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I just bought ten thousand dollars worth Of sneakers in these boxes and I'm not Even really sure which pairs I bought And we're two to five thousand One of the most popular Air Maxes of all Time what's up guys so today I am on the Way to Michigan to meet up with chase After the right price and the reason I'm Doing this is because he actually just Bought out an entire sneaker collection Which uh I'm not gonna lie is pretty Exciting because I've seen a couple of The shoes that he bought they're all Ds They're all size eight and a half so for Me that's okay but for for some of you Guys it might not be but uh there's some Crazy heat in this collection I don't Know all the sneakers that he has but I Do know that there's a lot of really Good stuff so uh I'm taking a 10 hour Drive because I couldn't fly out there And uh bring all the sneakers back Because there's like 20 something pairs It's a 10 hour drive there 10 hour drive Back and on the way I'm heading up some Nike outlet so if you guys want to check Out that video there's going to be a Whole nother video on the Channel with Those Nike outlet stops so make sure to Tune in for that I'm not sure if this Video is dropping first or after that Video but either way it's gonna be a Crazy day Um craze a couple days actually because

I'm gonna be out there for a couple days And I can't wait let's do it Yo we barely made it to a gas station Literally like a mile left of range I Was I was cutting it close I got crazy Foreign [Music] Michigan to go see chase after the right Price to buy an entire sneaker Collection off of him so we got in last Night it was about I mean we hit up some Nike outlets so I Guess it it kind of skewed the the time A little bit but it was about an 11 to 12 hour drive from PA to Michigan Because PA is just like the largest State I've ever seen in my entire life I Know Texas is bigger and longer to drive I know there's a lot of states that are Longer you can drive across but PA Literally took most of the entire trip Um At least six hours of it But uh yeah it should be a good time Excited to meet the whole crew if you Guys haven't checked out chase after the Right price make sure to check them out There's a link in the description below And also I'm bringing them a bunch of Apothecary socks right here hopefully They like them so if you guys want to Check out Apothecary my sock brand also Make sure to click the link in the Description below but with all that

Being said I need to stop recording Because I have no idea where I'm going So these drivers man it's probably big I'm probably a bad driver I'll see you Guys in a second It's the Millennium 2000 controller Ironically They made a thousand of them why they Didn't just make two thousand But this is probably my current prized Video game collection piece and this one Is clean wow It was traded the other one And got this one so the sneaker people Actually traded me for the other one oh Wow oh it's wild and the other one was In worse condition and this one I got For actually a even better deal really Yeah oh wow and got it for a better deal So so retail what does this word not Retail but like what's it going for Right now if you were to sell it it's Very speculative but probably like Anywhere from two to five thousand That's wild yeah that's wild yeah Oh wow That's fine just because it's it's cool Yeah traded for that traded a bunch of Logan games for that but I would say right now it's probably the Panic restaurant for me oh wow Yeah we worked hard to get this from Good Old Dan It's a beautiful complete unboxing yes

Oh wow yeah Memorial party seven bundle That's crazy That's awesome my wife and I play Mario Party like crazy that's all we play Superstar personally I played all of Them yeah it's amazing it's so good so Guys I'm here in Michigan with chase After the right price Chase is one of The one of my favorite YouTube channels I think I've ever dude for real I've Watched some videos like crazy you guys Know I love retro gaming and you guys Know that uh it's become a huge hobby of Mine and this is one of the people that I watch for that not just Retro Gaming But reselling anything eBay all sorts of Good stuff yeah and I had this Incredible collection of sneakers come To my doorstep I've been wanting to get Into collecting sneakers myself right And I need some education I need I need Some insight I need a little bit of Knowledge on this this whole sneaker Game because it looks fun yeah and I Need some help I think the the gist is They're all the same size because you Bought a collection right correct and so They're all Ds they're all the same size But they don't fit you and uh that's I Mean that's generally it I think that's The main yeah I think there's gonna be Some good stuff I'm excited man let's do It let's just start things off with a Box Okay cool so this first one I

Actually don't recognize this box this Is the oh the Air Jordan 12 Retro Chinese New Year have you seen these yet No I haven't I haven't opened any of the Box either so oh these are cool okay so These look like a classic pair of Air Jordan 12s except obviously because of The Chinese New Year version they do Have a texture along the mud guard and Then of course they've got this sort of Um I'm not sure what that says up there I'm sure it has something to do with Chinese New Year right you got that up There and then you've got this nice semi Translucent outsole with some more Textures and then the the yellow um Carbon fiber but it's a dope shoe if you Had to rate these visually from one to a Ten as someone who's getting into Sneakers it'd be a solid seven for me Okay yeah okay in terms of value I'm not Exactly sure what these go for this one I'm not too familiar with I know it's Probably I'll probably get this wrong it's Probably like the 250 to 300 range would Be my guess and I think retail was maybe 180 or 200 but dope pair of sneakers Size eight and a half decent size let's Jump on to the next one so these are the International Jordan 12s I like these Yeah they're not bad they've got the Suede up here nice little uh Japanese Pattern I'm assuming is what that is on

The side do you like this better or Worse than the last pair those are Better for me yeah I dig these those are Better Um yeah probably solid eight for me on That oh nice yeah these are super clean The blue suede is fire they've got the Sort of debuster I guess yeah that is Deboss texture there on the side you've Got the the snake or I'm sorry the fish Scales right there I think it's koi Scales I could be wrong about that but Again I think 250 to 300 would be my Guess not a bad pair and they're all Ds Which is great it's gonna make it so Much easier to uh so I guess a lot of These are my size so I think what I'm Going to do is probably keep one or two Pairs and then the other ones I'm either Gonna give away or sell and whatnot so If you guys want to check out whatnot You guys definitely should it's a live Auction shopping platform with sneaker Actions starting just one dollar 24 Hours a day it's awesome you guys should Stop and check it out I sell socks I Sell shoes I give away a lot of stuff And uh probably one of the hits in this Video is gonna be giving away to one of You guys so if you guys want to check That out yeah this man does whatnot Right so come hang out I appreciate it Okay so this next one is a pair of Air Jordan 4s these are the singles Day Air

Jordan 4s so cool cool paper a little Bit different than your standard Jordan Fours Jordan 4s if you didn't know are The hottest silhouette right now for Some reason people love Jordan fours I Got a pair on right now nice yeah these Are the Jordan 4 singles day so they've Got this pretty graphic heavy upper Yeah do you prefer these yeah do you Prefer these or not I'd probably be a Little more tame yeah fair enough fair Enough in high school for sure oh yeah But I've got more time I got three kids Now so That's cool they're cool yeah they're Not bad I probably wouldn't Rock these Either but uh I mean they sort of got The uh the fire red four colorway which Was one of the OG Air Jordan four Colorways except with a print on top Looks like basketballs that are on fire Question yeah somebody who's new you Know how much of a difference does the Box make in like the paper is this it's For games it's a big deal yeah I don't Know if it's that much of a big deal Probably not it is I would say like you Can't sell for example if I were to Resell these in somewhere like stockx Says shoes have to be brand new with the Box and all the original paper or else They're not going to take them okay um And for collectors a lot of people like To save the boxes yeah for me like I

Feel like that'd be an important part of It oh for sure so this next pair is Definitely a pair of 11s these are the Just as Air Jordan 11. okay great but This is a new colorway that hadn't Released before this is the all red Colorway the first was a PE I believe For um I don't know who it was but Someone had a PE of this red Air Jordan 11 back in like 2015 and it was right When the the Nike Air Yeezy Red October Hype was happening so everyone was in on Red Sneakers and then uh everyone's like If they release uh all red Air Jordan 11 Which they did you know they'd be crazy And we still be nuts but then when these Actually did release I think in 2017 Type just wasn't there for him but You've got this really cool uh icy Outsole you've got the red upper the Patent leather so this is the kind of Shoe that a lot of people wear to prom Because it's uh it's got a little bad Dress-up look especially in the black Colorway yeah yeah this next one is oh Okay this is the Air Jordan 5 wings now Wings I believe is a it says uh Wings is Jordan Brand's Community impact platform And style books inspired by Michael Jordan's legacy of greatness and Commitment to education so every year They release a Wing shoe and this in my Opinion is the worst of the Wing Shoes So I'll just see some of the other ones

Exactly usually they have like wings on Them and not not uh drawings like this I'm sure I'm sure the drawings were done By some wonderful child somewhere I'm Sure there was a reason for it but yeah As far as sneakers it's just not Something that uh that I would wear Personally I understand yeah oh we do Have a wing hit right there right there In the lace lock they also changed up The netting on the side of the shoe it's Also some feathers right there Um but this was a very limited sneaker But it just it kind of flopped because People uh didn't love it yeah but I do Still think it goes probably for around 350 minutes what could be wrong you guys Are seeing on the screen and then the Final shoe inside this box is actually a Double pack that's huge which is really Cool this is the Air Jordan DMP pack one Of the most popular packs of all time DMP stands for defining moments let's Check it out inside oh we've got some Classic sneakers here we've got the Air Jordan 13 in white and gold how do you Feel about this it's not bad right That's not bad I like my clean yeah yeah Definitely a clean sneaker and then Alongside this shoe we also have the Air Jordan 14 in in black and gold as well Which one would you rock between the two Person at the 13s okay I could just be a High Beast because 13 is more popular

Than 14s but okay so yeah but yeah That's cool but this one I think I just Like the look of the 13s a little bit Better again it could be because I'm Hype Beast I'm not sure but the 14s are Also a great shoe it's just in in terms Of 14th I think I prefer there's the Cherry color way which is white and red It's like all white on the upper with Some red on the midsole which I think Looks a little bit cleaner it's also a Classic Air Jordan 14 colorway but They're both clean both very clean yeah I assume this doesn't happen very often The two in one no it doesn't no it's not It's not a very common thing we've got Box number two number two let's do it Before we do this let's check out the Value of the first box right there I Don't know what it is but you guys know Okay so this first shoe out of this First box or second box sorry is the now The pair of Air Jordan 11s this is the The white black emerald rise colorway so This is the low top pair of Air Jordan 11s the Air Jordan 11 initially releases Only a high top and then they released It a couple years later as a low top This is a new colorway of the 11 Although it looks a lot like the Concord 11s which is black on this part with White on the upper but how would you Rate these compared to some of the other Sneakers that you've seen those aren't

My favorite yeah those are on the lower End of the scale for me yeah I'd agree With you okay you've got this sort of an Iridescent outsole it's not a bad shoe It's just not something I feel like I Need and I think resale wise again Probably 250 300 probably closer to 250. Sneakers tend to be down now but either Way cool shooting on the list on Dubai Huh this is a pair of Air Jordan Fives I Believe It is the what the five oh so so this Shoe in my opinion is just the worst is This So it's the same it's the same pair you Can pull it out if you want okay so Essentially what Jordan Brad did with This is a concept that they've done for Years it's called the what the concept And they take a bunch of their most Popular colorways and put them on one Shoe now on shoes like the Nike Dunks Um it can be a lot more popular because It features like a bunch of cool collabs And and the colorways are nuts and People expect nuts colorways on dunks But when it comes to an Air Jordan 5 Um it's just a weird combo especially When you pick the base shoes that they Picked so essentially it's the upper of The shoe is the Tokyo Air Jordan Fives Um which is they released I think it was Back in 2011 when they opened the Jordan Store in Tokyo the left shoe the red is

From the Toro fives Um and then they also feature little Hits like this purple midsole from the Bel Air fives Um and same thing with sockliner it's It's a wild looking shoe they could have Done it differently and I think it would Have turned out better same concept but Just different colorways on the upper I Feel like would have been yeah that's Wild it's like the ketchup and mustard Yeah What would you rank those Outrank those as do not wear it I don't Know My wife would be like uh those shoes Aren't the same So this pair is I believe based off of Michael Jordan's UNC College time Is my guess of course I don't have the Official name of this one which is Annoying Um But it's the same sort of situation here Yeah exactly yeah Um this was when Jordan so Air Jordan 11s aren't as popular as they used to be And this is sort of around the time when They stopped being as popular but you've Got this really really clean white and Navy blue upper which I think is very Nice yeah I'm into that yeah this is Very clean you've got this ballistic Mesh upper and then you've got the

Patent leather and then you're Oh see It's only about three or four years old But this is what happens with icy Outsoles they start to yellow there's Nothing you can do about it Unfortunately but uh it is what it is It's just what happens like you know if You're gonna sit on DS sneakers for five Years and not wear them if you wear them It's gonna happen sooner but it's Something that that happens over time That's another reason why collecting Sneakers is difficult yeah because like If you don't wear them say for example You buy a pair with um a midsole made of Some sort of EVA foam after 10 years if You don't wear it it's going to crumble And it's like it could be a brand new Sneaker and it's just like yeah spend Thousands of dollars on it just yeah That's right yeah yeah but that's Another way you can tell sorry I keep Going back on this but that's one way You can tell fake sneakers sometimes Fake sneakers don't yellow in the same Way because they use a different kind of Rubber Compound on the outsole so this Is a pair of 11s this is probably the Space Jams oh okay These are the Platinum tint Air Jordan 11s in my opinion one of the low points Of the year so this shoe act so Air Jordan 11s when they were releasing Around Christmas they still do that but

When they were like super hyped they Would sell out you couldn't grab them at All ever like minutes after the release This pair ended up sitting around for a Couple weeks and I think you can see why Because it's kind of a It's not great yeah very vanilla very Vanilla literally yeah yes and like this Little red hit right there just doesn't Make sense to me why would you throw That in I don't know but either way this Is the the Platinum 10 Air Jordan 11s it Comes with sort of a nubuck upper Instead of your patent leather which is Much harder to keep cleaning this new Buck and then you've also got the sort Of Milky outsole which again Air Jordan 12 winterized okay okay so Jordan brand sometimes takes some of Their Silhouettes they're popular Silhouettes and makes a winterized Version because I think people don't Wear their Jordans in the winter which Is not true I think people wear Recordings all year round but they Decided to make a winterized version of The Air Jordan 12 which essentially is Just you know giving it sort of Plasticky upper um and making it worse For more money this is the winner It works exactly so this is a pair of Air Jordan eight ovos so this shoe Started out as a player exclusive PE and Uh then became actual release

And uh yeah so this is the Air Jordan 8 In Drake's OVO colors you've got the White you've got the gold it's not bad This is a pair I'd consider keeping Actually and then this This is another wrapper collaboration if You had to guess which artists Collaborated on these I can't even I Can't remember what what is this guy Yeah okay this is the Travis Scott Air Jordan 4's his first collaboration I Love these These are six this is the Pair that I might keep oh my goodness This pair is I think this pair goes for Like 800 to a thousand currently oh my Gosh it's crazy I had a pair of these in My size a couple years ago and I sold Them like an idiot and now they're going For a lot more than what I originally Bought them for give them a raven that's A solid solid nine at least yeah like Nine nine and a half super clean shoe You've got the splatter print in the Heel with the Jumpman Cactus Jack in the Back of that shoe right there very clean Very clean shoe this is apparently I Think I'm Gonna Keep well I don't know That yet I'll let you guys know later on Well no because we all know that Michael Jordan's the best player of all time I Mean yeah I think he is okay good he is I heard you're all Lebron fans I am LeBron fan the game was nothing they Were tape delaying the finals even with

Bird and Magic Guys let us know in the comment section Down below who you think is better Michael or Lebron I'm going Michael and I think you're on Michael or are you Going I'm gonna go with Michael Jordan Michael okay okay how about you out pal I think it's debating [Laughter] Okay on to the third and final box so This first pair I'm assuming it's a Jordan okay I didn't get that right at All I was gonna say Jordan one mid but It is a Jordan 14 and it is the desert Sand code all right all right sort of an Infrared Vibe going on in the heel This is a another shoe which I don't Think is going for really anything over Retail maybe a little bit less a full Suede Air Jordan 14. it's fine it's a Little simple in my opinion Fine that's a good word yeah it's fine It's fine that's fine it is someone's Probably gonna get a steal on these and Whatnot so if you guys want to check That out again Link in the description Below if you sign up using my link you Get 10 towards your first purchase okay So this next shoe is a pair of Air Jordans of some kind It is the oh the Air Jordan sixes all Right in the looks like the white Infrared what is this white infrared Neutral gray interesting okay this is

Another one that probably will go for Around around retail or below I like This one it's not bad it's simple it's Clean it's it's fine the one thing I Don't like about the shoe very much is How glossy that midsole is it's a little Bit too much in my opinion personally But uh hey if you get rid of that it's Actually a pretty clean look yeah so That's true we got five more sneakers so Let's keep going so this is an Air Jordan 4 box I knew it so yeah it's just Like the Air Jordan 5 box except it's Got the box lid that doesn't flip it's Got a standard lid so okay this is a Good pair yeah this is the pure money Force again and Air Jordan 4s are Incredibly popular right now and the Air Jordan or the uh pure money for is an All-white four at these nice metallic Silver accents looks great check that Out super fire definitely clean uh one Small difference besides just the Metallic hits are the uh the leather on This uh Wing right here rather than they Usually use plastic same thing on the Heel tag which is nice a nice little Semi premium hit as you guys know and as I say a lot Jordan brand sneakers are Not like the best quality sneakers in The world you're paying 250 for a pair Of shoes it's probably worth less but Hey you know what it's fine we don't buy Them because they're like great quality

Buy because they're cool because they Look good this next pair is another pair Of fours this is the black white gum Light brown okay so this is the laser Force How do you feel about these guys I like It it's a solid seven and a half seven And a half for me yeah fair enough and Then actually etched on the upper of This shoe well in this case it's not Ash Like the original lasers but printed on The upper of the shoe are like images of Other Michael Jordan sneakers or other Things that he's uh done in the past I'm Sure there's some trophies on there some Numbers on there 238 I'm not sure what That reference is but it could be Anything realistically You've got 11 on there but they got the Gum outsole which I love I kind of wish The upper was just more basic but that's Just me being kind of a plain boy that's Like simple stuff but nice it's not bad Either simple or just insanely crazy It's one of the two This next one is did you ever watch Space Jam growing up oh yeah okay the Space Jam Air Jordan 11s oh shoot you've Got You've Got The Bugs Bunny you've got All the different characters from the Movie in there uh this one's really cool So unlike the standard 11s which we Already looked like looked at the um the Box is a little bit different you've got

This sort of slide top and then one of The coolest details is you've got 45 but This is a really sick box you've got the 45 and then this shoe Sauce from Solstice And you've got the same sort of plastic On top with the 11 and carbon fiber This is probably one of the best and Most popular Air Jordan 11s of all time Black and white Space Jam 11's I get it Yeah these are clean and they've got 45 In the back and it's embroidered rather Than printed usually on Air Jordan 11 Printed and it's 23 but in this case It's 45 right there very very clean shoe Oh another pair of ovos these ones are Clean these are Air Jordan 12 ovos this Is another Drake collaboration except This time around it's in black and it Features stinger [Music] They're very again very simple you Wouldn't know this is a drake collab Um but I will say that like the suede Using the upper or the nubuck is it's Nice it makes it feel more premium now That we've had I'm on my year 12s it's It you know it's similar quality to Those but the stingray I mean it's Obviously not real Stingray but the Stingray is not bad right there in the Mud guard these ones I I couldn't tell You the value Um I would assume again I'm assuming

Three to four on everything but one of The most popular Air Maxes of all time The Air Max 197 Sean with a spoon it Features the uh the design of the shoe On the Nike logo It's awesome let's check it out let's See it Look at these These are clean oh this Sweet yeah these are awesome these are These go for around 850 to a thousand so In some cases like 1200. um I think Closer when they release they were going For even more Um but this is one of the most popular Air Maxes of all time essentially what Happened is back in 2017 there was a Competition or maybe it was 2016 where The competition happened but there was a Competition for someone to Design Air Maxes and then people would vote on them And then Nike would make the best one And so this is um created by a store Owner who uh owned a vintage store in New York actually I think it was Chicago And uh he created a shoe that was Designed to look like it was made from Vintage clothing so you've got corduroy On the upper and it's supposed to look Even nicer the more that you wear it Gets like frayed and stuff and he Combined the midsole and outsole of a uh Air Max One with an Air Max 97 upper so It's the MX 197 Sean Witherspoon and It's cool man it's got Velcro on there

And then you've got the little Nike logo With the Nike switch in the mouth in There but this shoe is absolutely fire And it fits small enough it's big so I'm A nine this fits me perfectly into size Eight and a half if you guys want this Pair I'll be giving this pair away on Whatnot on this stream for free to one Of you guys I made that decision Literally right now so that's insane I Probably shouldn't have done that that's What I'm gonna do we're gonna give these Away and whatnot and uh if you guys want To check out that stream there's a link Right in the top of the description Below make sure to check it out it's Gonna be absolutely insane and you guys Have a chance to win this and probably a Couple other pairs from this collection Let's go in that stream it's gonna be Nuts what was your favorite pair out of Everything that we looked at you had to Pick one probably the Travis Scott's oh Yeah I really like these but yeah the Blue on the Travis Scott the Travis the UNC blue it looked like UNC blue it was Very similar yes but it's very similar Yeah so this is a pair I'm not gonna lie To you guys I'm Gonna Keep it I think This is oh yeah University Blue there You go University Blue So the Travis Scott four is the pair That I'm keeping it's fair that I always

Wanted and I had and I got rid of like An 88 so here we go that's awesome I may Also keep the OVO eights in the space Jams but probably not because my wife Will kill me so there we go I love it Guys thank you so much for watching keep Checking to chase for everything man I Appreciate you selling music collection For a great price and I can tell you Guys what it is but worked out great Guys if you haven't checked out his Channel chase at the right price you Definitely should there'll be a link in The description below also check out his Second Channel Caterpie crew where they Go into all the business behind their YouTube channel and their eBay business And just everything cool that you guys Have going on it's sick man thank you Guys so much for watching and if you Guys want to check out that one out live Stream again Link in the description Below but with that being said see you Guys in the next one