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I'm buying the entire offy the 10 Collection with just a $20 bill well you Guys know how it goes I'm not actually Buying the entire offy the 10 collection With just this bill but I'm buying and Selling and trading things that I buy With this bill to get to the entire Aly The 10 collection and we start off this Week with a sneaker collection fund of $965 so let's get to It so I'm not seeing much in the men's Section today we got some large Pegasus Some like Hyperdunk things and then We've got some like Nike freeze but That's about it the rest are kind of Like no names we got some deodor here I Guess but that's about it and some brand Blacks actually that's kind of cool I'm Going to head over to the case at the Front see if I can find anything Worthwhile I still got these 11s but I'm Still not picking them up I don't think They're worth it I've got some Nike Stuff kind of look like dunks I don't Know what those are actually but I'm Really considering this PlayStation Thing but it's 125 so it' be a personal Pickup I'll have to look into it cuz I I I have no idea what that is some kind of Hard drive I'll text riff editor riff And see what he says all right so I'm Seeing that the PlayStation hard drive Final Fantasy bundle is going for like 150 online obviously we don't have 125

In the sneaker collection fund at least Right at this moment so it's just Probably not even worth it for the Personal pickup cuz I think after like Fees and shipping it' be like a $5 Profit and I don't know what condition The thing is actually in I saw the Box The box was in not the best condition But not the worst condition but it's Kind of crazy to see something that you Literally never find so but I don't know Man I'm going to hit up like retro Rick And riff and see what their opinions are On it and then I might come back if it's Worth picking up so we have to wait and See Got some as6 some jelli 3s bunch of Jelli 3s Actually gel lights of some kind 40 Bucks not bad so this is where we found The Kennedy Meeks pair I'm kind of Hopeful I find something else but I kind Of out it we do have some large cleats Though that could be something but I Don't know anything about Cleats got some hokas a little dirty Some Brooks Glycerin is always a good Pickup for how much 10 bucks that might Be an option some cracks well actually Not Crocs we got some Al Birds here Which I actually thought were 350s at First glance because of the knit but They're not anywhere close we got some Pegasus it looks like in a large

Size bunch of red Pegasus actually I Wonder if like someone just really loves Red Pegasus I was just getting rid of their Entire collection all 24 bucks not worth It these hogies are nice though 10's not Bad they are a little bit dirtier than I Would like over here we got some Air Max 97 For 15 women's size in a color that I Don't don't think it go for much it's It's not actually kid size so it's a 5y Dam all right guys so I just got into Center City Philadelphia bad news is is That it's pouring rain as you guys can See but the good news is I'm actually Wearing my vessis and as a sneaker head You might be thinking to yourself why Would I wear vessis but it actually Makes sense especially in weather like Today when you don't want to ruin your $1 thousand sneakers so these are the Vessie soos and I've actually had this Pair of shoes for about 2 months they Actually sent them to me early so huge Thank you to V for that but this is a Shoe that I actually throw on literally Whenever it's raining and as a sneaker Head who has way too many pairs of Expensive sneakers it's nice to have a Pair of shoes that I can throw on that Are lightweight and comfortable that I'm Not worried about beating up especially When it's pouring rain like it has been

All week not only are vessie shoes Lightweight easy to put on and also Pretty decent looking I really like the Soho design it's a brand new sneaker Design that they just dropped the best Part about vessis is that they're Waterproof which means your socks Especially if you're wearing Apothecary Socks will never get wet and I can Attested that I've been wearing these All week in the rain and as you guys see In today's video I'm walking through a Bunch of Puddles and my socks are Completely dry now to be completely Honest vessie actually reached out to me About a year ago but I didn't want to Talk about a pair of shoes that I didn't Think I was going to like and promote Something that I wasn't a fan of Personally because I try to only promote Things that I actually use on this Channel and then a couple months later Because I kept seeing vessie ads I Decided to actually review a pair for Myself going into it thinking there is No way they can be as good as these ads Are saying and I was genuinely really Surprised that they actually did exactly What they said they were going to do They were lightweight they were Comfortable and they kept my feet dry so When vessie reached out once again to do A sponsorship I said you know what let's Do it let me wear the shoes for a couple

Months first before I promote them to Make sure that I actually like them and Genuinely I do like these shoes a lot And I mean seriously these shoes are Waterproof you can put your feet under a Hose and they won't get wet it's crazy I Will say that they do run a little bit Snug so if you're grabbing a pair of These for yourself which I actually Really recommend through the link in the Top of the description below if you Don't like a snug fit maybe go up half a Size but I grab these in my true size is Size N9 and while they are a little bit Snug they fit me great and they're Incredibly comfortable for all day wear And you know what it's crazy to say but This has become one of my most worn Pairs of sneakers over the last 2 months Since I've owned it I keep it by my door I throw it on whenever it's not so nice Outside or whenever I want to wear a Pair of shoes that is completely Waterproof so if you want to check out Vessis for yourself make sure to click The link in the top of the description Below I really love the Soho style I Think if you guys go with this one you Won't be disappointed and of course huge Thank you to vessie for supporting the Channel we'll see what's up see what we Got here we got some some dunks for 179 Size 10 see if I can find anything is Worth like the

Flip these are dope I really love these But not for1 179 got the reverse Chicago For 149 you got the fear ones for $229 of course the car mines not a bad Price 3.99 for these that's Crazy 249 for this size 11 you're Kidding for these off Whites that's dope let me check these Guys out that's actually a really dope Price so I'm going to have to grab these Let me see what the other condition of The other side of pair Is not bad man that's crazy I'm going to Have to grab these I'm assuming they Don't have a box but for $249 is not bad this might be a quick Flip so I know it's not part of the Series but I'm going to have to grab These cuz the price is crazy got some Foams here some metallic Reds for 79 not Bad not bad some DJ ceds for $49 I think I got these cheaper at the outlet but Still dope to See we got some ALDS right here for $149 That might actually be a dope price I'm Might check these guys out oh wait fear Gods up here too no that's cool I've Always one of these 109 size 10 that's Not bad got some dunks here in the size 9 for 99 kind of like a Halloween Vibe kind of Dig it I don't know if that's a good Price though so I'm going to leave them Got some Aqua Eight I love the aqua

Eights 109 beautiful small size though Some bronze up here here we go soldiers Maybe I'm not sure what these are for How Much 39 that's not bad let me check These guys out actually that might be a Steal never mind not worth it for that Price they go for Less on eBay there's So much dope stuff here too you got the Twos got some dunks it's all just like a Little out of my price range but it is All fire and it's all for like really Good prices too and I would assume that Most of it's legit too cuz I think that They do check them before they sell them So that's really cool to see all right So we did pick something up at Second Street it's not exactly what I thought We were going to pick pick up and it's Also not something I can make part of The series because unfortunately it Costs way too much however if we did Have this much money in the fun this Would have been an amazing pickup so I Grabbed these off-white uh Nike Dunks These are 16 of 50 now I'm not 100% sure If they're legit they were at $249 so It's an expensive gamble but I think With Second Street as long as you keep The tags on the shoe um after you have Them legit checked you can bring them Back um and they will take them back so That's the that's the hope with these I Think that they are legit they just

Don't have a box and after looking at These guys on eBay I think I can flip These for like 400 bucks so like $150 Profit I figur that's a good way to keep It interesting cuz so far this week I Haven't found anything so if I grab Something else for a personal pickup That I can flip um probably on whatnot I Feel like it's going to be a good a good Pickup first sign back at the Second Street in a minute not seeing too much Off the rip but there's some decent Stuff here regardless like we got some y 3s got some Fels decent amount of Jordans we got the Brazil Dunks actually check the prices on the Brazil dunks cuz I'm not sure 279 is Probably not worth it we got some Flu Game 12 here in size N9 which is my size That's still for how much 229 that's About what they go For got some Chicago 3es some ly ones Which just released too got some Legend Blues for 159 that's not bad actually my Size too I really love it what else we Got some Phoenix Suns eights some Gatorade Sixes nothing over here got some flying Dunks I didn't even know this were a Thing are these flying tunks I think They are that's crazy Al we got some Cool suede boys over here 459 that's not bad I'm going to check

These guys out cuz I actually don't know What these are so these are actually the Celestin blues and they actually go for A good amount but not pre-owned so I'm Going to leave them got some Bodega New Balances got some of the uh The Undefeated Air Force ones I love to call The stes how much are these going for I Know they're at the outlet for cheap but $149 now cheaper than that at the outlet We got these guys the Fees we got the Air Max 4S these Actually go for around that it's not a Bad price if you're trying to grab these You got these clean ones too very nice Which is nothing priced under what it Should be priced I think everything's Priced really well here which is good But uh not good if I'm trying to flip Some stuff so I'm going to leave all This for now unfortunately another Strikeout at Second Street so going to Hit up at most cuz apparently it's Leaving the city for good uh I don't Think I'll find anything up for the Series but I do want to check it out Before it Leaves all right so unfortunately kind Of fruitless trip to Center City today Uh we did find those off whites from Earlier but nothing from like the other Second Street or Buffalo Exchange I did Go to Atmos because literally as I was Driving here this news came out that

Atmos was closing all of its Us Locations which is awful it's like my Favorite store in Philly besides maybe Laps on and Hammer they're both like Equal in my mind cuz I bought so many Sneakers from there I've camped out at Both spots um so it is a really really Sad thing that's happening that they're Closing down but they're not closing Down till January I made sure to go in And ask so I didn't film anything in There cuz there wasn't really honestly There wasn't a lot of releases in there Other than maybe like some airships Which uh I'm not going to pick up but Definitely some other good stuff to come From them before they close it's just a Really sad uh situation in its entirety One other good piece of news or one good Piece of news is that I actually hit on The satin bread one somehow on early Access on the sneakers app which is Crazy I never hit on anything on the Sneakers app and I hit the satin breads Which is amazing so I got them for Retail again I don't think I don't think It's going to be for the series because Um it's 180 bucks I don't have 180 bucks But it is what it is personal pickup I Guess that's sort of the theme of today I mean it's crazy cuz I've been hitting On so much good stuff but I literally Don't have enough money for any of it so I don't know man it is what it is

Hopefully we find some more stuff later On in the week all right so some bad News uh unfortunately it looks like Those Air Jordan 14s that we found last Week that I was all excited about are Fake and uh I checked them on the the uh Unboxed app and uh they came up as fake And uh honestly I'm going to be real I Second guessed cuz I was like there's no Way these are fake they look so good so I checked them uh on a different app and Then also in a store and they are in Fact fake um which is crazy to me Because I didn't know if fakes were that Good in 2006 or 2005 is when it says That it was made um and I really think That it's that old because if you look At like the glue stains and some of the Creasing and just the way that it was Worn it's not like a recent fake like It's definitely an older older sneaker So I'm really surprised because I Thought I was good at finding fakes and Uh yes there were some red flags like One of the logo colors was different Than what it should have been for that Particular uh model um and then also the Tag when you search the skew it came up As a different model um so those were Two big red flags but I thought maybe I Don't know I don't know what I was Thinking I was I guess it was wishful Thinking I have no idea but either way It's fake and what I've decided to do is

Um just eat the eat the loss originally I was thinking maybe I'll refund myself $10 uh because you know oh it's fair cuz I'm not get $10 no it's not fair Basically those LeBron cost me $20 uh Rather than $10 because of that loss With the 14s which I'm just counting as Just a scratch loss so it is what it is You make mistakes we would have been $10 Farther along in this collection if I Hadn't bought those but it is what it is So uh I guess onward and upward I'm Actually stopping by a brand new thrift Store well it's not really a brand new Thrift store it's new to me though um And I've driven past a million times and I just always thought it was a furniture Store not like a full-on thrift store so I'm going to stop inside hopefully we Find something have that for Humanity ReStore and of course on foot today I've Got the veses as you guys know and also The brand new Apothecary Halloween socks Which are dropping online on Friday the 13th at Apothecary dcom and we're also Having a very special event at the Linux Mall at zumies where you guys can come Meet us and greet us on uh Friday the 13th so it's going to be sick we're Going to have one of the colorways of The socks you guys should definitely Come stop by and uh yeah they're fire it Is a furniture store all right so uh not Exactly what I expect well exactly what

I expected initially and then I Convinced myself that it wasn't what I Expected and then it was exactly what I Expected um the good news is though we Did actually end up selling some Sneakers on whatnot in fact all of our Inventory on whatnot so let me go Through those guys really quickly so the First pair that we sold was the Brooks Divide 3s we grabbed those for $6.99 From Goodwill and we ended up selling Them for $20 on whatnot after fees we Were able to add I believe $17.80 back Into the bank because you know I think The buyer paid for shipping and then of Course we got whatnot fees but that's a Pretty decent amount which means we had A profit of $108 which is way more than I expected From that pair of shoes the next pair That we sold of course were the Nike LeBron 17 lows we grabbed those for $10 Like I mentioned earlier uh along with a Pair of fake Air Jordan 14s so Realistically closer to 20 but we're Going to go with 10 because that's at The time what I thought I was paying for Them and we ended up selling them on Whatnot for $35 after fees we were able To add $31.23 back into the bank which means That we had a profit of $212 3 which is incredible I'm really Happy with that which means we now have

A new Bank of $586 which is amazing and way more than I expected to have at this point in the Journey so I'm going to go to Plato's Closet and see if we can find anything Worthwhile okay pulling up to play the First thing I'm seeing here some black Roshi runs nothing crazy there got some 720s it's all kid-size stuff actually Let me go around to the men section we Got some new balances right here these Are new balance um shoot I actually Don't know but they're only 25 Bucks uh I don't know which silhouette This is May the 997s not bad for 25 bucks that might be A potential pick up oh these are shiny That's wild you can almost see myself in There got some Kaw right here not bad For how much 50 o little too much and Then these look at these the t-u Specials right here that's ridiculous They look cool though I would never wear Them but they look cool we do have some Air Max 95s right here in really good Condition for how Much 70 we don't have enough dang that Could be good Though man too bad he over here with Some Jordan 1 mids these tagged yet 40 Bucks that's not bad kid size though Some Nike Shocks nothing really in that Bin see this

Bin nope bags and stuff and slides Dang I like to check out the games too Just in case see if there's anything I'm Missing or anything that I recognize It's worth something found Guitar Hero Too which is cool one my favorite games Growing up but nothing too much else got Some Adidas boo shoes here these are Probably I have no idea what these are a Couple years ago these would have gone For a lot they kind of look like Ultra Bru I think they're the um shoot Supernova that's what it's called Supernovas I'm going to leave those oh We got some Hyperdunks right here for 15 Bucks that is not bad they're not very Worn let me check out this particular Colorway see if it's worth anything Bunch of pairs listed but nothing sold So I'm going to leave them got some new Balance robes in really good condition Probably not worth it though me when I Don't find anything for an entire week So unfortunately nothing this week Honestly like no new finds I went Thrifting for days and I couldn't find Anything I didn't even include all the Clips in this video cuz it was just too Many to include but uh nothing and Sometimes that's how it goes but we do Still have a Bank fund to $58.64 which Is not terrible hopefully next week we Can go to some other thrift stores maybe A little bit farther out they might have

Stuff that I've never seen before so I'm Hopeful for that and I do want to Highlight Dallas thrifter because he Tweeted me an image of one of his Craziest Thrift finds that's this pair Of Josh Howard Air Jordan 8 pees it's Amazing that he found this at the thrift Store I'm literally blown away I would Have lost my mind if I found these but If you guys want your Thrift finds Featured in these upcoming videos make Sure to tweet me or Instagram Me @ real Seth fer also give me a follow over There and I might feature one of your Crazy thrift finds in the next video but With all that being said thank you all So much for watching make sure to Subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll See you all in the next one