July sneaker releases, 2023 Jordan releases, nike releases, and many more!

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July is going to be a crazy month for Sneakers So today we're going to be Taking a look at some of the best Sneaker releases in July first up we Have a UNC Jordan 2. now I know people Aren't the biggest fans of Jordan twos But I think this UNC colorway will Change a lot of people's minds now Sticking with the university blue we Have a Jordan 1 University Blue now Don't get me wrong I do like these a lot But these do remind me of The Tick Tock Jordan one that took over a few years Back still a very clean colorway and I Would definitely be picking up a pair Now probably my favorite in the month of June we have the Jordan 1 OG and a black Toe colorway honestly you can never go Wrong with this colorway but one thing That does bother me is in the back I Think they use some type of nubuck Material they should have just went with Leather still a clean sneaker next up if You're a fan of Jordan threes I'm pretty Sure you'll like these these are the Jordan 3 palominos now these do have a Lot of neutral tones so I know a lot of People are going to mess with this Sneaker now if they execute this sneaker With some good quality I'm sure these Are going to be a hit are these a cop or A drop