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So guys it's finally here the final shoe For the clock I think it's worth the Risk let's go for it I barely ever see These in the thrift store because I'm in Like the lowest level of the parking Garage guys Oh no way I picked up thinking it was Going to be a great deal and then I Realized after we sold it that [Music] That's it it's over actually at the time Of filming this I'm not 100 sure if it's Over I'm just assuming based on the Sneaker collection funded what we have To sell which I think will sell but hey Film this preemptively because I really Do think that this could be the last Episode of the 20 sneaker collection but With that being said thank you so much For tuning in to what could be the last Episode of the 20 sneaker collection we Start things off with the sneaker Collection fund of 185.89 but first before we get into it This we created Apothecary socks to be Your sneakers favorite sacks and not Only do they look great with your Sneakers because we have a ton of Different colorways that match all the Sneakers in your collection but they Also feel great on feet because of our ISO weave technology and the fact that Our socks are so crazy comfortable so if You want to check out Apothecary for

Yourself make sure to click the link in The top of the description below and Grab a pair of your sneakers new Favorite socks but before we get into The thrifting we did have two sneaker Sales over the last week or two and the First pair that we sold were the Air Jordan one low fuchsias so we bought That pair from Buffalo Exchange for 35 Which I thought was a huge deal and we Ended up selling it on eBay for 107 Which was way more than I expected then After fees and shipping we were left With 91.42 to add back into the Sticker Collection fund which means we had a Profit of 56.42 which was awesome I never expected To sell the shoe for that much I was Hopeful that we'd sell it for around There but I didn't think it was actually Going to happen I had it listed on eBay For like a week and a half and it sold And then the second shoe that we sold Were the Under Armor Curry eight Flows In The Classy killer where like the Light pink colorway we grabbed the pair From Goodwill for 15 and we ended up Selling it on eBay for thirty dollars Which unfortunately is less than I Wanted to sell that shoe for which is Fine I guess because we sold the ones For so much more than I thought we'd Sell them for I thought these shoes Might sell for like 80 or even 100

Because if you look at the pairs on Stockx they go for so much but I guess There's not that many sales so not that Many people want them at least not in Used conditions so like I said we sold These shoes for 30 bucks on eBay and we Were able to add 27.60 back into the Sneaker collection fund after fees which Means that we had a profit of 12.60 I Mean hey it's still almost doubling your Money so it's not a bad thing but I Really was hoping for a lot more money Especially because we're trying to save Up for the Air Jordan 1 Chicago's which Are a very expensive shoe and over the Weekend I didn't film any of this but Over the weekend I went searching for Pairs at local uh sneaker consignment Stores online all over the place to try And find where the best place to buy This pair would be and unfortunately I Didn't find anything for less than like 500 to 550 which I feel like is just way Too much so I think what we're gonna do In today's episode is buy as many pairs As we possibly can flip them all as Quickly as possible and try and buy a Pair of the final shoes for the clock in Today's episode but I'll be honest with You guys I don't know if this is gonna Happen I don't know if this is gonna Work and just to refresh your memory on What the clock looks like very heavy Very large I still don't know what I'm

Gonna do with it with it at the end of The year this year sorry Don watch out Buddy my dog's on the floor That is currently where we are at we Need one more shoe that goes right here And I think in today's episode we can Get it but hey with that let's head out Thrifting and after those two sales we Actually have 304.91 cents to go thrifting with which In my opinion is more than enough to Make an extra 100 to 200 in profit so Let's go do it Thank you Air Force One reacts I think at least Reacts are these just now these are Standard it's an interesting like rip Stop upper I don't know if these are the 20 ones or 22s but 32 In pretty decent condition let me check These guys out these are the 21s and There are no ghosts I'm gonna leave These guys so I'm gonna do this top tens Here and there's a really nice white red Colorway this is actually the first Place I got my favorite top tens back in 2009 I think 2010. I got a maroon and White bear so cool to see these for 35 Bucks probably not worth it though all Right so these are 45. I bought these For 90 with no insole do these ones have An insole Oh I'm so mad right now that's crazy I'm

Gonna have to buy these though Hey maybe I'll sell a barrel without the Insole because this is a nicer pair with A size 10. I think it's even the same Size That's nuts that's so frustrating okay Let's grab them 45 absolutely worth it I'm kind of on the fence about these They're in decent condition They are how much let's see 36 and I've seen pairs go for like 20 But I've also seen pairs go for like 150. all in similar conditions what size Are these these are a size 5y Let me check five away specifically all Right I'm gonna leave them I don't think They're worth it for today we got the Syracuse dogs With 5K wool socks fresh looks like we Got some Adidas 4D Look at that it's crazy let's see uh how Much he's going for 32 32 bucks for a 30 pointy midsole That's not bad I'm gonna check these Guys out so it looks like brand new They're going for like 110 but use They're going for like 40. and these are 32 I think or 35 32 so I'm gonna leave Them mids Some mid ones black and gold for 65. Let me check these guys out so they are 65 so it is a bit of a risk but I did Find some pairs on eBay for like 120. so

I think it's worth the risk let's go for It got some really great pickups at Buffalo today I'm stoked on these [Music] New Balance 327 super clean colorway my Bodega I always kill it for 100 bucks Not bad too big though A raptor 37s some bronze Interesting Air Forces here got some Hokas new balance 327 327s I might have Called them on I don't remember these Ones are 327 those ones are 527s the Other ones here Not too much at Second Street today but Uh do some OG fives for 1.9 pierogi code Of fives pirate fives we've got some Monkey donkeys the pandas for 109. Not bad probably what they're going for [Music] [Applause] It's a lovely Camaros in a couple Different colorways I'm actually getting The yellow pair in it which I'm super Soaked on These 95s 97's got the big bubble Air Maxes nice that's crazy that's 7 150. so Atmos has the lucky green ones got the Skylines they got the uh what is it the Wash pinks Decent one selection a couple years ago You wouldn't find these sitting anywhere Dunks we got the be true to your schools We got the spruces we got the uh the Knicks

Very nice and then of course the Undefeated Air Force is in a giant size Cool to see for how much 124 not bad Size 14. So Atmos had some really great stuff There's nothing I wanted to grab for the Series there was a bunch of stuff I Wanted to grab for personal but not for The series so on the next spot Thank you Foreign [Music] Gold coverage but that seems to be about It for how much let's see 25 bucks Probably not worth it got some black Nike sneakers over here Nike Flight some Things for 25. huh might as well check These out they're called the flight Light mid and they're going for like 50 To 30 bucks so it's a no-go got some LeBrons over here and then some uh react Nike system kind not too much of this Side of the store how much are these Going for these are going for there's no Price Huh let me check these out so these are The Rugrats kd60s and they kind of have The Phoenix Suns colorways so I don't know maybe they'd be uh popular Right now I'm not sure but Again I don't know what the price is but I'm assuming it's like probably 15 to 20 Bucks and even then it's just not worth

It we got some kyries and some Westbrooks and women's section but they Don't really go for anything especially First uh forces futility forces maybe Urban utility I don't know But these are like almost brand new That's crazy four 25 bucks let me check These guys out so a couple sold pretty Decent prices but most of the current Listings I'm seeing are for like 20 Bucks so I'm gonna leave those all right So unfortunately another Play-Doh Strikeout All right so we are back from thrifting And we actually sold all of the pairs we Had left in the 20 sneaker collection That were not on the clock which is kind Of crazy which means we have no Inventory but I think we actually have Enough to buy the shoes that we need to Finish off the clock so really big news Really excited about it so let's just Dive into it and start off with the First pair of shoes that we sold so Let's start things off with the Air Jordan 1 mids a shoe which I picked up Thinking it was going to be a great deal And then I realized after we sold it That no we actually should have left it On the shelf so that shoe we grabbed for 65 from Buffalo Exchange and we ended up Selling it on whatnot for fifty dollars Now unfortunately I I kind of took a Gamble with this one I wasn't sure

Exactly how it was going to do uh it Wasn't moving on eBay so I took it to Whatnot and whatnot it seemed like People just weren't that excited about It so that's the shoe that I ended up Losing 15 right off the bat but I Actually lost even more when you account For the fees so after fees we are left With 44.88 which means we lost 20 and 12 Cents which is actually a pretty big Loss especially because we're working on Such thin margins I think to be able to Grab a pair of Jordan one lost and Founds we're going to need around 400 And that really could put us on like Just the cusp of 400 bucks so this shoe Could make a break the entire episode Hopefully it doesn't but uh it might Have the next shoe that we sold though Was a different stories it was those Air Jordan 9s we had just picked up from Buffalo Exchange for 45 dollars I really Wish I had found those and put those on The clock instead of the pair that I Bought off goat but it is what it is Um so we got those for 45 bucks and we Ended up selling them on whatnot for Ninety dollars which means after fees we Were left with 81.19 leaving us with a Profit of 36.19 which actually makes up For the Jordan one mids we just sold but Uh we would have had 36 dollars instead Of like 16 or however much we actually Ended up making out those two sales

That's really a bum wrapper how big of a Deal that was and then finally the last Sneaker that we sold were the Nike Dunk Low sambas that we picked up at the end Of last week so we grabbed those shoes From Buffalo Exchange for 47 and we Ended up selling on what not for 83 then After fees we were left with 74.99 to Add back into the sneaker collection Fund which means that we had a profit of 27.99 so after all those sales after Selling every pair of sneakers in the 20 Sneaker collection that was not on the Clock we have a new sneaker collection Fund of 395.97 which I think Think might be enough to buy a used pair Of lost and founds on go to eBay so Let's check them out alright so the two Places that I'm going to look to try and Find a pair of the lost and found Jordan Ones for a decent price are eBay and go Because like I said earlier on in the Episode I've gone to a lot of the local Consignment stores and resale shops and They all either have them for way too Much or just don't have them at all so That's unfortunate it kind of is what it Is when it comes to like local Consignment stores so my plan is to go On eBay and goat and try and find a pair For a good price that's maybe used Hopefully not but probably used and uh We'll see what happens alright so the

First place we're gonna go is eBay so I've had good luck with them a lot Recently okay so I'm seeing a lot of Customs which is weird I love customs But not what I'm looking for a pair of Uh actual Jordan one awesome fountains There is one pair right here for 355 but It's a kid size I think yeah this one's Three on kids size 110 pre-owned for 600 Oh that's the no that's the lost and Found so there is one pair right here in A size 8 for 325 but there's no these Guys no feedback so I don't know if I Trust that Um it is a bid so it's a 325 bid and Then 375 final sale with 14.95 shipping It's not a size I could Rock not that I Need another pair I've got like three Pairs right now because I've bought them All for reset I didn't hit on one pair Let's move on to the next the next one Okay so it looks like going over to goat See what we can find all right so let's Go to the use section size nine Uh seems like the lowest price is 390 390 okay the pair looks all right looks Like it's in good condition I don't know What that is With these I don't think we have enough To get it with shipping yeah 404.50 After shipping so we're not gonna be Able to grab this pair which is Unfortunate size nine is my size and I Would like to have another pair but hey

It is what it is let's check size eight And a half so we got two pairs one for 375 one for 425 the 375 pair actually Looks good Based on these pictures so I've checked A couple other sizes and I haven't Really found anything so let's just go Ahead and grab the size eight and a half And it looks like we can grab this size Eight and a half with the box with all The accessories or I think all the Accessories it says damage box so it's Possible doesn't have like the receipt Or something like that we're able to Grab this pair for 389.50 which means That we will have six dollars and 47 Cents left so it's not a lot but hey we Don't need anything else because this Will be the final shoot for the clock so Let's just go ahead and buy it and uh I Guess wait a couple weeks till it gets Here see you guys then So guys it's finally here the final shoe For the clock I kind of can't believe it The shoe that I've been looking for Probably for the longest amount of time Out of all the shoes on the clock but The one that was by far the most Expensive and we finally have it I Believe I paid around 380 something for This pair of shoes let's find out if it Was worth the money we paid so here we Go it really is crazy to think this is The last episode of this series I'll be

Doing more thrifting videos like this Um in the next couple weeks so don't Worry about that but then we're coming But I would love to know you guys Thoughts as to what you guys would like To see from season three of the 20 Sneaker collection Open the wrong box so I ordered multiple Shoes from goat Hello box here that I had to unbox let's Do it the other shoe is a pair of New Balances if you guys are wondering I'll Do a video on them later on so okay once Again Moment of Truth here we go so Inside this box we have a pair of Air Jordan 1 lost and found with apparently The box I forgot that the box came with It it's been a little while since we Ordered it I actually went to Hawaii in Between no idea what the condition on The shoe is going to be like I obviously Just saw pictures with you guys so I'm Not sure how good it's gonna be but this Is a size eight and a half so I could Fit it but I probably I'm just either Gonna leave it on the clock or give it Away I'm not 100 sure yet but here we go The box is a little bit dented but it's Not too bad I mean compared to a lot of The shoes on the clock they don't even Have boxes so spot the top on this box And see what we get Oh we got all the extras good okay so Obviously I bought this pair off goat

You guys saw that we do have the receipt Which is good I didn't expect that and Then the uh sneakers themselves come in This really cool paper that looks like a Bunch of um old Nike ad paper So excited I can't even believe it I Have like a bunch of pairs of lost and Founds but this is the most special pair To me because this is a pair that ends Off the series this is a pair that I Worked genuinely pretty hard to get Here we go There it is I'm not gonna smell it Because it is lightly worn But uh I do have to say it's actually in Really really good condition I mean There's like no heel drag in the bottom Look at that it's crazy we've got Basically no star loss in the front a Little bit of creasing on the toe But other than that in the laces being Done Um I mean it's basically perfect that's Really really great I didn't know what To expect you never really know what to Expect when you buy used shoes but this One is actually in really great Condition there is one stone in the Outsole but that's like the biggest Complaint that I have so that's not bad Can't believe it we're doing it we're Finishing off the clock let me grab this Shoe now that you guys have seen it let Me throw it on the clock and see what it

Looks like do I need to make this a Little bit wider as you guys can see it Here is the stupid heavy clock for the Last time Yeah it doesn't get easier there we go Okay guys Oh we're good what Out of nowhere with uh with that Happening let's just move right into it Let me put the laces behind the back of The tongue so it's a little bit cleaner Here it is the final shoe on the clock At the one o'clock position the Air Jordan one lost and found I feel like we should have some special Music Andrew if you can add some special Music There it is the clock is officially Officially done I can't believe it guys this is crazy This has been 33 episodes in the making Which is pretty much I think I did one Episode a week so basically around 33 Weeks there was a couple weeks where I Missed one or a couple weeks where I did Two but overall around 33 weeks worth of Work but guys with that we pretty much Wrap up the entire 20 sneaker collection Thank you all so much for the incredible Support please let me know in the Comment section down below what shoes or What concepts you guys would like to see Me do next in season three of the 20 Sneaker collection to give you guys a

Little bit of information as to how much Money we made over the entire series our Total profit after buying all of these Shoes so this is probably what maybe Like a thousand or two thousand dollars Worth of shoes maybe even more we had Profited a total of 1732.81 so that plus this is how much we Made in the last 33 episodes and we Still have six dollars and 47 cents left In the sneaker collection fund which is Crazy so we can go out to like We can even get with 6.47 you can almost Get a pair of Apothecary socks if you Guys want to check out Apothecary once Again there is a link in the description Below the cheese steak maybe at a cheap Cheesesteak place I don't know should we Use that as the seed money for the next Series That would be crazy that would be tough I don't know maybe we should do it but Guys thank you again for the incredible Support make sure to hit that subscribe Button down below if you haven't yet and If this is your first time watching one Of the episodes of the 20 sneaker Collection you can check out the entire Playlist in the description below watch From episode one episode 33 to watch the Entire clock get built it was a crazy Experience I had a blast but as always Thanks so much for watching once again For probably the third time and I'll see

You all in the next one