From high to low! Taking one of the most disappointing releases of 2023 and turning it into a masterpiece. The Reimagined collection of drops has been circling the internet for a while as they recreate some of the most iconic colorways with a different spin on them.

The Reimagined Royal Jordan 1s was just one of the releases, but they are still sitting on SNKRS at retail! These were a release that a lot of people had high hopes for, but quickly changed their minds as the pictures dropped and then the quality came out.

However, lucky for us we have Vick Almighty to turn any release into a master piece. We received these kicks from one of our wholesalers @impossiblekicks8788 and quickly decided to test what we can do with them! In case you didn’t know Impossible Kicks has over 15 stores across the United States and they carry RESHOEVN8R products.. Make sure to pick up a kit and some shoes while you’re there!

To start this project off we had to do some deconstruction on the sneaker by removing the collar and turning them into a low top. Automatically the sneaker went to a whole new level with just one cut. The custom was simple and quick, but ultimately a game changer!

Once the collar was removed it was all about the details from the sockliner to the Fragment logo. Then why not take one more step and use a trick that Vick has never done before. Turning the suede material into a matte looking finish thanks to a tip found on social media.

Overall these Reimagined Royal Fragment Lows are top tier and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vick walking around in these!

Drop a comment did Vick turn this Reimagined release around?!

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What's up YouTube Welcome Back to the Channel for today's project we got the New reimagine royal blue ones that just Came out now I know a lot of you guys Are not a big fan myself included I Really wish we had got the same Treatment as the reimagined Chicago's With the age collar age meno and Beautiful leather however we did not get That for this shoe it's still a royal Blue one clean classic colorway but you Already know we're going to switch it up A little bit recently I saw some images Of some sample fragment ones that never Came out very similar to the shoe all Suede the only difference is that they Came with a black Sole and it's really Sick fragment logo in the back we're Take some inspiration from that sneaker And pull some inso from those Union One Low tops that I did a few weeks back We're going to turn these into some low Tops we got some fun work ahead of us so Let's get Started before we get started I want to Give a big shout out to Impossible kicks For setting these over much appreciated Guys now let's go over the things that We're going to do on the shoe we are Going to be adding a fragment logo in The back but we'll take care of at the End that's easy the real tricky part is Turning these high tops into some low Top sneakers in today's video I'll show

You guys how to do that first things First let's take out the laces and insil And put this Sho to the side for before And after purposes let's start the Deconstruction process right now as is This tongue is going to be way too long For a low top sneaker so we got to take It out one thing I'm not sure yet is to Leave it as is black or change it to a Different color we'll figure that out Later for this we're going to be using a Seam ripper to remove the stitching Right here on the toe Box tongue is off we'll put this to the Side and come back to it later next We're going to take care of this real Quick step we got to pull out the Stitching from the midsole just on this Back half where the new liner is going To go the stitching does a couple Different things a locks the salt onto The uppers but it also locks in the Liner from the inside once the new liner Goes in we'll restitch it to lock in the New liner to start this process we're Going to use this pick on the inside of The shoe you can see the extra thread We're going to locate it on the outside And simply just pull It stitching is off the midsole I went Ahead and taped it off so I don't Accidentally cut it off next step is to Apply our new liners before we chop Dr Off the top for this I'm going to be

Using some nice thin black leather I Recommend to use thin stuff and not Thick stuff simply because you're going To have to roll it over and it's a lot Easier to do it with this material you Don't want to use anything too thin such As fabric cuz for this process you need To use glue and if you use glue it's Going to go through the material let's Go ahead and cut up a big piece I'm Going to use some nice sharp scissors to Cut out a big piece of leather the idea Is to get it wrapped around this bottom Area of the Shoe got the new liner cut out next We're going to wrap it around the shoe Nice and tight then with some clamps We're going to keep it in place the idea Right now with my finger is to outline Exactly where that top portion of the Shoe is so we can mark it down and know Where to cut this Material got the new sock liner fully Outlined now let's go ahead and cut off The material that we don't need this Looks good now we're going to place it Back onto the shoe line it up exactly Where we outlined it put the clamps back On nice and tight once the clamps are on We want to make sure the material is Right underneath the cut line we don't Want to sew anywhere off cuz it's going To throw off the entire thing when we go To the Patcher we're just going to

Stitch one clean line all around we want To do it a few millimeters from the cut Line got the new liner ATT for the most Part the stitching is clean when it Comes to projects like this they're Never ever really perfect they're kind Of Frankenstein projects what we're Doing isn't meant to happen but we're Going to try our best to get it as clean As possible for this next part it's Really important to have a sharp blade We're going to cut the top portion off But we want to do it in one clean slice When we do this process we want to make Sure we're cutting straight or in an up Direction if we cut down there's a good Chance we'll cut the stitching that we Just created and that'll ruin the whole Project Top is fully cut off that was the easy Part now with the xacto knife I wasn't Exactly perfect it's a little jaggedy in Some areas I want to get that as smooth As possible so with the gemo we'll take Care of That so far so good we got everything Nice and even this is where the original Foam was it's a little thick I want to Get it as thin as possible before we Rolled over the leather so I'm going to Apply a bunch of glue in this area let It cure heat it up and then we'll stick Everything together to get it as thin as Possible it's been about 15 minutes

Since we appli the glue it's heated up So we can stick everything Together prep work is complete we got This area nice and even and it's a lot More thinner now it's time to roll over The material for this part I'm going Apply glue on this top area once again And on the linter material just on this Top area for now after it cures for About 15 minutes we'll heat it up and STI it together for this part is going To take a lot of finesse these projects Don't always come out perfect but we Want to get this area to be as seamless As possible we don't want bunches we Don't want a bunch of creases it may Still happen but I want this project to Be as clean as possible so once the glue Is applied and it cures we'll heat it up And then we'll start on the back these Two corners and then we'll do the Rest Part one is complete we got the glue Laid down we rolled it over after we Heated it up originally I was going to Start in the back work my way to the Front but I ended up doing the front and Working my way all around overall it Came out pretty good there are a little Bit of bunches I'll try to roll them out But overall I'm happy with how it looks We still have to do two more sessions of Glue we'll apply more glue to the middle Of this back area and the liner let it

Here heat it back up stick it down Together and then we'll finish it off by Doing the bottom Piece Liner is fully glue down let's go ahead And chop off the excess on the bottom And the sides check this out you guys we Just got these in the mail this is going To be my next restoration some chameleon Air Jordan sixes that I got for a steal On eBay they do need a lot of work you Got to get rid of the yellowing MIT Repaint the hardest part about this Whole restoration is going to be fixing This deep scratch in the leather and Matching that iridescent color shifting Paint don't forget you guys we're still Looking for Restorations for the Channel I'm looking for some rare stuff that I've never worked on before if you're Sending me some black cement 3s some Bread Forest don't send them I've Already worked on those several times Send us an email to the email down below With some pictures and the Description all right we got the new Laner in place it's fully glued down Everything overall came out nice and Smooth when it comes to this process Again it's never really perfect but Overall I'm really happy with how it Looks the inside looks great the overall Shape on the edges looks good I'm not Complaining now we still need to go back

And apply the stitching back onto the Midsole to fully lock in the new liner For this we're going to be using a Sewing off when I use the xacto knife to Cut the excess material of the leather I Ended up accidentally cutting the thread From the inside that was the exact thing I was trying to avoid by taping it down Luckily I got another piece of thread I Tied it to the part that I cut off I did Several knots to lock it in place now We're back in Business on to the next part of this Custom the tongues I went back and forth Trying to decide whether I should stick With the original black or do a white Tongue ultimately after a lot of Thinking we're going to stick with the Original black in my opinion it just Looks better let me show you guys real Quick on what the white tongue looks Like on a shoe it's roughly what it Would look like if you guys like it let Me know in the comment section down Below let's get back to the black tongue We do need a shorten it as is it is way Too long I want to put it roughly right Around here I don't want it too short I Do like some length I think this is a Good spot for it I'm going to go ahead Put it in place and with the white color Pencil we'll mark it Got the marking in place the stitching Is going to go right underneath so I'm

Going to cut the excess about an inch From the Line that looks good now we're going to Go to the Post machine do a quick Stitch Line underneath to lock in this material After that we'll come back apply some Glue to the bottom piece and to this Area on the inside of the shoe we'll Wait for it to cure we'll stick both Parts together and then we'll go to the Patcher to lock it in place with some Stitching Oh On to the details first we got to cut Out some vinyl we're going to be cutting Out the fragment logo that's going to go In this back area first with the ruler We're going to measure out this area I'm Thinking for the fragment logo should be About half an inch we're going to put it In the computer and then print it with The Cricket Fragment logo is nicely cut out for the Vinyl material I used everyday ironon Now we're going to place this on the Back heel we want to make sure it's Nicely lined up once you like the Placement you want to keep it in place With your finger then with the hot iron Spatula we're going to iron it onto the Suede to make it Permanent Fragment logo is in place it's nice and

Subtle just like the samples now Originally with this project I was just Going to do those couple of things turn Them into low Toops add the logo and Possibly change the tongue but I left it As is but last night I was online and I Came across this post from this ready User named Herbert kamacho he went ahead And transformed his reimagines into a Matted down finish almost like a Leather-like material I thought it came Out so dope and he did it all using some Doc Martin's Wonder bomb it's a really Simple process all he did was use some Gloves and use a sponge from the inside Of the canister applied it onto the Material several coats all around the Sneaker he let it dry applied some more And got this really cool look let's try That on this Shoe says do not use on suede Interesting Been exactly 4 hours since I applied the Wonder balm at the 2-hour Mark I applied Another thick coat brushed it in with Our medium bristle brush after a few Hours it dried beautifully I'm actually A pretty big fan of this trick the black Has a nice wax feel after it fully dried And it has a beautiful Ma finish as far As the blue suede goes it's a lot darker Than what it originally was it also has A crack age look just like the Chicago Reimagined all that's left to do is to

Lace it Up all right guys that's going to bring Us to an end on these custom I don't Even know what to call them custom Fragment sample Jordan one Low's this Was a fun project we turn these high Tops into low tops added a br brand new Sock liner we shortened the tongues of Course on the back we added that Fragment logo just like the samples the Logo is a little bit hidden after we Darkened up the sued I still think it's Clean but one thing I would have done Different was made this logo white the Best part about this whole project and Something I learned today was how to wax The leather overall it came out Beautiful the best part about it is the Black it just looks Factory the blue Also looks good but let me know in the Comments what you think about this Custom do you think the Su looks better Now that it's waxed or did I ruin it This is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys Next Monday see you guys Oh