Learn more about the vision behind one of Vick’s most unique customs. The Hat Club custom was inspired by 2 of Vick’s favorite accessories and came to life after partnering with another incredible customizer. The project started with over $700 worth of hats and after the deconstruction process turned into something incredible. Would you rock these? #shorts

Two of my favorite things in the world Are hats and sneakers I wanted to Challenge myself and do something that's Never been done before and let's make a Pair of dunks out of hats one of my Favorite Easter eggs about this sneaker Is the purple and orange MLB logo this Represents the founder of Hat Club Danny Ames he used to pray for the Phoenix Suns Hat Club is based from Phoenix I'm A huge Phoenix Suns fan so this detail Made sense when it came to this project The biggest intro I encountered was logo Placement if you look at the Hat we have Multiple logos we have the side logo the MLB and the new era one of the coolest But subtle details on the sneaker is a Stitching on the back you see that on Every single tongue however that also Represents the brim of these hats the Trickiest part about this whole process Was figuring out where to put the side Patches they take up a lot of space so Ultimately we went with no Sushi's Because I didn't want to cover up those Beautiful Diamondbacks logos it's my Favorite detail to add more elements of The Hat we added these ventilation holes That you see on almost every single hat Right in the toe box and as lace holders All in all it's only a matter of time Till we see a Nike and New Era Collaboration inspired by this project