Yo I'm trying really hard not to freak Out but that was absolutely insane I'll Tell you guys the story about these Shoes really quick I went to one of my Local thrift stores in the area got some Dunks for 50. these are clean I found Some GameCube games some PS2 games I Think I'm gonna grab a bunch of them I Saw these on the uh the shelf and I was Like yo I recognize those I'm not Exactly 100 sure what they are and then I saw the price tag I was like yo 400 This might be something got some LeBrons For 400. they're in great condition Though wouldn't even have the box for This would you Okay so I I checked them out on eBay These are the LeBron 10 Championship Pack lows there's two shoes in the pack This is only one of the shoes from the Pack but the pack goes for around two Thousand dollars one shoe from the pack On the low end in good condition without A box goes for around eight hundred Dollars Okay Uh as you guys saw I got them for 350. I'm trying to contain myself right now This is crazy