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10 best slides Slides video:

Size Reference im 5’7

White Calvin Klein Tank Tops (size small):
White Hanes Tank Top:
Black and grey tank top:
(similar) Olive tank top:

Abercrombie Linen pants (size small):
Frank and Oak Linen Pants (size XS):

Blue Linen Shirt (small):
White Linen Shirt (small):

This month, I tried:
Man by Mercedes-Benz
Eros by Versacehttps://sbird.co/42AQuI3
c’i’aan by Source Adagehttps://sbird.co/40reqvD
Royal Forest by English Laundryhttps://sbird.co/3k5g72x

Retro Super Futre Black Shades:
Akila tinted shades:
Oakley Eye jacket:

Fear of God California (half size down):
Adidas Adilette 22 (size 8):

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Just because it is super hot outside Does not mean that you cannot look your Best this summer and in this video we Are going over a ton of tips and tricks For you guys to follow so that you're Looking fresh as hell during the summer Months I want to thank semburn for Sponsoring today's video we'll hear About some great summer fragrances a Little bit later on in the video now the First Essential clothing item that you Need to get this summer are tank tops These are going to pair so well with any Of your open collar shirts or casual Button-ups now the ones I buy are Calvin Klein they come in a pack which you can Buy on Amazon but don't worry you can Easily go with any of the Hanes ones for Me the Calvin Klein ones are just a Little bit better quality however I also Like to grab a bunch of different color Ones whether it's gray or even an olive Color so that I can mix and match with My shirts to have an endless amount of Color combinations and the best part About tank tops is that you can actually Wear them on their own and what I like To do is pair them with a baggier pair Of pants whether it is a pair of cargos Or a pair of pleated trousers I find it Just gives it a really smart summer look Something different that you guys may Not typically wear but something that I Think looks really great now the next

Essential item Are linen pants now not Everybody is comfortable wearing shorts Or if you work in a place where shorts Is not part of the dress code then trust Me you need to get linen pants the Fabric itself is super lightweight and Breathable and honestly they just look So good for a more elevated style when It comes to linen pants you can get Something that's a little bit more Lightweight and breathable or you can Get something that's a little bit Tailored like you see here one Recommendation is that you get this Cream color I will link a bunch down in The description my two favorites are From Frank and Oak and from Abercrombie And just Linen in general is such a Great fabric you can even go with a Linen shirt these are also from Abercrombie I highly recommend them I Love the pockets along the Torso and Just the color offerings that they have Once again linen is just a super Lightweight Breezy Fabric and if you Live in a hot climate you need to start Wearing these because you can get a lot Of fashion forward clothing items and Just the fact that they're a different Material like this linen one means that They're way more better suited for Warmer weather one other essential Summer item for me are fragrances since You're out of the house doing stuff

Meeting people you definitely want to Smile your best too that's where semper Comes along they are a fragrance Subscription service that allows you to Try different designer fragrances each Month for just 17 with each fragrance You get a 30-day supply for you to try Before committing to a full-size bottle The three that I picked up are issei Miyaki Lo dice poor om which is a great Light summer fragrance that contains Hints of cinnamon Cypress Amber and Tobacco and this is the light set that You can wear on a daily basis whether You're heading out of the house going to The beach they're good for All Occasions My personal favorite is the Dolce and Gabbana The One For Men this is a Perfect date night scent or going out at Night time because it has a nice musky Scent to it with hints of Amber tobacco Ginger and grapefruit there's also Mercedes-Benz man which is a great one For everyday use it has hints of ambrit Cedar Leaf geranium and oakmoss now make Sure you use the link in the description Or scan the QR code on screen and make Sure you use called brace kicks at Checkout for 55 off your first month at Scentbird that's only about eight Dollars for your first month okay now It's time to talk about sunglasses now I Kid you not I have literally bought more Sunglasses this year than I've bought in

My entire life and of all the ones that I bought there's a couple that I think You guys need to know if you want to try Something different like I like to do Try retro Super Future these ones just Have a classic black silhouette I have a Pretty narrow face so even if yours is Wider trust me they'll fit you perfectly Next what I would say is to get Something that's a little bit more fun Get some tinted glasses don't buy those Cheap ones off of Amazon those ones are Always humongous and never fit my face This one is from Aquila once again got It on sale at Essence very reasonably Priced it's got a tortoise pattern on it With these dark orange Shades these are By far my favorite sunglasses that I Have ever bought and trust me you won't Regret it and if you want to get Something that's a little bit more of a Y2K aesthetic these ones from Oakleys These are called the Oakley eye jacket You can grab these one off of Amazon Which is very convenient and they're Only about 120 I believe one thing I Will say about about these Oakley ones Is that they are a little bit more Stylistic there's more streetwear looks Or something that's a little bit more of A retro aesthetic so just keep that in Mind now of course in the summertime you Got to protect yourself from the sun Right you need yourself a hat now of

Course you guys know me I'm a huge hack I actually created my own hat for my Brand more apparel and it is perfect I Have literally gone through I kid you Not dozens and dozens at least 20 Different hat styles to find the perfect One and I finally finally figured out The perfect shape everything about it I Absolutely love I have a pretty narrow Head as I mentioned and this one just Suits perfectly so if you have a wider Head it's going to look even better okay Some other hat styles that I love are Actually from ald Amy Leon door they Also make these two-tone ones that I Absolutely love they have so many Different versions of these so go on the Site pick up a hat they're a little bit On the pricier option but you can always Grab some from the secondary market so It's like grilled eBay you can probably Find a ton of discounted ones and just Clean them yourself now if I'm cleaning A secondhand cap what I do is I get a Lysol wipe wipe the inside and I grab a Steamer and I steam clean it they do Make some great mesh caps now one thing That is always in common with ald caps Is that they tend to be low profile now Low profile is perfect if you like to Wear a more of an elevated aesthetic Something like open collar shirts for Example it's a little bit more of a Smarter look than the standard New Era

Fitted cap which is more of like an Athleisure type of look right a more of A streetwear Vibe now I'm going to be Making a complete and dedicated shorts Video which will be linked in the Description once it's ready so be sure To check that out if you want some Shorts recommendations however let's Talk about slides I did just make a Slides video so you can watch a full Comprehensive breakdown of the 10 best Slides to buy right now link is also in The description but let me give you the Hits for a more elevated style like We've been talking a lot about in this Video I highly recommend the fear of God California the minimalist design of These just really lends itself to a more Sleek or silhouette nothing with two big Logos nothing too bulky this overall has A really simple design that can be Styled in a number of different ways Next up would be the Yeezy slides However those often times are out of Stock it's not like you can just go on a Website and buy them the next best thing In my opinion are the Adele 22 these Came out last year they're a 3D printed Slide that is very reminiscent of the Yeezy slides these ones are going to go Perfect whether you want to wear them to The beach or you want to wear them to Get a fit off more of like a streetwear Style you can definitely do so

Effortlessly with the Adela 22 and the Bonus is they're very affordable it's Around 60 dollars and they're super Comfortable