I may have spent $11,000 on it and it May be a golf shoe that I can't wear Unless I'm playing golf wow I mean your Shoes might get wet they're waterproof Mine are too apparently here goes 500 Bucks that sucks actually it is kind of Rolling off the top it really is rolling Off the top I'm actually really Impressed wow the new Buck feels like it Was never wet the leather has a little Bit of dirt on it but literally just Wipes right off how much do you think I Paid for these shoes $170 that is actually exactly the retail Price look at that but paid 1,000 really Yeah why how much $39.99 and that's how You got your sub 80 Scores is that my ball right there the Little red guy or is that a leaf yeah no Way I think that's one of the best hits I've ever had I can't believe that I Don't suck as bad as I thought yo it's The shoes I'm telling you so what would You rate these shoes out of 10 7.3 oh Okay I think I genuinely like these more Than I expected to I think like an eight Eight or nine