Hey people, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re asking if the Merrell Agility Peak 5 has what it takes to rival the HOKA Speedgoat 5. You’ve got two remarkably similar shoes, built for rolling happily from road to trail and tackling everything from short off-road excursions, to the longer ultra endurance adventures. But does Merrell have a shoe to rival the Goat? Hit play on our Merrell Agility Peak 5 vs HOKA Speedgoat 5 review to find out.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Weight, drop, stack & price
1:07 – Shoe Comparison
3:30 – Fit
4:22 – The Run Test
8:08 – Verdict

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Merrell Agility Peak 5 review:
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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we are asking if the Meril agility Peak 5 has what it takes To rival the hoker speed goat 5 these Are two remarkably similar shoes both Built for Rolling happily from road to Trail and tackling everything from short Off-road excursions to longer Ultra andj Adventures on technical terrain but does Merill have a shoe to rival the goat Well watch on to find out in our Head-to-head some quick details then Will the meril agility Peak five stack K Is listed as 31 Ms in the hill 25 in the 4T for a six mil drop the speed goat 5 Has a marginally higher stack Particularly up front under the toes With 32 Ms in the hill and 28 Ms in the 4 foot for a lower 4 mil drop the peak Five tips the scales at 280 G or 9.9 o In my UK test size 8 and a half that's a Chunk lighter than the hoker speed goat 5 that comes in at 10.3 o or 291 G Price-wise they both come in at £40 in The UK but the speed goat 5 is $15 more More expensive in the US at $155 to the Agility Peaks [Music] $140 let's give you a quick shoe whip Round of both of these and will these Two shoes follow much the same blueprint For a good daily trainer Trail shoe You've got a big stack of Rocket midsole Flexible reinforced mesh uppers good

Padded plushness in the heel collar and Substantial 5 mil logs across both and When it comes to the midsole both shoes Are well cushioned daily trainer style Trail shoes that aim to balance cushion Comfort with some speed and versatility There's a huge similarity to the Geometry of the midsole the agility Peak Uses a new recipe medium density float Pro phone that's softer and more Energetic than the previous Peak models There's also a rocker to help smooth the Ride and provide extra efficiency for Those Heel To Toe transitions plus Merill has included a rock plate here For Extra Protection from the naria Lumps underf foot you don't get that in The speed goat 5 the speed goat 5 packs More Midol height overall with a chunk More in the 4 foot the goat uses a Single density compression molded Eva That's lighter and more responsive than Past speed goat models and it also has a Late stage meta rocker to help with Those transitions now up top the agility Peak 5 has engineered mesh uppers with Generous pliable TPU overlays from toe To heel that's good for durability There's also a gusseted wraparound Tongue that prevents lace pinch the Speed goat 5 meanwhile has a double Layer jackard mesh and you've got this Kind of neoprene Style patch across the Top of the toes that's there to give a

Bit more Flex should you need it the Heel collars are a tiny bit narrower on The speed goat and less flexible the Padding drops more evenly down into the Shoe as well while the agility Peak has This kind of more roll top design the Structure in the speed go heels Rises Higher up the heel too and you've got This Kickback heel color while the Agility is more traditional in terms of Its heel color the meril has some extra Clever details too that you don't get on The goat there's a d-ring a little loop At the bottom of the lace that gives you More lacing options plus a velcro Gator Attachment at the heel you also as I Mentioned get these wraparound overlays That boost the durability of the shoe They are not present on the speed goat Flip them over and both shoes have a Generous covering of multi-directional 5 Mil vibrant Mega grip traction lugs the Agility mix of Chevrons and X shaped Lugs are specifically designed to Increase traction and shed debris with Each step and though the lug depth is Listed as the same as the speed go I Think they actually look notably more Substantial So I've brought you down to the quiet River in London where you could hear the Sirens going off but anyway fit first up The fit ran through to size in both of These shoes in a UK 8 and a half which

Is my regular running shoe size and I Would recommend going through to size in Both of these shoes if anything I would Say the hoker fit marginally more snug There's not quite as much room across The top of the toes or just coming into The toe box at the back of the toes the Agility Peak five offer a little bit More but I've got good he hold good lock Down across the top of the midfoot in Both of the shoes and I would recommend Going true to size in both unless you Really want a wider longer fit in your Trail shoes I don't I tend to run in my Regular size then you might want to go Half a size up in both to give yourself A little bit more room but I would Recommend going true to size that's how I would run in [Music] Both now in my test I've run hundreds of Miles in the speed goat 5 and it's been One of my favorite Workhorse trail shoes For when plotting around the New Forest Trails and onto Coastal paths and things Like that I've clocked considerably less In the agility Peak five around 30 Mi But I've covered very similar Terrain in That time for both shoes that includes Mainly hard- packed well groomed Park And River pods Forest Trails rather than Anything particularly steep or technical With the odd bit of grass and heavy Boggy mud thrown in for good measure now

My longest run in the agility was 90 Minutes on feet whereas I've done 6 Hours plus even longer in the speed goat 5 I also clocked plenty of miles on the Road to reach those Trails so I've given Both shoes the road to Trail credentials Of both shoes at least a thorough test As well now I also took these shoes to The temp's path for a side by-side Mile With one shoe on each foot to compare How they felt up against each other and This is what I found so I've just come Down to the river down here and I've Just done my side by-side mile I've got The speed goat five on the left foot I've got the agility Peak on the right Foot as I said in a buildup to this Video from all the Run testing that I've Done these are remarkably similar shoes And when You' got them on the foot that Doesn't change They ride in a very very similar way Overall the fit is quite similar if Anything I would say that there's a Little bit more room in the back of the Toes and into the toe box in the agility Peak 5 now I've got them on side by side For comparison the speed go 5 just fit a Little bit more snugly in that toe box Over and across the top of the toes as Well the agility Peak rise a little bit Higher off the toes so if black toenails Is a problem for you or you're going to Be looking at doing Ultras then maybe

You want to go for the slightly AA Slight slightly roomier agility Peak Five but it's a marginal difference here When it comes to the ride the major Difference and this is a bizarre one Because the speed goat 5 has a higher Listed stack than the agility Peak 5 but It feels much higher the agility Peak 5 When you're under foot it feels like You've got more cushioning underneath It's probably slightly softer it's Definitely a little bit more springy a Bit more bouncy but again not huge Amount just a shade and then I think You're probably noticing that bigger Drop that's on the agility Peak five That just tips you forward a little bit More just gives you a little bit more Forward momentum I think it kind of gets You into that rocker a bit quicker than You might get from the flatter four mil Drops spe goat 5 which does just run a Little bit more flatter there's a bit More ground contact as a result so on Technical trails mayble that will come Into its own but on this kind of flat You know muddy but wet but sort of easy To run off-road stuff I think the Agility Peak five probably have Performed ever so slightly better these Are both great shoes for these Conditions though now as well as doing The trail bit here by the river I've Also done a road section on the way back

And when you hit the road that extra Feeling of slight sort of softness that You get from the agility Peak 5 probably Makes them marginally better but again These are both good shoes at doing Road Sections and particularly if you're Doing Ultras that take you back into Towns Villages and that kind of thing Where you've got sections of road where You're going to be on really hard Compacted ground these are both shoes That will cope with that I think really Well I sort of said it again in the Buildup to this or I said it I'm Actually in the agility Peak five review Races what like the MDS or desert races Where you know you're going to be Hitting some really hard ground as well As softer bits and Technical Trails then I think these shoes will do you a really Good service yeah very little to choose Between them overall now that I've done That mile run but we'll wrap that back Up in the office so these are both good Workhorses that will handle a range of Terrain and a wide variety of Pacers and I could happily wear either for just Clipping along the trails happily both Shoes offer good reli able grip I didn't Get to test them on crazy steep or rocky Terrain but they held firm in all the Test conditions I threw at them and I'd Say the Merill just about edged it on Grip though

Overall verdict then and I'm quite Surprised to be saying this but I think The meril agility Peak 5 has all the Necessary tools to rival the hoker speed Goat 5 particularly on Rolling Road to Trail terrain now the agility Peak 5 has A lot going for it's really nicely Balanced cushion to protective Trail Shoe and it's a match for the speed Goats easy rolling ride that makes it a Great shoe for longer Ultra efforts Where you need a bit of extra foot Protection but that's also very true of The speed goat 5 and for me I think the Decision here between these two shoes May well come down to the price in the UK the speed goat 5 and the agelity peak Are both listed at the same price though If you're in the US you'll be able to Pick up the meril cheaper and that makes It even more appealing in my book now if You're considering a speed goat style Trail shoe overall i' definitely say the Agility Peak is worth your careful Attention you can find good deals on Both these shoes as well and whichever One you can find cheapest I'd recommend Going for that one now for me personally If I have to get off the fence here and Choose one shoe that I would like to run In for the rest of my life if only had One option I think on balance it' Probably still be the speed goat 5 but That might just be down to how familiar

I am with what's become such a reliable Trail Buddy for me but I have this Feeling that if we were to check back at About 8 months time the Merill May well Have adjoined it firmly on my list of Trusted Trail favorites it's a really Good shoe and I don't think you're going To really find too much discrepancy Between these two shoes so yeah if you Have a preference for one of these Brands go for that so there you have it That's our review of the meril agility Peak 5 I hope you found it helpful if You have any questions hit us up in the Comments below if you've had a chance to Run in either of these shoes or both of These shoes let us know your thoughts Don't forget to like And subscribe and Ring the bell for more great run testers Videos when they land otherwise thanks As ever for watching we really Appreciate you taking the time to join Us on the channel and we hope to see you Again soon in the meantime happy running Everyone