You won't believe what I found at the Nike outlet today so when I first walk In the store everything looks normal but Then I see it this place had a full-size Run of all three of The Undefeated Air Force ones that dropped earlier this Year and that was just in the front of The store on the back wall I found even More they had these classic LeBron lows For 100 bucks plus they also had a bunch Of grade school sizes of the DJ Khaled Fox nice job on the custom Wilfredo not To mention an insanely large pair of Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort twos in the Refurbished section we had the Nike Air Zoom Alpha fly next percent too a shoe That usually retails for 275 for just 138 but then I found a full size run of The cause Sakai Nike Blazer lows in both Colorways but that wasn't even Everything they also had the Ambush Air Force One lows in blue and yellow and in Green and cream I had to pick up a pair Because I love that and to top it All off they also had two different Colorways of the undercover Sakai Nike LDV waffles both the gray and red Colorway and the maroon and blue Colorway in all sizes and yeah I grabbed A pair of those too make sure to check Out everything that I grabbed in the Full video on my channel