The Kiprun KS900.2 is a new max-cushioned shoe from Decathlon that sits above the Kiprun KS900 Light as the most expensive cushioned shoe in the brand’s range. It has a 39mm stack of Kiprun’s comfortable and durable MFOAM and comes in cheaper than many top cushioned shoes from other brands. Nick has been out for a first run in the Kiprun KS900.2 to see how it feels at easy paces, here’s how he got on.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:16 – Design & Key Stats
02:19 – How’s The Fit?
03:10 – First Run
06:06 – Early Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our first run review Of the kiun ks 900. [Music] 2 so the ks 900. 2 is a new Max cushion Shoe that's been added to the kibron Line it comes in above the ks 900 light Which is a less cushioned and Significantly cheaper shoe that's more Of a daily trainer I guess with this Now packing in a load more foam under F To be a cushion Cruiser that's fair bit Cheaper than a lot of the big cushion Shoes on the market if we're talking About the area that contains shoes like The aex Jael Nimbus the S Triumph those Kind of shoes you've got a big Max Cushion shoe that was something that was Missing from the kiun line until now it Is £120 or €40 it weighs at 314 G or 11 O which is pretty much bang on the Weight of shoes like the Gel Nimbus or The Nike invincible and it has a 6 mm Drop with a stack height of 39 mm at the Heel 33 mm at the for foot and the big Stack of foam you have on the shoe is Kian's M foam material which the m Stands for Mattress apparently which is Very nice obviously it's a big not too Soft and Squishy foam but certainly Comfortable protective and has proved Very durable with kian's other shoes in The past there's knobbly texture on it As well don't really know why you've got

That but it creates quite a nice feel in The hand not that you'll be holding the Shoe all that much youve got the wider Base to the shoe which is a bit Different to a lot of other Max cushion Shoes out there which go very wide Indeed to try and create stability have Got side of foam you sit within the foam Especially at the back of the shoe there And it's got a fair amount of structure At the back of the upper as well to Create that stability with a big stack Of foam but yeah like I say things like The GEL Nimbus and other shoes go for Inherent stability by having a really Wide base which you don't have so much With the ks 900. 2 what you have got is A load of padding on the tongue and heel Of the shoe definitely you've got this Mesh upper which is reasonably Breathable quite stiff material around The front but then yet so much padding At the back it really does hug the foot Quite tightly might end up being a Little bit hot at times and absor a bit Of sweat but it certainly creates that Step- in Comfort you expect from a big Max cushion shoe and as I mentioned You've got this internal plastic heel Counter to create a bit of structure and Support at the back there you got pretty Good outsole coverage on the 4 foot Around the edges of the back you have Got a fairly large exposed foam area at

The back of the shoe there but the key Impact areas are covered and I don't Expect there to be any substantial Durability issues with this [Music] Shoe on the fit of the shoe I am testing Out a UK 9.5 which is half a size up on My normal UK size it's just slightly too Long in the front of the shoe there so I Think a uk9 would probably been all Right for me in terms of the length on The shoe but running with it today I Didn't really have any problems with That slight extra length on the front of The shoe and it is very tapered at the Front of the shoe there so it might be a Little bit of a worry for those who like A wide toe box you don't really get that On this shoe did certainly have a good Lockdown fit around the heel and midfoot With all that padding there as I Mentioned it can get a little bit sweaty I'd say even on the run today not Exactly very warm conditions there a Little bit of sweat absorbed by the Tongue of the shoe but does create a Nice secure hold around the back of the Shoe I have any issues with it rubbing My achilles in an uncomfortable way Either the padding is quite well placed Face to hold from the size rather than Really irritating anything at the back Of the shoe so yeah I would stick to Your normal running shoe size this is a

Half size up on mine it is a bit long But it wasn't a major problem [Music] Either good afternoon from London I am Just heading out to do my first run in The kibron ks 9002 the Big Max cushion Shoe from the cathlon looking forward to Doing this today I've got a nice easy Hour on the plan after a hard workout Yesterday basically recovery run the Kind of thing I'd expect these shoes to Be really good at with that big old Stack of home just fairly Pleasant Conditions looking forward to just going For a nice little mooch and seeing how The shoes Feel so I've run about 7 and 1/2k so far Just pling rarily along and yeah the Shoes are good they're certainly cushion They're protective they've got a Narrower feel than many of these Big Max Cushion shoes like to Cath hasn't gone For a big wide base underneath pability So I'm a neutral Runner and I quite like That narrow field but some might feel That they do want a bit more sity here Cuz it is quite narrow around the midot I'd say but the phone's there you know It's not really bouncy or anything like That but it's comfortable and it's not Too squishy or anything like that or Wobbly so yeah solid enough first few K Going to probably hit around 12 12 13k By the end and I'll check in

Then so just back from my run now it was A very pleasant run today for sure nice Conditions slightly Sunny that has been In the UK it's been of wind but nothing Too bad nice easy Pace kind of in and Out of the wind adjusting the pace just Basically running on field checking the Heart rate was low throughout and yeah The shoe was pretty comfortable like It's not the most exciting thing in the World the shoe but you know you don't Expect that necessarily from a big Cushion shoe like this and the platform Was comfortable protective as I Mentioned on the run it has got a Narrower feel than some of these really Big ones I do think that means it flows Through a little bit uh more smoothly I Found and some of the really big shoes Out there you're not getting a big Rocker here sometimes I do like that on A big cushion shoe myself and the ride Here is a bit more traditional we've With the lower drop there it doesn't Feel like a smooth or something like the New Balance more when I looked at it it Looked a lot like the New Balance Mo and I thought we have a similar feel to that The M 4 is a much more rocket you for Sure for cruising along but yeah pretty Solid feeling like compared to K900 Light it's heavier and uh you got more Cushioning there I think it is more Comfortable under the for foot in

Particular I think you an extra large Amount of foam there compared to the Previous version of the shoe but you Lose some of the versatility of the chos 900 light for sure which is probably More of a mid-level daily training you Could probably keep them both in a Cathon Range I'd say I tell you it's a Pretty solid ride there it's not Dissimilar to shoes that you can spend a Lot more money on you know things like The sxgl nimbers that are going to cost You a lot more money but same time the Pham is a little bit probably less Bouncy and springy than some of the Phones you get on other shoes that are More expensive but it does its job so Yeah solid recovery run in the Sho today That's what I'd be using it for it's a More cushioned option within the catlon Range for sure the kiun range I think Probably needed that because the K900 Light was probably not going to be as Comfortable as many people would like For relax cruising given the way the Market is gone like most brands now have A much more cushion shoe in their range And the Caton's got one now in the ks 900 To so early verdict on the shoe would be I guess a fairly mixed one on the one Hand I think the catalon has created What it's set out to here the the Kian KS 900. 2 is a good addition to its

Range it is now a Max cushion shoe that Fleshes out that part of its range Coming in above the ks 900 light as a as A more cushion heavier option kind Classic easy day shoe in this new Max Cushioned world we live that offers a Nice level of comfort and support and Protection similar to what you're Getting from lots of other brands and it Does it at a price that is below the Majority of shoes on the market you know Nearly all of them you know it might not Be a huge discount on some of them but It is a cheap shoe relative to most of The Big Max cushion shoes out there and Then on the other hand it would be that It's not that much cheaper and the Performance doesn't really stand out That much like it's an okay shoe the Foam isn't anything fantastic I think Durability would be very good which Might help it stand out a little bit but It just feels like a Solitude one rather Than one that really you know Wows on The performance side of things it Doesn't really wow on the price side of Thing so it is a little bit cheaper but There are you know really good shoes That don't cost that much more lots of Shoes come down in price you know a fair Bit all the time that end up near the Price of the ks 900. 2 and also kathon Doesn't have a massive habit of reducing Its uh you know newest shoes a lot I

Mean there are some reductions from time To time but it is probably easier to Find discounts on shoes from more Established brand especially if it's a Long running line there are older shoes That are really good and even on RP There isues like the pumber magnify Nitro 2 that's you know10 more it's not A huge amount more and I think is Probably a more impressive shoe with a Better foam in the midsole a bit lighter All in all I did enjoy running in the Shoe today and it it does achieve what It sets out to achieve I just think for KI run to really make an impression it's Always a bit unfair really because I Think they are making shoes that are Pretty much as good as other brand shoes And they're doing it a little bit Cheaper but I think people almost expect A bit more from the cathlon which is Probably a bit unfair that they're you Know used to getting exceptional value From the cathlon and this is just good Value and if it's just good value I Think people have a habit of sticking to More established Brands and obviously It's too early to really give a final Conclusion in comparison to other shoes But my feeling after Warner is there Will be better shoes from other brands That are more established and maybe Don't cost that much more or can be Found in sales so yeah that's why it's

Mixed I think it's a good shoe though After that one run I'm looking forward To doing some more runs in it we'll have More thoughts on this in our full review And I do think it's a welcome addition To the kiprun lineup people love Max Cushion shoes it's a good idea to have One and I think this does a pretty solid Job all around which just whether that Will be enough to convince people to go To KI run over other brands is yet to be [Music] Seen at our first run review of the ks 900. 2 then please do like and subscribe Ring the little bell and we will see you Next Time