The Lululemon Blissfeel Trail is the athleisure brand’s third running shoe and its first built for off road running.

Like its previous shoes, the Trail is designed for women, offering something that will take you from your door to the trail in a very comfortable manner. Headline specs for the Trail are that is has a 9.5mm drop, weighs 276g/9.7oz (for a US Women’s Size 8), and comes in priced at £148/$148.

Tester Jane has spent a week with the Blissfeel Trail to find out if this road to trail shoe is one to look out for.

00:00: Intro
00:10: Price and key features
00:48: How does it fit?
02:28: The Run Test
06:12: Early verdict

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[Music] Foreign Hi I'm Jane I'm one of the Run testers And I am here to talk about the Lululemon Blissfield Trail Salula lemon started making running Shoes last year we saw the Blissfield Come out which was their first kind of Everyday running shoe for women this Year we saw the aluminum Blissfield 2 Come out which was a little bit of an Improvement I've done a longer review on It you can definitely go and check that Out and it's kind of got a few tweaks to The fit but felt quite similar now we've Got the Blissfield Trail this is a trail Shoe but it's designed to be worn from Your door to the trail so it can cope With concrete and Trail but definitely More designed for trail Um but yeah let's get into my review [Music] Bit wise this is a strange one the Bliss Feel when it came out was the fit was so Confusing and I think it was it came up Super small so I'm always a UK five Pretty much in every shoe I'm a five and A half in New Balance because they come Up small But the think I think the first Bliss Feel I was running in is a six so like a Whole size up from my normal size I Think Lululemon have corrected that They've made some changes this is a us-7

And it's a UK five and a half To compare the night Peg 40 this is a Us-7 and it's UK 5. these both fit Pretty similar so It's kind of half a size bigger Yeah about half size bigger I'd say but I've got enough room in the toe box with This one definitely and I think the Original Blissful I wore were you at us6 So I've probably really confused you but It's definitely more true to size but I Would definitely size up a little bit if You're kind of between sizes or you're Not sure as I say I normally buy five This is a five and a half but definitely Fits more true to size so we're we're Getting the sizing right little lemon Um yeah really impressed really Impressed with this shoe it fit really Comfortably I've got enough room in the Toe box and it was super breathable so Didn't have any didn't have any issues With the fit but I would definitely say Size up a little bit if you can try it On beforehand but definitely with a Trail shoe you want a little bit more Room between your toe and the end of the Shoe just because if you're I mean if You're running on you hit a rock or Something there's not an awful lot of Protection around the front of the shoe So you want a little bit more room so Don't be afraid to size up Oh so the run test like I say I've worn

These on a lot of kind of like muddy Kind of it's not been that wet because For once it's not rained the week I've Got to test the trail shoot it's not Rained so it's kind of been light kind Of wood chippy Trail a little bit of Kind of Um Light wood chippy It's been a quite a lot of light kind of Wood chip Trail in the woods in the com On the common and then a bit of kind of Bushy Park Gravelly do you mean I've not Gone to chamonix wearing this shoe so Caveat that couldn't get there in a week Um but it is I I have enjoyed running in This shoe Lululemon haven't given us a lot of Information they probably will by the Time this video has come out so I'm not I can't tell you all the names of the Foam and the design and all the Technical terms but I will say it's a Super lightweight upper it's water Resistant definitely they haven't said That but I'm telling you it is I've run Through puddles in it and I've not got Super wet socks obviously you don't want It to be waterproof because you want a Bit of breathability but there's a good There's good amount of kind of design Features that do keep your foot dry and Comfortable in this shoe it fits and it Looks quite a lot like the Bliss feel

You've got this kind of plastic rail Around the side to kind of hold your Foot in place which is probably more Important on a trail shoe because you Want that kind of ankle support and you Have got it there and there's a lot of Breathability around the tongue and the Top of the shoe I found it super Comfortable the outsole I guess is the Important bit of a trail shoe and it is Definitely more grippy than the Bliss Feel too I'm gonna put them side by side Here Um but yeah there's a lot of grip There's a good amount of grip I haven't Like I say I haven't tested this a super Muddy wet kind of hilly run but I had More than enough grip on the trails that I was covering and like I say I think This is the shoe that's designed to go From your house to the trail so if You're kind of I'm talking like a trail Park run where you can run from your Door to the park Ram The downsides of the shoe are the same As the Bliss feel where I think it's Probably most comfortable over shorter Distances I probably wouldn't want to do A trail marathon in this shoe that said This is definitely my favorite Lululemon Running shoe yet I think the damn size Of the Blissful has always been that This foam and Lululemon haven't said a Lot about this foam other than its kind

Of tuned foam cushioning it's not a Super plush foam by any any measure There's really no sinking Comfort here It's probably Firmer than the react if you've worn the Pegasus it's a bit firmer than that but It is responsive it is comfortable but I Think my problem with the road shoe has Always been that I'm I want a bit more I Want a bit more cushioning from it Because I'm quite a Stompy Runner and I Like that kind of cushioned feel and I've worn it for kind of 5K 10K fine but Longer than that I probably want a bit More cushioning with a trail shoe you Don't it doesn't matter as much you're On a softer surface and you don't really Want loads of cushioning you don't want Loads of responsive bumps in a trail Shoe you don't want to be propelled Forward and then land on a rocky like Uneven terrain so this is definitely Without a doubt my favorite little lemon Running shoe yeah because I found it Super comfortable I want a firm a trail Shoe I liked that it was it was it Wasn't too plush and too bouncy and I Really really enjoyed it I think this They've nailed it with the trail shoe And I would definitely definitely do More trail running in this whereas with The Bliss Fields I probably wear them For kind of maybe shorter runs treadmill Runs casually I don't wear them as much

They're not the shoe I reach for if I'm Going to go and do an easy run or a Temper session [Music] So my verdict I like this shoe I'm impressed with this Shoe I think I'm gonna do a lot more Running in this shoe it's an early Verdict obviously I've only run in it For about a week Um but that said it's made me go out on The trails and I am not a trail Runner So this it has been a comfortable shoe It's 148 pounds 148 so it is kind of In this world I guess that's not it's Not the most expensive running shoe it's Durable and I think it's a decent option For a trail shoe or like a a kind of Trailer park rum if you do Park runs Every weekend and you need a little bit More grip from your shoes it's a good Option that said I probably still Wouldn't wear it for longer miles I'm Going to do some more testing in it Where I kind of do try and run run in it For longer miles personally I want a Little bit more cushioning if I'm going Longer but that said a longer trail run You could you could definitely reach for This shoe I've been really impressed With it it's definitely been my favorite Blissfield yet the fit's really great It's still designed by women for women's Feet I think Lululemon have said that

There'll be men's versions eventually But I kind of love that they're focusing On women first it's kind of rare for a Shoe brand to do that so yeah I have Been I have been impressed with this Shoe and I'm looking forward to doing Small miles in it Foreign