Today I am Sneaker and clothing shopping for Kith’s new spring 2024 collection at their South Beach, Miami location. What do you think of the new drop and would you buy anything?

Let's go shopping in South Beach Miami Kith just dropped their new spring Collection and I wanted to check it out As always their store is super nice from The Air Jordan 5 mural to The Arches Very classy here's a preview of the new Collection this green knit sweater was Super nice I ended up trying it on a few Other items caught my eye as well these Branded sweats were cozy and kith always Has good graphic teas side note this Elise jacket was super tough so I tried On this lightweight green polo in a sear Sucka material then there was this Garmin dyed sweater which was honestly Perfect and finally I tried on this Embroidered denim shirt which I thought Was just a bit too loud for me it also Came in green which I preferred I'll Show you guys what I picked up in just a Moment let's check out the kicks now the Nike p6000 and a few different colorways New Balance 1906 RS were looking nice as Well as a few other models these Colorful Solomons and A6 are great too And of course they had the latest spring Adidas kith collection I ended up Picking the mink green embroided shirt Which is super nice and I can wear it All year round let me know which item Was your favorite