Hey people welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re taking a first look at the brand new Inov8 Trailfly. A trail running shoe designed for training runs and longer trail races on hard and rocky ground. Run Tester Kieran took them for a first spin on the trails by the Thames to find out how they stack up. Hit play for our Inov8 Trailfly first run review.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Details
0:57 – Shoe Whip Round
2:14 – Fit
3:07 – The Run Test
6:39 – Verdict

Hey people welcome to the Run testers And I'm about to take the brand new Innovate Trail Fly for a first run on The trails by the temps it's been Raining a lot out there so it's going to Be choppy and sloppy Under Foot so Hopefully a good test for innovate Latest shoe in the trail fly line it's Designed for training runs and longer Races on hard and Rocky ground so let's Go and take a look how it does on this First Run some quick details then and the Trail fly comes with deeper cushioning And a big drop than the trail fly speed Sibling that also launched alongside the Shoe so it has an overall stack of 29 m In the Hill 23 Ms in the 4ot for a six Mil drop there are four mil lugs Strategically placed for grip and to Help with speedier toe offs pricewise it Will set you back £130 in the UK and $150 in the US it also comes in a Standard or a wide [Music] Fit let's have a quick shoe whip then The innovate Trail fly features a Graphine infused powerflow Pro foam Midsole it's less rocket actually than The trail fly g270 and surprisingly High Stacked in the trail Ultra g300 Max Which obviously a Max cushion shoe but There's a flexible meta shank Rock plate In here for added protection on rockier

Trails plus you've got a toe guard up The front for a buffer against Accidental Rock kicks and those nasty Toe stubs that can happen inside the Shoe you've got a six mil thick Boomerang TPU footed that's there to Boost the comfort and that feeling of Energy there's that's also um perforated To help with any water that gets in or S Dissipate any sweat and moisture that Kind of thing now up top you've got an Air mesh upper that also comes with some Thick met cradle strips any it calls met Cradle strips to connect the midfoot to The heel that aims to create a better Locked in Secure feel when you tighten Down your laces the heel colors here I'd Say are sort of medium light to medium Padded the gusted tongues are really Quite more heavily padded and if you Flip the shoes over you've got the Graphine grip outo that's become Standard now on Innovate shoes with strategically placed Four Mill lugs here that are not only Designed to help you grip on dissents But also to get good Traction in the Toes for speedier and smoother toe offs As Well fit then and I ran in a UK 8 and a Half which is my regular running shoe Size that I go for in innovate shoes if I had to describe the FIT here I would Say it's nice and snug there's good foot

Security over the midfoot it's very Locked down the heels have no slipping For me you know what's is you've got That anatomical toe box which follows Kind of the outra sort of blueprint I Don't find these hugely roomy in the toe Box though not I don't know I'm going to I'd have to go back and put a pair of Alas on I'm going to just sort of see For comparison but I was expecting them To feel a lot more roomy than they do That's not to say they're restrictive at All there there is good room in the toe Box enough wiggle room then it may be a Little bit short towards the ends I can Feel my toes towards the ends so there Might be an argument here that if you Like a bit more room a bit more space You're going to use them for going Ultra On the trails you're probably going to Want a little bit of extra and you might Want to go half a size up in it if you Want just a a bit more Space so I've just done my first run in The innovate Trail flight and I did About five miles just short so I started Out with a 10-minute easy warmup then I Moved up to somewhere around like a 610 Mile pace for 2 and 1/2 minutes and then I dropped back down to try and hit 7 Minute mile Paces for 3 minutes then Back up again I'm on quite tired legs so I couldn't sustain that interval session As much as I'd like but I did get to

Test this shoe out at various different Paces first thing you say when you put Them on they feel firm they are like a Innovate kind of firm shoe this is a Direct shoe there's plenty of ground Contact coming up through this shoe the Mid sole is not squishy soft spongy at All you know that's a case for some sort Of of the new super trail shoes that We've got where they're going for softer Foams this is not what you're going to Get here from this shoe even though when You do the squeeze test there is a bit Of movement in the mid sole when you put Them on what you're getting is a very Kind of ground feel r here is very Direct that's not to say it's a bad Thing I'll come on to that in a second It's built for hard packed sort of Trails compact Trails I've just been Running along the temps path here which Is exactly that it's very flat but it's Very very sort of yeah it's it's Basically compacted kind of um groomed Sort of Trail it was hellish kind of Puddly out there so there's lots of Sloppy mud there as well to test the Grip now overall when I was running easy Yeah I I feel like this is a shoe you've Got to be willing to sort of clip along Quite quickly you've got to make your Kind of foot turnover quite quick to you Know to not feel too much of that kind Of ground contact coming up there's not

A huge amount of protection here I would Say from the midell from that first run Cavat I did that on quite tired and Heavy legs so as we do the review maybe I'll find that slightly different now When I picked up the pace and started to Hit those sort of faster miles that's When this shoe starts to feel a bit more Like a Nimble agile Speedy Trail shoe It's you know I'm coming off running a Lot in a road a lot in a lot of kind of Spongy sort of fast uh super Road shoes This isn't like that it's not going to Give you kind of propulsion and that It's expecting you to do a lot of the Work I quite like that in a shoe where You're having to do the work and this Shoe is going to come with you for the Ride at a little bit and it's going to Require you to be moving with kind of Fast turnover clipping your feet along Kind of basically driving into the Ground and and getting off really Quickly when it does that it does that Really well it is nice and sort of agile And precise on those Trails I found the Stability really good because you've got That kind of nice ground contact you've Got the feel coming up and I was able to Pick my way and weave through all the p Quite nicely with that with you know Good reliability when I hit sloppier Sections it dealt with those fine I Don't know I'd want to go you know doing

Muddy kind of cross country runs in it Necessarily so I was just running mainly Flat Trails there although I did have to Do some weaving and bobbing and and Picking my way through and sort of out The sides of the banks to keep my feet Out the way of the puddles but I I'm Kind of excited about taking this onto a Sort of weaving Trails downhill steep up Pills and all that kind of stuff because I think it's going to be nice and Precise it be really good for picking Your way with speed and intent along Trails I think it's going to do a good Job for that can't wait to get it out There and have a crack at that initial Thoughts on distance for me the way I Run I think the shu is probably going to Be something that I maybe use for up to A couple hours I think I'd want a little Bit more protection if I was going Longer and doing kind of Ultras in them But that's maybe different if you're a Faster runner lighter on your feet Better at kind of picking your way then This shoe probably could do a job for You over longer distances than that Particularly if you sort of start Looking at people kind of up the um the Tree than I am I'm a bit of a slow Plotter when it comes to the trails but Yeah I will do a summary verdict back in The Office verdict then and my initial first

Impressions of the innovate Trail fly Have been pretty positive from that First run it feels like a grippy Nimble Spritely shoe with a middling firm kind Of direct ride that performed well on That first run tackling the hard Compacted but entirely flat trails along The temps now if you like your trail Shoes well connected to to the ground There is lots of ground feel here I'd be Interested to see if the midsole softens Any over you sort of more miles once you Kind of break it in a bit more I think a Little extra protection here wouldn't go A Miss from the shoe particularly if You're thinking about using it for Taking on longer Trail runs if you're Kind of heavier Runner you're not quite So light for for times over like 3 or Four hours but for Blast for a few hours There's a nice lightness to the ride and They held up well in the sloppy Conditions on that first run they Offered good reliable stability on that Flatter trail with a bit of Stones Under Foot this anatomical box here is a nod To outra I think it's an interesting Shift for innovate to go that way as Well I actually really like that kind of Fit I think overall if you you know Going to like this shoe you're going to Need to like a slightly firmer ride if You're a fan of innovates already you'll Be familiar with how these will feel

Underfoot it is a very innovate feel now I spotted that the trail fly g300 Max is On sale for 80 odd pounds uh it's been a While since I laced that one up but my Instincts are here that that shoe Probably right now represents a lot more Value than perhaps this new one and it's A shoe that some Runners kind of might Enjoy for a bit more cushion but as ever We retain the kind of final verdict on The innovate Trail versus all the other Shoes until we' put it through the Proper test miles so there you have it That's been our first run look at the New innovate Trail flight hope you found It useful be sure to hit subscribe and Ring that Bell to hear when the full Review of this shoe lands once we've Done the testing if you're looking for Trail shoes right now I'm popping a Video up on screen that I think you Should probably watch it'll be a good One for you to go to next otherwise Thanks for watching and we hope to see You again soon on the Run testers happy Running people