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I'm buying the entire offwhite the 10 Collection with just a $20 bill well not Exactly I'm buying and selling and Trading things that I buy with this $20 Bill in order to buy the entire off White the 10 collection and in today's Video we add another sneaker to the Collection it's crazy let's get to It so finally after weeks of waiting the Shoes are here we have got the Off all right so we start off the week With a bank total of $342 60 and the crazy part is is even That's enough to buy a pair of sneakers For the off-white the 10 collection we Actually had one more sale over the Weekend so we have even more money and Of course the pair that we sold was the Air Jordan 11 jubilees that we had Picked up at Second Street last week for Just $26.10 I mean seriously what an insane Price for that pair of shoes I couldn't Believe it I sold that pair of shoes on EBay for $95 and after fees I was left With $82.60 so if you subtract the original Purchase price from that amount you're Left with a profit of $565 definitely a solid pickup I hope I Can find more of this week and all of This means that we now have a bank total Of $425 125 it's crazy and you know what I

Just bought a pair of off-white sneakers I'm not going to tell you which pair it Is it is one of the original 10 it did Drop in 2017 and I'll give you guys the Price but I won't tell you which pair it Is you'll just have to wait till the end Of the video to see the unboxing when we Finally get it in so with shipping the Pair that we bought cost $371.00 goat it is used it's actually in A size that I can rock and I did buy a Slightly nicer pair cuz there was Another pair pair that was like I don't Know like 280 the problem was is that it Was beat but I figured we've got the Money it's an extra 60 bucks it's a pair That actually looks like it's relatively New I'm going to go for it it's not new But it's close enough and after that Huge $371 75 purchase from goat we are left With a new bank total of $53.50 which is still not bad to go Thrifting [Music] With so first thing I'm seeing are some Hardens for 20 o pretty worn down though I just got the Harden volume AES in the Mail today I'm really excited about Those but these ones not so excited About we got some new balances some 574s I think got 574s these New Balance fresh Foams look Pretty

Fresh no pun Intended but probably not worth much got Some nice sock and these up Here but not much Else so in the first episode I found a Pair of sample pees here on this Shelf we do have some more hardens Actually funny Story that's about it unfortunately Nothing in Circle Thrift today so on to The next Spot we've got some mids some mid Royals For 65 that's actually kind of crazy dang Priced exactly for what they're going For so I'm going to leave those let see What else we have we got some looks like Gazel DS never seen these before but they look Almost brand new all right barely any Sales in these guys so it would be a While before these moved probably not Worth it we do have some forums here in Really good shape actually how much if They're cheap enough I'll grab them 35 That might actually be a price worth Grabbing them for no sales whatsoever so I'm going leave Those we got these dunks that we saw Last time still here for 55 a little too Little too high I think we've got some Filas some Vans some Converses we check somewhere else see What else we can find behind the counter

Not much got some Vans with lightning Bolts which are pretty cool got some Acgs nothing crazy I am seeing those Some ones gra these guys really quick What hold up let me check these guys out Cuz these ones might be Crazy okay the Nike Air looks a little Bit Different let me double check these guys But I have a feeling that these are Not these are not 100% legit yeah based On the the squeezing the midle I don't Think these are real so I'm not even Going to risk it with these guys and put Them back that would have been a crazy Find got some brand new Trey Youngs here For 40 this might actually be a pick up says Used but they still got the tag on them From theas so I'm thinking if they are Used it's like tried on and that's it Dang they literally move for exactly 4 40 so not a pickup got some LeBron's but They're 60 and they're missing the lace Tips and LeBron's don't really move Especially when they're worn all the way Through so not a pickup but still cool To see p up we got some Yeezys right Here Yeezy 700 v3s for 95 size 8 and 1 12 wow Yeezy price is plummeted that's Crazy well not a pickup got some 2002 RS Up here 450 in pretty good condition and then Just below that hold up we got some

Yeezys What are these real I can't tell o got a Different insole in there the React 2 U Plus how much they want to these let's See 28 that might be worth it for the Risk but I just have a feeling that These are not like look at the Boost I Have a feeling that these are not good But I don't know I think I'm going to Leave them so crazy to see them though If they are real if they're not then I Guess it's pretty Normal got some Jordan Futures up here For 45 in like really good condition Barely worn if Anything wow nah I'm good on These dang so I guess I didn't find Anything today that's too Bad okay we're in Second Street let's See what we can find we got some KDs the Fire Nies have not seen these in a Minute what else over here we got some One mid In gold for 99 got some all red nmds o Brand new though for 59 not a fan of Those though got some Nike Atmos Nike Atmos Air Maxes how much 49 never seen these before got some Jordan 13s for 129 some Blazers not anything else we got some Are these the undercover epic reacts I Think they are the colorware kind of

Sucks so on eBay everyone's calling them The Super Nintendos and I don't think They actually have any sort of Nintendo Affiliation they just called that that's A nickname but they're really just not Moving for anything more than 29 so I'm Not going to pick them up got some Interesting dunks here for 19 that's Actually a great price shoot I wasn't Even going to look at these but for 19 Bucks so this is actually the uh the Swedish dunks from 2007 apparently but They really only go for about 20 to 30 Bucks so it's probably not worth it but You very rarely find a pair of dunks From 2007 anywhere so that's kind of Crazy you can tell that they're old Because the foam is really stiff and Like the leather is pretty stiff too but Cool find nonetheless got some Panda Dunks for 59 not bad Infrareds all right decent Jordan Selection got the soul flies for 129 in A size N I actually really dig this shoe Yeah dog just try into asman we're H up Philly A's Thrift still you've never been in here It's Nice look got project cars dude all Right it came on All I think a lot of like the sneakers And stuff are upstairs got golf Balls yo every time I come in here I'm

Blown Away by how crazy this place is It's so nuts you need uh 24 from uh Season 1 to [Music] Season Oh what is this okay let's check out the Sneakers and okay you know what the Price is on them it looks like it Says 12 is not bad oh 17 probably for About that would be my guess especially That colorway that I've never seen Before some sck Andes ooh some new Balances some 998 yeah let me see the Price in these guys oh they I love these I actually mess with these heavy dude What are these ones going for eight That's actually not a bad price I might Actually have to grab so I dropped one But good thing it was tied together so This is only eight bucks but I think I Can probably move it for like based on My eBay searches like 20 to 50 so I'm Going to grab these Plus for my size Size n and a good Condition so today I'm headed to a Different Second Street than I usually Had to the one on South Street and I'm Hoping to find something decent so let's Get to it all right so I'm starting over On this wall cuz I saw this for dunks That I kind of liked pretty large size 89 bucks probably about what to go for Uh we got some Adidas some

Nikes nothing too crazy back here we got Some thrs over here 99 bucks some easy 380s for 99 some cool gray eights for 149 nothing I really want to grab we do Have some easy 700s for 60 bucks what That price is crazy let me check these Guys out cuz I feel like that's stupid Though for the static colorway eh after Doing some more research apparently it's More reasonable than I thought but still A cool find got some new balances here For 99 2002 RS for 29 990 V5s that might be a pickup size 10 and 1 12 they look like they're in generally Good condition let me check the prices On the 99 v5s now that the 99 v6s are Out all right again Pretty decent pricing on it nothing that I want to pick up which is unfortunate Are these black history months yes 99 pretty cool but that's really Expensive got some nice 13s this back Area is dope it's got a lot of good Stuff but I think everything's priced Pretty much exactly what it goes for Although they had a lot of really great Sneakers in there they were all priced For exactly what they go for online so Unfortunately no pickups but still nice To see them still nice to find some nice Sneakers in a thrift store Is all right so I just dropped off a

Package at the post office and that's Because we sold the new balances that we Just picked up earlier in the week now If you guys remember I grabbed this pair Of New Balances for just $8 and I was Able to sell them on eBay for $37 even And what's crazy is that eBay calculated The weight higher than I would have Personally and because of that I Actually made a little bit of extra Money off the shipping it's not Something I had control over but that's Just how it worked out and because of That I was left with $422 after all was said and done so Subtracting the original purchase price Of the shoes that means we have a profit Of $342 and because of that last sale we Now have a new bank total of $877 which is amazing it's more than Enough to go thrifting with we also need To go thrifting because I don't have any Other sneakers in inventory so let's get To It no more Yeezys unfortunately kind of A bummer but I was sure they were going To move quickly so look at These green croc that's Wild oh pink too man someone stylish was Dropping off all their crazy sneakers Bunch of boots over here some dress Shoes not much today unfortunately kind Of a bummer got some Adidas I believe

These well they were the Yeezys for a While and then they changed them to what The canvas 80s or the campus 80 I don't Remember what they're called it's been Too long but pretty good condition Almost brand new 30 bucks so so it's a Lot got some Jordans pretty good condition but a kid Size and this is a pair I forgot what The name of the this pair is the flight Somethings but they're not really going For anything so so I figured I'd just Check out the toy section for a second Just because sometimes I find board Games that are interesting uh but I did Find this this is a big bb-8 and I'm not Sure what this is like a play set of Some kind so see most sold listings of This go for like 20 to 35 which is not Bad but I think it is missing some Pieces like the characters and stuff it It's taked up though so it might not be But I don't know it's pretty heavy so Shipping is probably going to be Expensive I'm just come up with every Excuse not to grab this I'm just going To leave it all right so unfortunately Nothing at Goodwill but I did just get a Notification that a package showed up in My house let's go check out what it is Cuz it could be something crazy so Finally after weeks of waiting the shoes Are here and I can finally tell you guys What's inside this package I'm so

Excited about it it's one of the 10 Sneakers and uh we Are 20% of the way through that sounds Way worse let's get to it so I ordered This pair probably two weeks ago at this Point and uh it's finally here it just Showed up today it showed up from like Swift which is a shipping company I'd Never heard of before I didn't know the Goat used them but apparently they do uh So I don't know man I was expecting like UPS FedEx or something like that but Some dude drove up in his car and I was Like all right Swift Cool check it out you got the swoosh box Here we go let me know in the comment Section down below what you think this Pair of sneakers is don't cheat uh and Skip ahead but here we go it's already Open so I guess I'll just go for it show You guys what we have here we go Moment Of Truth the goat authentication card we Have got the off-white Hyperdunk 2017s so this pair is actually I mean Basically brand new maybe not no it Looks like they raped on the tag on the Uper that's so weird that they reted on This tag for a used pair of shoes this Pair is in such good condition though Look at the outsole like I mean if it Has been worn maybe once it it's not as Yellowed as it could be it's obviously Been authenticated by goat which is Amazing you've got the the zip top

On this side right here man look at this What size is it I think it's an 8 and a Half can I rock an 8 and A2 I think it Is an it is an 8 and a half okay so I Think I can rock this I am usually a Size n and these are basketball sneakers So it's possible that these might fit a Little bit small but uh I could still Rock them I actually had a size nine of These when they first released back in 2017 I was still working in New York at The time and I went to kith like 3 days After the release and they just Restocked a bunch of pairs of these so I Got a pair for retail back in the day Sold it a couple years later and then of Course the price Skyrocket on them so It is what it is but uh I really feel Like this was worth the extra 60 bucks Because this pair I mean is in Immaculate Condition it's insane now Obviously it does come with some extras We have the zip tie on the other shoe You've got a couple extra sets of laces Right here obviously the off-white box Is the standard Nike box flipped inside Out you've got swoosh written on the top We didn't really get to cover the box Cuz I already opened it by accident but Of course there's a size tag for you Size 8 and half uh off-white Hyperdunk 2017 this was one of the 10 sneakers Which is crazy that one of the 10 Sneakers that Virgil originally

Collaborated on was like a basketball Sneaker like a performance basketball Sneaker that wasn't like a Jordan or Something like that but he did and while It is probably one of the least popular Of the 10 sneakers it is still a dope Look it is still a shoe that I consider Rocking I will say that it's not the Most comfortable because this area right Here for whatever reason digs into my Foot at least it did on the pair that I Used to own but hey it's really dope to Add these to the collection we also have The zoom FES the first sneaker that we Picked up from the 10 collection this Pair is still in good condition but not As good as the Hyperdunks that's kind of Crazy I don't think all the pairs that We can get for the series will be in This good of condition I think we got Lucky with this pair I think some of the More popular pairs like the prestos and The Air Jordan 1es are going to be Difficult to get in good condition Because I don't want to spend $7,000 on A pair of Air Jordan 1es my goal Realistically is to spend like 2 and a Half to three that might be unrealistic But we'll see but uh yeah man two of the 10 sneakers 20% of the list done a lot Of episodes from the series but I do Think things are going to pick up Because now I'm buying a lot more we're Dropping episodes every couple weeks

We're speeding things up it's going to Happen before the end of the year for Sure Uh hopefully before I'm getting too Hasty I don't know probably before the End of the year for the two sneakers From the offwhite the 10 collection We've spent $ 686.com