Hey people, in this video we’re taking a look at the new budget carbon racer, the Kiprun KD900X LD. It’s the younger sibling to Kiprun’s KD900X carbon race shoe. It’s designed for speed and racing. It was created in just 8 months. (That’s fast for shoe dev by the way). It’s also lighter and – according to research – boosts energy efficiency over the KD900X, too. Oh and it’s £160. Which is dead cheap. Run Testers Nick and Kieran have been putting it to the test to find out if all that translates to a winning wallet-friendly race shoe and to see if the next-gen Kiprun can live up to the rest of the big hitting carbon race rivals out there. Hit play for our Kiprun KD900X LD review.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Details
1:14 – Shoe Whip Round
2:38 – Fit
4:35 – The Run Test
10:40 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And to our review of the new budget Carbon Racer the kiprun kd900 xld it's The youngest sibling to kon's kd900 X Carbon Rao it's designed for Speed and Racing it was created in just eight Months that's pretty fast for shev by The way it's also lighter and according To research should boost the Energy Efficiency over that previous shoe Nick And I have been putting this to the test To find out if that all translates to a Good carbon rtio and to see if this can Compete with the big hitting Rivals out There so Watch on for our kiun kd900 X LD Review first up then stack height There's 36.8 m in the heel 32.8 Ms in The 4T for a reduced 4 mil drop the Ki Run kd900 X was 8 Ms and this one is now One of the lowest stack carbon races on The shelves right now it weighs in at 7.8 o or 222 G in my UK men's 8 and a Half test size the official stats put The shoe at 10% lighter than that past Gen Shu as well price-wise it will come In at £60 give will take a penny or1 180 it Won't make its way to the US or to Australia though but for those other Territories it's now on sale yeah right Now so let's give you a quick shoe whip Round then the midsole has been updated With the new V foam Plus Pack midsole

That's wrapped around a foot long carbon Plate the midsole platform here is quite Narrow by by comparison to the likes of The alphafly or shoes like the New Balance SC Elite V4 particularly in the Heel here it's more akin to something Like the aex Met speed Sky Paris in that Front now the stack under the 4f foot Has increased for better energy and Protection and to improve those Efficiency gains speaking of which that Study that was carried out by Researchers at the University of franch Con revealed that this shoe offered a 1.5% gain in running economy compared to The last gen shoe flip them over here as Well there's also a stone catching Cutout towards the hill presumably to Save weight in that midsole up top it Features an open knit mesh that's quite Well balanced between sort of structure And flex and breathability the heel Collars here are very minimal with two Internal pads a you know all a lot of Carbon ra shoes the collar at the back Rises quite high and around the ankle You've got a non- gusseted wrap tongue With a small amount of anti-ace pinch Padding here flip them over and you'll See you've got a fairly Standard carbon Shoe covering of Alo rubber it's a Generous pad up front here in the foref Foot these two heel pads in the higher Impact areas back in the heel it's also

Quite thick the rubber which bodess well For durability on the Shoe so when it comes to fit I ran in my Regular running shoe size which is a UK 8 A2 now I had to use all the lace Eyelets here but I did get a good fit Once I used those and for the main part I found the fit okay it was pretty Comfortable however on the marathon test I did have some cutting on my left ankle I think you can see from the shoe here And some quite bad blistering on from The top top of the heel collar now I Don't put this down to unwanted movement In the shoe I felt like I got a good Secure lock down the Comfort overall was Really good but the walls and the high Heel colors here the side walls seem to Have uh worn on one side and I don't Think sort of Shifting the size up or Down would fix that so I'd still Recommend going true to size so I have Had a couple of little problems with the Fit of the kd900 X long distance first It's just a very long shoe I found like This is a UK 9 US 10 it's the size I Have with most brands sometimes I'm a US 9.5 and a UK .5 works better but I've Never come across a uk9 in a racing shoe That's been this long and I've got just Too much space in the toe box I've got a Uk9.5 in another kit primon de catalon Shoe at the moment and that is shorter Than this shoe it's just noticeably

Longer visibly longer than most UK NES I Wear so do think it's quite a long shoe So been able to test it like it hasn't Been slipping around at the front of the Shoe or actually even at the back of the Shoe I haven't had any problems with Slippage but does come up a bit big I Found and then the other problem I have Is this plastic strip on the upper here Now on my right foot but this has cut my Skin just under the ankle and it's was Pretty unpleasant so on the first run Running hard I could feel it started to Go and at the end of The Run checked it And yet it broken the skin popped a Plaster over it for subsequent runs and It was been okay it hurt a bit on the Second run but actually I used it today And it was fine I heel locked it very Tightly had a plaster on I didn't get Any cutting but I don't think it's the Best designed uper this plastic section I think it's just a bit too firm and Unyielding on a on a racing shoe and it Did cut me so that's not a great thing For a long distance racing shoe Obviously I'm hoping it might be better With the size that fits my f a bit Better but I think Kieran also had the Same issue so that is something to look Out for for Sure now in testing I've done 35 miles In the kiun kd900 xld that was over Three runs one full Marathon test fresh

Out the box one five Miler and 15K I've Mixed up the paces from easier through To marathon pace and Beyond most of that Has been on road though during the Marathon test that I did I took in some Of the temps River paths too which just Kind of light Offroad now this this is My first time in a kip run shoe and I Approached this with a really open mind Wasn't really sure how these were going To be I've also recently though for Context been testing the ax met speed Sky Parish you can find various videos On the channel for that if you're Interested so I had that fresh in mind For comparison as I was running with This now for me stepping comfort of the Kip run was pretty good it took a few Adjustments initially to get the fit and The lock down absolutely where I wanted It but once I got moving overall I'd say There's a really quite a good feel on The foot it was quite disappearing once I was out the house and from first lace Up I was pretty happy with that I know Nick maybe had some issues with the Length of the shoe but for Mike had a Small wide high feet that first time Felt as good as many other carbon shoes No problems at all however when you get Moving it's quite quickly apparent I Think that the foam here doesn't pack The punch of some other carbon Racers I'd say there's some similarities here

To the aex metas speed Sky Paris in Terms of the narrowish platform that You've got that offers kind of like a Happy precision and an agility to the Shoe but I don't think there are Anywhere near as energetic or aggressive As those shoes that I sort of did the Marathon testing recently and to me this Feels like it sits much closer to super Trainer territory than the out and out Springiest carbon Racers and in that Regard not unlike the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 actually or even something like The train like the HX 6 or a s endorphin Speed 4 when it comes to kind of that Leg sparing propulsion there's just not As much spring as you'll get from alpha Flies I don't think it's like as stiff And as Punchy as the vapor fly too but When I kicked up the marison pace for 13 Miles Landing more mid to 4ot and really Engaging the shoe on the ground I Noticed quite a lot of Road also coming Up through only on one foot though on The left foot wasn't very comfortable Initially in fact there was a point Where I was thinking halfway into a Marath test I might have to stop early And make my way home and it was odd that It was only on one side though only on One shoe one foot and it sort of leveled Out after a point the kind of hot spot Harshness that I was getting didn't Really grow Beyond a mild discomfort was

Still there for the whole thing but I Was able to manage it And at slower Paces with more ragged Form I thought these shoes actually did A relatively good job of offering enough Protection both from a stability and Cushioning perspective like it's not Going to soak up the road like a s Endorphin Pro 4 and protect you in terms Of stability as much as some other shoes But I was okay in those final six miles On slower tired legs so I think you got More stability here from a slightly less Aggressive shoe than you had for Something like the metas speed Sky Paris Now the other problem for me which I Mentioned earlier with the heel collar I Felt a bit scratching from around 30 13 Mil into the marathon test and it was Nothing too bad so I just ran on you Know I didn't stop I probably should Have at the end I realized what it Basically was this side wall was cutting In underneath my ankle bone uh I also Had got some blistering on the other Foot from these kind of high heel colors Here now I feel like these maybe rise up A little bit too far maybe more than Other shoes I don't think it was down to Movement and I kind of get why minimal Sort of colar done like this to save Weight but for me in this sh it's been a Bit of design glitch caused a little bit Of a problem it might just be me of

Course but that I think is one to watch Just in case you sort of suffer with Similar things so I did test the Original Kon kd900 x uh and it was a Pretty good shoe around it was quite a Firm feeling shoe for sure didn't really Have the bouncy springy feeling of a Carbon Super Shoe but was very cheap and It lasted a long time fortunately we Never got to a full review on the Channel because my pair was actually Nicked during a session in the park and Never managed to replace them and finish Off testing but I did do a couple of Hard runs in the shoe and it did feel Pretty good at PACE definitely getting a Softer bouncier feeling with the new Updated vone Plus in the kd900 X long Distance this is certainly a shoe I Think that will carry you to the full Distance to a marathon or other length Of race without any problems it's a Comfortable shoe underfoot and you're Getting a bit more bounce for sure and a Slightly lighter poppier feeling Underfoot than you had with the original Kd900 X which was a shoe I liked I quite Like the firmness of it for fast running But for short distances it wouldn't have Been a shoe that I would have looked at For a marathon racer in particular Definitely getting a bit more spring Here it's easier to unlock the kind of Propulsion from the carbon plate as a

Result and you're getting a faster shoe All around as a result of that so done a Mix of runs in the new shoe starting With a hard track session where I did a 4M stint uh basically Tempo around my Target marathon pace going into a set of 12 time 400 alternating 72 seconds and 77 seconds per rep did all of those Slightly quick it was quite a hard Session in the end because there wasn't Much recovery on those 400s shoe felt Pretty good like it doesn't feel Noticeably as propulsive or rocket as Other Super Shoes quite a flat ride and I think the 4mm drop is noticeable Definitely had a bit more ache in the Cars the next day after using this shoe Than other shoes of a higher drop or Even shoes of a similar drop that just Have a more aggressive rocker something Like the aex metas speed Sky Paris even That shoe rolls you off your for foot a Bit more aggressively and doesn't feel Quite so flat as a result but it did Feel fast and it felt light enough and Nimble enough for those 400s and it felt Quite cruy in the marathon pace section As well heart rate was about where I Wanted it to be and all that kind of Stuff so certainly felt like it was Delivering in the way a super shoe Should for that kind of longer distance Stuff then I've used it for a Progression run moving from easy to down

To about my marathon pace and then a Slight easier run with pickups with a Few like little Sprints here and there As well and you know other training runs That haven't been quite so intense as That track session haven't able to go Really long in it just because of the Way it cut my foot on that first trun And that wasn't really something I was Intending to enjoy for a long distance Run but underfoot it certainly is Comfortable enough for those long Distances I would say comes to the Performance versus other top Super Shoes I think you are losing a bit in terms of The propulsive feel with the foam here Like it feels good but it doesn't feel Like all out explosive and impressive Like the best racing shoes on the market Things like the Met speed Sky Paris or The alphafly 3 not getting quite as much Bounce slightly flatter ride like I say Slightly dull but fast for sure and it Does give you that feeling of making the Harder Pace feel a bit easier which is What you always really want from a super Shoe so yeah all around I was pretty Impressed with the shoe on terms of the Ride not so much on the Fit now verdict then will is this the Best carbon ratio no it's not the Punchiest it's not the most cushioned Either but I think it offers kind of a Well balanced ride with enough energy to

Make it an interesting option for when You're out to run fast in good form and There's just about enough protection With this to be reliable should you need It later into longer races as well so if You're looking for a carbon shoe on a Budget at well under2 200 it's a more Than capable cut price option in my book And I think it will make some of the not So good carbon shoes look right over Their shoulder for sure I also think the Fact that it's slightly less aggressive Makes it somewhat more versatile and That opens it up to use for things like Tempo runs whereas a fast training shoe As well um just as much as it is an out Andout racer though with that then you Sort of do get into comparing on price Of some very capable shoes in the super Trainer sort of segment you would it be Better than a speed 4 a hooka Max 6 I'm Not convinced but overall yeah I I was Quite impressed with this particularly For the price I think it represents Pretty good value for money so verdict On the Kon kd900 X LD is this is a good Shoe and I think it's priced pretty well Around that £60 Mark I think that is a Good price for it here in the UK because That is equivalent to super trainer Price and actually cheaper than a lot of Super trainers from other brands I do Think you're getting a higher level of Performance for racing from the shoe

From the best super trainers even like If it came to it and I was going to race Tomorrow marathon and I got the fit Sorted out in terms of whether it's Going to hurt the top of my foot or not I probably reach for this shoe over any Of the super trainers even including Things like the succon Endorphin speed For which is a fantastic shoe but this Does feel a bit racer a bit faster I Like the kind of punch it has with the New foam and the plate in there and That's a good sign obviously so I don't Think it's as good as the best carbon Racing shoes but those are all a lot More expensive so if you're looking for The best racing shoe for that price Maybe this is right up there unless You're really going to go digging in Sales that's the other problem you have With the shoe I guess is that you will Be able to find shoes like the vaporfly And you know older versions of Super Shoes like the as6 Met speed Sky Plus The adios Pro 3 those kind of shoes will Crop up in sales around this price or Even lower and those would be a better Option for racing in my opinion but Looking at the price as it's listed it's Very good value I would say and it does Give you a very impressive racing Experience for its price I think Durability will probably be pretty good As well I think the outside has been

Quite good for me I've running some Actually quite slick uh trails with it Today in between Road sections and it Felt quite good there so I think if the Fit works for you you hav't got this Problem with the cutting and the actual Length and stuff it all works quite well This is a pretty good Super Shoe I think It's well priced I think it's a real Step Up on what we saw from Ki run first Time out I'm someone you know overly Invested in running I would go out and Buy a Super Shoe that cost say 220 the Ax metas speed Sky Paris for a higher Level of performance come race day but At its price I think this is a very Strong racing option will do a lot of Training as well so you could look at it More as a super trainer racer and then You get more even more value out of it At its price because I think it's going To hold up a bit better to lots of Running than the top Super Shoes terms Of the allout performance you will get More from Top carbon Racing shoes if you Can find them at its price then I'd go For that but I do think this is an Accomplished shoe and a fast racing shoe That is price significantly lower than Most of the best options so there you Have it that has been our review of the New kiun kd900 X LD we hope you found it Insightful and helpful if you're looking For a good Marathon shoe I'm sticking a

Video up on the screen now that you Should definitely watch otherwise thanks Very much for watching good luck if You're about to take on a spring Marathon and if you're not in fact but Thanks for stopping by as ever and we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Contesters happy running people