Are Jordan 4s losing their hype this is The women's Air Jordan 4 Vivid sulfur it Officially releases on April 6th for a Retail price of 110 bucks and right now A few days before the sneaker officially Releases it's selling for around retail On the resale market and for resellers That means that they're essentially Losing money whenever they sell a pair Of these if you sell a pair for retail You're going to lose money on fees and On shipping which means you're going to Make less than you bought it for now That might not be the case in a couple Months but for right now you can pretty Much get a pair of these for retail Before the release but if you do want to Grab a pair of these Unfortunately they Only come in women's size and which Means that if you have larger feet like A size 13 you're kind of out of luck However if you can rock a pair the good News is they do fit pretty much to your Size and the color blocking on this shoe Is really clean it's essentially a fire Red 4 except instead of red accents You've got yellow accents I personally Think this releas is fire and it might Be one of the best Air Jordan 4 releases Of the Year let me know your thoughts on This sneaker in the comment section down Below