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Oh man it's been a day I may have just Found the greatest Thrift pickup of my Entire life Or hondi's in great condition though so They have tons of Air Maxes got a bunch Of dogs it's crazy got a bunch of the Solomons too it goes for around two Thousand dollars Huh Insane I'm going thrifting for sneakers For just one day in Philadelphia to find The best sneaker deals I can find let's Do it Oh [Music] So first things first some spizz eggs Which I think a soccer balls should go I got some other Jordans I don't know What these are actually Size 11 and a half got some some samoas Which are lighter than I expected and Then these were just some hardens some Hardened volume Threes or fours I'm not sure got some Easy foamposites for the exact name but For the easy solar colorway for 85 size Eight and a half let me check these guys Out because I'm not actually sure what These go for it's toss-up I'm probably Not gonna grab them just don't think It's worth it got some more bronze over Here bronze I'm not sure which ones they Look like the low top version of like The nines or the tens

438 besides eight and a half we got some Three one two some low tops in this Bread colorway which is actually really Clean for 38 let me check this guy's out Again another toss-up I think I'm not Gonna risk it but we'll shoot Nonetheless some up tempos down here Like a navy color very clean so Unfortunately nothing at Buffalo Exchange today which is weird because I Usually find something I did see a pair Of belugas but uh I grabbed them from Behind the counter and they just looked Fake so I didn't want to risk it plus They were 120 so it is what it is but Still good stop haven't been there like A month First thing I'm seeing is Second Street Are these Sky fragments they're 199 size And half the music just started blasting But uh cool shoe just probably not Really worth the price especially used We got some off-whites right here for 119 again probably not worth the price But cool to see got some animal Instinct Threes got some foams Geez oh we got these uh these hairy Hairs right here it's a little Ridiculous and then the other thing I Saw were these uh nmds right here which I think are actually customized with Like a pen or something because I never Saw these drop some new balance 550s for 159 above retail wouldn't grab those got

Some uh Jordan Ones this is the GS size For 149. not the lucky greens of Hitler Called got some Crimson tint dunks for How much let's see for 129. what else we Got some more mids some ones We've got these new balances which are Pretty clean and they actually look Brand new too but there's no price oh There's a price here we go nope that's Not a price I don't know what they're Going for probably not much And then we got some 13s nothing crazy Some top three fives for 99 Nothing crazy man I was really hoping I'd grab something but there's just Nothing I really want which is kind of a Bummer we got some some Royal lows for 129 but that's about what they go for New I think I have some carmine sixes For how much Size eight and a half so it probably Wouldn't fit me perfectly but 189 is not Bad it's a Nike Air version I don't mind it but That's a little bit high for me honestly And then you got these super thick old Schools which I think I'm good on too We've got the Royals again for what 189 That's actually not a bad price what Size let's see I might grab these size Nine my size oh [Music] Good amount of toe drag good amount of Heel drag I might still grab these so

Let me check these guys out they really Are going for about test I'm gonna leave Them but I'm still dope to see so really Not much of my two favorite spots which Is kind of crazy I usually find Something today nothing Sometimes every day [Music] So we are in Atmos and there's a lot of Really good stuff a lot of really so They have tons of Air Maxes they got the Uh the Air Max ones that just dropped We've got a bunch of dunks look at all This it's crazy they got the Foamposites To drop a little while ago but the shoot I'm gonna be honest I'm most excited About in a shoe that I'm actually gonna Grab a size of is right up here The bad bunnies because I had a pair of These and I got rid of them and I Regretted it ever since so I think I'm Gonna grab another pair so I'm gonna Grab them size eight and a half going For it I've won these for a minute So it's a bunch of the Jordan Ones too You got the elephant prints you got the Skylines you got these guys which I Think just trapped These are very clean as well it's Considering ground pair of those but Then I saw the Adidas and I was like nah I'm good tons of new balances too so Many good colorways that the 1906s so Clean so clean and they got the 420s

Right here too Pretty cool to see these are popular Right now people love these it's crazy Some salmon labs Very very clean These are actually kind of crazy I would actually consider pick these up Um for today we've got the uh the Phillies dunks with the Apothecary for The streets department socks right Underneath right there you guys want to Grab them they're available on our Website on June 9th at 11AM eastern time Podcast.com make sure to grab the entire Collection we've got shirts got socks It's crazy you got them Stoked all right so I think I'm gonna Grab the ones because I've been thinking About it and thinking about it and every Time I went there for the 20 secret Collection I just didn't have enough Money and now I have enough money to Grab them so I think I'm gonna grab them Because I keep missing out on them They're my size I think it might be worth it even though They're not going for anything really Over what they're selling for It's not that nice it's really not a bad Price capped all right so our Atmos and Second Street pickups were awesome I'm So excited to show you guys I already Pulled them out of the bag it looks like It's empty because it is empty let me

Show you guys the first shoe that we Grabbed from Atmos which yes is not a Thrift pickup but we grabbed it in a Thrift Vlog and it's a shoe that I Wanted for a while even though I did Have it and then I sold it I'll leave Them but if you guys have been watching My channel for a while you know that I Love the Bad Bunny campus 80. I've Thrown it in a bunch of top 10 lists Like best sneaker releases of the Year All that sort of good stuff but for some Reason when I had my own personal pair I Decided to sell it because I just wasn't Wearing it and that was dumb because I Should have just worn it it's one of Those shoes where it's like you have it Sitting in the Box it looks nice but you Never think you're gonna wear it and Then once you get rid of it you regret It because you're like you know what I Should have worn that I would have loved To wear that so a lot of shoes that I Really like I should just throw them on As soon as I get them so I don't end up Selling them or returning them or Whatever but of course we grabbed this Shoe from Atmos in a size eight and a Half which is not exactly my size I'm a Size nine but I do think I can make it Work and this colorway is my favorite Colorway this is the original tan Colorway let me pull out the other shoe From the dust bag just to let you guys

Know how premium this release is it came With a dust bag here they are The Bad Bunny campus 80s and the Original the OG tan colorway I Absolutely love this shoe I'm gonna Throw this on probably tonight because I Don't want to sell them I want to make Sure that I hold on to them I kind of Wish it was my size but I think if I Leave the laces unlaced I should be good To go I should be able to rock this plus It's a pretty wide sneaker overall and I Have like medium width feet so I can Definitely get away with rockiness and The length shouldn't be too much of a Problem I did try them on in store and They fit okay so uh well I didn't tie The laces so they fit fine but I'm Interested to see what happens when I Tie the laces but either way insane Pickup super stoked on this wish I Hadn't sold them originally but I got Them for like above retail and I sold Them for about what I got them for and Then I found them for retail so good Retail pickup definitely not getting rid Of them maybe I should just throw them On right now just to you know what I'm Gonna throw them on right now Throw it on really quick I hope it fits Oh yeah we're good Feels good man they look good too throw These on with a pair of the uh brand new Apothecary Phillips Street Department

Socks you'll be good to go and of course The second pickup of the day were these Air Jordan 1 Royals in a size 9 my size I believe this is the 2017 release the Last release of the shoes let me check They are the 2017 release so these Dropped in 2017 and it's probably one of My favorite Air Jordans of all time Obviously the breads are my favorite Than the Chicago's and then probably These are the black toes I think they're Tied but I already have a pair of these In fact I had two pairs of these one on Ice and then one that I wore never Thought I was gonna wear the one on ice Because I have like three pairs of Breads on ice so I figured I'd wear Those first so I sold that pair Regretted it ever since and now I've got This pair which has a staple on the Bottom so there you go you can probably Pull that out pretty easily but I Grabbed these for 189 from Second Street With no box and I think without a box That's pretty much going right I think It's possible that I could sell these For 200. if I did decide to sell these Which I might do on like what not or Something like that if I uh decide I Don't need them so I'm selling a lot of Sneakers from my own personal collection Which if you guys didn't know about that Make sure to check out my whatnot live Streams I'll leave a link in the

Description below get ten dollars Towards your first purchase it's not a Promo I'm just telling you guys about Them and uh yeah these sneakers are Absolutely fire they look legit to me I'll run them through the unboxed app Just to double check but um yeah great Pair of sneakers decent price I think it Was a good pickup [Music] We just pulled up to the Old Homestead Plato's Closet which uh hopefully has Something because over the last couple Weeks I haven't been here in like a Month but over the last couple weeks Before that they just didn't have Anything on the shelves because they Were saving it for like events and stuff So I'm hoping that this Plato's just Kind of changed things up so that they Put stuff back up on the shelves but uh We should have to wait and see so let's Do it so good news is it looks like There are some sneakers which is great Way more than there was last time it's Like I said it's been about a month but We've got some LeBrons right off the bat For 80 bucks for a size 11 and a half Think I'm good on that I saw something Over here which I'm really excited about So this right up here is the My Adidas Ultra boost with the multi-colored toe So I remember when these dropped they Were only available through Adidas's

Website you had to customize them and They would go for like three to four Hundred dollars this pair is going for 45 size 12 and a half in pretty decent Condition but there's definitely some Yellowing on like the Boost midsole the Outsole is pretty worn down let me see How much these are going for anyway Right now so unfortunately they're going For about 45. they're also not that My Adidas I thought they were apparently This is a pair that dropped after the My Adidas that had the same style but my Adidas is basically like Nike ID Customizer Sneakers but yeah cool shoe Nonetheless we got some Dames right here A nice purple and black colorway it Looks like the Black Panther colorway It's actually kind of clean kind of dig That big size though we got some nmds Over here nice blue and gum colorway But I think that might be it Hopefully there's more sneakers on the Shelves there's still not anything I Really want to grab A little Ben Simmons Jersey over here I'm gonna leave that for sure Shoe wall today Unfortunately no shoes worth picking up Today Miss with Goodwill but sometimes you Really hit On some GameCube games some PS2 games I think I'm gonna grab a bunch of them I

Think I'm gonna grab a bunch of them Yep grabbing this Got some dunks for 50. these are clean Got some LeBrons for four handy They're in great condition though Wow look at that [Music] Coming out of the box for this one Okay Of course [Music] Oh okay Gotcha okay you know what I'll take them Cool man I'll take them I may have just found the greatest Thrift pickup of my entire life I'm not even kidding Yo Freak out but that was absolutely insane I'll tell you guys the story about these Shoes really quick and then we'll take Them home and check them out even closer But I saw these on the uh the shelf and I was like yo I recognize those I'm not Exactly 100 sure what they are and then I saw the price tag I was like yo 400 This might be something so I I checked Them out on eBay These are the LeBron 10 Championship Pack lows there's two shoes in the pack This is only one of the shoes from the Pack but the pack goes for around two Thousand dollars but one shoe from the Pack on the low end in good condition

Without a box goes for around 500 now These shoes were listed at four but uh As you guys saw I got them for 350. yo I Oh my gosh it's a size 10 too I could Even rock it if I wanted yo I I'm trying to contain myself right now This is crazy okay let's go home and Check him out I can't I can't believe This I literally cannot believe this Oh man it's been a day it's been a day I've had a day to process this pickup And I'm still Blown Away by it that of Course is the shoes that we grabbed from Second Street they gave me a bag it's Actually a Five Below bag so shout out To them for reusing bags before we get To the sneakers though let me show you Guys what games I picked up because I do Also like gaming a lot if you guys want To see some of my Retro Game pickups Check out my second channel it's called Tech Fowler it's just my name Seth but I I it's like ad Tech Fowler or something Like that Um we're trying to hit 100 000 Subscribers over there we're like 89 000 If you guys want to subscribe to that Channel Link in the description below But these are the games that we grabbed We grabbed Ghost Recon PS2 all of these Have manuals by the way too except for One and I forget which one it is and he Gave me like an extra it's this one he Gave me like an extra two dollars off so

Grab these four five this one's for Five Ghost Recon Midnight Club three double Edition one of my favorite games in the PS2 for five bucks Battlefront for five Bucks the OG Battlefront 2 is my Favorite but Battlefront one's also good You got finest Hour which is on Clearance for Two or three dollars and then we got one GameCube game which was six dollars NBA Courtside 2002. I have no idea How good this game is if it's good but It had Kobe on the front and I really Wanted to try it so NBA courtside GameCube 2002 let's get it but now let's Get on to the craziest pickup of the day And probably one of the craziest Thrift Pickups I've ever had so let me grab Those real quickly so these are the Nike LeBron 10 lows this sort of floral Sneaker from the championship pack the Championship pack obviously came with Two sneakers you got the red one and the Green one and uh brand new or I guess With all the pieces it goes to around Two thousand dollars which is insane They're in I mean Immaculate condition Like that's crazy look at that look at That outsole that's nuts and they're a Size 10. the craziest part of this whole Transaction though as you guys saw in The video was that while they were Listed for 400 he actually gave them to Me for 350 because they've been sitting

For two weeks he was telling me that There was this one guy who came in like A week ago debating whether you should Grab these or not like on the phone with His brother for like an hour trying to Decide if it was worth it and uh he Decided against it which worked out for Me because I grabbed this shoe now the Good news about this shoe is even though It doesn't have the box and it's worn Very lightly my dad but still worn and It doesn't have the other side of the Pair or the other side of the pack this Shoe is still worth between 500 and 800 So I paid 350 for this shoe I might keep It because it's a size 10. it's a size That I could actually Rock and uh it's a Grail like it's this is a legitimate LeBron Grail which is crazy I'd never Thought I'd find something like this at An actual thrift store like I found Crazy stuff at thrift stores before this Is the same thrift store that I found Those Kobe breads from last time uh but This is like a whole nother level this Is like finding Union once or like Finding one half of the new beginnings Pack like the ones or the airships or Something like that this is probably the Greatest Thrift pickup I've ever had Both in terms of relative resale value Because I think I can make probably 200 To 500 off of this profit the fact that I found this at a thrift store probably

Trumps the Supreme Foams Supreme fives From Japan and Tokyo which by the way if You guys haven't checked out the Tokyo Vlog make sure to um check it out Link In the description below I know I'm Promoting a lot of stuff but there's Like a bunch of good stuff I want you Guys to check out and uh this is it this Is the shoe I think this is probably the Best shoe I've ever found in the thrift Store let me know if you guys agree with That in the comment section down below Because I'm sure a lot of you guys Remember shoes that I don't remember I'd Love to know what you guys think is the Actual greatest pickup I've ever had or Even the greatest pickup you've ever had In a thrift store and as always thanks So much for watching make sure to Subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll See you all in the next one