This is a standard Nike Mac attack that Released earlier this year or is it Actually this is the brand new Travis Scott Nike attack collaboration but from This side of the shoe you would have no Idea because they made like two changes To the sneaker to make it a collab which I mean hey I guess low effort is still Effort but honestly it is still a very Clean sneaker this shoe officially Released on December 19th for a retail Price of $120 and it's special because In a way it's a triple collaboration Between Travis Scott John mackenro and Nike I say in a way because this shoe Was actually John ma Andro signature Shoe from 1984 the Nike maack and for Whatever reason Travis got decided to Collaborate on this shoe in 2023 and Change two things about the original Shoe the first change is flipping the Nike Swoosh around backwards and the Second change is adding Cactus Jack on The heel but other than that this shoe Is basically exactly the same as the Mac Attacks it released earlier this year in The same exact color way I mean shoot Even the box is the same but of course Because the shoe is a Travis Scott Collaboration it resells for a couple Hundred doar more than the standard pair Even though it looks almost exactly the Same but I mean really no matter what Version of the shoe that you get the

Standard version of the Travis Scott Version the colorway is fire it's super Wearable and the materials feel pretty Good