The 1985 Air Jordan 1 Black Toe is an extremely rare sneaker to find with it being almost 40 years old. Coming across a pair like this to restore doesn’t happen often. After 4 long days, the restoration was completed and these Original 1985 Air Jordan Black Toes are now wearable for another 20 years. #shorts

That's it the 1985 black toe restoration Is finally done dude these came out Amazing night and day difference I am so Impressed for the last few days we took The shoe apart replaced all the guts Replaced the soles we try to keep this Restoration as original as possible when It comes to black toes they're unicorns You don't see them every day we wanted To take the correct approach on these And not ruin them real quick let me show You guys the old Parts disgusting broken down soles the Heel counters were not wearable anymore Padding was disgusting now we replac it With authentic Nike Parts new padding This shoe is good to go ready to be worn For years to come or Displayed