In this video we’ve got a newcomer brand to the running shoe shelves – at least for men. Lululemon has launched its first men’s running shoe – the Lululemon Beyondfeel. There’s a women’s version too. It’s a neutral daily trainer cum easy day shoe that Lululemon says is designed for “maximum cushioning and effortless glide”. So does it deliver? Run Testers Jane and Kieran took it for some early miles to get some initial first impressions. Hit play to find out how we got on.


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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and In this video we've got a newcomer to The running shoe shelves at least for Men anyway the Lululemon Beyond feel is Lululemon's first ever men's running Shoe there is a female version of the Shoe coming out right now too it's a Neutral daily trainer Come Easy Day shoe That Lululemon says designed for Max Cushioning and effortless Glide so does It deliver well we took it for some Early miles to get some initial first Impressions here's how we got on in our First run in the Beyond Field Some quick details starting with the Stack height then and the Lululemon Beyond field has a 37 Ms in the hill 27 Ms in the for foot for a 10 mil drop Weightwise it tips the scales at 11 o or 314 G in the UK men's 8 and 1 half size Test shoe that's about as heavy as daily Trainers come up there with the aex Joe Nimbus 26 when it comes to price the lud 11 beyond field will set you back £48 in The UK and $158 in the US so let's give you a really quick shoe Whip round then starting with the midso What you've got here is a stack of super Critical foam that's quite firm to The Squeeze test in the heel a little softer In the 4ot area with no substantial Rocking to speak of up top there's a Seamless ventilated mesh there quite

Generously padded heel collar and Tongues and laces actually you've also Got these two little overlay Clips just Forward from the base of the heel Presumably there to improve hold and Security flip them over and you've got a Pressure mapped out soole here here with High abrasion High traction rubber for Flexibility says Lululemon there's quite An aggressive grip here for a road shoe Actually almost lugs across the whole Base of the shoe so yeah that's going to Be interesting we'll see how that rides On our first Run now when it comes to fit I've got my Regular Runing shoe size here which is a UK 8 a half interestingly the lul lemon Website warns that the shoes use us Sizes and run small that's the UK Website says that anyway but here's how I found it once it was on the foot way I Describ these fit there's really good Heel hold from those big sort of padded Collars I get good lock down across the Top from the lacing that big padded Tongue takes anything off lace pinch They hold well across the midfoot There's no slipping particularly in that Kind of rear portion just felt well Cradled well looked after from that Point of view up into the toe box I Think you've got this kind of flexible Of uppers that there's plenty of flex Across the top of the toe box because

The uppers are flexible and you can Wiggle your toes and overall there's Really sort of good space in the toe box I'd say you know like a middling kind of Volume up there no complaints about that They feel just a kind of right side of Of hugging overall really but you can Kind of get that Flex which makes them a Comfortable fit for me and I recommend Going true to sizing these shoes like All of lemon's running shoes the fit is A little bit confusing for the UK Market I am a UK 5 I always run in a UK 5 and They most shoes that's a us7 in the in The L lemon shoe a UK 5 is a 6 and a Half and I found that the five comes up Too small this is a 5 A2 which is a us7 I don't know if I've confused you more But basically size up a little bit Because I think they come up a little Bit small so I have sized up half a size This is a UK 5 and a half and I found I've got a good amount of room in the Toe box and I get a really good locked In feel in this shoe they've done that Really well your foot doesn't move and It is comfortable when it's on your foot Um again I love the look of the shoe I Really like Lula lemons running shoes From a design point of view I don't Think they've gone with their logo so You know they I think they look cool and They come in loads and loads of Different colors and they've done you

Know really beautiful colors you get a Lot of choice and I think I kind of like That the logo is kind of hidden it's not Really in your face and yeah I like the Design and I like the fit of this Shoe now so I've actually done two first Runs in these shoes or I've done two Runs actually I did two sets of basic Easy 10ks in the one yesterday one today Just finished the second one And the way that I would describe these Shoes is that they are firm big blocker Cut of quite firm foam underf foot not Particularly kind of rocked I think it's Got a flat landing and there's a Firmness to them the initial shoe that Came straight into my mind was the new Under Armour Infiniti whatever that was That we tested a while back was quite Firm the thing is they after a few miles They do soften up a little bit but when You first put them on you're a bit like I'm running on quite kind of harsh Blocks that feels quite old school Compared to many of the shoes that we've Tested now with Foams that you a bit Softer they're a bit punchier they're a Bit livelier so you're getting that kind Of softness and the spring from them I Don't really get that from this this Definitely to me fits into the sort of Bracket of a shoe where you're going to Land firm You' got to clip over your Feet quite quickly in order to kind of

Offset that they are quite a heavy shoe On the foot that said when you're Clipping they don't feel too bad they're Not too combersome I do like the kind of Roomy sort of uppers and the flex yeah But my overriding feeling here from the First impressions in the shoes that that A lot of people are going to just find Them too blocky and a bit too firm even When they've settled down after a few Miles it'd be interesting to see whether Or not they soften up more as I put more And more miles into them and then when You first put them on that midsole Starts to break in and be a little bit More forgiving and a little bit more Protective but even on the recovery runs You're going to feel the pavement coming Up through you're going to feel that Ground I quite like a firm shoe stiff Shoe so I don't mind that I can clip Along happy in them and you know if I'm Going to make some comparisons here to Me they feel a bit like the old uh Sustainable shoes that we might have Tested where you know they're just They're okay but they're just a little Bit too sort of Rock Solid underf foot And I think things have shifted on a bit Like you know if you're like a nimbus Like a new balance 1080 you like a ghost Max you like all of those shoes that are Good kind of easy day shoes that you Could just eat miles happily with sort

Of soft cushioning you this isn't that This is kind of the opposite end of it I I' again compare it to some of the kind Of more firm outra shoes it doesn't Really benefit from from having a Pronounced sort of rock ring to help With that kind of stiffness and roll Through so there's not a huge amount of Response from them either I think Overall you're going to be doing quite a Lot of the work in these shoes that's How I felt on those first two runs so The run test for a Max cushioned running Shoe and for a shoe with quite a lot of Foam I expected this to be super Cushioned obviously we all know I'm a Really I love a really cushioned running Shoe Nike convincible it's kind of my Bag that really plush sink in comfort You do not get that with this shoe it is Really firm for shoe that's Max Cushioned it is a firmer shoe of course That is not a bad thing there's no Reason why you can't run long distances In a firmer shoe and it is a comfortable Running shoe to run in I enjoyed I've Done some easy miles I've just had a Baby so I'm coming back into running run Walking and running and I've done some Treadmill running and some easy miles in This running shoe and it is a nice shoe For easy miles think if you're expecting A Max cushion running shoe or something Like with a lot of Bounce this

Definitely isn't that shoe it does Soften towards the end of the run after A few miles but it's not a shoe that You're going to sink into and when you Put it on the next time it feels firm Again it's it is a definitely definitely A firmer shoe that said it's definitely My favorite running shoe that Lululemon Have made it's got a lot more Responsiveness than something like the Bliss feel which I always found a little Bit clunky and I wouldn't I wore the Bliss feel for a 5K race I remember in Bassy Park and there just wasn't enough There for it to be F you know my legs my Hips and my knees next next day felt That I hadn't had enough you know Underfoot to really support me you Definitely have more support more Cushioning and this feels like a more Responsive serious running shoe so it's Definitely my favorite running shoe that Lemon have Made so my verdict after essentially Sort 12 miles in the Beyond feel is that I I just find these shoes a little bit You know not great don't hate them don't Love them I don't think they're Necessarily going to be on a par once We've done all the testing in them with Many many other shoes yeah to me it's Just feels a little bit like some of the Underarm shoes we've tested in the past Like a macina or something where it just

Feels a bit bricky and a bit blocky a Little bit of the edge taken off by a Sort of softish footed and it does Soften up a little bit more as you get Into it but these shoes are not going to Set the world on fire and I just don't Think yeah it's going I think overall What I've done more miles I'm still Going to find them hard to recommend It's definitely a kind of okay you know But in the world where we've got some Really really good competitive daily Trainers and easy shoes out there that Offer great versatility offer really Good Comfort I'm just not sure that These shoes have nailed it as ever it's A couple of first runs so I will reserve The full verdict until we've done the Review and done lots more miles in them Maybe they soften up maybe they get Better but first impressions off that First run are yeah it's kind of an okay Not blown away and I don't really hold Out too much hope for these to be Overall a winning shoe so my verdict This is an everyday running shoe it's What lul lemon claims it is and they've Done that right it's definitely probably Not a shoe you'd want to reach for if You're going to race really quick in but I think if you like the look of the Bliss F but you've always wanted a Little bit more cushioning or a bit more Support or a bit a bit more underfoot

This is the shoe for you I think it Looks great and I think Lula lemon fans Will absolutely love it is it the best Everyday running shoe on the market Probably not I think I would still reach For something like the ax gel numers 25 Or 26 over this shoe just because it's a Max cushion shoe with a lot more bounce You really you kind of it feels plush Under your foot when you're running and That's something you don't get in this Shoe but I will be doing some more miles In it it might the foam might soften up And it might be a shoe you kind of have To break in but in the miles I've done In it I haven't really spotted that it Feels softer by the end of the run but Not not in a way not to compare to the AIC but we'll be doing more miles than It we'll be doing some comparisons and Yeah but a good everyday running shoe For sure and the best Lululemon running Shoe on the market at the moment so then There you have it that has been our First impressions of the new Lululemon Beyond field we hope you found it Helpful don't forget to like subscribe And to ring the bell for more great run Testers videos when they land including The full review of this shoe once we've Done the requisite testing miles in them If you're interested in Daily trainers I'm going to pop a video on the channel Right about now that you should

Definitely watch otherwise as ever Thanks very much for popping by Appreciate you coming and watching and We hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers happy running people