???? These were absolutely disgusting! ????

The Rookie Of The Year Air Jordan 1 has been on the list of restorations for a while, so when we received a badly damage pair into our Drop Off Cleaning Service it was a must to restore these. In today’s episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick Almighty I will show you how to repair damaged suede, remove watermarking, oxidation and more.

From the looks of these kicks they were cleaned previously and let’s just say they weren’t cleaned properly. This clean resulted in water damage, damaged suede… Or it could be even worse and it was NEVER cleaned, but the water marking we see is sweat ???? Who knows what happened in these sneakers?!

As always we had to start with a full deep clean to really remove all of the grime, hair and whatever else might be within these grimy sneakers. This started with the classic pretreatment using RESHOEVN8R’S all natural solution and 3 different brush options, but we all knew these shoes would need the wash for a proper deep clean. After the washing machine the sneaker looked a lot better, but the shape of the sneaker was still really off. Therefore we needed to restructure the sneaker using Microfiber Towels and Shoe Trees.

Once the sneaker was clean, reshaped and the suede was repaired it was time to move to the next step. We had to remove the oxidation from the rubber outsoles with RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive and the Vick 2000 (also known as 4500W of UV rays). When removing the yellowing from rubber outsoles/ midsoles you won’t need a ton of time; often the yellowing can be removed in just a couple of hours.

Now we move onto the details. These sneakers were badly scuffed and scratched, so we had to do a complete tape job to ensure we only painted the leather materials. We repaired the scuffs on the white leather with a mix of a couple different paint colors to get the perfect match.

Since these sneakers were so beat, we had to do a couple extra steps. The sneaker got extremely faded due to the washing machine and an insane amount of year, so we had to try a couple different products, but ultimately the color was not coming back. We had to redye the sneaker to get a perfect vibe. This took some Google images and a mix of a couple different paints, but overall I’d say this looks like a brand new sneaker.

Send your shoes to our Drop Off Cleaning Service at reshoevn8r.com and who knows you might be upgraded to a restoration by Vick too!

When you first saw this sneaker were you confident that it would clean up?!
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What's up everybody today we're going to Try to take care of the worst Rookie of The Year Jordan ones that I've ever seen Everything's wrong with these sneakers So you can see right there that nasty Stain I'm pretty sure that's feet sweat From the inside and out I could be wrong It could be something else there's Scratches on the leather scratch on the Suede we have yellow increasing again Everything's wrong we got a lot of work Ahead of us so let's get started [Music] For before and after purposes we'll put The rice sugar to the side and focus Only on the left first we're gonna take Out the laces and insole and clean those Up separately God what the This is by far one of the worst insoles I've ever seen the top part is Completely gone it's deteriorated into Pieces I'm pretty sure this was supposed To be white it's completely Brown it's Covered in hair I think Bigfoot worthies I'm just gonna go ahead Throw these away Or replace them later let's continue This cleaning before we keep it moving If you're not already subscribe to our Channel we drop weekly content on Mondays and Thursdays now the next day We're gonna do before we put the shoe Tree inside we gotta use the compressor

And our soft bristle brush to remove as Much surface dust Grime and hair on These sneakers for this part I am going To be wearing a mask because I don't Want to breathe any of that stuff in and For the rest of cleaning I am going to Be wearing gloves because these shoes Are disgusting Foreign [Music] Using the air compressor was crucial for The shoe there was so much dust so much Hair inside I'm glad I was wearing a Mask and some gloves now we still have To go in and put our shoe tree inside The sneaker this is going to help us Reshape the toe box and the crushed Ankle area Now let's grab two squares of our Solution inside our bowl of water All prepped ready to go for this Cleaning we are going to be using our Rejuvenator signature shoe cleaning kit Without a doubt this shoe needs to go in The washing machine it's extremely dirty I also added a little bit of extra Solution inside a bowl of water now to Get it started we're going to be using Our stop bristle brush to break down all The grime and dirt on the uppers and the Insides [Music] Foreign [Music]

So far so good the shoe's looking a lot Better we're going to move on to the Medium bristle brush and hit the leather And the suede one more time to get as Much grain as possible off [Music] Uppers are looking great in size as well Thanks to the medium and soft bristle Brush now to finish it off we still got To clean up the soles and the midsoles Instead of using the zippers to brush We're going to use our brass Crystal Brush it's going to get the job done a Lot quicker and easier [Music] Pre-game is complete before we put the Shoe inside the washing machine we got To give our lace a quick pre-treatment We're going to be using our left door Watering solution once it's all scrubbed Down I'm gonna lace the shoe back up put Them in the washing machine that's going To help give the shoe some structure at The moment it's a little flimsy the back Is crushed once the shoe goes in the Washing machine and it's fully dried it Should look a lot better Foreign [Music] [Music] Got the shoe out of the washing machine It looks a million times better between The washing machine and the Pre-treatment we washed out all the

Grime bacteria dirt and debris again it Should look so much better now and That's thanks to our rejuvenator Signature shoe cleaning kit now there is A few things I need to touch on when I Took the shoe out of the washing machine The toe box was completely out of shape There was no structure to it the sushi Was not enough so I went ahead using two Microfiber towels and stuffed the toe Box as much as I could just so we could Give it some structure and dry that way Another thing I did was remove the lace Originally I was going to keep it on However this suede was too close to that White tongue I didn't want to cause any Bleeding so I took off the lace another Thing is I wouldn't recommend putting The shoe inside the washing machine Unless it needs it this was a different Case this shoe was completely beat Disgusting inside and out it had to go In the washing machine but the suede Bleeds like crazy on the stitching in Certain areas it's a little darker than Usual that's thanks to the suede where It bled we're going to try to remove That later on in this video but again I Wouldn't recommend putting this in the Washing machine unless it needs it Lastly as the shoe is drying outside Underneath the sun I was using our brass Bristle brush to brush in several Directions just so at the end the suede

Wouldn't be all crunchy and it did make A big difference the suede right now is Buttery soft originally the suede was Rock Solid there was no buttery texture To it at all anywhere on the shoe so That's a good indicator that the suede Wasn't completely cooked yes the suede Is still pretty faded but later on in This video I'm gonna try to fix that the Next step is to remove the oxidation off These outsoles using our rejuvenated Sort of Vive and the big 2000 Thank you [Music] Got the shoe out of the big 2000 after a Couple hours on each side the soul look Back to brand new white one thing I do Want to touch on as I was applying the Rejuvenator store Vibe onto the soles my Hands looked a little bit and I got some On the suede right on the edge nothing Too crazy I grabbed their microfiber Towel and dried as much of it as Possible there is a mark I'm not too Worried about it with some sandpaper It'll come right off the next step is Using some sandpaper to prep the leather On the toe box we have a lot of light Scratches luckily they're not too deep So using some 800 grit sandpaper and Some 1000 grit sandpaper we should be Able to get it nice and smooth to start The prep work [Music]

Oh [Music] 12 box is nice and smooth to finish the Prep work we're gonna use some acetone And carnivas to give it a nice wipe down After that we're gonna tape off Everything but the white leather so we Can lay down some paint [Music] All taped up before we lay down the Paint I had to create a custom mix paint It's not straight white it's a little Bit off-white so I grabbed some white Paint and added two drops of brown paint To get the perfect mix now stay down With the airbrush [Music] Paint job looks solid now there's still One more step I got to do before we wrap This part up anytime I airbrush several Coats of paint onto the leather it gets Kind of grainy to get it back to its Original smooth texture we're going to Give it a quick stand get rid of all That gradiness after that we'll give it One more coat of paint after we take Care of that we'll go outside and spray Some problem and finish All right [Music] [Music] [Music] Toolbox is complete that's a night and Day difference for the side panels there

Isn't any deep scratches there is some Nice cuffs however later on in this Video I am going to go back with some White paint and a detailed brush to Touch up those areas it's very minimal So just right here a little bit of right There and right there again we'll take Care of that later my next focus is a Suede overall it is pretty clean but I Do want to hit this way with some 600 Grit sandpaper right now it's uneven in Certain areas back here we have some Marks over here I got some sort of vibe We got to get rid of that so let's go Ahead and even out the suede Foreign Good to go with the Sandpaper we got the Random marks completely off everything For the most part is nice and even and It's a lot softer than before now the Biggest challenge for this restoration Is bringing back the color on the suede I'm not going to dye it because trying To mix a perfect die for this tone is Going to be really hard I'm not going to Be using rejuvenator mink oil because at This point it's too faded so we're going To try to use Angela's suede renew in The past I've had good luck with this Stuff on certain projects however Sometimes the suede becomes too dark or It changes the texture in those cases I've gone back with some rejuvenator Solution and a stopper so brush to give

It a quick even cleaning once it dries I Go back with the dry bristle brush and Brush it one more time and I've gotten Some great results we're going to spray It all around and we'll see how it turns Out [Music] First coat is fully dried in some areas It looks really good however in some Other areas it's still pretty light so We're gonna go back one more time and Spray another coat [Music] Second coat's been applied it's fully Dried it's starting to look a lot better It's still not quite there yet we are Going to try to clean the shoe one more Time hopefully a combination of the Suede renew and our solution brings back More of the color once we give it a Quick even cleaning we'll put it outside So it can air dry [Music] All right I've got these air dry one More time outside Foreign For about 10 minutes these are the Results sweat renew and cleaning up the Shoe did very little the shoe is still Pretty faded and ashy off camera a dress To shoot and straight renew and Rejuvenator mink coil and honestly it Did nothing so the next best thing we Could do is put the color back by dyeing

It first we got to do a lot of taping We're gonna tape off everything but the Suede so for this part I don't have a Brand new rookie of the year to match The exact color of the suede so I went On Google and matched it as close as Possible I went ahead and used Angelus Mustard Angelus machete vanilla to Lighten up the tone I also went ahead And used two soft so I could adhere to This material and lastly I went ahead And mixed it with some Jacquard airbrush Medium to get it ready for the airbrush I mixed it up real well to get the Perfect tone now we're going to apply it With the airbrush [Music] [Applause] All right [Music] So far so good I'm actually really Impressed with the color match behind This panel there's some leather the Comparison is pretty close now we Started to do this back piece for the Wings logo I am going to spray over it However I am going to go back with the Resume wipe and give it a quick wipe Down after that I'll dry it I'm using Our medium bristle brush as I go after Every light coat after I dry it I go Away and brush it that's what's keeping The Buttery soft texture Foreign

[Music] Color looks great The Next Step you got To do is very important we got to go Outside and spray some rejuvenator Wiring stain repellent we got to protect The suede we gotta lock it in we don't Want it to come off let's go outside [Music] After two solid coats I'm letting the Shoe dry we got the shoe fully protected Thanks to our repellent now let's go Ahead and remove all the tape Tape is off we're almost done with this Restoration we still got to go back and Touch up the white leather we're going To be using the exact same paint that we Use for the toe box with a small detail Brush we're going to go in and touch up These tiny little scuffs [Music] All right this restoration is basically Done everything's been touched up I'm Really happy with how the shoe looks the Last step I got to do is take out all The stuffing from the toe box the only Reason I left that stuffing inside Throughout this entire restoration is Just so that topaz can maintain that Structure once I take it out you'll see What I mean check it out no stuffing the Toe box it's back to that nice original Shape all that's left to do is to lace It up we also got this brand new Authentic Jordan insole from the

Boneyard for this freshly restored Sneaker [Music] All right guys that's going to bring us To an end on this full restoration of These Rookie of the Year Jordan Ones I Gotta say this is probably one of my Favorite restoration of the 2023 these Cleaned up so nicely it was to the point That the shoes were so disgusting inside And out that I had to put on gloves and A mask I typically don't do that there Was sweat marks on the inside and out All over the suede on the toe box and The back area on the inside there was so Much hair so much lint the insoles were Completely deteriorated but after giving The shoe a pre-treatment and putting the Shoe in the washing machine using the Rejuvenator signature shoe cleaning kit We got the shoot fully cleaned up and Setting out all the bacteria fully Flushed out but after that we still had A lot of work to do we brought the Leather back to life specifically on the Toe Box by sanding it down and giving it A fresh repaint and it's still buttery Smooth we removed all the yellowing from The soles using rejuvenator sorta Vibe And the vid 2000 we also removed the Yelling from the tongues the best part About this restoration is a suede I Didn't think we're going to bring it Back to life but after cleaning it up

And giving it a fresh reduy they look Great overall this restoration was Pretty simple it on the prep work you Can find all their products at Rejuvenator.com use my promo code down Below to save some money hope you guys Enjoyed this video this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see Y'all [Music] [Music]