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Today I’m unboxing a bunch of new sneaker releases from YEEZY Day 2023! These releases include Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Carbon Belugas, Yeezy 350 V2 Onyx, Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black 2023’s and there’s even a Yeezy slide Azure sighting! Check out the full Adidas YEEZY sneaker unboxing to learn more!

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Yeezys are back well sort of not exactly I bought three of the most popular Yeezy Colorways to drop today on Yeezy day Some of these colorways are brand new Some of them we haven't seen in years so Let's unbox them and see what the deal Is see if they're any different since Kanye West and Adidas is split back in October of 2022 it looked like the Adidas Yeezy line was completely dead And in a lot of ways it was but the Problem was that Adidas had hundreds of Thousands of pairs of Yeezys that they Had pre-made ready to be released but Because of some of the reasons why Kanye West and Adidas split up Adidas decided Not to release those sneakers and just Kind of take the loss until they could Figure out exactly what to do with the Pairs however in 2023 it seems like Things have changed in Adidas after Talking to their shareholders decided to Release the rest of the stock I don't Think they're making any new pairs of Yeezys but they're releasing what pairs They did have available and the way that Adidas decided to do this was release All of the remaining pairs online Through the Adidas confirmed app and Donate a portion of the profits to the Fight against discrimination hate and Anti-Semitism now at the time of filming This video it's still Yeezy day as the Day has been dubbed and we're still

Getting releases of sneakers and there's Actually a lot of pairs of yeezy's job Topic we have 350s that we've never seen Before we have 350s that we have seen Before we've got 350 V2 compacts we've Got 380s we've got easy foam Runners We've got 700 V2s we've got Yeezy 450s Which we haven't seen drop in a while And also Yeezy slides but like I said I Bought three pairs of the sneakers Dropping today just to give you guys an Idea of what's actually dropping I got Them all on Goat got them through Instant ships so I get them today on the Release day and uh because of that I Paid a lot in fact way more than I Probably should have so if you guys want To hit that subscribe button if you Haven't yet maybe hit that notification Bell that'd be much appreciated not only That I'm actually giving away a lot of Sneakers that I'm unboxing today on Whatnot so if you guys want to check out My upcoming whatnot live stream there is A link to bookmark it through the top of The description below I'm also selling a Bunch of stickers from my own personal Collection so want to see you guys there If you guys want to check that out again Link in the description below so I guess Without further Ado let's just Dive Right into this unboxing and this first Pair I'm gonna be honest I don't know What any of these pairs are I know what

They are but I just don't know what Order they're in because I ripped off All the labels but let's unbox this First pair see what we've got so this First pair is a pair of 350s there we go As are most of the pairs that I grabbed So not to ruin it for you guys but see Which pair it is yeah I'm not gonna ruin The surprise for you guys but here we go See the sneakers I don't know if you Guys can see them No you can't pull them out so these are The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2s in the Onyx Colorway the entirely black 350 V2s a Pair that released I believe back in March of last year maybe March 5th or Something like that and uh one of the More popular Yeezy boost 350 V2s now This shoe is interesting because unlike Some of the previous 350 V2s that were Triple black this shoe actually features The semi-translucent stripe on the Lateral side of the shoe so you can Actually see through it so if you're Wearing a pair of poth carry socks People will know people will be like oh Dope you're wearing Apothecary socks if You guys want to check out my soccer Friend Apothecary Link in the Description below but a really great Looking sneaker one of the more clean 350 V2s the prime Min on the upper feels Good it's soft I haven't actually rocked Any pairs of 350 V2s in a minute but

Pretty much every element of this Sneaker is black the laces are black They don't have any reflective details The heel tab is black with no accent Stitching the midsole of the shoe is Sort of a smoky black obviously the Boost in the bottom of the shoe is white It's an almost entirely black 350 V2 and I think that's why it's one of the more Popular 350 V2s and even at the time of Filming this video the resale price of This shoe is still pretty decent I think It's around 300 for a size nine I think These retail for like 230 or something Like that Yeezys right now just aren't Going for that much so the fact that This colorway has maintained any sort of Resale value is somewhat surprising but Again it's an all black colorway so I Guess if any colorway would maintain Value it'd probably be this one one Detail that I just noticed I think I did Review this shoe back in the day and if I did make sure to click the link at the Top of the screen to check out that full Review but one detail that I just Noticed on this shoe for the first time Since I think I had it in hand last is That the midfoot panel of the Prime knit Is actually completely smooth if you Look at some of the other 350 V2s they Really have texture throughout the Entire upper of the shoe on this one It's completely smooth on this sort of

Stripe in the middle and of course on The lateral side as well except for the Semi translucent stripe on the side it's A clean looking shoe I absolutely think This is going to be one of the more Popular releases on Yeezy day with maybe The dark belugas being the more popular 350 V2s but yeah good pickup a shoe that Uh I think a lot of people are going to Be stoked to have probably for retail Because I just like I said I don't think There's much resale for these any more And resellers might not be eating up all The pears I could be wrong about that The day's not over but uh I've already Grabbed a couple pairs on the Adidas Confirmed at myself and it was honestly Not that hard it's usually very Difficult for me to grab any easies on The confirmed app but I grabbed the the Blue slides with no issues whatsoever so From what I can tell personally it Doesn't seem like it's that hard to grab Shoes today which is a good thing if you Want to grab Yeezys next up we've got a Slightly smaller box let's pop the top On this one let's see what we've got and If we've got any new colorways of shoes That I haven't reviewed yet I will be Dropping reviews uh in the next couple Days so make sure to subscribe to the Channel if you haven't yet stay tuned For those if you're interested this is The 350. as you probably could have

Guessed okay so this is a Yeezy boost 350 V2 and you can probably guess what Colorway it is This is the brand new dark Beluga or Carbon Beluga colorway I guess sort of The inverse of the standard Beluga Colorway it's just a slightly more dark Gray or dark brownish gray version of The belugas I actually don't see any Sort of reflective details on this shoe I could be wrong yeah from what I can Tell I don't really see many if any Reflected details on this shoe maybe on The laces but um I'll go more in depth On this shoe when I actually do a full Review in the next couple days so stay Tuned for that again I'm also probably Giving the shoe away on whatnot so if You guys want to check that out Link in The description below but uh very Interesting looking shoe one of the more Anticipated Yeezy boost 350 V2 colorways And the fact that this shoe is supposed To release last year it got canceled and Then uh releases here I think there is Still some anticipation and some hype For this release again Yeezys are not as Popular as they once were for a lot of Different reasons at least from what I Can tell but it seems like the height For this shoe is still somewhat real People are still somewhat excited about This release and Yeezy 350s are still Good all-around shoes they're good

Looking they're comfortable especially With the private upper and the Boost Midsole very very comfortable shoes but As you can see the main difference Between this shoe and the other belugas Is this darker gray color which again Sort of has this sort of brownish Greenish tint to it you've got the same Bright orange stripe on the lateral side You've got this sort of dark smoky gray Midsole the insole comes in the same Sort of like dark greenish Brown Colorway you've got Yeezy and Adidas on It you've got the cutouts through to the Boost in the bottom of the shoe all Around it's pretty standard 350 V2 but The colorway is definitely eye-catching I think a lot of people are going to be Excited about this release because one It's not that difficult to get and a lot Of people who couldn't get Yeezys before Can now get a pair for retail granted It's still a 230 Dollar Shoe so it's not Cheap but it is cheaper than resale and Uh it's not a bad look I definitely like This colorway a lot do I like it as much As the standard belugas probably not but Uh it's definitely up there in terms of Yeezy boost 350 V2 colorways actually The more that I look at it the more it's Got the sort of construction vibe to it Which is kind of turning me off I'm Gonna be honest with you but it's it's Cool I like it I like it a lot I

Definitely think it's a clean colorway Relatively easy to rock I don't know if This bright orange is that easy to rock But if you can pull it off great and as Of right now at around three o'clock on Yeezy day it looks like the drop has Happened and there's just pairs still Available So that's interesting to see Um no returns no exchanges so these are Final sales because Adidas is trying to Clear out their stock so if you're Grabbing these from Adidas make sure That you're grabbing the right size Because you cannot return them you Cannot exchange them but uh resale Prices aren't that crazy so you should Be able to either exchange or sell if You need to actually I am kind of Interested to see when these shoes were Produced on Nike tags it gives you a Date range of when they are produced but On Adidas I don't see it it also says Made in India so this pair was actually Made in India versus China let me see Where the other pair was made my other Beluga one that I got directly from Adidas is made in China so it seems like They changed the production on these two Pairs interesting release let me know Your thoughts on the shoe in the comment Section down below and again stay tuned For the review of this shoe because it's Coming in the next day or two okay so on

To the final pickup of the day this is a Shoe that I'm insanely excited for I'm Really happy the way that this unboxing Worked out that it came last this shoe Is actually not loaded up on the Adidas App yet so I don't know if it's dropping Today or if it's dropping a different Day but I know the pairs of these have Been floating around the internet for Months at this point I believe they were Supposed to drop at the end of last year And uh they were all fully produced and They just never dropped dropped but as You guys can see this is a pair of 350s I wanted to unbox the um the blue Yeezy Slides for you guys but I couldn't find A pair for like under 400 on Goat which Is insane it's only because they hadn't Dropped yet like I said I did get a pair On the Adidas confirmed app it was the Only real pair that I actually really Really wanted that was available but um Unfortunately shipping times it says Like up to 23 days so I have no idea When that pair is coming in but this is A Yeezy 350. not a easy boost 350 V2 a Yeezy 350 this is a size eight and a Half here we go obviously the box is Different than older 350s Look at that the 2022 now 2023 Adidas Yeezy boost 350 pirate blacks so this is Crazy this is actually the first pair of 350s I ever owned I actually did my very First easy review on the shoe as well on

The channel which I'll put up on the Screen really quick very cringy video One of the OG Seth Fowler videos but Grabbed a pair from Flight Club for like 1200 reviewed it and then uh decided not To keep it because at that point I just Didn't have twelve hundred dollars to Throw around I still don't but uh Now that this is my actual job it's a Little bit easier to justify spending Twelve hundred dollars on sneakers back Then it was absolutely not but uh now we Got a pair for I think I paid 450 for These on Goat instant ship which is not Bad and uh it's a brand new version of The Adidas Yeezy boost 350s in the Pirate black colorway so this actually Looks like it was produced August 2022. Is there actually a production date in The other one I missed all right okay There is a production date in these this Is uh July of 2022. actually that's Interesting I want to see when the Onyx 350 V2s were produced if they were Producing the original run of the shoe Or this is a new production run in February of 2022 so this could have been From the original production run of the Shoe because they dropped in March of 2022 so it's possible all right so Getting into the brand new pirate black 350s this is a pair that I might Actually keep because I love this shoe So much it's my favorite easy boost 350.

I know the turtle loves I think in the Review of that shoe I said that that was My favorite but seeing these again it's Just more wearable than the turtle doves The turtle doves are iconic but these Are just so much more wearable in my Opinion they're just a cleaner shoe Overall you've got that original Primeknit with this sort of static print On on at the gray static print you've Got the pull tab on the back which seems A little off-kilter but it's not just Kind of pressed into the wrong angle Because the way that it was sat in the Box you've got the red stitching on the Heel of the shoe that iconic red Stitching on the medial side of the shoe You've got this suede patch with the Adidas um three stripes logo right there I believe in the other shoe it's the Yeezy logo yes on the other shoe it's The easy logo and then on the outsole of The shoe you've got this sort of black Rubber outsole which on the original Pair of the shoe I believe it was Painted it looks like it no longer is Painted and instead is actually molded In this way which is good it just looks Like a black molded rubber which is so Much better because that that painted Rubber was awful I don't know why they Did that um it could be painted but it Doesn't look like it is it looks like It's just molded in there so that's one

Of the biggest changes if that is the Case between this shoe and the older Shoe it's a much wanted change and a Much needed change and it will make the Shoe more durable overall but uh yeah of Course you've still got that boost Midsole it's obviously not as soft or a Squishy as the 350 V2s because there's Less boost and the midsole sidewalls are A little bit stiffer but the prime knit Is softer in my opinion it doesn't hug Your foot as well as a 350 V2s but Either way it's a great looking sneaker This is a shoe that I was definitely Anticipating the most out of all the Releases today and uh hopefully it drops Today I don't know if it actually is it Probably will by the time this video Goes live I'm sure it will have dropped But as of right now it's not on the Adidas confirmed app so stay tuned for This show if you want it also stay tuned For the review of this shoe coming very Very soon maybe even before the belugas I'm not sure yet but really cool to see These shoes back I don't know can I fit A size eight and a half I'm not sure I'll try these on if I can't fit them I'll give them away we'll see what Happens but that pretty much wraps up The entire unboxing for today thank you All so much for watching let me know out Of these three shoes which one you like The most and also which shoe you were

Looking forward to most on Yeezy day if You were looking forward to any shoes on Yeezy day but as always thank you so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I'll see you all In the next one