Tom heads to the Hastings Half Marathon to take on almost 300m of elevation across the race’s 13.1 miles. His shoe of choice for the event was the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2. Watch the video to find out how he got on.

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01:00 – The Hastings Half Marathon
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Hey Tommy from the Run testers I am down In Hastings today doing the Hastings Half marathon it's the 40th anniversary Race it's windy it's cold there is Apparently about 270 M of elevation on The course uh so I'll be testing out the Myuno wave Rebellion Pro twos don't Think I'm going to be getting a PB today But um nice trip to another part of the Seaside that I haven't seen before so See how I get on see you in a Bit [Music] He All right I'm done now I'm just walking Back to the train station that is a hard Half marathon it is probably one of the Hardest half marathons Road half Marathons that I've ever done uh I was Not expecting the elevation start cuz It's Relentless basically the first half Is largely uphill but I'm going to go Home now um and then I'm going to do a Full bit when I uh get back later talk To you in a bit okay so I'm back now From the Hastings half Marathon now I I've never done hosting sou marathon Before I live in Brighton so it's a Relatively close place to go to so I Decided to do it one because it's not That far away although the trains were Broken so it did actually take me a very Long time to get there but also because I've got Boston Marathon in 3 weeks and

I wanted to throw in a hilly race just To add a few more Hills in into my Training before I do it so I knew in Advance that the Hastings half marathon Was a tough half marathon I'd seen the Elevation profile and it's big you're Looking at a about 250 M of elevation Across the whole of the course and That's not undulating it's generally a Big climb with some undulation as that Goes along so when you start the race You're basically going uphill undulating A bit and then eventually you're doing About a big 3K uphill run which is Pretty tough it's not the the steepest Um slope to go up but it is it goes on For a long time and it really does Impact how fast you can run that a Maintain a pace so the pace that I was Aiming for for this race was about 4 Minute km uh when I was going up that Hill it dropped massively to about 425 Which is quite low for me I really Struggle to maintain a pace up there Once I get to the top it's actually Quite tricky because you've used up so Much energy over that first bit to Maintain that that pace up the hill that It takes a bit of time to get the energy Back and also the top of this hill Undulates quite a bit so you're still Going down you're still going up so You've still got Hills to deal with when You're going up to the top they're not

Massive But you really do notice them after You've done that big hill you then get a Really really nice downhill uh mainly Downhill section that goes from about uh 13k for 2 2 and 1/2k 3K uh all the way Back down to towards the town and now That is great you can really really pick Up the pace on that um but I couldn't Make back the time that I lost on the Hill going up so it's definitely not a PB Race by any stretch of the Imagination when you get back down to The seafront in Hastings your basically Running next to the seafront so it's Completely flat it wasn't too windy but It really hit me cuz I was tired after The hills and everything so I did find The wind quite tricky at for the last 4K Overall I really enjoyed the the half Marathon I thought it was a really nice Course I thought it was really fun there Was so many crowds on it I was surprised About the number of crowds that that Were doing it there about 3,000 people That that took part in the race so it's Not massive race but it's still a pretty Big one if you're looking for a half Marathon on the coast there's not many That get that big and um it was just a Really nice atmosphere it just seemed Like a really nice day out for a lot of People crowds were absolutely fantastic Um and the start Village was pretty good

As well so they had um the race Village Set up so you could go in and uh get Change you could put your bags in and Everything um toilets weren't too bad uh They were a bit further away from the Start line um but that meant people had To walk down so the cues weren't too bad So managed to get in there pretty easily Um there was quite a bit of water on the Course uh so that was fine no gels or Anything but you don't often get that With half marathons especially local Ones so overall had a fantastic Enjoyable day the race itself I was Hoping to get if I was doing a flat half Marathon I'd be aiming for under 125 at The moment because I want to get a sub Three in Boston um this one I got 12850 uh or something like that which is Way under what I wanted to get but to be Honest I think I could probably knock Off uh a few minutes um based on those Hills that I really struggled with so I Was I was pretty happy with that it's Still within what I would expect to get For my sub three um Marathon over in Boston so feel still feeling pretty good About that I don't think I'm going to Get PB in Boston but I think I'm still Going to aim to get a sub three Comfortably um but overall really enjoy The Hasting sou Marathon you get this Fantastic medal uh well it's not a medal It's like

A I don't know what they're called Essentially you can get like a a belt Thing that you hang all of these on they Have a different one every year and this Is a big one because it's the 40th Anniversary um of the race but uh this Is one of the reasons I chose to do the Race cuz I just thought this like a Really nice um momento to have uh from An event um but yeah overall really good Uh well done to uh the organizers it was Fantastically put on Race didn't have Any issues with it at all just felt Really good um and well worth looking if You want a really really hard half Marathon to do if you want a flat half Marathon you're trying to get a PB do Not do the Hastings half Marathon okay so the shoe that I picked To do the hating half was the Mao wave Rebellion Pro 2 now this shoe I've I Haven't raced in this shoe before uh Apart from a part run uh I've done a few Interval sessions in this shoe uh and I've up until this point I've really Really enjoyed it it's a funny shoe um If you don't know anything about the my Youo wave Rebellion Pro uh 2 it has um These s cutout sections at the heel and At the foref foot but most of the foam Sits within the central section um I'm a Midfoot striker and I basically hit it Dead on this midfoot section so it feels A little bit like a trampoline when I'm

Running it it's really squishy there a Nice bit of bounce on it uh and when I've been running in it doing intervals And things like that i' I've really Enjoyed it it feels like a fastpaced Shoe um I really like the previous myo Wave rellan Pro um there's a bit more Cushioning in this there's a bit more to This shoe and as a result I don't think It's as fast um I definitely feel like There's a faster turnover in the Original Mao wave Rebellion Pro than in This it's a very fun shoe to wear when I'm hitting on the midle I'm rolling Forward really tips you forward uh and Gives you this nice fluid motion um and On the course for the hting half Marathon uh uphill felt absolutely fine I didn't really get any major benefits From it uphill but downhill um I it it Was really just tipping me forward I I I Ran very fast downhill uh on that race Um and I think this shoe because of this This this Mo um design of the midsole I Think it really tipped me over to to Pick up the pace on no downhill so it Was really easy to run downhill quickly In this shoe um I do like this shoe I I Really think it's a fun shoe um I was a Bit concerned about running a half Marathon in it U because I know that um I've SE to a few people who are a bit Worried about the geometry of the shoe Uh at longer distances and think it may

Be a little bit uh put a little bit of Extra stress on things like the carvs I Don't find that at all I found it to be Completely comfort on that run I didn't Have any pain I didn't have any issues In the cars I didn't feel like it was Stretching the cars or anything like That um but it did feel uh it didn't Feel as fast as I'd want it to be I Definitely don't think it's a shoe That's particularly welld designed for a Fast half marathon I definitely wouldn't Use it for a marathon either I think one Of the main reasons is for that is that The the benefit of this shoe is that Midsole section and the Tipping forward But it really it's a nice sort of Trampoline feel that bounces you up but I don't really feel like it helps you Bounce forward it tips you forward but I Think it really bounces you forward um So as a result it just didn't feel like It was really helping me a lot um like Some of my other shoes uh if I was Racing in the alpha fly the alphafly Just really traj you forward and really Just gives you that a lovely level of Bounce it isn't as notable in this shoe As as what I'd get from the AL one Enjoyable shoe great shoe absolutely Love it um but I just don't think the Geometry of it is uh really conducive to Bringing longer distances in um and it's Got in acquired taste as well um so yeah

I think for me this is probably shoe That I'm probably going to stick more to 10K distance at because I think it works Quite well for that um but definitely Not for those longer distances but Overall I do I I really like this shoe I Think it's such a fun shoe to wear it's Really nice to put on and um definitely Makes the the Run feel really enjoyable Um so yeah definitely uh looking forward To doing some actual 10K races in this Shoe and seeing how it how it delivers Okay so that's it from me on this race Test at the Hastings half marathon 2024 Testing the myo wave Rebellion Pro 2 Thanks a lot for watching don't forget To like subscribe click that little bell And if you're going to catch blow you Can find link to our podcast which comes Out at the end of each month thanks a Lot for watching catch you next [Music] Time