Hey people, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re looking at a surprise package trail shoe, the Merrell Agility Peak 5. This trail shoe has the HOKA Speedgoat in its sights and when it comes to trail running it might signal some big moves from Merrell to get back amongst it. So does it have what it takes to rival the Goat? Run Tester Kieran has been logging the test miles to find out. Hit play on our Merrell Agility Peak 5 review for verdict.


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Details
0:50 – Shoe Comparison
2:41 – Fit & sizing
3:17 – The Run Test
5:17 – Verdict

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Super trail shoes explained:

Hey people welcome to the Run testers in This video we're looking at a surprise Package Trail shoe the meril agility Peak five now this Trail shoe has the Hoca speed goat 5 firmly in its sights And when it comes to trail running it Might signal some big moves from Merill To get back amongst it want to know why We think that well watch on to find out Why we think this might have what it Takes to rival the [Music] Goat now some quick details on the meral Agility Peak five stack height is listed As 31 Ms in the hill and 25 in the 4T For a 6 mil drop the peak 5 tips the Scales at 280 G on 9.9 o in my UK 8 and A half test shoe that's a chunk lighter Than the Hoka speed goat 5 and around The same as the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Price-wise it comes in at 140 in the UK Or $140 in the US give you a quick shoe whip around When you first pluck the meral agility Peak five out the box you can't help but Think of the Hocus speed goat they they Follow pretty much the same blueprint For a good daily Trail shoe a big stack Rocket Migo flexible but reinforced mesh Uppers good padded plushness in the hill Collars and substantial 5 mil lugs They're priced the same as the speed Goat now when it comes to the midsole The Mero agility Peak 5 is a well

Cushioned daily trainer style Trail shoe That aims to balance cushion comfort With speed and versatility it uses a new Recipe medium density float Pro foam That's softer and more energetic than You found in the previous Peak models There's also a rocker to help smooth the Ride and provide extra efficiency for Those Heel To Toe transitions it packs Less midsole height overall than the Hocus speed goat 5 with a chunk Less in The 4 foot the midso also features dual Directional Flex grooves to enhance Ground connection so if you're looking For a shoe with a little more 4ot ground Contact this is worth a look there's Also a rock plate for Extra Protection From the naria lumps under foot up top The agility Peak 5 has engineered mesh Uppers with these generous pliable TPU Overlays that wrap the shoe from the Heel through to the toe that's good for Durability there's also a gusted Wraparound tongue that prevents lace Pinch if you flip them over what you've Got here is a generous covering of 5 mil Vibram traction lugs there's a mix of Chevrons and x-shaped lugs here Specifically designed to increased Traction and shed debris with each step Meril has ticked off some clever details Here too there is a d-ring detail loop At the front at the bottom of the laces That gives you more lacing options

There's also velcro Gator attachments at The heel which is good for attaching Gators they're also treated for natural Odor Control though there's not much in All honesty that can control my trail For odor and if you're really interested There's a more expensive gortex Edition so when it comes to fit I ran in A UK and a half in this agility Peak Five and I would recommend going true to Size I found that to be perfect really That's my regular shoe size I got good Lock down across the midfoot from the Lacing there's plenty of hold in the the Heel from the nicely sort of ample Padded heel colors that we've got here Quite a plush cut of heel colloring here Just about enough room in the toe box Decent bit of width going into that kind Of from that midfoot into the 4 foot and Yeah overall I recommend going true to Sizing these the fit was pretty much Spot On run test then well in my test I Covered around 30 mi in the agility Peak Five off-road that was mainly on hard Pack well-groomed Park and River paths Forest Trails rather than anything Particularly steep mountainous or Technical but I threw in the odd bit of Grass and heavy boggy mud for good Measure my longest run in the shoe was Around 90 minutes on feet I also clocked Plenty of miles on the road to reach

Those Trails so I've given the road to Trail credentials a thorough test too Now I enjoyed the meril agility Peak 5 Straight Out of the Box the plush heel Collars the flexible uppers that Wraparound tongue all provide great Instant step- in comfort and this shoe Has a good disappearing feel on the foot That lasts longer into your miles There's a cradled security here in my View particularly for a wide midfoot Runner at least that feels locked in Across the midfoot but natural and Unrestrictive the ride is excellent too You get a nicely balanced ride from a Softer midsole that's more cushion and Protective than we had in the agility Peak four there's good roll through and Plenty of energy clipping along Compacted Trails too the midsole soaks Up the road happily as well thanks to That well cushioned midsole though on The trail the bigger stack here might Not suit Runners who like to feel Somewhat more ground contact and Connection to the trail Under Foot that Might be a bit much if you like it a Little bit more direct but when you hit Lumpier ground there is good stability And you can move across most Terrain in This shoe with confidence now speaking Of confidence the Mero agility Peak 5 Grip is also excellent I didn't get to Test it on slippery crazy steep or rocky

Terrain as I mentioned but it handled All the conditions that I threw at it Including some usually really deadly wet Cobblestone on on the flat that runs Alongside the river temp there's a few Sections when the river recedes it Leaves the mud behind and it turns into A big slip Did really well on those cobblestones And the wraparound overlays here look Like they're going to do a good job of Boosting that big mile durability of the Shoe as well so so far that's looking Good on the out soole too there's no Worrying signs of wear so it's a thumbs Up on durability as Well verdict then well it's been a while Since I've said this about a meril shoe But this is a really accomplished Trail Shoe in my book I think it has all the Necessary tools to rival the speed goat 5 particularly on roll road to Trail Terrain the agility Peak 5 has a lot Going for it it's really nicely balanced Cushioned and protective Trail shoe with That speed goat style easy rolling ride And I think for longer Ultra endurance Efforts where you need a bit of extra Foot protection but you don't want to be Lugging a hulking great Trail shoe along For the ride this is a great option I Can see myself ticking along happily in This for dayong adventure races now Overall it's wellb built with robust

Durability and there are some really Nice little details like the wraparound Tongue and the d-ring and those Gator Attachment it just shows Merill has gone A little bit further now if you're Thinking of taking on the marathon to Sor a hard sort of desert race this shoe Could actually be a contender it's one Of those that will fit that build nicely For those dry flat hard packed long days In the Sahara I think this is going to Do a really good job now at40 in the UK It's also pretty keenly priced it's a Bit pricier than the night Peg Trail 4 It's the same as the speed go five here Though if you're in the US you'll be Able to pick this shoe up cheap than the Speed goat 5 by I think about $15 and That makes it even more appealing so if You're considering speed goat style Trail shoes I definitely say the agility Peak 5 is worth your careful attention And if this is a nod to what Merill Might be bringing us in the future then We're all for it so for me the Merill Agility Peak 5 gets a big thumbs up it's A very solid wellth thought out Trail Shoe that puts Merill in the chat with Some of the most popular long run trail Shoes that are out there I think so There you have it that's our review of The Merill agility Peak 5 hope you found It helpful if you have any questions hit Us up in the comments below if you've

Had the chance to run in the shoe please Let us know how you found it in the Comments as well and don't forget to Like And subscribe and ring that Bell For more great run testers videos when They land otherwise thanks very much for Watching and we hope to see you again Soon on the Run testers happy running Everyone