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This year I've added some of my favorite Sneakers of all time to my collection And in today's video I'm counting down My top 10 favorite pickups of 2023 and Seriously there are multiple personal Grils on this list shoes that I've been Trying to grab for years but I've never Been able to pull the trigger or find Them for a good price and this year I Was able to make it happen so without Further Ado I'm not going to waste any More of your time let's Dive Right into This list with the honorable mention and I'll be real if this shoe was in my size It would have been at the very top of The list but unfortunately it's not so It's not a sneaker that I can wear so I Didn't feel like it was right to put it On the actual top 10 list because all Those other shoes I wear all the time or Will wear all the time one of them I Haven't yet but we'll get into that one Later on in the video but to start Things off like I said with the Honorable mention we've got the 1985 Air Jordan 1 breads if you're new to the Channel thank you so much for tuning in Make sure to hit that subscribe button Down below if you haven't yet but one Thing you got to know about me is that The bread Air Jordan 1 is my favorite Sneaker of all time so to actually have A pair from 1985 is crazy for me this is A shoe that I've been chasing after for

Probably the longest amount of time Since I became a sneakerhead now like I've already mentioned this shoe is not My size it's actually a size 13 so it's Not something that I could wear but at The same time I probably wouldn't wear This shoe at least not in this condition Because it's possible that the foam and The ankle area of the sneaker might fall Apart cuz it's so stiff otherwise though The actual wearability and condition of The sneaker is pretty solid I mean the Rubber on the midsole is never going to Crack because it's rubber it's not like The foam that they use in midsoles of Air Jordan 4s and Nike Air Yeezys and Things like that and the leather still Feels pretty well conditioned even Though the shoe was sitting in a closet For 30 plus years oh yeah and another Reason I love the sneaker is because of The story behind the sneaker another YouTuber named Bailey Barry actually Drove this sneaker all the way up from Tennessee check out his channel I'll Make sure to link it in the description Below but he actually sold this sneaker To me for a great price and then Actually gave the money that he made From that sale back to the person he Bought the sneakers from because I think He bought them for like $100 and the guy Didn't know what he had so he helped That guy out a lot which I thought was

Incredible so again seriously support His channel Linked In the description Below but it was an amazing experience He's an awesome dude and uh the sneaker Is my favorite sneaker ever so really Really excited about that and uh it sits Right on top of my signed Virgil ablo Now my two favorite sneakers in my Collection so yeah definitely a very Cool experience and probably the best Way I could have thought of to get this Sneaker but now let's dive into the Actual top 10 list and starting things Off in the number 10 spot we've got the Adidas Yeezy slide in the Slate Marine Colorway so over the years the Yeezy Slide has become probably my most worn Silhouette in my entire collection and I've said that about a lot of sneakers But none of them even come close to the Amount of times that I've worn this shoe Like over the last three years this has Been my daily shoe to take out the dog Walk the dog go to the store do whatever I need to do in slides I mean it's even Been a beach slide for me I've worn this Slide everywhere not this exact one but The black color way or the brown Colorway uh I've worn those slides every Day for sure um at least every day I Mean multiple times a day and this is Sort of my replacement to those slides Because they are not coming near the end Of their lifespan but they're definitely

Getting to a point where they look very Raggedy so this is a shoe that I got From take at NY to be the replacement to Those other shoes because I need a pair Of these especially now that they don't Make them anymore which sucks but it is What it is this is a one Yeezy product From Adidas that I think I'll miss the Most I love some of the other shoes that Were released through the Adidas easy Collaboration like of course the 350s 700 the foam Runners things like that But this is a shoe that I genuinely have Incorporated into my daily life so I Needed a replacement and I feel like Over time The Replacements are going to Get more and more expensive I think the Days of getting these shoes for retail Are over so uh unfortunately as time Goes on and people wear more and more of Them it's going to get more and more Expensive to actually wear them so kind Of a bummer but I grabbed this Replacement I've been wearing this Around inside the house for now and then Once those start to get really bad I'll Start wearing this outside the house Starting to break it in not that it Needs to be broken in but there you go There's number 10 coming in at number Nine we've got the J Balvin air Jordan 3 Medine Sunset so this is actually the Pair of sneakers that I haven't worn yet And that's mainly because I like to film

B-roll of all the sneakers in my Collection just so I can use the b-roll Whenever I talk about the sneakers and Uh I like to do that when the sneakers Are brand new and I keep not getting Around to doing that b-roll obviously For this video I did it because you guys Are watching some b-roll right now so After this video I will wear these but That's the reason I haven't thrown these On yet because I'm lazy when it comes to Filming b-roll so it's a terrible excuse But it's true but the reason I'm so Stoked on the sneaker is because the Color way of this shoe is so incredible I love the tan ERS I love the edges of The leather having this bright yellow Accent I think it's so clean I really Really love the gradient on the midsole Of the heel and also on the um pull tab On the back I haven't even pulled out The plastic on the back of the pull tab It's just such a solid clean wearable Colorway obviously it's probably better For the summer but regardless still a Very clean shoe to wear all year round And uh I think it's the first J Balvin Sneaker that I've been really really Stoked on I love the twos because of the Light up tongue but this one is just Super clean Super wearable and I think This is where Jay Balin really hit his Stride when it came to a Jordan brand Sneaker design I think he absolutely

Killed it with this one I love it I Think the shoe was awesome and the shoe Is definitely going to be on my top 10 List of 2023 for sure not to ruin it for Anybody but I mean it's the simple Things like the suede around the eyelets Of the sneaker the little yellow eyelets Right there towards the bottom of the Tongue and then of course you've got the Uh the tan colored elephant print which I think is such a dope detail I don't Know if the outsole glows it could it Might not I have no idea it's Semitranslucent let me check really Quick actually all right from what I can Tell doesn't seem like it glows but it Could just be because I didn't charge The shoes for long enough I actually let Me just Google really quick that would Be the easiest way to go I don't know I Still can't figure it out I know the Twos glowed let me know in the comments Section down below if they glow or don't Glow I didn't mean to make that such a Big point of contention in this video But there you go awesome sneaker and uh I think if I had worn this more it would Have been higher on the list I just Haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet And number eight is the Amy leandor New Balance 1906 R this sneaker is fire and Is quite possibly the most comfortable Shoe on the entire list I've traveled a Bunch in this shoe I've worn it to the

Philippines I've worn it to Japan I've Worn it to DC I've worn it everywhere It's awesome plus it looks amazing Al Has continually put out some of the best Collaborations of the Year multiple Years in a row specifically on New Balances and this is just another Example of them knocking it out of the Park this shoe is amazing the colorway Is used on this shoe the fact that they Use a 1906 r as the base especially when Retro 2000s running sneaker styles are Popping the way that they are right now I mean look at as6 as6 is killing it Because that style is just so in right Now the materials are very solid I mean It is mainly just mesh and like some Synthetic panels but they did a nice job Of tying it all together in a way that Makes this shoe feel more premium than I Think I think it probably actually is The colors are amazing I love the Al Green always looks great on New Balances And uh it's great with every fit Obviously sportier fits are probably the Way to go with this shoe but still super Comfortable super wearable and it just Looks amazing if you like this style and Until I really dive into that like as6 2000s running style world or whatever You want to call it and even though I Have some ASX in my collection that are Kind of in this style like the bodega Collaboration and some other

Collaborations I I don't think I've Shown on camera yet this one is still The best in my opinion I mean I'm Definitely going to check out the gel Koo 14s at least the popular colorways Of those shoes see what the hype is all About so uh stay tuned for that if You're interested but for me this is Still the King of the Hill coming in at Number seven is the Air Jordan one low Chicago golf so I hate to admit it but I Have followed the path of every white Male in their 30s and I've picked up Golf and I've picked it up hard like I've been going every weekend and I Still suck but even though I suck I Still am one of the best looking people On the course not physically but dress Wise because I'm rocking the Air Jordan One low golfs and we all know that Sneakers are a key to making the outfit And this sneaker is absolutely the best Golf golf shoe in terms of style that I've seen out there maybe that's not True but it's my favorite golf shoe Until they make a bread Air Jordan one High golf shoe this is it for me now It's frustrating because I actually Bought this shoe when it first came out I believe last year or the year before For retail for I think it was the $20 Sneaker collection or something like That and because I didn't golf at that Point I just got rid of it I think I

Sold it or no I definitely sold it and Sneaker Comer just has a way of getting Back at you because when I did start Golfing I really wanted a pair of these Exact shoes and the price had gone up to Like 350 bucks so I spent $350 on this Shoe which is now completely destroyed To be fair this is how it's supposed to Look I should clean it though actually But I'm not even that mad about it Because this shoe is incredible I've Worn this shoe probably 30 plus times on The golf course it's it's a beautiful Shoe it looks amazing Classic Air Jordan 1 Vibes very comfortable and of course You've got that golf outsole so it Actually grips the ground a little bit Better than a standard pair of Air Jordans would and I really love this low Top style especially for the golf course Because you can wear it very easily with Shorts or with long pants and it still Looks great I mean you can definitely Wear Air Jordan one highs with shorts But I definitely prefer the low top look Whenever I'm rocking a pair of shorts so This has just been a perfect allaround Shoe for me like I said it's comfortable It looks amazing people always are like That's a fire pair of shoes I'm like Thank you thank you I wish my game Matched this pair of sneakers but it Doesn't and I'll be honest I am Interested in grabbing the Travis Scott

Golf shoes so if anyone has those for a Reasonable price that is not $600 I Might take you up on it but other than That man this shoe is amazing and I'm Going to wear this shoe until it Completely falls apart and actually Speaking of your entire golf fit and Just speaking of your fit in general I Definitely recommend checking out my Sock brand Apothecary because because Even though the shoes help make the fit The socks tied the entire fit together And for years the socks have been the Forgotten about accessory that no one Really cares about but when you see a Dope pair of socks with a dope pair of Sneakers it just ties everything Together so well plus Apothecary socks Are super comfortable super stretchy and Super breathable because of our ISO Weave technology so there's that as well So if you want to check out Apothecary For yourself I've left some links in the Top of the description below we just Dropped the kis Omar dream crew Collection last week which there is Still some fairs available if you guys Would like to grab some of that Collection I'm actually rocking the hat From that collection right now and this Upcoming Friday actually tomorrow at the Time of filming this video we're Dropping the double sock collection Which is probably one of my favorite

Collections out there cuz it's kind of Like a running inspired sock but it's Also like this dope ridiculous look that I I think is amazing so if you guys want To check that out again dropping this Friday 11:00 a.m. eastern time on Apothecary decom and if for whatever Reason you don't want to grab our socks Online you can also find them in store At zumies at your local mall or your Local Zoomies location and also we're Giving away Rolex so there's that too Next up at number six is the concepts Nike SB dunk low orange Lobster so this Is a shoe that I've been on the hunt for For the last I think year or so since Its release and I finally was able to Grab a pair over the last month and even Though the color of this shoe is very Bright and very orange uh it's still a Surprisingly wearable sneaker and Because it's a Nike SB dunk glow it's Very comfortable on foot too in the past I have had pairs of the purple lobsters Cuz I think I also grabbed those from The $20 sneaker collection but uh this Is a colorway that I like the most just Because of how bright the color is Obviously I'd love any of the colors in The concepts Nike Dunk Lobster world but This is the one that I ended up grabbing Probably because it's the cheapest but Also I like the color and and in my Opinion it just pops that much more when

You add these like teal blue laces it Just looks amazing on foot and even Though I just picked up the sneaker just Under a month ago I've actually already Worn it to some Halloween parties I've Worn it out and about because I just Love the way the sneaker looks and even If you're wearing a very simple fit this Sneaker pops so if you throw this on With a pair of like the Apothecary Double socks that are dropping this Friday maybe a pair of shorts well I Guess now it's kind of cold maybe not a Pair of shorts but pair of sweats and Maybe like a simple tea or a hoodie or Something like that this shoe will pop For you and it'll definitely make the Fit and with prices of sneakers just in General trending downward I felt like Now was a great time to grab this shoe Because Concepts Lobster sneakers always Spike at some point in the future so I Wanted to grab it when the price was Decent I think I grabbed these for like 550 600 I don't remember exactly but Dope shoe and number five is another Pair of dunks with the Nike SB dunk low Phillies so this is another shoe that Didn't drop this year and this is one of The reasons I wanted to drop this video Because a lot of my favorite pickups From the year aren't from this year They're from previous years when I Wasn't able to grab them for a good

Price or for retail or whatever the case May be and this is one of those shoes And with the Phillies making the World Series last year and almost making the World World Series this year I felt like This was kind of a shoe that I had to Have in my collection because while I'm Not really a baseball fan I'll be honest I kind of just bandwagon whichever Baseball team out of the Orioles or Phillies is doing the best cuz I live in Philly and I was from Baltimore I mean I Don't want to lie to you guys I really Just I bandwagon when it comes to Baseball but regardless this shoe is a Clean sneaker even if it wasn't tied to A baseball team in any way I do like the Fact that it is Phillies themed or Philly themed because you've got the Liberty Bell on the back of the tongue You've got a cheese steak on the back of The other tongue and then on the bottom Of the shoe you've got some some faux Gum actually mold into the outsole of a Sneaker which I think looks amazing plus The suede used on this shoe is Relatively high quality and uh you've Got this really nice maroon colored Nike Swoosh and maroon laces if you decide to Switch them out so I think it's an Incredibly clean sneaker very easy to Wear even when it's not baseball season And this has actually become one of the More worn sneakers in my collection

However I haven't actually worn it to a Phillies game because I haven't been to A Phillies game in like 10 years I'm not Going to lie however my wife is actually A Phillies fan and she's from Philadelphia so I got her a pair just Recently actually like just last week When we thought the Phillies might go to The World Series she hasn't worn them Yet because they arrived after they were Knocked out but it is what it is so now We got that cute couple situation going On the matching kicks I are like brown Now actually now I'm sitting next to a New pair there's a pretty big color Difference super clean dunk super Wearable and uh definitely recommend it Even if you're not a Phillies fan or Well I guess if you're like if you live In Dallas maybe don't wear these cuz They probably won't like you there but Also I'm kind of realizing now for the Number five spot you kind of got a Double pick so there you go even though It's same shoe you kind of got two for The price of one and number four are the Off-white Nike Dunk low un LVS so at the Moment this is my only pair of off-white Nike Dunk Glow's and the reason I love This shoe so much is not just because It's red which is my favorite color but Also because this shoe was actually Given to me by DJ Big Boy Chang when I Was in the Philippines this year he's

Such an awesome dude he's got one of the Most insane collections I've ever seen In my entire life and he's incredibly Generous so the fact that he gave me a Pair of off-whites crazy um he also gave Me I think it was the Supreme lunar ones Actually let me grab them he also gave Me the Supreme lunar ones last time that I was in the Philippines back in 2018 2019 not sure exactly when an incredibly Slept on sneaker not not at the time That it released this shoe was Incredibly hyped when it first released But nowadays people don't realize this Is like $1,500 sneaker at least it was Last time I checked I'm sure the price Has gone down but this shoe absolutely Love it I've worn it a good amount of Times and uh it's just a clean wearable Sneaker if I did have the choice though Or the chance I might switch out these Laces the orange laces to maybe like a White um I don't think they come with an Extra set of laces uh just because I Feel like the orange clashes a little Bit with the red it's my own personal Opinion I I feel like that was the case With all of the off-white Nike Dunk Sneakers they always picked a color that In my opinion was a little bit clashy Regardless it makes the shoe that much More flashy I'm 30 make jokes like that All in all it's very clean very wearable Sneaker it's got that hype to it which

Everyone loves and uh it was given to me By uh one of my favorite people DJ Big Boy Chang so thank you so much man I Really appreciate that this shoe is Awesome at a very fitting number three We've got the Air Jordan 3 white cement Reimagined so Jordan brand is like all About reimagining their Classic Air Jordan models and colorways over the Last year or two and it looks like They're doing it again next year which In some cases I think works out really Well I think it worked out out Incredibly well on the reimagined Air Jordan 3 white cements it worked out Very well on the lost and found ones and Then you get shoes like the reimagined Royals the suede just makes it feel like A muppet and then the fours I like the Bread foures coming out next year I Actually do like the fact that they're Leather I think that looks great but uh It just feels a little sacriligious I Know it's not I know it's fine from Images that I'm seeing that the Glossiness just doesn't match the color Way as well as like a suede would look On that shoe so I don't know I know I'm Being a little bit hypocritical cuz I Feel like the suede looks stupid on the Ones and then I'm saying the leather Looks stupid on the fours it's only Because I'm predisposed to like the Sneakers how they originally released

It's not my fault it's Jordan brand you Guys did that to me but with that being Said the whites men Air Jordan three Reimagines are a reimagine shoe done Right and all they really did to change This shoe was obviously add the Nike Air On the heel which I don't think we've Had on white cement recently I could be Wrong I think the last actual white Cement release was back in like 2011 we Had the free throw lines we had the Justin timberlakes but I think this is Like the first actual white C that we've Had in about a decade and of course the Other change was aging or changing the Color of the midso and the heel tab so They made it cream rather than white Which I actually think contrasts the White on the upper of the shoe really Really nicely and of course it ties into That sort of like 30-year-old sneaker Story that they went with for the lost And found one so I do like that about it And of course I love the color way of The shoe the white cements and black Cements are my two favorite threes I go Back and forth in which one I like the Best right now I'm leaning more towards The white sence but it's probably Because of recency bias uh the Blacksmith 3s are also incredible can't Go wrong with either I wish I had Doubled up on the blacksmith 3s I Doubled up on these because I knew I was

Going to regret not doing that the Blacksmith 3s did not double up on Because now they're like a $600 shoe so I don't know but I never had an actual Pair of wh 3s until this shoe I had had The free throw lines I'd had the Justin Timber legs but this was an actual pair Of white C 3s with the Nike Air on the Back so I I had to grab it I had to Double up and I think they did a really Good job the materials feel decent the Colorway is amazing as I said and I Really actually like the addition of the Cream I think it does add some nice Contrast to the shoe and uh cream is Just in right now I mean you look at Some of the other sneakers on this list Like you look at the ALDS or the J Balin They're all cream sneakers so I think It's nice touch and it just makes this Shoe even more clean and even more Wearable and obviously the shoe is going To be on the top 10 list of the Year I'll be honest it was going to be the Number one spot at one point but then Some other sneakers came out as we Expected you know as sneakers do that I Think will be a little bit better than This one or a little bit higher on the List so still going to be high on the List but not a number one but a shoe That I've worn a lot and I have a double Up pair of because I like it that much Number two the Nike SB Air Jordan 4 Pine

Green speaking of shoes that I haven't Doubled up on that I absolutely need to Double up on we've got my number two Shoe on the list the Nike SB Air Jordan 4 Pine Green which is probably my Favorite sneaker release of the Year This shoe is incredible obviously the Shoe is not number one on this list but That's because the number one spot is Taken up by a Grail that's from a couple Years ago so couldn't put this shoe at The number one spot against that shoe But for the Year this is a contender and That's for a lot of different reasons For one this shoe was a collaboration With Nike SB and I know Nike SB and Jordan brand are both part of the same Company but they're technically separate Divisions and I think even separate Companies actually or at least Jordan Brand is from Nike whatever you guys It's an umbrella is it a whole big like Lot yeah I mean you get it so there's That and obviously because of that You've got the Nike s SP branding on the Heel which by far makes this the best Nike s SP Air Jordan collaboration in my Opinion because the ones don't have that And that is just such a dope look on the Shoe I know it's such a small detail but Man it just it's so dope so obviously The collab plays a big part but so does The color way of this shoe the fact that This shoe comes in this beautiful Pine

Green Look you've got this white leather Upper accented by this gray suede you've Got a gum out sole at least on the heel And on the toe and then you've got this Beautiful Pine Green on the different Accents parts of the shoe and that just Pops it's a color way that we don't get A lot of on the Air Jordan 4 and it Looks amazing I think it's incredible And then the final thing that I love About the shoe is the fact that this is Not a standard pair of Air Jordan 4s It's actually a special skateboarding Version of the Air Jordan 4s because of The collaboration so the materials used On this shoe are actually different than A standard pair of fours the suede used On the toe of the sneaker is a little Bit thicker and a little bit more Durable than a standard pair of fours Because obviously if you're Skateboarding in these you be kick Flipping in that area and ollying and Things like that the leather uh it seems Slightly thicker and a little bit more Durable I'm not 100% sure about that and Then some other pretty big changes are That the heel tab of the shoe and also These Wings right here are actually made Up of a TPU or rubbery like material Rather than your standard plasticky like Material and that's so that they don't Break when you're skateboarding because Some of that plastic in certain

Conditions could break off or if you hit It the wrong way it could break off this Will just kind of roll with the punches And then finally the biggest change that You can't see but is one of the biggest Changes when it comes to comfort is the Fact that they actually remove the air Unit from the front of the shoe which I Thought was going to make the shoe less Comfortable and the reason they did that Is purely for board feel so you can feel The board underneath your feet better Than if you had an air unit kind of Separating your foot from the board but For some reason it makes this shoe more Comfortable I don't get it maybe that's Not the reason maybe it's because the Insole is a little bit softer and Thicker than a standard pair of Air Jordan 4s it's definitely a different Kind of foam than a standard pair of Air Jordan fours but for whatever reason This is by far the most comfortable pair Of fours I have ever put on my feet and Uh it's just so wearable that's why it's So dirty because I've worn the shoe so Much so an easy choice for sneaker of The year for a lot of people an easy Choice for the number two spot on this List because of how dope it looks the Story behind it and the color way man This colorway is awesome finally at Number one we've got the Supreme Nike Air foam posit one in black I've never

Really been like a huge foam posit guy Over the last year or two I've been Buying more pairs of foam posits because Nike's been bringing them back like the Metallic red foam posits I actually wear A decent amount but this one is one That's always been a Grail of mine and It's crazy because back in like the Early 2010s foam posits not only were One of the hottest shoes out but also Some of the collaborations and designs That were done on that silhouette we Amazing and in my opinion this is the Best by far I mean you do have the Paranormans you do have the galaxies but This one man it's just it's a classic in Fact back in 2014 when these shoes first Released I was doing custom sneakers as Fowler Customs as you guys might Remember from when I started my channel Back in 2016 and this was by far the Most requested custom I'd get pairs of Air Jordan fivs that was kind of my Specialty at that point and I would do Customs of this like filigree sort of Gold thing design on the upper of those Shoes and uh it was the shoe that I was Known for and even with that that I was Just basing that design off of pictures That I saw of this shoe online I never Actually owned a pair of these cuz they Were thousands of dollars back then and I didn't have thousands of dollars back Then I was in college or at least just

Finishing college and I just didn't have The money to drop thousands of dollars On a pair of sneakers not like today Where this is my job and it's literally A business expense when I drop thousands Of dollars on sneakers I'm going to make A video about so I don't know it just it Wasn't in the cards for me at that point To own this pair of sneakers by pure Dumb luck when I was in Japan with my Friend Osman for an apothecary event in The Philippines we happened to go to a Second Street and you guys might have Seen this Vlog if you haven't yet you Should definitely check it out there's a Link at the top of the screen because It's probably one of my favorite Vlogs I've ever made I saw this shoe sitting On the thrift Shelf at Second Street in Japan and I was like yo that is crazy They there's no way these are real so I Went over to them I started looking at Them they were in amazing condition and I was like these might actually be legit So I ran them through the unboxed app to Double check if they were in fact legit And they came back legit and they were Priced I think at the time like 6 months Ago it was it was like 300 bucks or 320 Bucks something like that and what's Crazier is that when I actually went to Go pick them up from the store cuz I had To go back and get my passport they Actually came with a box the original

Box for the shoe so I literally was able To grab one of my absolute Grail Sneakers at a thrift store in Japan in Tokyo for an insane price and it was Basically it wasn't brand new but it was As close to brand new as you can get Obviously the alow sole yellowed but It's it's basically a 10-year-old shoe And since buying this shoe I have Actually worn this shoe a decent amount It's very comfortable on foot for Whatever reason I guess whoever owned This before me maybe broke it in the air Units are super soft it looks amazing It's a head turner probably the most Head turning shoe that I own other than Like maybe these stupid boots Which uh would have made the list but I I don't like them and like the Air Jordan one breads that we picked up at The beginning of the video this shoe was One of my ultimate grils and it's so Crazy to finally have these and not only Have these but have these for an amazing Price it just doesn't get much better Than that so this is probably my Favorite pickup of the Year well maybe The breads I don't know it goes back and Forth but this is a pair that I can Actually wear so that's why this shoe is Number one on the list also definitely My favorite Supreme Nike collaboration Of all time I get there's a lot of Amazing Supreme collabs especially on

Dunks but this one there's just nothing Like this but hey at this point in the Video I would love to know your thoughts On my list and what your favorite Pickups of 2023 are so let me know in The comment section down below as always Thanks so much for watching subscribe if You haven't yet also we're talking about Subscribing to things if you guys want To check out my tech Channel I've been Posting on there very regularly if you Guys want to check that out we are about To hit 100,000 subscribers it's going to Be amazing so check that out through the Link in the description below but uh With that being said that's it