The Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is a race shoe that Mizuno says is designed for elite-level runners aiming to get a sub-2-and-a-half hour marathon time. Like the Wave Rebellion Pro, it features one of the most noticeable shapes to be found in super shoes, with the bulk of the midsole foam positioned in the centre of the shoe.

That midsole is dual-layered, with the lower layer being the more responsive Mizuno ENERZY LITE and the upper the softer, bouncier Mizuno ENERZY LITE+ – of which there has been more added than in the previous version.

Other updates include a redesigned carbon fibre wave plate to improve speed, a slightly wider base to increase stability, and the shoe gets rid of the cut-out midsole section seen in the original. The upper has also been modified to make it slightly roomier and there’s an impressive layer of G3 outsole rubber for grip and durability.

Tom has taken the shoe out on a tasty interval session to see if it’s as fun as the first one.

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00:30 – Design
01:18 – How’s The Fit?
02:35 – The First Run Test
08:34 – Early Verdict

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Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2:

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another first run review in this video I'm going to be taking a look at the Mauno wave Rebellion Pro 2 let's have a Look the Muno wave Rebellion pro2 cost £210 or $250 it weighs 214 G or 7.5 o For men in a size 8 and the drop is 1.5 Mm the wave Rebellion Pro 2 is a race Shoe that Muno says is designed for Elite level Runners aiming to get sub 2 And 1 half hour marathon time like the Wave Rebellion Pro it features one of The most noticeable shapes to be found In super shoes with the bulk of the Midell phone positioned in the center of The shoe that midle is dual layered with The lower layer being the more Responsive Muno enery light and the Upper the softer bouncy Muno Enz light Plus of which there has been more added Than in the previous version other Updates include a redesigned carbon Fiber wave plate to improve speed a Slightly wider base to increase Stability and the shoe gets rid of the Cutout midsole section seen in the Original the upper has also been Modified to make it slightly roomier and There's an impressive layer of G3 outso Rubber for grip and Durability so the fit for me and the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 I'm a size eight in The UK this is a size 8 it is a narrow Shoe it's it's noticeably narrow when

You're wearing it not as narrow as the Original uh it's got slightly bit more Space in it um I was fine with it on That first run I didn't have any issues Um but I would say is that there wasn't A lot of space in the forefoot for me um Bit above my toes although there was Quite a bit space around the side of the Foot um so and that's more than it was In the original one so what I would say Is that if you are concerned about the Um that space in the for foot You' Probably want to go half a size up in This shoe I felt fine in it but I know That a lot lot people went up half a Size in the original one as well just Because of that narrowness um but I Would stick to my size in this shoe but Um probably should go up half a size if You're concerned the other thing I'd say As well is it has quite a slippy heel It's quite hard to really lock down These shoes and get a really tight lock Down fit um I managed I'm fine with them Now I've managed to do it um and they Feel absolutely fine but it did take me A while to get it into position and get The laces into uh to a point where I did Feel like it was really secure so take That in consideration as well it's a bit Tricky to get a lock down fit in these Shoes so I was a bit late to the party With the original wave Rebellion Pro I Actually picked these up in in the sport

Shoes sale at Christmas for £100 um and When I read about the the shoes and sort Of images of them I thought it was a Little bit of a novelty it was obviously A way to get a lot more foam in without Increasing the stack height of the the Heel uh section of the shoe um so I was A bit concerned it was a little bit of a Gimmick um but I absolutely have loved Using this shoe I've used it for uh a Couple of 5K uh races I've used it for Um track sessions I've used it for Interval sessions and I absolutely love It it just feels so quick and fun and Enjoyable to to running for my style of Running as well I'm a midfoot uh Striker And these shoes I think are Predominantly designed for heel Strikers And midfoot Strikers to really tip you Onto that forefoot um with this really Pronounced rocker design it really Justes sort of move you over uh and it Just feels really nice and fast and Comfortable for that uh the wave Rebellion Pro 2 uh it does have a little Bit more of this myuno uh eny light plus Midsole uh in the top section of the Mido so it's a jewal layer uh the top Section is this softer foam and there's Slightly harder foam uh at the the Bottom section of the Mido um and that Has made the ride noticeably different Um it's a lot softer uh and when I'm I When I took it out for that run this

Midsection of the shoe it is uh no it's Like trampoline I land directly on the Highest uh part the tallest part of this Midsole and you really do notice it it Just it's just like you're bouncing on a On a trampoline uh as you're running so The run that I did was over at Brighton V drone which is essentially a 650 M Concrete track it's got a bit of a Camera on it so it's not perfectly Designed for track track running uh and I did 10 minutes at half marathon pace 2 * 6 minutes at 10K pace and then three Times 4 minutes at 5K Pace uh so it's Quite a tough session and I was going All out on it um and what I really Noticed about this shoe is that when I Was doing uh running down to the track In it um I could really notice this Midsole section um at easy pace which is About 5 minute kilometers for me it just Bounces you up and down it feels so nice Feels very weird but feels was very nice Um but it doesn't really it's not Conducive to running um efficiently at Easy Pace it doesn't really help you in Any way it bounces you up and down but Didn't feel it was like tipping forwards While I was running when I picked up the Pace in this shoe on the on the uh V Drome it really comes into its own it Really rolls you forward and just tips You off and feels just so efficient it's Not necessarily bouncy it's just really

Rolling and um uh fluid to run in uh It's really really fun shoe to run it Actually I I I really enjoyed that Running it um one thing about this shoe Is that technically it has a 1.5 mm drop But that's because it's measured from The back of the shoe to the front of the Shoe and obviously there isn't hardly Any back of the shoe so the bulk of the Midol foam is in the middle um it Doesn't feel like a low Drop shoe it it It feels like a shoe that's got a much Higher drop which is tipping you forward As as you're running um so yeah it's a Funny shoe funny shoe to explain and a Funny shoe to test out but it is an Incredibly fun shoe and there aren't Many Super Shoes out there that I've Tried that um feel like this if any um Nothing that has that sort of trampolini Feel in the in the midsole because Obviously most shoes don't have all the Foam in the midsole so it's an Experience that I haven't really noticed Before apart from in the original Rebellion Pro but there this is a bit Softer and a bit bouncier and the midso Section is a lot more noticeable than in The Rebellion Pro um so I much preferred Running in the uh in the new one than The old one just because of that extra Softness and that extra bounce um but it Is a very very enjoyable shoe to run in Very strange shoe to run in one thing I

Would say as well is there is uh quite a Narrow section on this shoe so the heel And the um the midsection of the shoe is Quite narrow which does make the shoe Quite unstable in the original Rebellion Pro the has this cutout section here Which um and this is it's a really Narrow shoe the original one uh and you Can really notice it uh so I would never Use either of these shoes if I was on Something other than completely flat um Ground uh where I could see what I was Doing because they are quite unstable Shoes and that's not just because of the The thinness of the um the mid soole It's also because of that um rocker Design so essentially you're you're in Quite a precarious position when you're Running unless you're running Straightforward uh on flat ground um so They are a bit of a risky is shoe so if You have concerns about Stability um maybe uh you're picking up You want to get a carbon plate shoe and You've never tried one before I wouldn't Go for these because they really they're They're they're a little bit of an Acquired taste uh and they're definitely Not an entry level carbon plate shoe uh Because of that stability element and Also because they just don't ride like You'd expect they're not a very natural Ride they're I won't say they're Aggressive but they definitely put your

Foot in a position that isn't natural um So keep just be aware of that the Outsole of the waver breing Pro to is Fantastic really really good um it is Grips on the ground really really well I Was the track I was running on was Really wet no problems on that at all And it was absolutely great much like The um wave Rebellion Pro um so all in All that first run very very enjoyable Really looking forward to doing more Runs in this and I really like to do a Longer distance race uh in this shoe uh Maybe 10K um and then maybe half Marathon but I have a feeling that for Half Marathon distance it may just be a Little too unnatural uh to be Comfortable over the course of the full 21 Km so my initial verdict in the mauno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 I think it's a Really really fun shoe um it it it's Unlike anything uh apart from the Rebellion Pro um that I've tested before It's an interesting shoe I think it may Be a little bit of a knee shoe I think Some people aren't going to get on with The feel of the shoe and I think that Comes down to how you run so Nick will Be testing the shoe out uh for the full Review with me he's a heel Striker I'm a Midot striker so I hit the shoe exactly In the middle of where this highest Point is Nick is a heel Striker and he

Really likes the previous version as Well so um be interesting to see how he Finds this uh but I think there's Definitely a type of Runner that this Would suit um the Miso talk about this Shoe being designed for sub two and a Half hour marathon runs so pros and Elites running really fast I run a sub3 Marathon so I'm so I'm a long way off Being a 2.5 hour marathon runner but I Love the shoe um I think it might be That for me it's probably more Applicable to Shorter distances because It's probably a little bit too unnatural Uh for me to do a half marathon or a Full marathon in um but for those sh Distances that I've been that I tested Out on that on that run and all the ones That I've done in the original Rebellion Pro it's absolutely great and I just it Just feels very fast and enjoyable um And and uh yeah just moves you into a Position that really just feels like You're flowing uh in that run I just I Could pick up the pace nicely I could Maintain my Pace nicely and the shoes Felt absolutely great I definitely think The addition of the uh new extra Midol Foam this lighter mauno energy light Plus midso foam is an upgrade on the Original uh and it just feels a little Bit better for me so overall really Successful first run uh I'm really Looking forward to trying this shoe out

A bit more uh just cuz it is so much fun Okay that's for me on this first one Review of the Muno wave Rebellion Pro 2 Thanks a lot for watching don't forget To like And subscribe click that little Bell and uh if you're go to catch below You can find a link to our podcast which Comes out at the end of each month we've Also got our new podcast uh series which Is called uh points of shoe where you Can ask us questions if you send us an Email and we will uh possibly uh answer Them on on on a podcast coming up so if You go to ction below and click on the Um latest podcast you can hear that and Find out how to get your questions Submitted right thanks a lot for Watching catch you next Time