Um I don't I think that like the closest Thing to a Frankenstein shoe that I Would ever want I think kind of exists Already and it would be like something Very much like the primax Something that is like Um kind of ludicrously tall because I Live big tall shoes uh to the point that They're unstable I've told many Brands I'm like if you want to make a a fun Shoe make it like oh I think people are Gonna hurt their ankles on this then You're on the right track so that's kind Of like what I want something that's Kind of like unstable something that's Like super bouncy Um so like the prime x uh with its two Layers of carbon the energy blades and Then the the energy rods that are in There Um definitely is something that's super Fun Um the lightstrike pro that's in there Is also really fun too but I was like You know if we're gonna go Frankenstein Let's put a bunch of fuel cell in there Because that is super squishy and it's Gonna move a lot so like that would be a Lot of fun and then let's put a knit