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Remind me to never wear nice shoes to a Concert ever again I'm gonna need some Serious rejuvenator for this one And since I'm using my shoe Mater on my Sneakers I wanted to tell you about Something really cool that they're doing For a shovenator's 13th anniversary They're doing a 25 off sale for all Products all you have to do is use this Code right here ah these things are Gross dude I got faith though I really Do you'll also have five times the Amount of entries for their twenty Thousand dollar sweepstakes that they've Been doing basically you get five times The points for every dollar you spend You can't really call yourself a Sneakerhead if you don't have a good Sneaker cleaner and bought a bing bada Boom These things are coming along nice on This sale you gotta be quick cause it's Only August 5th and August 6th you guys Already know where to find the link Before I show the finished product let Me show you this little life hack on how I clean laces I put the laces in a water Bottle with a little bit of water and a Little bit of rejuvenator just shake Them around for a second like a little Washing machine almost just like that These Nike Dunks live to see another day Try some for yourself for 25 off