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Another one of the which are ending up To be like one of the best pickups I've Ever had that was my name is Jeff we Bought that for $6.50 we sold it for uh with all that Being said all that good news aside There is some bad news and the bad news Is I'm buying the entire off-white the 10 collection with just a $20 bill you Guys know the Jo at this point it's not Just using the $20 bill I'm buying and Selling and trading things that I pick Up at thrift stores and yard sales and Stuff like that in order to get to the Entire opy 10 collection but come along With me on this journey today we find Some really incredible stuff actually Stuff that I never thought that I'd be Able to resell so uh with that being Said let's get to it two I think we've Looked at these before how much are These going for 50 okay I'm good on Those also have some Xbox games but I Feel like none of these are probably Worth It not much in sneakers today but There's this pair of A6 these gel Kos or These GT 1000s looks like for $6.99 I'm Going to check these guys out they're a Little dirty but might be worth Something having trouble finding these Guys so I'm going to leave them cuz I Think they probably aren't worth it oh My gosh this Goodwill literally came in

Clutch I cannot believe it so I was was Looking at the sneakers uh and I didn't Find anything but then I went over to The game cabinet because I love retro Video games I love video games in General and I see that they have two Mario Karts a Mario Party 8 and a Mario Super Sluggers which are all Mario games Which all tend to do very very well I Checked the inside of all of them they All their discs I don't know if they all Have their manuals but they're all Almost complete at least and uh they Were all priced at $66.99 however I did Get a discount from the uh the wonderful Lady who was working at the counter and They all came out to $26 even so for $26 We got four games that all their discs I Didn't check the condition of the discs But I'm assuming they're all relatively Okay so Mario Mario uh Super Sluggers Goes for around $34 on eBay Mario Party 8 goes for around $30 on eBay and Mario Kart Wii both go for around um 25 to 30 So all in this is like probably $100 wor A profit right here I can't believe it I Might keep Mario Kart Wii because I Don't think I have it I also don't have Mario Super Sluggers but I'm not as Worried about that one um but if I do I'll just buy it for myself sell for Market value just because I feel like That's fairish as Fair as it can be uh While moving the series along and also

Getting myself a game um what a crazy Come up so I'm going to take this all Home test them and then list them on EBay because I really feel like this Might be I don't know like this might be One of the best pickups three days later We did end up selling some stuff uh the First thing that we sold was Mario Kart Wii we bought that for $6.50 and we sold It for $20.20 after fees we were left with $185 and that means we made an overall Profit of $11.55 but as you guys seem to be a Little confused of um the amount that we Actually add back into the fund is a Total after fees not the profit the Profit is just a metric that's nice to Know the second thing that we sold was Another one of the Wii games which are Ending up to be like one of the best Pickups I've ever had that was Mario Super Sluggers we bought that for $6.50 we sold it for $32 which is wild And after fees we were left with $27.77 which means we had a profit of $21.2 which means we now have a new bank Total of $681 I had to write it all down because I usually use my phone for the notes but In this case obviously I'm filming uh With all that being said all that good News aside there is some bad news and The bad news is is that eBay for

Whatever reason decided to block my Account I'm not sure why I don't exactly Know for what reason it's not like I'm Doing anything fraudulent I guess I'm Just selling a lot more on there than I Usually sell not only did they block my Account or I guess restrict my account They took off all my listings so Everything that I had listed the other Wii games the other sneaker uh as of Right now they're not listed anywhere I Do have a whatnot live stream coming up Very soon so I'll probably try and sell Them through there uh I do also have Another eBay account which has been my Personal account for years but um since Having this eBay account I haven't Really used it as much so I don't know Exactly what I'm going to do I'm going To try and work it out with eBay this is The first time I've ever had any issues With eBay but this is like the most Frustrating issue because I sold a bunch Of stuff like I bought a new laptop I Sold my old laptop selling some old Cameras things like that um and so all My money is kind of on hold with eBay Which is just the most frustrating thing Uh but we'll see what happens hopefully It all gets worked out this I'm Reviewing an Apple Watch for my tech Channel which by the way if you guys Haven't checked out my tech channel it's Actually linked at the top of the

Description below Tech Fowler it's Awesome I definitely recommend it uh but It keeps fraking buzzing on me sorry I've got so much going on okay with that Being said let's go thrifting and Hopefully find something with our $16 That we can sell Somewhere so looks like first things First we got some Sakai some Sakai Blazer Low's for how much 85 that's Actually almost exactly what they go Before in the outlet so going to leave Them but really cool to see here we got Some Yeezys some Yeezy 750s 700s Yeezy 700s it's been a minute Since I talked about Yeezys 100 Bucks good on these here we got some nmd S1's for 65 it's a great price and They're barely worn let me check these Guys out so there aren't any used pairs That have sold and there's only new Pairs that are listed but they've all Sold for like 130 so this might be a Pickup 65 is a pretty big ask for like Like the only shoe that we're grabbing So probably leave them for now but I Might come back if I don't find anything Else hold up up here we got some brand New dunks what brand new with laces for 75 oh my Goodness I think I'm have to grab these That's crazy let me check them out on EBay so it's a size 13 12 so not the Easiest size to move but honestly brand

New for 75 we're grabbing it let's see What else we have in this wall we've got These guys right here 460 we got some Jordan 13s for 65 that's actually that's Not bad either what size are these these Are a size I'm having so much trouble Finding it size 14 little Big we got some customized Air Forces Right here for 29 got some more 13s and Some Jordan one Lowe's the diamond Ones that's about it oh wait we got These guys too look at these for 55 the Jordan 1 metallic Silvers kind of beat Though but not bad for 50 55 up here We've got some air forces in this like Real tree camo situation for 45 probably Not worth anything but cool to see we've Also got some real tree what are these Lacrosses those are ridiculous what else We got we got some Mike you probably Metcons up there up here we got some Iverson very nice in this all red color Way pretty clean but they don't really Go for much we got some super old Air Max are these 95s they're super old Though look at that air bubble it's Ridiculous let me see what year these Are from I'm actually not sure what year But let me know in the comments section If you guys know we got some Team Jordans we got some Haraj these are actually pretty Cool and then up here we got another Nike I don't know what these are and

Some and the Nike Dunk 85s Super Beat Though for 40 Super Beat I think I'm Just going to grab These okay so in the Jordan section we Got some flu games right here for 229 Size 9 it's not terrible we got some Chicago 3s for 179 these are kind of clean these Adidas actually really dig these I don't Know what they are but I dig Them got some more 12s got some ones right here the reverse Royals and the elevates a briad color Way nothing else in this Side got some smaller ones right here Some fives nothing crazy though John Elliot LeBron's I love these These are So sick I like the white color way the Best but this pink colorway is not bad For 59 some new balances some Fels Nothing crazy though nothing I want Simon Toast Crunch Simon Toast Crunch Crocs that's crazy over here we got the Brazil dunks not the Supreme ones for 279 Oo we got these mids I remember when Mids were popping for like a minute a Couple years ago 2020 Got the cord purples for $249 not bad Got the bodegas for 79 that's about what They go for online right now but yeah Unfortunately nothing I want to grab These have been sitting here for a Minute though all right so I realize I Don't usually film on the roof of a

Parking garage but there's no one up Here and I felt comfortable enough to do It and I didn't want to film my car cuz I always film my car but I wanted to Show you guys what we just picked up From Buffalo Exchange I just grabbed the Ray ray gun ray gun I was about to call Him Ray Ban the ray gun Nike Dunk Low's Or SPS are these SPS I should know more About this to be they're SPS yeah They've got the the fat tongue and then The air unit underneath the uh the Insole but yeah these are the ray gun SBS I still want to legit check them Through the unbox app to make sure that They are in fact legitimate and not uh Some sort of uh really good fake but I Grabbed these for I believe 65 bucks Which is not bad now they are 75 bucks They are size 13 and2 so it's not the Best size in the world but for 75 bucks New pairs sell for like 130 140 usually With the box to be fair but these ones Did come with the extra laces which are On the other side of the pair right There so I feel like it's a really great Pickup and for 75 bucks definitely worth It all right so so on the way home I Decided to stop by Ross because I keep Seeing things on Instagram and on Twitter about people finding crazy Sneakers at Ross I know it's a long shot I know it's crazy I have found Jordan 1es at Ross to be fair but they were

Size 18 um but still I feel like we can Find something so I'm going to take a Look there might not be anything but There might be something so let's go do It also on foot today I've got the Apothecary pants and the as6 gel Cho 14s Which I just dropped a top 10 as6 video Of 2024 if you guys want to check that Out there'll be a link somewhere but Check it out the views aren't great so Uh it'd be great if you guys checked it Out and bumped up the view can a little Bit okay so I'm actually seeing some Nike stuff right off the bat look at This size 6 and A2 what are these Nike Zoom X's that's kind of crazy this might be Oh it's 80 bucks never mind probably not Worth it for 80 bucks but kind of crazy To see these I never thought I'd find oh We got more Nikes and we got some are These hardens no these are some sort of Like boost you wear thing for how Much let's see 25 is not bad I might Actually check these guys out these are Probably not worth it for 50 but I'm Definitely going to check these guys out All right so first of all I'm an idiot These are Trey Youngs these are not Hardens I just got Harden on the brain These are a size8 and half and for $25.99 that's actually not a bad price I'm seeing them go for like 35 to 50 now They're definitely slow movies there

Only three sales on uh on eBay which is Not great so I'll consider them but Probably not a pickup just cuz I don't Know exactly what our fund has right now We also got these Vans down here with Some fire on the side that's crazy we've Actually got some nmds over here too This is a great rust this is amazing got Some nmd R1 V2s probably not worth the Pick up especially not for almost 70 Bucks uh We've also got some more Trey Youngs in this really interesting Colorway let's see it was 105 and now It's $ 36.99 that's crazy that's a good price All right let's check out the big Section that's usually where the crazy Stuff is because no one buys it we've Got a a rebok got some Brooks I think we Got some Nikes over here though these Are kind of cool some wow these are Massive what are these size they're 60 Bucks I don't know what size they are But they're probably like a size 16 17 Here's next to a size N that's pretty wild let's see what size They are they're a size 14 oh they're Only a size 14 my dad's a size 13 13 and A half actually so that's basically my Dad's size I don't know how I got stuck With tiny feet when my dad has giant Feet oh some hokas these are kind of Clean how much four size 11 90 bucks Definitely not worth it for that all

Right so I think I'm GNA leave the Trey Youngs but everything else not bad Pretty we got some Yeezys Not actual Yeezys if anyone thinks I'm Serious they're not Yeezys I know that You know what I'm going to check out the Women's section really quick I'll let You guys know if I find anything all Right so nothing in women's so uh on to The next spot I guess home first and Then on to the next spot all right so we Just pulled up to Plato's Closet for the First time in a long time it's not the One that I've been going to that I've Had a lot of success at and that's Mainly because that one isn't open right Now it's actually like an hour before it Opens uh so I'm going to the original One before we jump in there though I do Want to tell you guys about some sales That we did have over the last week I Wrote them down because I'm going to Forget so the first thing that we sold Was the second Mario Kart we grabbed That in the beginning of the week for $6.50 we sold it for $24 and after fees We were left with $21 22 to add back Into the bank when you subtract the Original purchase price from that amount That we added back into the bank we had A profit of $14.72 which is amazing I should grab More video games dude they sell like Crazy and they sold so fast all within a

Week it was nuts uh the second sale that We had was the final video game Mario Party 8 again we bought that for $650 Sold it for 24 and we were left with $20.87 to add back into the uh the bank Which means we had a profit of $14.37 which is amazing and then the Final thing that we sold was that pair Of Adidas now like I mentioned before I Was having some issues with eBay but it Seems like that's all been worked out Now it's all good to go but because of That I had to sell this pair of shoes on Whatnot which I'll put up on the screen So you guys can check it out this pair Of Adidas ZX 2K 4ds so I bought this Pair of Adidas ZX 2K 4ds for $18 and I Sold them for $28 and after fees I was Left with $24.88 which means we had a I hate to Call measly but a measly profit of $688 Looking back on it I probably shouldn't Have picked those up then again I mean We made money on them it just meant that I had to pack them up and ship them and It actually took like an extra 20 Minutes out of my day and is 20 minutes Worth I think 20 minutes is worth $6.88 But with all those sales it means that We are left with a new bank fund of all Right so I had to do some quick math Because I I didn't uh I Didn't Do It on The sheet unfortunately but it means we Have a new bank fund of $18. 78 but um

There you go we have a pretty decent Sneaker collection fund and we have a Pair of dunks that I think we can sell For like $50 so so far this week has Been incredibly successful uh so let's Go into Plato's Closet and see if we can Keep the uh Trend going or if we're just Not going to find anything all right so It looks like even with the Black Friday Sale they've got some stuff still out What do we have got some monarchs in Pretty decent condition right here Actually barely worn for how much 30 Bucks not bad we've got these guys which I think Am I Wrong are these spe on I Don't know what these are I'll be honest With you 40 bucks not bad though barely Worn wow this stuff is all in like Really good condition None of it's like no way no way I can't Believe this how much are these guys Going for well there's no price did they Write the price on the bottom they Didn't write the price on the bottom no Way I'm going to have to grab these I Just don't know what the price is I'm Going to grab these I don't care I don't Care what the price is I'm grabbing These that's Nuts oh my gosh there's two more paars There's legit two more paars right Here What no uh-uh there's like a bunch of Crocs and then a bunch of sahy Crocs

Like you've got Crocs Echo right here These are all like brand New are these these got to be real Right I really don't know these are this Is exactly my size this is men's eight I'm grab these and grab These right Here these are real right like they've Got to be okay I'm just going to buy Them I don't even know how much these Are all going to be but I'm going to Grab them that's wild over here here we Got some Adidas we got some uh looks Like uncaged Ultra boost and then some Other kind of Adidas that I've never Seen before all right so depending on How much these are all going to be I'm Assuming I'm not going to have enough in The fund to either buy all of them for The fund I'm dropping them or grab Anything else so I think I might just Grab these to start I have some Pairs And these look good so I'm assuming they Are Good that's crazy this one has a lot of Glue on it though O I don't know let me double check these Guys all right so I genuinely can't Figure out if these are legit or not I'm Like going through images on eBay I Can't tell the white pair I don't think Is cuz the colors seem a little bit off But these ones seem okay so I don't know What to do should I grab them should I

Not grab them I have pairs it's just I Don't haven't looked at them in a minute So I don't Know I really don't know what to do I Guess it depends on the price so what's Bothering me is the the printing on the Heel or I guess the the embossing or Debossing on the heel I think it's Embossing it just doesn't seem that like Deep and then the toe looks a little Weird but I'm honestly not sure like Everything else seems fine like the the Actual like branding on the other parts Of the shoe seems fine and the tag it is Missing one of the tags for sure not all Of them are well actually they are Missing shoot they're all missing that One like main Part this one I don't think is real cuz The colors are off with this one like Usually this is a lot darker and like It's really deformed so that one I'm Going to leave this one though I don't Know the glue looks really bad though That's my only Concern I don't know to do should I just Buy one and then test It damn that doesn't look good either I Don't know the glue looks really really Bad I think these are I'm going to give Them I'm going to say they're Fake but I'm not sure I kind of want to Go home and check my own pair and like Compare it but these don't

Feel they don't feel exactly right and Usually in cases like that where you Don't know for sure you got to go with Your Gut man I'm going to go with my gut I'm Going to leave him but that's so Frustrating I really don't know I'm Going to go home and check and see if if I was right or wrong but I mean that Glue really does look bad like that's Crazy there's no way the real ones look Like That okay I'm going to leave him this is Hard this is hard all right that was Brutal that was really tough leaving Three pairs of s Crocs in Plato's Closet Knowing that when I go back they'll Probably be gone whether they're real or Fake cuz people just don't know the White pair was the one that really had Me questioning cuz when I went on eBay To look at them like the colors of the The translucent rubber was wrong um it Was a super super soft feeling foam like Softer than I think the actual one is um Those were the two main things and like I said like the the uh emboss details And the heel uh for a brand new pair Shouldn't be that flat or shouldn't be That worn down and then also for the Green pair those glue stains were Unbelievable the only other thing that I Noticed which I mentioned was that the Tag um it had two out of the three tags

That need to be there and all three of The shoes either didn't have the main Tag or only had two out of three um There's like this one that has like the Different it's like a size chart or Something on it so they had almost Everything it was like almost where I Was comfortable getting them but I Wasn't comfortable getting them they Didn't have prices on them the thing That kind of weirded me out though that Made me think that maybe I should grab Them was that there was like aund Something pairs of Crocs in there and I'm sure that not all of them were fake Man Goodwill is packed today the entire Parking lot is full from one end to the Other I'm not going to find anything but Uh just in case let's check it is Completely packed that's crazy actually I saw some shoes over here we got some Some rabbit slippers and we got some new Balances right here that's crazy it's Not actually I just have nothing else to Say some D this that's it that was crazy I've never seen it like that before that Felt like Black Friday shopping and We're still a week out from Black Friday That was unbelievable I mean the line Probably would have taken me 20 minutes To get through it so I'm kind of glad I Didn't find anything but jeez man that Was wild I've never ever seen it like That before and there was nothing even

There like I walked around almost the Entire store and didn't find anything Like I didn't do that deep of a dive but Still What are these people buying like what Are they buying there was nothing there I don't know that was crazy all right so Moment of Truth time over here oh that's Weird PlayStation 5 that I'm giving away On my tech channel oh man all you need To do to enter for this PlayStation 5 is Subscribe to my tech Channel and then Comment subbed up underneath the Unboxing of this PlayStation 5 oh and an Xbox series s that we might be giving Away as well in the near future so Subscribe to the tech Channel linked in The top of the description below with All that out of the way let's see these Uh SES right here the embossing Definitely looks more pronounced for Sure and this seal area I think they Made it leather on the one that was in The store and I don't think it's leather I think it's actually still plastic or Like a rubbery plastic the heel okay It's pretty dirty okay the toe looks Closer than I Thought but uh there's definitely no Glue stains and if there are they're Very minor but I mean the material feels Super springy like if you push this down It's not going to stay like the other Pair did and then the white pair which

Is a pair that I was certain was not Reel is right of course I got my lights Stand in the way sorry this room is so Messy I would show you guys the entire Well here it is there more but the floor Is covered in socks I just filmed the Sock promo it's a whole big big thing uh Okay I ended up showing you the room Anyway whatever no big deal here is the Uh the other s see how this is not clear Like when I first bought these it Obviously wasn't this yellow but it was Definitely way more yellow than the pair That we saw in Store and even after wearing these a Bunch the embossing is still thicker Than the one in the store and Also yeah very Springy very springy so yeah those the Gaps are bigger than I thought to be Honest with you but those ones were Definitely not real there's no way There's no way the ones we saw in the Store were real which makes me feel Better cuz I didn't spend probably I'm Assuming it would have been like $60 to $80 to grab the ones in the store but And then with that that pretty much Rounds off the entire episode for today Thank you all so much for watching make Sure to subscribe to my tech Channel if You haven't yet once again you could win PlayStation 5 if you'd like one or even An Xbox series s if you don't have

Either one of them you could win both I Don't know so uh check them out linked In the top of the description below and I will see you all in the next one