In this video, I’ll be showing you my most affordable outfit! What clothing item would you change?

Now you want to know my cheapest outfit Let's throw on some of my most Affordable clothing items to see if it's Better than my most expensive $4,000 Outfit first up are these Dickies Quarter length socks that come to 267 Per pair next up are these good threads All of cargo pants I got these back in 2020 for $31 off of Amazon the funniest Part is when I bought these back in 2020 I legit thought that these were baggy Funny how times have changed for shoes I'm going with the reblock club C which Will run you about 90 bucks next I Have This heavyweight brown flannel you're Not going to believe this I got this at Costco for $12.99 fun fact I used to Work at Costco all throughout University Which brings us to this cream color Hoodie from abomi I got this on Black Friday it was 25% off plus additional 15% off this was 35 bucks time for some Accessories going with this $25 Casio World time I have this fisherman beanie That I bought in a pack off of Amazon Each were $4.99 in the last video I wore A tote bag so I'll add this uni low Round shoulder bag so here's the outfit And I might prefer the other outfit but Is it $4,000 better hell no so does Money buy you style absolutely not