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If You’re looking to improve your looks, it all starts with your grooming. In today’s video we go over the best men’s grooming tips you need to know to improve your style and confidence. Men’s grooming is very important and the sooner you start the better. We go over men’s grooming tips like washing your face, moisturizing, hair care, beard care, and many more!

Today we're diving into seven essential Grooming tips that every stylish man Should know looking your best isn't Always about what you wear it's also About how you take care of yourself now Before we level up your grooming if you Guys like fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into it so getting into Tip number one when it comes to your Grooming you want to make sure you shave The back of your neck now if you're a Guy who gets a haircut once a week your Barber will definitely take care of this Now if you're a guy who doesn't go to The barber every week I get it it can be Very expensive so that's why you got to Take matters into your own hands the Back of your neck can get really hairy And you wouldn't even notice it because You can't even look back there unless You have a mirror so one simple thing You can do is just take a razor and a Mirror and shave the back of your neck In between haircuts trust me it'll make You look and feel a whole lot better so Getting into grooming tip number two is Your skin care taking care of your skin Is one of the most important things you Can do for yourself you want to stay Looking young and vibrant as you age so Skincare care is something you need to Start now now if you're like me and you

Like things nice and easy then I'm going To recommend teach Hanley with teach Hanley you can start off with the level 1 system which is perfect especially if You're just starting out you get a daily Face wash which you should use first Thing in the morning and right before Bed you also get a scrub to keep the Skin looking and feeling fresh and Lastly you get an AM and PM moisturizer A lot of guys forget to moisturize but It's just as important as anything else Now with tiege Hanley you can get 30 off Your first box plus a free gift getting A free item that's about 15 you really Can't beat it now you guys should Definitely take advantage of this deal So you can use the first link in the Description down below I'm telling you It's the best investment you can make For yourself so save yourself some money And get started today getting into Grooming tip number three you want to Utilize face masks look the truth is Face masks aren't only for the girls a Face mask can work Wonders on your face And anyone who tries to make fun of you For it more often than not will have Horrible skin if you have ever feel like Your skin is dry or lifeless a face mask Can work wonders with a face mask it's Quick and easy you can leave it on for About 20 to 30 minutes and I promise you You will see a difference so don't be

Overly masculine and pop on a face mask At least once a week getting into Grooming tip number four let's talk About your hair now your hairstyle can Make or break your overall look so you Want to make sure you're probably taking Care of it you want to avoid those two In ones or three in ones because each of Those all have a different purpose so Having it all in one bottle just doesn't Make sense you want to use good quality Hair products when it comes to your Shampoo and conditioner you also don't Want to wash every day because it can Strip away the natural oils that'll make Your hair look healthy I'm telling you Taking care of your hair will have you Feeling a lot more confident and your Hair will be a lot more healthy take Care of it now while you're young Because you don't want unhealthy hair That's going to lead to baldness in the Future so sticking with hair let's talk About beards for all my bearded Brothers Out there taking care of your facial Hair is a must you want to invest in a Good trimmer or scissors to keep it well Groomed and shaped you also want to wash Your beard with a specialized beard Shampoo to keep it clean and avoid Itchiness you can also use a beard oil Or a bomb to keep it moisturized and Soften the hair this is going to prevent It from looking all wild and Untamed

Don't be that guy with a dry brittle Beard it's not a good look you can take Your beard from a 3 to a 10 with just These few easy steps getting into tip Number seven let's talk about body Grooming grooming isn't just about your Face you want to take care of your body As well you want to go ahead and trim or Shave unwanted body hair to keep it in Check now this can be chest hair leg Hair or even back hair you also want to Use a high quality body wash or soap to Cleanse your skin again none of that two In one or three in one stuff you also Can't forget to moisturize afterwards to Prevent dryness now I know a lot of you Guys don't do this because you think It's not important but I'm telling you It'll make a huge difference and last But not least a good deodorant no ax or Anything like that is going to keep you Looking fresh throughout the day day Remember a well-groomed body will make You feel confident and comfortable in Your own skin getting it to tip number Seven the last grooming tip you want to Freshen up your smile look your smile is What's going to give you that confidence So taking care of your oral hygiene is a Must of course you want to brush your Teeth at least twice a day I know a lot Of you guys only do this in the morning And that could be the cause for your bad Breath don't forget to floss daily to

Remove plaque and food particles from Between your teeth lastly a mouthwash is A must this will go ahead and freshen Your breath and kill bacteria this is Going to give you so much confidence so You can go ahead and brighten up any Room you walk into and there you have it Seven essential grooming tips that every Stylish man should know add these habits Into your daily routine and I promise You you will look completely different Now again don't forget to check out Today's sponsor teach Hanley first link In the description down below as you Guys know I appreciate you guys for Watching and I will see you in the next One peace [Music] Thank you [Music]