From High to Low! The BBS Union Jordan 1 released not too long ago and became a love or hate sneaker. Some people love the flyknit texture on the leather and some say this release could be much better! Vick and multiple people around the office picked up these shoes, but our photographer wanted to be different, so he relied on Vick Almighty!

After seeing other customizers take this sneaker from a high top to a low top; Vick was eager to try it out.. But not on his own pair! To start the customization we had to do some deconstruction to this beautiful sneaker. We started by removing the stiching, tongues, and swooshes too make sure the sneaker was fully ready to make a low top. This process is complicated and you have to be very careful.

Once the sneaker was deconstructed it was time to move onto the detail work. We started with creating swooshes for the sneaker in a beautiful teal colorway. The details on this sneaker quickly became the best part by making the edges of the swoosh yellow. Once the swooshes were prepped and ready to go it was time to attach them to the shoe. IMO the custom could’ve stopped here! Those teal swooshes add so much to the sneaker as is!

Now it is time to get to the lining. Fun fact… Vick has rarely done this! Putting the lining on the outside to line up the cut before moving it into the inside is a solid move! Now these low top Union Jordan 1s are ready for the finishing touches. We started by securing the liner in the shoe and making the shoe totally wearable. Now it is time to fix the tongues of the sneaker, so that is doesn’t look too crazy! Once the finishing touches were completed this sneaker was looking top tier!

Let us know in the comments do you like the high version of the Union BBS Jordan 1 or are you rocking with this low top variation?!

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What's up everybody for today's project We got the summer of 96 BBS Union Jordan 1es This is a hot take but in my opinion This is the best release for 2023 they Did a fantastic job on this whole new t On the Jordan 1 it's just beautiful as Much as I like it we are going to be Modifying it I'm going to turn this high Top into a low top a lot of things go Wrong with this project I'm going to Need some luck so let's just get Started first things first let's take Out the laces and insole so we can start The deconstruction process [Music] Time for the xacto knife and the seam Ripper between these two tools we're Going to start taking things off the Shoes we're going to start off with the Tongues as you can see on the xacto Knife I covered up the majority using Tape just so I don't slip and cut Something I'm not supposed To the reason why I took out these Tongues is we are turning these into a Low top shoe if I was to leave them as Is they'll look all Goofy and long so Later on in this video we'll shorten Them to adjust them next we're going to Remove the Sues and this back piece we Are going to replace the sues with some Different [Music] Material checks are off let's keep it

Moving with the exacto knife we're going To remove the entire Union stitching we Don't need it no More once we turn this shoe into a low Top sneaker we're going to have to put This Union La tag somewhere else this Tag is very important to these Union Jordan Ones so it's got to go somewhere I'm thinking on the r but we'll come Back to that later for now we got to Remove It so far so good we get the majority of The Branding off the sneakers real quick I'm going to remove the stitching from The soles the stitching does a couple of Things it attaches the moles onto the Uppers and it locks in the sock liner on The inside once the shoe is a low top Sneaker and I apply my new stock liner I'm going to go in and reapply the Stitching to lock in that bottom stck [Music] Liner got the easy stuff out of the way Now on to the fun stuff we're going to Be using this beautiful teal suede Material to make some brand new checks For this pair it's going to be for our Photographer and my good friend Nick Wilson we talked about it and we figured This color and material it's going to be A nice pop for the checks let's take Care of that [Music] [Applause]

[Music] Now thanks to the laser engraver and Nick we got some perfectly cut out Swishes I could have used some scissors However the machine gets consistent Perfect Cuts every single time next We're going to be using the post bed to Create some Stitch holes that way when I Go with the Patcher and sew it directly Onto the shoe I know exactly where to Sew one of the comments that I recently Read was what kind of machine do I use To build my shoes this is a post bed a Texo 830 and it does a great [Music] [Music] Job holes are in in place now we have Some Angeles maze yellow paint and an Edge roller we're going to hit up all The edges of these checks so it can Match the rest of the [Music] Shoe all done with the edges these match Up nicely with the rest of the shoe what I love about the paint is it's super Durable even when I scratch at it now we Got to attach them onto the shoes first We're going to be using some bar super Stick apply to the swoosh and onto the Shoe we'll let it here for a little bit Stick it to the shoe and then we'll go To the Patcher and sew it on I also Can't forget about the Union La tag That's going to go in the back right

Around here we'll stick it on and then We'll sew it [Music] Together [Music] [Music] So far so good the Patrick is doing a Great job sewing this directly onto the Shoes what really helped was the post B And making the original Holes back piece is sewn on everything Looks great now for the real trick is Adding a sock liner before we cut off The top piece this is something I've Never done before I had to experiment a Couple of times before I tried it over Here we got some donor uppers from some Jordan 1es I tested it out and it was a Fail what I originally did was cut off The top and then try to sew it the thing Is the sewing machine foot just kept on Slipping off so that was a nogo so I Tried it again on a different upper this Time what I did was I kept the top half On sewn on a brand new stock liner piece As this piece was still on the shoe once I got the entire material fully sewn on I cut this piece off and then I flipped The stck liner over and that's basically How it's done there's a little bit more To it for example you're going to have To have some new material for the sock Liner I got to R weight for this project That'll match the uppers on the shoe

Nicely first I got a pig piece then I Put it on the shoe I kind of just Outlined it right on the area that I'm Going to cut it after that I went to the Sewing machine and added the Stitch line Right underneath that line so first Things first I'm going to cut out a big Piece of the suede wrap it around the Shoe clamp it on and then I'm going to Outline it and then we'll go from [Music] There got the new sock liner cut out Next we're going to place it back onto The shoe exactly where I lined it up to Where I'm going to cut the top half off Using the original clamps we're going to Clamp it on cut some excess off and then Go to the Patcher and sew it [Music] On all I did was sew as close as Possible to the yellow line now for the Fun part is removing this top piece for This we're going to be using a really Sharp blade we're going to start over Here and work our way to the other side When doing this you want to point Towards the up direction or right in the Middle you don't want to point down cuz That can possibly cut the stitching that You did and that'll ruin [Music] Everything that came out way better than I expected the stitching came out nice And consistent nice and close to the

Edge and the rollover couldn't have come Out any better now the next step is to Add some bar cement glue to get the sock Liner permanently attached onto the shoe We're going to be doing it little by Little I'll apply a little bit on the Edges let it cure and then roll it over For this it's going to take a little bit Of finesse once I roll it over there's Going to be a lot of bumps the trick is To roll it all Out so far so good we got the first Layer of glue in there we let it cure we Rolled it over this part is nice and Consistent now we're going to go in Unlap this material get more glue in There so we can seal this part [Music] Down [Applause] Got the last layer of glue inside the Shoe as I'm letting it cure we're going To answer a quick question from YouTube The first question is from Joseph Martinez I use acetone to remove some of The paint from some force that you Repainted it seemed like there's a lot Of little holes in the msil is a reason Why the ml got very poesy because the Shoe is either really old or used a lot Of asone in that case the way to fix That is by using monage almost done with The stock liner with a little bit of Patience we got that nice smooth not too

Many bumps everything looks nice and Flush originally I took out the Stitching from the midsole now it's time To put it back in that's going to lock In the stock liner the glue by itself is Not [Music] Enough we have a lot of excess material So real quick with the blade we're going To chop that off back to the machine we Still have to lock in the stock liner Over here same thing on the inside and These two Sides Sock liner is all done all that's left To do is go in and clean up these little Pieces on the edges using the exactor Knife we're going to chop off these Pieces lay down some glue and get it Nice and perfect after that we're going To lay down our tongue we do got to Shorten this just a bit I'm going to go Off this Union stitching and line it up To the second hole that's kind of where I want it I'm going to use a heat Removable pen mark my line right here Then I'm going to go to the postup Machine Stitch right along the line to Lock in that material lay down some glue On both parts so we can sew both parts Together [Music] Tongues are in place they're fully Locked in they're not going anywhere we

Did a lot of back and forth between here And the sewing machine the cool thing About this project is that they're fully Wearable cuz everything's sewn in real Quick I'm going to show you guys how the Shoe looks like with an insole inside And how clean it looks all that's left To do is to lace it up with some cream Laces so we can compare it to the high Top version All right guys that's going to bring us To an end on how to convert your Jordan One high unions into a low top sneaker At first I thought I was going to run Into a lot of issues but this process Wasn't that bad with the right tools the Right techniques and the right materials We got the job done for starters we Lowered the tongue that part was easy All we did was cut off some material and SE it back onto the shoes we laser Andra Some different material for the swes we Also topped it off by adding the yellow Trimming all over the edges just like The rest of the shoe the real trick Though was to convert this shoe into a Low top sneaker and at a brand new stock Liner to it I've seen a lot of people do This in the past where they cut the top Off but leave the raw edges exposed it's Kind of a clean look but after doing This process I realized it's not that Hard and you can convert any high top Sneaker into a low top sneaker with a

Little bit of patience again I really Like how this shoot turned out it Doesn't look awkward it's nice and Sleek The only thing I would have done Different is leave the original checks This color is nice but I like the Original ones better now these are my Size they look really comfortable but I Want to give the honors to Nick Wilson To try these on first cuz they are for Him let's see how they fit What you got there good for you my son Oh my dad and I'm the older one Shees with the swey Swoosie bro and the Little lineer look at that the little Cut down tongue Bro Look At You guy Let's see real test you know me got to Go straight to toe Vic you killed it like you always do man I'm so thankful and I'm so I honored to Have a pair of Vic Almighty customs in The collection this is something that I Will cherish and treasure forever They're going to go in the case up on The wall top top case bro top case only For the Vic Almighty custom you better Be buried in these types things you know You know I um it's crazy cuzz we I sent You that Instagram post and we were just Like shoot about it y trying to figure Out how to go about it and then you know I was like oh I got a pair and you're Like let me let me take a look at it I Come back and here they are just done in

My hands I'm going to wear them I'm Going to put them on feet you know me I'm going to dog them man beat them up Of course I appreciate it for you Nick Wilson this is Crazy you guys see these Vic Almighty That's right love you man get back to Work bro love you too no Oh kiss [Music] Kiss