gonna grab another random pair of 350s Again your standard 350 V2 bucks not Gonna read the tag I was about to but I Didn't okay I didn't know that they were Bringing these back so these are the Static 350 V2s these were actually the First pair of 350 V2s that I owned with The uh the clear stripe I think it was Also just the first pair of 350 V2s with The clear strap on the side I think These first released back in 2017 and Now they're re-releasing six years later Which is kind of cool there is a full Review on my channel of this shoe if you Guys want to check that out I lived in New York at the time so get some cool New York b-roll in the background but Very very clean pair of 350 V2s they Also made the very first reflective 350b2 in the static colorway and it Released exclusively on Yeezy Supply and I think I did grab a pair of those to be Honest it's the same as the original as You probably guessed from the name of The shoe you've got this white and gray Sort of static look on the private upper You've got the semi translucent stripe On the side a white pull tab in the back And your sort of whitish Milky color

Semi-translucent midsole Again full Length boost midsole if you guys didn't Know that about 350 V2s which I'm sure You already did it at this point you've Got the Adidas and Yeezy branding on the Insole it's interesting to see The Branding on the insole of yeezy's change Over the years and let me check the Production dates on these actually see If these are a new release so these were Made September 22 almost a year ago at This point so these are our newer Release but I'm assuming these are Supposed to release at the end of last Year I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of Stoked that these came back it's a Underrated colorway in my opinion one That a lot of people don't really think Of when they think of 350 V2s at least Not anymore actually while I'm thinking About Yeezys this is sort of a humble Brag not really a humble brag just a Brag I was in the Wall Street Journal They put a well one quote of mine in an Easy article that was that was it but if You guys want to check out the Wall Street Journal I'm in there which is Cool all right so moving on to the last Pair of slides we got two more pairs of 350 V2s Maybe I should do one of those First let's do a pair of 350 V2s first In this box we've got another pair of 350 V2s I'm not sure what the colorway Is I'm not going to peek this is the

Colorway I've never actually had in Person before this is the I believe the Granite 350 V2 is a brand new colorway So this shoe goes back to the sort of Original 350 V2 styling with the uh the Printed stripe or the knit stripe on the Side that says sply 350. the colorway is Very very clean it's sort of a brownish Gray color or almost even like an olive Green I can't really tell exactly in This lighting it's sort of like a Greenish gray but I like it a lot of Course you've got full length boost Which makes these very comfortable and Because they don't have the semi Translucent strap on the side in my Opinion they're a bit more comfortable Because they're a bit softer on the side Can't really feel the stripe too much However with the stripe you can show off Your Apothecary socks so that is a bonus I'm not going to pass up a chance to Plug my sock brand Apothecary we just Released or we are about to release a Brand new no-show socks we've got two Different colorways the black four pack And the tonal four pack they're both Available this Friday at 11AM Eastern Time on apothecary.com and they go great With Yeezys one because you can't see Them on foot and 2 because the tonal Colorways match with like every pair of Yeezys but in all seriousness these No-show socks are incredible we

Literally spent months developing these I used to work at Vans back when I was Like 16 and 17. I wore no-show socks all The time back then and I hated the way That the heel of the no-show socks Always slipped off I had to kind of Reach down into my shoe and pull them up So we specifically designed these No-shows to not come off the back of Your feet while you're wearing them it's Great you can wear shoes all day you Never have to reach down and pull up the Back of the socks they stick to your Heel really really well and they're Great overall socks they're super Comfortable they look great they're very Breathable definitely recommend picking Up a pair of these we spend a lot of Time on these and I hope you guys enjoy Them but back to the 350s this Granite Colorway I think out of all of the Colorways the 350 V2s we've unboxed so Far it's probably my favorite I think It's very very clean I think it's very Wearable if you guys want me to do a Full review on this shoe make sure to Let me know in the comment section down Below probably the most wearable out of The 350s that we've seen so far so here We go the last pair of easy slides not Gonna read the tag let's just pop it Open Did I get two of the same ones slate Gray

Yeah hold up it's different these are Three different Yeezy slides they're all Releasing this month they all have Completely different skus but they're All like different versions of gray it Looks like they're in different stages Of being left out in the sun that's Insane what's the what's the name of This one Granite so the granite one and The slate gray one look almost exactly The same but they're technically Different I think the granite one is Just ever so slightly darker I could Probably use the same b-roll for both oh My gosh that's crazy even though we got Three different pairs of slides that Look exactly the same at least we got One pair of slides that's completely Completely different if you guys want to Check out the full review on the shoe Again Link at the top of the screen but At least we got something different I Know some people don't love it but at Least it's different than literally Three gray Yeezy slides I think that They weren't supposed to release at the Same time I think they were probably Supposed to be split up by a couple Months I'm sure but uh obviously that Didn't work out and now we're getting Three pairs of Yeezys that look almost Exactly the same now if I had to pick my Favorite out of these ones I would Probably go with the Slate Marine

Because it's a little bit different than The other ones but uh realistically I Realistically they're all they're all Very very similar it gets on to the next Pair of Yeezys so this is the final pair Of Yeezys it's a pair of 350 V2s at Least with the 350 V2s they've been Somewhat different easiest that we Either haven't had in a long time or are Brand new so this one could be either I Have no idea which pair this is let's Pop it open see what we've got oh this Is actually a pair that I don't think is Ever released This is cool I like for a lot this is The Yeezy boost 350 V2 MX gray I think It's MX gray this is the dark salt mx350 V2 this is a colorway that I literally Have never seen in person I'm not gonna Lie to you guys this looks like a Replica pair of Yeezys it's not not at All but this looks like one of those Pairs that they made back in like 2017 When the original 350 V2s came out it's 2016. and uh they made it just to be Like oh this is an upcoming pair of 350 V2 is when it absolutely wasn't that's What this looks like but uh man this is Such an odd colorway I don't dislike it Though I really like it you've got the Full black stripe on the side of the Shoe pretty different than any other Pair of 350 V2s I've ever seen before It's the MX or mix pattern used on the

Upper of the shoes which we didn't get a Lot of because obviously by the time They started to release that's when Kanye and indeed is split so I think They stopped producing these but Interesting colorway you've got a medium Gray covering a majority of the upper of The shoe you've got this very dark gray Uh in these little patches you've got a Lighter gray it's definitely different For Yeezys it's darker than I would say Most easy it's like usually you get Browns or lighter Grays you don't Usually get a very dark gray or you get A black but you don't usually get this Kind of gray these black hits really Make it pop like it's a very very Interesting pair of Yeezys so you've got This black or very dark gray 350 V2 Midsole that you can't see through and Then of course you've got this Infinity Lace which is a little bit different Than uh most of the other pairs of Yeezys that we got today in fact all the Other pairs of 350s that we got today They all have standard laces this one Has the infinity lace which you can't Remove which I actually kind of like Because it means you're not going to Have the laces hanging on the side of The shoe and most people don't tie their Yeezys anyway so it definitely makes the Shoe a little bit more Sleek I'm Actually kind of surprised that we never

Got a laceless 350 V2 actually would you Guys like to see me do a full review on This pair of 350 V2s let me know in the Comment section down below I'd love to Know your thoughts on that because I Will give you guys a review if you want To see it but that's pretty much Everything make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I'll see you all in the Next one