The Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is a race shoe that Mizuno says is designed for elite-level runners aiming to get a sub-2-and-a-half hour marathon time. Like the Wave Rebellion Pro, it features one of the most noticeable shapes to be found in super shoes, with the bulk of the midsole foam positioned in the centre of the shoe.

That midsole is dual-layered, with the lower layer being the more responsive Mizuno ENERZY LITE and the upper the softer, bouncier Mizuno ENERZY LITE+ – of which there has been more added than in the previous version.

Tom and Nick have been testing the shoe to see how it compares with other carbon plate super shoes out there.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:14 – Stats
00:30 – Design
01:18 – How’s The Fit?
02:42 – The Run Test
10:09 – Should You Buy it?

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Hey Tommy from the r testers in this Video we are going to be doing our full Review of The mauno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 Let's have a look at [Music] It the Muno wave Rebellion Pro 2 cost £210 or $250 it weighs 214 G or 7.5 Oz For men in the size eight and the drop Is 1.5 Mm The wave Rebellion Pro 2 is a race shoe That Muno says is designed for elite Level Runners aiming to get a sub 2 and A half hour marathon time like the wave Rebellion Pro it features one of the Most noticeable shapes to be found in Super shoes with the bulk of the midell Phone positioned in the center of the Shoe that mid sole is dual layered with The lower layer being the more Responsive Muno eny light and the upper The softer bouncy mauno Nite plus of Which there has been more added than in The previous version other updates Include a redesigned carbon fiber wave Plate to improve speed a slightly wider Base to increase stability and the shoe Gets rid of the cutout midsole section Seen in the original the upper has also Been modified to make it slightly Roomier and there's an impressive layer Of G3 outsole rubber for grip and [Music] Durability so fit for me in the Muno

Wave Rebellion Pro 2 was all good in my Normal running shoe size it is quite a Tight fitting shoe I will say that I Have quite a narrow foot and I'm on the Smaller end of my size so works very Well for me found it a fairly similar Fit to the original wave Rebellion Pro Maybe slightly roomier in the toe box But all around it was good had nice Dialed in feel for running fast and a Good hold around the heel and midfoot so Yeah I was fine in my normal running Shoe size so I'm a size 8 in the UK this Is a size eight I didn't have any Problems with it um apart from it's a Little bit hard to get a lock down fit The heel isn't very structured in this Shoe so it does feel a little bit looser Than um the original uh wave Rebellion Pro um as a result it's a bit tricky to To get a nice secure fit in it once You've got that it's exact it's Absolutely fine for me I didn't have a Problem with it um the front of the shoe It is slightly longer than the wave Rebellion Pro one um and it's feels a Little bit wider as well um but uh Because of the way the shoe tapers uh Some people have mentioned that it can Feel a little bit small on the foot so If you uh do have slightly wider feet You may have an issue with that and may Need to size up half size I haven't had A problem with this I've done about 70k

In this Sho so far and I've had no pain I found it to be a very comfortable shoe Once you get that lock down fit sorted Um but other than that I would stick to My size in in this based on my average Width Foot so as I mentioned I have done about 70k in this shoe and I've used it for Quite a lot so I've used it for a few Interval sessions I've used it for easy Runs I've used it for Recovery runs I've Used it for a half marathon Race um and I've used it for a couple of Park runs As well and what I would say about it is Is that I picked up the Muno uh wave Rebellion Pro one at Christmas u i was Came quite late to that shoe and I was Surprised at how much I liked it I found It fantastic short distance shoe I used It for a few 5Ks and it just felt really Quick and snappy um the waiver Bellion Pro 2 it feels a lot bigger on the feet Um there's definitely a bit more foam in Here and you really can tell that that There's a lot more um mol in the shoe um You'll notice from the shoe that it has The way that it's designed the geometry Of it you have got these cutout sections From the back and the front of the shoe And the bulk of the midsole sits in this Middle section of the shoe so when um I'm a midfoot striker so I basically hit This shoe directly on the thickest part Of the midle and it does it works really

Well for me it feels like a trampoline Um and it it's just so much padding in It and it pushes you onto your forefoot As soon as you do that um so for my foot Strike it just seems to work really well Um but what I would say is that it works Best for the faster efforts so when I'm Doing interval sessions when I'm doing Those 5Ks because of the way that my Foot's Landing it it it's really giving Me a nice ticking over motion it feels Very bouncy and it I get the best out of The shoe For Those runs when I've used It for longer sessions when I used it For the half marathon I did Hastings Half marathon in it what I found was That it the course of that half marathon Was very hilly it was uh there was about 3K uphill so the overall elevation of That race was about 250 M probably one Of the most difficult half marathons I've done um so when I was running at Slower Paces uh in that race which I did Do quite a few times because it's quite A tough course I found that the midsole And that trampoline effect didn't work Very well because I wasn't really Positioning my foot in a way that I was Benefiting from it it was basically just Hitting the trampolini midle section and Just pushing me back up but it wasn't Rolling me forward cuz I was running too Slowly and I wasn't Landing in the right Path for it when I picked up the pace

And there are there were some really Long downhills in that race it just my Foot just went straight forwards and it Felt really really quick it was um very Hard not to run fast on the downhills in This shoe because of the geometry of it Um so what I would say is that um based On the midfoot strike and Nick um is a Heel Striker so he'll explain what it's Like for a heel Striker but for me Running at Fast Pace this is a really Really fun and interesting shoe to wear And I I love going out and doing a fast Session in this shoe slow sessions I I Don't enjoy wearing this shoe it just Feels like it's um the bounce is just Dulling the effect it's basically just Popping me up every time I'm running but Not really giving me any sort of motion Forwards um but when I do speed up a bit It really tips me over and I start to Really get the benefits um of this shoe I do find it to be a very comfortable Shoe to wear it's definitely it's fun as Soon as you put it on you start to feel The fun of it it just feels very bouncy Um if I was to comp compare with other Shoes out there like the Ally 3 um or Something or the vaporfly 3 it's not a Very natural feeling shoe so I think it Is a very specific shoe to certain type Of a certain type of Runner and I think A lot of people won't get on with this Shoe um based on the geometry of it and

That and that feeling of the shoe but if You are one of those people that lands On the midfoot and you uh your running Style really prompts you to to move Forward into that forward motion it's a Really nice fun shoe to wear um but I Definitely the half marathon say is the Limit for this shoe I definitely want to Go Marathon for it because I think as I Get more tired in the marathon or um the Pay the way that I run later stages of a Marathon I think this shoe would not Help in any way uh at that point it's Not a very natural feeling shoe that Really Smooths you over um it's just a Shoe that really works for those faster Efforts I'd also say that it's not as Stable as the original uh mauno wave Rebellion Pro one which wasn't a Massively stable show shoe either but Because of the extra midsole um stack in This it does feel like it's a little bit More wobbly so you do have to be careful With this shoe especially because you've Got the um instability of these back and Front sections um but also because of The stack as well so it's it's a bit of A wobbly shoe um so uh only use on Really flat uh comfortable terrain uh The outsole is really good I've had no Issues at all with uh grip on this and I've I've been running in it quite a lot On wet roads and elevation and and Things like that uh so I found it to be

Really good and it's holding up really Really well um based on those 70 the 70k I've done so far so pretty impressed so Far with the outso on this shoe so a bit Of an undercooked run test for me with The Mao wave Rebellion Pro two I've only Actually done one full run in it and I've had a couple of aborted runs so the Reason for this basically is I find it Quite a risky shoe and at the moment I'm Deep in my marathon training I'm in good Shape heading towards London and after That run of the shoe I did a track Session I just felt slightly odd on the Base of my foot on my planta FAS on my Left side in particular just felt a Little bit risky I will come back to This and get some more testing in AR London And you know for my main job where have To write a full review by myself but I Thought I could chip in some thoughts Here alongside Tom's more extensive Testing so the run I did was a track Session where I was doing 20 laps of the Track without any rest alternating 90 Seconds and 80 seconds per lap so ended Up running 8K around my target marathon Pace on average overall and it is you Know an outlandish shoe much like the Original the bounce is huge it's very Much like a pogo stick almost under the Foot when you hit that sweet spit right In the midfoot it is a very bouncy shoe

You've got to really almost land in the Right spot to get that directed forward As well though you do have really nice Rocker on the shoe to move you forward And you know control that bounce into Forward momentum but you know youve got To hit the right spot on the shoe to Really get the most out of it I would Say so actually with my foot strike on My right foot I think I am pretty much Right on The Sweet Spot there at the Back of the midfoot and then my left Foot I probably land a little bit Further back so I can feel it's a slight Adjustment a bit more on my left side to Actually running the shoe well because If you're not it basically it forces you Into that position so if you're not Running already in that position you Have to kind of adjust to get the most Out of the shoe I think it's probably The same if you're extreme 4-foot Striker you might not actually get that Much from the rocker on the shoe because You'll be missing that sweet spot a Little bit when you do hit that sweet Spot there you do get pushed forward With a big explosive bouncy feeling you Know it's incredibly fun to run in and It is very bouncy but it is quite Unnatural even for a super shoe in the World of unnatural Super Shoes this is One of the weirder ones actually by the End of even just that first run you know

It does feel a bit labored perhaps Because you're not necessarily running In your natural style I think to unlock The best of the shooter has to fit Perfectly with your gate or you're going To be very strong in your lower body and Running it enough to adjust to it and Get used to the muscles that AR going to Be used because it will make you run in A certain way and when you are it does Feel great but when you're not you know Like I said it can be a bit labored even At the end of just that track session so I thought that a bit more almost with This shoe than the wave Rebellion Pro 1 Which I really did enjoy a lot and maybe I I was just in a different stage of Training then I was doing more short Runs and it felt like I was able to fit With that shoe a bit better with this Shoe even over that one run and those Couple of short aborted runs it did feel Like I was being pushed to run in a Slight different way you know I'm not Going to say it's a risky shoe or it's a Dangerous shoe or anything like that but I did not like how my legs felt my Plantas felt after that one run Something I didn't actually have with The original and maybe I'm just got an Abundance of ction right now with Marathon training but I think there was An element of that here I wouldn't Necessarily put this shoe down as a

Longdistance running shoe for lots of People just CU it is a slightly Different shoe to most and you've got to Take that into Account so my verdict on the Muna wave Rebellion Pro 2 I love this shoe I think It's a great fun shoe for up to Half Marathon distance but I think it's a n Shoe that's specific to a certain type Of Runner because I land on the exact Part of this shoe that is meant to be Landed on and and push you forward I Seem to get the best out of the shoe and I really enjoy running in it uh up to About half marathon distance because I Think one when you're not using the shoe In the right way or you're maybe not Landing it in the way that it's designed To you're not going to get the benefits Out of it and you might actually really Not like this shoe um because of the way It rides it's not a very natural feeling Shoe it doesn't uh it definitely feels Weird when you when you put it on um and For me I quite like that feeling but I Don't think everyone would like that Feeling just because um it it doesn't Necessar really uh feel like it would Work for every foot strike 5K 10K is Definitely a fun fast shoe that you Really um promotes a really exciting um Forward motion that just makes you run Really fast if you're going over if You're going a bit slower and you're

Using a slightly different foot strike I Think it just doesn't have the benefits That you would get from that so if you Could pair it with other shoes out there Like the Aly 3 Vapor 5 3 uh soin Pro 4 Uh it's a very much a different fing SHO From all of those those shoes are fast They um are responsive uh some of them Have a bit of Bounce in them but they They are relatively natural um for a lot Of Runners this isn't so um it's Definitely one worth trying on if you Want to give it a go because it's a bit Of a risky shoe to get if you're not Quite sure if it works for you so my Verdict on the wave bran Pro uh 2 is Obviously a bit stilted I've not done Enough running read to give you a full Verdict here I will say it's a different Shoe and very fun to run in and if You're hitting the right sweet spot on That rocker you are going to get a very Fast ride and it is comfortable and Protective but it is different and it's Like I say if you're not hitting sweet Sport all the way through your run it Might start to feel a little bit labored At times and it might not feel the most Easy shoe to keep getting a good Pace Out of so there are lots of carbon shoes Where I think that isn't true they have A bit more of a natural feel and at the Moment the best common shoes on the Market for me are the aex matter speed

Sky Paris maybe the edge Paris you Haven't tested that and the Nike Ally 3 I think those are incredible shoes can Deliver just as much speed as the mauno But they have a slightly more natural Field I think they're going to be more In tune with the majority of running Styles and yeah they work really well And I think they're probably less of a Gamble if you haven't tried the Muno now If you do have the gate to suit mauno And you are hitting that sweet spot very Naturally and it doesn't really adjust Your gate at all to do so you are going To get a terrific racing shoe here and a Really fun shoe to do lots of running in Even in that situation I'm not sure it Necessarily be a shoe for the full Marathon for some people just because it Is a bit different if you start to tire At the end of the marathon and you Change your form up a bit you might not Get the best out of the shoes just like The first one this continues to be a Very fun shoe look forward to getting Into it again after London Marathon Hopefully all my fears will be delayed And I was actually just being a bit over Cautious but for now I am being cautious And that is something obviously that is A slight negative with the shoe that I Think if you are going to be cautious it Is not the most risk-free shoe of all The carbon shoes out there because of

The you know very different design you Have it like I say though it's not a Definitive verdict for me I do apologize For that for the lack of testing here But I will be back into the shoe after The London Marathon uh when I feel a bit More comfortable using it that's it from Us on this review of the Muno wave Rebellion Pro 2 thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click the little bell and check the Channel out for all the other videos We've got coming up also if you going to Catch blow you can find a link to our Podcast which comes out a couple of Times each month thanks lot for watching Catch you next Time