The Kiprun KD900 from Decathlon is a lightweight training shoe with a PEBAX foam midsole that costs £100. It’s designed to handle a range of runs, though speed is the focus, and could be one of the more versatile shoes available at its price. Nick has been out for a first run in the Kiprun KD900, here’s his first impressions of the shoe.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:13 – Design And Key Stats
01:53 – How’s The Fit?
02:25 – First Run
04:48 – Early Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our first run review Of the Kyon [Music] Kd900 the kd900 was originally buil as The training partner shoe to the Caton's First carbon plate shoe the kd900 X it Has the same pack foam in Mido as the Carbon plate shoe but no plate at all so Basically it's a lightweight speed Focus Trainer that can handle a little bit of Everything but probably is geared more Towards fast running worth noting that KRA now has the kd900 X LD in its lineup As well I don't think it's really been Released fully yet it seems to be quite A small release so far but that's the Next gen carbon racer they have in their Lineup the Ki R kd900 is £100 in the UK And $120 in the US doesn't seem to be Available on the US Deaton website at The moment weighs a 238 G or 8.4 o in my UK size 9 and it's got 8 mm drop from Heel To Toe don't have the official Stack height but it's a pretty beefy Stack sack there you know well over 30 Mm at the hill the key feature on the Kd900 is the pack midsole it's the Caton's V foam it's made with peack Arana in France and it's like I say a Pea based foam it's a fairly firm peber Foam though compared to some of the Other ones on the market you don't Really get that big squishy feeling that

You get with some other PE Foams but as A result it should be nice and durable Cathon says this shoe will last 1,000 km Which is a very good promise to make Another interesting feature on the shoe Is the dut shave you have at the heel of The shoe there which is the Catalin says Designed to maximize energy return you Got that big donut of the back there of Foam and obviously as you can see you've Got great outso coverage on the shoe With very little exposed foam fairly Thick layer there of a rubber that's Inspired by tire tread to provide Excellent grip in wet conditions got a Lightweight quite stiff feeling upper With not much padding at all there's a Little bit around the heel at the back Of the shoe there a little bit on the Tongue to stop lace bite but overall It's a pretty lightweight up round to Keep the weight of the shoot [Music] Down so the fit of the shoe has been all Good for me in my normal size after one Run uh I've got a uk9 here that's my Normal size in UK with Ki run that's a US 10 and an EU 43.5 so it's quite a roomy shoe quite a Long shoe like my feet aren't exactly The same size so my left foot's a little Bit shorter than my right foot my left Foot might have slightly too much room In the shoe but overall it's a pretty

Good fit across both feet and I had no Problems on the run today good secure Hold at heer and midfoot enough room in The toe box without feeling too big so Yeah I was very happy in my normal Running shoe [Music] Size good morning it is a lovely day Here in London I'm off out to do my First run in the kiprun kd900 looking Forward to this I've been Keen to test These shoes for a long time uh obviously I''ve got that pabx mid soole but it's Quite a firm foam the one that the Catalon uses for its kiun shoes so Expect to probably feel quite firm today But I'm hoping it'll feel nice and Lightweight nice and bouncy I'm doing an Easy to steady five miles kind of Classic uh run I do a couple times a Week and just going to loop around the Neighborhood start fairly easy Pace Probably somewhere around 445 430 a pace Move down to around 340 a pace by the End is the plan looking forward to Seeing how the shoes [Music] Feel so I'm just back from the run now Uh did my 5 miles in just under 32 Minutes a nice progression I ended up Yeah moving along quite smoothly at the End in the low 330s and the shoes felt Yeah really good like they they're not As firm as I thought they were going to

Be actually when I was running at easy Pace they felt quite comfortable you got A bit of squidge there from the big man The PE at the back they're less firm Than the kd900 X which she has the plate Involved as well so just gives them a Slightly softer feel uh they don't feel Super light way even though they are Very light they don't feel some some Shoes feels really light Brooks Hyperion Max just feels really light I think even Though I think it's really quite similar Weight but yeah they did feel nice and Cushioned they firmed up a bit when I Started going a bit quicker you could Feel the uh ground on your feet quite Well in them they've not really got any Kind of rocker so you snap through quite Nicely but it didn't get any kind of Discomfort obviously it was quite a Short run today I do longer stuff in Them down the line but I think they're Pretty com aable and the pace was Certainly there like you don't get that Sink in and spring that you get from Some peber Foams but you get a good Amount of Bounce there it's very easy to Pick up the pace in them that FMA Platform helps of that as well and Obviously there is the phone giving you A fair bit back as well so yeah this is The kind of run I doing lots of shoes Like I'm doing it a lot for example in The Adidas primex drung 2 lately and you

Know that feels amazing for it cuz you Know it's really bouncy got all that Flight from The Amazing setup all the Foams and everything and it's it's like £350 and this shoe does that exact kind Of run really well as well uh for a lot Less which is obviously a great sign for Kiun obviously without any kind of plate Or anything like that it be interesting How they feel sustaining a pace over a Long distance that's something I'll try And do in training down the line but Yeah very solid first outing like I said It's a pretty typical daily training run For me here today and they've done that Really well and obviously the whole Thing about them is they do that kind of Run really well or being a fair bit Cheaper than lots of [Music] Shoes early verdict enjoyed my first run In the kd900 looks to be a good shoe This it feels versatile it was more Comfortable than I expected at easy Paces at the start of the run and then It does have that firmness and pop when You do want to try and run a little bit Quicker that does support a nice fast Turnover in the legs I was Landing right On the old Donut there during my run and It does feel nice and Squishy at the Back of the shoe and gives you a nice Bit of Pop don't get quite so much I Think from the front of the shoe in

Terms of the toe off compared to some Other peber foam shoes or speed Focus Shoes but it is a nice fast turnone over It feels like it's certainly not going To slow you down you've got a good base There and I think over time the foam Will soften a little bit as well Something we saw a little bit with the Kd900 X before my uh my shoe was pinched So that's why we never got to the full Review of that one yeah and overall I Think it's a solid mile if not one that Immediately grabs you and you know Demands attention by being really Exciting or anything like that going Forward I'll be really Keen mainly to See how this performs over the long run To see if it is still comfortable to see If you try and hold a hard Pace in it Over the course of like an hour how the Shoe feels then because that's when Shoes with plates and other Foams in Missiles really shine things training Partner shoes like the Endorphin Speed 3 And um Puma deviate Nitro 2 those shoes Really feel great for that kind of Sustained running quick as well as being Nice and versatile be interesting to see If you get the same feeling of Efficiency from this shoe on those Longer runs but overall it does seem Like a nice verstyle shoe at a good Price now it's a good price but not a Great price obviously when you talk

About the kathon and Kon you expect Great value and this is a good value Shoe but at1 there are certainly other Shoes out there that rival it in value Obviously I'm going to talk about the Pum Vost Nitro 2 CU I always talk about That shoe but that's the roughly the Same price that's a shoe that's built More for daily training it's not quite As aggressive a shoe as this it's got a Softer feeling it's more comfortable for Easy runs and that kind of thing but it Does have a bit of pace in it still got A great outall on the pumo got great Outsole on the kit run though it's fair To say another good value shoe that's Worth comparing it to will be the rebot Float ride energy 5 which is even Cheaper again geared more towards being A daily trainer but has a similar Feeling under the foot they both got Quite firm Midol Foams I'd say the kiun Kd900 and the Reebok I think you get a Bit more bounce out of the Ki run so far And is a much lighter shoe than both the Rebok and the Puma so if you are looking More for that speed Focus then you'll Have a little bit of an edge there but Do think it strength will probably be in Versatility and those other two shoes Are also quite versatile so yeah there's A few options there to compare it to When we get to the full review but you Know it is still obviously a pretty good

Value shoe and I do think it's going to Hopefully handle a range of runs pretty Well so discussed that more once I've Done a fair bit more testing but a solid Start in the kip run like I said rolled Through one of my normal runs today and It felt really good and it accomplishes That run just as well a shoes that cost Many times as much and it feels good on The run as well if not as outrageously Bouncy or exciting as some shoes you Will come across with uh these kind of Modern Foams in the [Music] M So that's our first look at the kiprun Kd900 have you tried the shoe if you Have jump into the comments below to let Us know what you think of it and flag up Any other shoes around this kind of Price that you think are really good Versatile daily trainers or speed Focus Shoes like this have you been trying uh Kiun running gear in general I flagged Up a few pieces on the channel of late I Do think you get really good value out Of it across the board it's just whether Um I just not sure yet that the shoes Provide that kind of value because there Are such good cheap running shoes from Other brands as well please do like Subscribe ring the little bell and we Will see you next time on the channel